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The Eliteam Camp Staff of Vermont

About Makenzie Brown

Makenzie designed our top secret ELITEAM camper t-shirt this year!

Advice to young athletes-
Do it for yourself, no one else.

What I love most about ELITEAM-
The dance, and watching Doug teach the dance.


Burke Mountain Academy, Middlebury College, California College of the Arts

10 Years @ ELITEAM-
Camper- 5
Counselor- 2
Coach- 3

Competitive sports background-
Alpine Ski Racing, Road bike racing

What I’ve learned from my sport-
Trying to be the best at a sport can translate into good work habits in any avenue of your life.

Other sports/activities I like-
Mtn biking, kite boarding, surfing, yoga.

Personal/ Fitness goals-
Do more yoga and breathe.

When I’m not coaching at Eliteam, I’m…
Making art.

Favorite ELITEAM dance move-
Shopping cart.

Favorite “power” food/fuel-
Nut butters of any kind. Especially with bananas.

Most memorable ELITEAM moment-
Park City sandpits.

My “Motto” in life-
Just do it. Actually I think someone already uses that.