If you want to become a better skier and a faster racer, using a Performance Journal is an excellent way to get started! (For ages 8-15)

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Many of the best athletes in the world use a Journal every day to set goals, track their progress, and develop strong mental skills. And you can too! It doesn’t take a lot of time, but can have a huge impact on your performance.

We created this Journal as a way to ensure that every training session and every race will be positive and productive, no matter what the outcome. It will help you get focused on what you need to do technically to improve your skiing, and focused on what you need to do mentally to keep a positive mindset. It will inspire you to work a little harder. It will even remind you to have fun out there!

When you use this Journal, you’ll show up to the mountain prepared, focused and with a positive mindset. And if you do that, you’ll fast track your progress all winter long!

Five Journal Sections:

  • STATS, FUN FACTS & ME – Includes a variety of self-awareness questions
  • SEASON PREP – Evaluate your mental & technical skills, set goals
  • TRAINING – Fill out the Training Reflections page each week (18 weeks total)
  • COMPETITIONS – Complete Competition Day Plans & Post Race Evaluations (10 races total)
  • SEASON RECAP – At the end of March, reflect on your ski season

Other Perks:

  • Inspiring quotes from US Ski Team athletes
  • Packing list for the mountain
  • Pre-race nutrition tips
  • Gratitude reminders

Additional Info:

  • Designed for ski racers ages 8-15
  • For use December-March
  • Journal = 148 pages
  • Color coded sections

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