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The Eliteam Camp Staff of Vermont

About Conor Austin

My Motto- There is no clear and quick path to success, you have to work for it and earn it.

Unusual talent- I can only do handstands with my ski boots on.

Nickname- Big C

Years at ELITEAM- 2 as a camper, 3 as a Counselor, 1st year as a Coach!

Competitive Sports Background- varsity football, lacrosse, and alpine skiing on USSA and FIS levels

What have you learned from your sport? Its all about the preparation, staying focused, and playing within yourself.

Other sports/activities I enjoy- Sailing, soccer, biking, and powder skiing

Coaching experience- Boys youth lacrosse and some youth ski racing

Personal fitness goals for 2015- Earning a starting spot on the Skidmore Lacrosse Team. Making the Irish Lacrosse National Team. Completing a half marathon. Being active every day.

When I'm not coaching at ELITEAM, I'm... Working to improve my lacrosse game, hanging out and sailing with family and friends on Cape Cod, skiing deep powder lines, or stuck in a classroom.

Favorite ELITEAM dance move- Gotta be the Meat Grinder

Favorite "power" food/fuel- A nice steak with broccoli the night before a competition is all I need to get going!

What I love most about ELITEAM- The campers who make everything so fun and exciting to do.

Most memorable ELITEAM moment- Doing the sandpit slalom every year, most competitive moment of camp for me.

Advice to young athletes- Every sport you play should be fun, and if they aren't, ask yourself if they are the right sports for you.