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The Eliteam Camp Staff of Vermont

About Doug Lewis

Through sports I've learned that it starts with setting a goal and committing to it. After that, it is purely hard work and education that separates the people who reach their goals, and those who give up. No matter how far you make it in a sport, you can feel proud if you worked as hard as you could and gave it your all.

Nickname- LEW

University of Vermont- Small Business Mgmt

23 Years @ ELITEAM

Competitive sports background-
1984 & 1988 Olympian
1985 World Championship Bronze Medalist
Two-time National DH Champion

Other sports/activities I like-
Love all sports, but my latest love is long distance trail running. I like the feeling of pushing my body past my perceived limits.

Coaching experience-
I started coaching for GMVS as a 19 year-old while still on the US Ski Team. Since then I have coached athletes of all ages from U10 ripping around the mtn to 80 year-olds trying to carve perfect turns.

Personal/ Fitness goals for 2015-
Last year my goal was to run the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim to Rim. I made it halfway, but then aborted the mission in order to save my IT band. So this year I am even more determined to return and achieve my full Goal.The date will be Oct 27th, 2015. Nothing can stop me now.

When I’m not coaching at Eliteam, I’m…
Planning challenging and fun activities for next year’s ELITEAM.

Favorite ELITEAM dance move-
Pencil Sharpener

Favorite “power” food/fuel-
Smoothies that Kelley makes me with Bananas, protein powder, peanut butter and all sorts of healthy green stuff.

What I love most about ELITEAM-
The campers - they all come to push their limits and have fun.

Most memorable ELITEAM moment-
Our very first SUFFERFEST - we had no idea how hard and how fun it would be. It was raining, it was hot, it was full of suffering - IT WAS AWESOME.

Advice to young athletes-
Play all different sports as long as you can before concentrating on one.

My “Motto” in life-
Push your limits.