ELITEAM Ski Racing Journals for Clubs – Bulk Orders

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The more you order, the bigger the discount!
Bulk orders can be placed anytime by Clubs or groups. The more you order, the bigger the discount!
  • 25-49 copies: 10% discount = $31.50 each, plus shipping
  • 50-99 copies: 20% discount = $28.00 each, plus shipping
  • 100+ copies: 30% discount = $24.50 each, plus shipping

Contact us directly for bulk orders. We will either give you a coupon code for online ordering or invoice you directly.

For organizations in Vermont & Utah, taxes will apply. However, let us know if you’re a non-profit. You’ll just need to fill out some paperwork and those taxes can be waived.

Budgeting Options for Clubs:

We realize that everyone has a budget and cost can be factor. Here are a few ways Clubs can address this issue.

  • PLAN AHEAD – When it comes time to set your budget for next season, build the cost of the journals into your program fees.
  • COVER YOUR COSTS – Purchase the journals in bulk and sell them directly to your club members at cost or more. (Ex. purchase for $28 and sell them for $28-$35)
  • TOO LATE TO BUY IN BULK? Encourage your club members to purchase their journals directly from ELITEAM’s online store.

Smaller bulk orders (less than 50) can often be shipped right away and arrive within a few business days. For orders of 100+ we may need to have those printed up separately, depending on available stock. If that’s the case, plan on a two week turnaround- one week for printing and one week for shipping. 


For Clubs interested in customizing or branding the Journal, we can do that. We will work with you to add pages or sections into the Journal. For example, you can add your Vision and Mission statements to the front end, or a Notes section to the back end. We can even swap out the photo on the cover and add your logo. We are happy to discuss your ideas, just give us a shout!

The process of customizing journals typically takes 4-5 weeks. Two weeks for the design time, one to two weeks for printing and one week for shipping.

To customize, we typically require a minimum order of 100+ journals. However, if you only need 50+, we can do that too, but there will be an additional customization fee.

The cost of customization varies depending on the amount of content you would like to add. As a rough guide, it typically costs $200-$500 for the design time along with the added printing costs for the extra pages, which is fairly minimal. 


Ski Club Program Directors and Head Coaches are welcome to request a sample Journal to review. Please email us with your contact information and shipping address.

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