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It's the Struggle that makes you Strong

Coaches Corner: Tuesday Highlights

Hearing Christian atop the tangle while tango-ing with Gabe “this is magical” and later that day in regards to the leg routine “I’m so sore it hurts”
I loved walking in on Ellie, Grace, Gwyn and Emily Hawaiian dancing around their room with grass skirts and leis on.
Hearing Will exclaim “Doug racks up my Instagram feed!”.
I also heard Christian during the leg routine say “my calves are becoming rock hard” and Finn say “it wasn’t the hardest suffer of my life but it was definitely the best”.
I smiled when Madeline explained “I’m gonna have a six-pack when I go home. TRX rocks!” and found it empowering when Kyle and Connor grabbed medals to make lunges during TRX harder! Also, Jeffery made me laugh when he stated “i just did one and think I died a little inside” in regards to my TRX crunches.
Christian and Gabe cracked me up today when they said “Dan is part bunny and frog…He’s the best of both worlds”
Also, I loved hearing Conner, Kyle B, Ben D encourage their teammates by saying “keep on Berging” in unison.
Doug- I found it inspiring when Kyle B. stated “You just have to devote and jump. Devotion is the key”.
Molly proclaiming her biggest accomplishment at Eliteam “getting up the firecracker and the rest of the vertical playpen”
Morgan- I loved hearing from Jeffery when he explained that “the three most important things in life and strength, trust and pixie dust”
I laughed when Ben explained after his ropes course experience that “I was wondering why I was going so fast then I saw Morgan flying through the air”
It was awesome hearing all the funny team biathlon names for archery. Some include: deadeye, orange cone, beautiful brows, shrimp fried rice and elite arrows.
I loved it when Jeffery pronounced “Jéfe us now taller than everyone, whatcha gonna do about it now?” when he reached the top of the dangle duo.
I also found it inspirational when Lily helped Anna push her limits to climb at least halfway when she doubted she could even try in the first place.
Hearing Ben push his limits on the ropes course and say “ I am spider man!”


What was your favorite activity today and why?
Grace: My favorite activity was the ropes course and the Berg Und Thal. I got the record for the girls and it was awesome to see all that I had achieved today, especially after the ropes course.
Emily: My favorite activities were the obstacle course in the RPC, the TRX workout and the ropes courses. I liked them the best because they were a lot of fun.
Blake: I liked the obstacle course in the RPC, because it was really fun.
Addie: The agility course in the RPC was my favorite. It was super fast and super fun.
Mayson: My favorite activity was the ropes course because I worked hard and felt stronger in the end.
Ellie: The vertical playpen because it was challenging and I fought through the pain.
Gwynn: My favorite activity today was the ropes courses because I like to challenge myself to go high up and not be scared. I liked the leg workout because it was hard and I knew I was getting stronger!
Madelyn: My favorite activity was the ropes course because I got to push my limits in all of the activities while having a ton of fun.
Corriann: My favorite activity was the ropes course because it was nice to be in the cooler woods and to be doing elements that you know you can push through at and get to the top.
Maddie: Ropes course because I tried a lot of new things and felt different parts of my body hurt and ache that I haven’t done before.
Emma: I really liked the cargo net climbing station because I liked how it felt to come down.
Finn: Vertical play pen, I liked it because it was very hard but it was very fun.
Alice: All ropes courses especially the dangle duo and the vertical play pen because they were challenging and they took a while to complete.

Describe your “struggle moment” today.
Grace: The vertical playpen because I think it is very difficult physically.
Emily: When I was almost at the top of the vertical playpen and I felt like my arms were gonna fall off, but I just kept going and finished it!
Blake: Jumping off onto the punching bag in the ropes course.
Addie: Jumping off the launch pad in the ropes course. I pushed through it by not overthinking it.
Mayson: The Dangle-Duo, because I felt like I couldn’t get up to the next step.
Ellie: When I was waiting on the platform just before I jumped.
Gwynn: In the leg workout walking the planks up the hill was VERY hard for me, I almost couldn’t do it.
Madelyn: Crawling backwards in a plank position up hill!
Corriann: The leg routine because your legs were already sore and then we added onto it by doing more leg work.
Maddie: The TRX workout was really hard but I pushed through and got a lot stronger so I felt really good afterwards.
Emma: When doing the leg routine on the hill.
Finn: When I was doing the dangle duo and I couldn’t get up.
Alice: Climbing the fire cracker rope and the one leg cargo traverse.

What did you learn from your struggle moment?
Grace: I learned that if you push yourself to your limits you will be happy with what you have achieved.
Emily: That it makes you stronger and it can sometimes be fun!!:)
Blake: I just jumped further and I got it!
Addie: Don’t hesitate!
Mayson: That you can never give up and never say “I can’t”
Ellie: Don’t hesitate because it won’t be fun in the end.
Gwynn: To keep pushing myself.
Madelyn: That I can do it!
Corriann: I learned from my struggle moment that you just have to keep on pushing through because you will feel good after you’re done.
Maddie: That real pain is temporary and pays off in the end.
Emma: I learned to keep pushing and that even if you are in physical pain it will go away eventually.
Finn: That it’s okay to struggle as long as you keep trying.
Alice: Breathe. Slow and steady is the key. Don’t give up. Push your limits.

2018 Camp Dates

ELITEAM Clinic: June 25-26
Lake Tahoe @ Sugar Bowl Academy
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $200

World Cup 1: July 9-14

World Cup 2: July 16-21
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $1275

Europa Cup: July 25-28
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 8-11
Rate: $800

Girls Power Camp: August 1-4
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $850