• ELITEAM's 100,000 Burpee Challenge!

    ELITEAM is joining forces with Positive Tracks for the ELITEAM 100,000 Burpee Challenge this summer! ELITEAM is the nation’s top fitness camp for young ski racers. Positive Tracks is the charity that helps kids get active and give back using their own sweat.


    ELITEAMers do a ton of Burpees. This Summer each camper will do 500 or more! Donors reward burpees with dollars and cheerleading. End result: Kids get strong and feel great about supporting Positive Tracks, a charity that helps other kids across the country turn sweat into gold for multiple charities. Head tohttp://www.positivetracks.org to learn more! 


    Burpees are a quick, tough “super-exercise” that works your entire body. Doing one is OK. Doing 10 is tough. Each ELITEAMer will perform 500 Burpees during their stay at ELITEAM - an outstanding accomplishment! Want to know how to do a perfect Burpee? Watch Doug throw some down, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4_XLziStiw&feature=youtu.be


    1. DONATE!!! Go to
    https://www.crowdrise.com/ELITEAMBurpeeChallenge Click the orange DONATE button. Any amount helps, and building awareness counts, too! Because of your support, Positive Tracks will reach more young people with our call to action to get active and give back -making kids and charities healthier and stronger. THANK YOU!!! 

    2. DO YOUR OWN BURPEES! Do your own Burpee in support of the ELITEAMers. Then post your excellent Burpees to these outlets and tag ELITEAM and Positive Tracks:

    Instagram: @eliteamdigdeep, @postracks



    3. JOIN AS A TEAM MEMBER- -  Join as a team member and create your own Burpee Challenge fundraising page. Liz Gray at Positive Tracks will help you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    4. SPREAD THE WORD! Spread the word to your friends via
    https://www.crowdrise.com/ELITEAMBurpeeChallenge. Supporters can give or Burpee - it’s all good - and we are very grateful for your support! 


    STAY TUNED: Throughout July, check in to watch ELITEAMers feel the Burpee Burn. Send them encouragement! We’ll post your vids, pics and letters. 


  • Sufferfest Sunday

    After a morning run followed by stretching and 50 push-ups, it was time to suffer. This was the first time that we have done Sufferfest with the Europa Cup camp, and the athletes rose to the challenge. The Goal: 50 rock squats, 50 rock throws, 50 rock presses, 50 rock passes, 50 yard rock sprint, 50 rock core, 50 burps, 50 push-ups, and 50 tuck jumps. The campers somehow smiled and suffered through it all, along with the coaches. It was awesome.

    After suffering we played an intense game of swedish dodgeball which loosened up the body and brought out the competitive spirit. That was followed by huge helpings of Mac & Cheese for lunch. After lunch, half the group hit the high ropes course challenge while the other half hit the COE for a sports psych talk, an endless obstacle and a foam pit challenge. At 3:00pm we all came together for a body awareness session on the tramps taught by Olympian Fuzz Federson and USST Alum JJ Boyzcuk. The campers absolutely loved it!

    After dinner, the fun continued with half the group cooking a Black Bean Brownie recipe while the other half did archery biathlon. And finally it was time to get the whole group together for a yoga and relaxation session. The coaches were blown away as 35 campers lay quiet and still for 12 minutes through a visualization relaxation. (Some may have fallen asleep…)

    Tomorrow is the infamous Sandpit Slalom, followed by more ropes and obstacles.

    The dorm is quiet at 9:05 as the campers are spent.

    Camper Quotes:

    What did you think of SufferFest?
    “It was really hard and I suffered more than Doug could ever imagine.” - Leyton
    “I absolutely loved Sufferfest.” - Gabe
    “I loved Sufferfest. I suffered so much I almost died.” - Wes
    "My body feels way stronger than it was 2 weeks ago. My muscles feel so buff.” - Casey
    “We suffered a LOT!” - Wynter & Mattigan
    "I thought sufferfest was hard, but also fun.” -Reece
    "The sufferfest was super-fun. I enjoyed the challenge.” - Logan
    “It was so so so amazingly fun!” - Sammy
    “I liked it , but I suffered.” - Parker

    Best part of your day?
    “High Ropes Course” -Leyton
    "The best part of the day was the tramps.” - Wes
    "The foam pit and the boxing.” - Max
    "The tramps at the COE.” - Sebastian
    "My favorite part was the COE where we boxed and did the fit light thing.” - Carly
    “The tramps and ropes as I like flipping and climbing.” - Reece
    “I did a double flip off the tramp into the foam pit!” - Sammy
    “Tramp & Foam Pit.” - Shen & Parker

    How does your body feel?
    "Tired and sore.” - Gabe
    "Tired.” - Cal
    “Very sore, tired, muscles cramping.” - Wynter & Mattigan
    "My body feels sore, but also relaxed.” - Carly
    "My body feels tired and strange.” - Reece
    “A little sore in the arms but other than that great.” - Sammy
    “My body feels sore and tired, but that is a good thing.” - Shen

  • PC Europa Cup is Underway!

    The first ever ELITEAM Park City Europa Cup is officially underway! 33 excited campers arrived and quickly completed 50 push-ups at registration en route to our goal of 500. We started the camp with a group warm up and learned that the best way to prep for a work out is by following a three step process of a light aerobic exercise, a dynamic stretch, and then sprint exercises to get the heart rate up. Within the first hour, all the campers completed a band and core workout, a leg routine, and a ‘dig deep’ dirt-moving workout before heading down to the Center of Excellence. We were working hard right out of the gate!

    At the Center of Excellence the camp split into two groups, with both groups getting the chance to learn proper dynamic stretching technique and to complete a tennis ball workout with US Ski Team strength and conditioning coach Mike Bahn. The other group participated in a core circuit and an agility obstacle course lead by US ski teamer AJ Ginnis. The campers then had the opportunity to regenerate their muscles in the COE’s hot and cold baths. Alternating between the cold and hot tub cleansed their muscles, while the squeals of pain and delight cleansed my eardrums as they alternated between the two tubs.

    After devouring a delicious dinner of chicken parmesan, salad, and fruit we headed down to the athletic fields where we were joined by Olympic Nordic Skier and ELITEAM Alum Liz Stephens. The athletes were excited to have an Olympian in the crowd and asked Liz several questions about her approach to training and racing.  We then continued our training with a series of bamboo pole agility and team relay workouts. Seeing the campers train side by side with an Olympian was really cool and the campers ate it up!

    Camper Quotes from Today:

     What was the best part of your day?
    “I liked going into the ice cold pool.” - Leyton
    “Dodgeball” - Griffin
    “Push-ups.” -Skylar
    “Dodgeball because we won.” -Stefan
    “The last part of the day - agility with Liz.” - Carly & Tiger

     What did you learn today?
    “How to Dig Deep.” Leyton
    “There is gas in your thighs.” - Griffin
    “That no matter what you never give up.” - Ava
    “Exercising is good for you.” - Skylar
    “The V-Stretch” - Jett
    “A new stretch and it was cool.” -Stefan

    If you could send your Mom a message right now, what would it be…?
    “I saw USSTer Lauren Ross at the COE today.” Leyton
    “I am having an amazing time and experience here at ELITEAM.” -Ava
    “Hi Mom. So far camp is awesome and I met a ton of new kids.” -Connor
    “We are nervous for the SufferFest.” - Carly & Tiger
    “Best time in history. It is awesome.” -Logan & Sammy


  • Intensity in the Sandpits and at the Olympics

    Our final day of the Park City World Cup camp started later than usual. As a reward for working hard all week and going to bed on time on Wednesday night, the campers (and coaches) got to sleep in and skip morning run. Breakfast was devoured as we had another big day ahead of us - the infamous Sandpit Slalom and the ELITEAM Olympics.

    We loaded the buses at 8:45 and the energy was high. The campers were wondering what lay ahead as we made our way to the Stake Parson Sandpit. When the pits finally appeared, there was a ton of nervous and excited chatter. What they saw was a 300 foot waterfall of sand with a dual course set down one side. After an inspection run, we started the training runs. The campers slowly figured out the secret to a clean and fast run... a high line and quick footwork, which is always critical in this sport. However, just like in ski racing, there were weather problems. The wind was blowing about 25 mph on the pits, so sand was flying everywhere making it tough to see. When the race runs finally started the campers went all out. After the race, we set one long course and each camper hammered it all the way down to the bottom. They left with great memories and lots of sand in there shoes.

    Next it was time for lunch and to unveil the 2014 T-shirts. Each year there is a new shirt and this year’s did not disappoint. It was met with cheers! Donning the new shirts it was time to put it all on the line at the ELITEAM Olympics. What made it even more special was that Olympians Marco Sullivan and Leanne Smith were there to cheer and watch. It was a great competition with the “Dream Team” taking the win.

    After the Olympics we were treated to time with Marco and Leanne up in the Team Academy room with a Q & A session. Marco and Leanne shared their secrets and their passion for the sport. They also talked about how they mentally have to Dig Deep when the going gets tough.

    Thanks to all of the athletes for a great week. You are now ELITEAMers!!!

  • Wild Wednesday

    Today looked a lot like yesterday… Ropes courses or mountain biking in the morning, then sled hockey or circuits and the hot/cold tub in the afternoon.  However, at 3:30pm things really amped up. There was a Mikaela Shiffrin siting in the weight room, and at 4pm, the day turned exceedingly bright… NEON bright! The kids dressed up in their neon costumes, we had a photo shoot, chowed pasta, wrote our goal letters and immersed ourselves in Andrew’s Crazy World of Relays (highlighted by one of his infamous and best ever Chicken Walks). We finished the day with a rowdy Jello drop competition and fruity popsicle treats to end the night. Great day!!!

    Since it’s our last night with the kids, I thought you might like to hear directly from them. Here’s what they had to say about Sufferfest, digging deep, learning, laughing and ELITEAM.


    What did you think of Sufferest? How much did you suffer?

    Wolfgang- It was awesome and painful. I suffered a lot and it felt good.
    Stella- I loved it. It was so much fun. I learned to push hard.
    Lizzy- Even though it was a struggle, I loved it! No pain, no gain.
    Sam, Hayden & Lauren- FUN. We laughed the whole time. It made it harder.
    Thomas- I suffered on a scale of 1-10, a 7.
    Naomi- I was definitely a challenge but I liked it because it made me suffer and push myself by digging deep.


    When you want to quit, how do you Dig Deep?

    Sean- I breathe and I use a shovel.
    Jimmy- Just push through it and it will all pay off in the end.
    Stella- You fight until you have no energy left and when that happens, you try again.
    Isabella- In my mind I say to myself, you can do it, come on you got this.
    Lizzy- I Dig Deep by thinking how much this is going to help me later on.
    Sam, Hayden & Lauren- Eventually it will be over, and you’ll have a six pack.
    Luke- When you almost collapse in pain and you are suffering you have to dig deep.


    What is one thing you learned about yourself this week?

    Stella- I learned that I can push myself more than I usually do.
    Lizzy- I need to expand my horizons with the activities that I do besides ski racing.
    Ani- I can push my limits.
    Emma- That I need to work on a lot of stuff like stretching more.
    Luke- I learned that I can push myself and exceed new limits.
    Jimmy- That I can do anything.
    Naomi- I learned I can really push myself past my limits.


    Funniest or favorite moment at camp so far…

    Sean- Yoga was amazing.
    Wolfgang- All of it.
    Emma- Max on the morning run singing to Jessica.
    Stella- When Samantha tried to draw a pretzel.
    Luke- When Andrew’s voice kept getting higher in the cold tub.
    Thomas- Seeing Marco lift a huge rock. It showed me that it takes a strong person to become a skier.


    If you could send a message to your mom or dad right now, what would you say?

    Wolfgang- I’m coming back next year.
    Isabella- I would say that it is hard but fun.
    Ani- I miss you! We are having so much fun.
    Stella- I would tell them to get me back again next year.
    Emma- I love you, but Elite team is a ton of fun and I wish the camp was weeks.
    Thomas- I would say I am having so much fun. This camp has really pushed my limits.
    Zander- I want to come back next year.
    Naomi- Thank you so much for letting me come to this camp. I learned so much and I feel like I got a ton stronger. I really hope I can go to this camp next year!


    ELITEAM is…

    Sean- Digging deep!
    Stella- Where you learn to dig deep and push until you can’t move.
    Isabella- Super fun!!
    Sam, Hayden & Lauren- AMAZINGLY EPIC with some AWESOMENESS too!
    Emma- Thrilling.
    Luke- Super fun, tiring and exciting.
    Zander- AWESOME.
    Naomi- Awesome, challenging, fun, creative camp!
    Lizzy- Adventurous.
    Ani- Epic training! So much fun!
    Wolfgang- Digging deep, having fun, and learning.
    Thomas- The best camp ever!!!


  • Taco Tuesday

    The campers woke up this morning feeling very sore after yesterday’s Sufferfest, so much of morning run was dedicated to stretching and preparing for the day ahead. Half the camp stayed at the NAC this morning to take on the high ropes course, where the focus was on goal setting, pushing limits, breathing and positive talk. There was also plenty of communication and teamwork as several teams took on the elements blindfolded.

    The other half took off with Coach Andrew to shred the “brown pow” on the mountain bike trails. The bikers made their way over to Trail Head Bike Park where everyone ripped through the pump and flow tracks and tested themselves on balance beams and teeter-totters. There were a few minor crashes, but that will happen when you’re digging deep. After a successful morning for both groups, it was back to the NAC for a delicious and nutritious lunch of grilled chicken sandwiches, fruit and salad.

    After lunch the camp gathered at the COE to hear from the US ski team’s sport psychologist Lester Keller about how to mentally prepare yourself for a successful ski season. We learned that the only three things that we can control as athletes is our attitude, our effort and our preparation, and that the most important thing we can do is maintain a positive attitude.

    After the meeting, the camp once again split into two groups with one group heading to the Ice Arena to play sled hockey, which is always a favorite. The other group completed a circuit workout in the COE gym, then met with the USST’s Head Strength & Conditioning coach Mike Bahn. Coach Mike put the group through a coordination and mobility workout. After the workout the campers headed to the COE’s hot and cold baths to regenerate their muscles. This was a big hit with the campers!

    The groups later reunited and everyone headed off to Jordanelle State Park Reservoir to do some volunteer work for the National Ability Center. The NAC needed the 30 yard beach cleared of rocks, so it was a perfect match for our group! Our reward? We all got a chance to cool off from the hot sun in the reservoir. Finally it was time to head back to the NAC for the best dinner of the week, Taco Tuesday!

    With bellies full of tacos and guacamole the campers once again split up into two groups for cooking and biathlon. The cookers mixed up a batch of Black Bean Brownies, and while the brownies were baking they learned the nutritional difference between fast food and a healthy well-planned meal. They ended their session by playing Nutritional Pictionary. Over at the biathalon competition, it came down to the wire as ELITEAM proves to have some very sharp shooters. The day ended with yoga, relaxation and a yummy batch of warm black bean brownies. Another action packed day at camp!

  • 2014- Sufferfest Sunday

    By Coach Dan Bell

    SufferFest day at ELITEAM is special. We hype it up the night before, outlining just how hard we will push our bodies and minds. We talk about how completing a tough workout not only makes you stronger, but gives you confidence too. We talk about how much we will hurt and how you will have to Dig Deep.

    The goal:
    100 Burpees
    100 Tuck Jumps
    100 Push-ups
    100 Rock Core Twists
    100 Yard Rock Sprint x 2
    100 Yard Rock Throw x 2
    100 Rock Presses
    100 Core Shots
    100 Yard Suicide

    During the 7am morning run and stretch each group completes 50 push-ups, some light cardio and stretching, along with digging a ceremonial shovel of dirt to give homage to the Dig Deep Gods. During breakfast the excitement was building to the event. The campers were also excited to meet Olympian and World Cup DH winner Marco Sullivan.

    We biked down to the fields, set up the cones, laid out the rocks for SufferFest and waited for Marco. And there he came jogging out to the field to meet the ELITEAMers. Marco told us that when workouts get tough, he digs deep by thinking about how important fitness will be when he’s competing in his toughest races in the winter.

    Marco gave us a quick Tuck lesson and we were off. The tuck jumps hurt, but jumping next to a World Cup winner gave everyone extra energy. We struggled and suffered through it all together. Everyone’s favorite part was watching Marco lift, carry, and throw the 60 pound rock we brought for him!

    After we finished the first half of SufferFest, Marco went into the COE to continue his workout and we hit the hills for our first Mtn Bike of camp. One group hit some vertical and challenging single track right off the bat, while the other group cruised the double track and went for the single track fun on the way back to the NAC.

    After a lunch, it was down to the COE to learn more about sport physiology from US ski team performance director and sport scientist Troy Flanagan. We learned about the body’s three different energy systems of the creatine-phosphate system, the lactic acid system, and the aerobic system. With the new knowledge of how our bodies access their energy, we hit the COE gym to complete the second half of SufferFest!

    When asked about their SufferFest experience, Stella said, “I thought I was going to die, but I survived.” Isabella claimed that she actually enjoyed the burpees. Danika said, “My abs hurt sooooo bad!”

    Next it was time for the Foam Pit Challenge. Groups of 7 jump into the pit and see if they can find one of five tennis balls. The foam pit seemed to be bottomless, as only a couple of the tennis balls were recovered. Then it was another dance practice before heading out to the athletic fields for a soccer tournament in the spirit of the World Cup. After several grueling matches, team Brazil and team Italy tied in the finals.

    After dinner half the camp split off to learn about nutrition with Kelley, Doug and Megan, and make some delicious No Bake Almond Protein Bars. The other half of the group learned how to shoot a laser biathalon gun in a prone position, and control their breathing in pressure situations from North American Biathalon Champion, and ELITEAM coach Jessica Jortberg. After a practice shooting round, the campers competed in the foot race version of a biathalon with Coach Dan’s team prevailing. The entire camp finished the day with a relaxing yoga session to wind down, and regenerate the body for another full day of ELITEAM.

    A huge day, but a great day.

  • 2014- Digging Deep on Day One

    After much anticipation, the first day of ELITEAM 2014 finally arrived! There was eager energy in the air as the campers arrived at registration wondering what lay ahead. First on the list was completing 25 of the 750 pushups they will be cranking out this week!

     With a few pushups out of the way, we started the morning with some orientation games. Campers broke the ice with Doug’s name game, Megan’s number game, and some blindfolded basketball.

    After orientation it was time to sweat. We rocked the quickfeet slalom building the intensity with each run. Many experimented with different techniques, and all eventually found the rhythm of the course. We jumped our legs off on the Berg Und Thal. Looking ahead is key on that one. We also slowed it down a bit with some “band” work. Although it was a slow workout, it was definitely not pain-free. Finally it was time to literally “dig deep”. The crew moved 3 yards of dirt back and forth four times utilizing shovels, buckets and teamwork. It seemed we lived a day in just three hours!

     After lunch we biked down to the Center Of Excellence where we learned about sport physiology and the importance of hydration from US Ski Team Performance Director and Sport Scientist Troy Flanagan. We learned that the night before a competition, athletes should sip 16 oz of water between 5 and 6 pm, and 16 oz of water again between 6 and 7 pm. That is what Mancuso, Ligety and Miller do, and it seems to work for them!

     Next we headed downstairs to the COE gymnasium for a US ski team inspired obstacle course that consisted of tumbling, hurdles, rings, cones, Tarzan swings, and racing through the COE skate park. Times ran about 1:30 so it was a burner! We then took a quick break to play some dodge ball and practice the ELITEAM dance before Olympian Fuzz Feddersen and USST Alum JJ Boyczuk taught the campers how to maintain body awareness at all times on the COE trampolines.

    Right before dinner, we made an exception to the “no electronics rule” to watch the US v. Portugal game. After the US scored (to significant and rowdy cheering), going up 2-1 with only 15 minutes left to play, we felt confident enough to leave the game and head to dinner. Mistake! We later learned the US gave up that lead with only 30 seconds to go. The excellent dinner of chicken parmesan, spaghetti, salad and fresh fruit eased the pain.

    After dinner we rode back down to the fields to do a bamboo pole agility workout and some high-knee-butt-kicks during Andrew’s Agility Relays... not to be confused with Andrew’s Crazy Relays. Those happen later in the week.  

    Everyone pushed their limits today, feeling the Dig Deep theme come alive! After a Notebook meeting and Journal session, the campers were exhausted and ready for a long night of sleep and recovery. 

    Today’s photos have been posted. Take a peek in the photo gallery to see all the action!

  • 2014 ELITEAM Camps only days away!

    Welcome to the ELITEAM Blog for 2014. We are just days away from starting our 23rd year of inspiring young athletes to push hard and dream big. Our goal is to educate, inspire, and have fun! We have a full schedule lined up including our classic activities like the Quickfeet Slalom, the Berg Und Thal, the Sandpit Slalom and our Crazy Agility Relays. We also have some new and unique ways to improve the athletes' strength, power and yes, determination! In the kitchen we have some new recipes to try out. And finally, as always, we will push the campers outside their comfort zone, so they can learn how powerful they really are, and what it takes to dig deep and reach their goals.

  • 2013 Park City- Thurs: Walk like a Chicken

    (Tonight's blog by Coach Dan Bell. A big thank you to Dan for his daily recaps this week!)

    Thursday was big Vertical, quick Uppercuts, and crazy Relays

    It is hard to believe that it is already Thursday. The entire camp had a chance to leave campus today and hike the Silver Lake trail at Deer Valley. It covered 2 miles and climbed 1300 vertical feet. The views were stunning and all of the campers made it up to the top in about an hour. Awaiting the campers at the top of the mountain were three secret rocks with a big “E” for ELITEAM written on them, hidden around the rocky summit. Though one rock went undiscovered by both the coaches and the campers, Tommy and Ellie were each able find a rock and earn a prize. Once everybody caught their breath and had a snack, we took a beautiful ride down the Sterling Lift and returned to the NAC.

    Today’s speaker at our notebook meeting was the U.S. Ski Team’s Senior Strength and Conditioning coach, Michael Bahn. He started out by saying, “Working out doesn’t make you stronger. “ The kids looked perplexed. He explained that working out breaks down your muscles. What makes you stronger, is how your body recovers and rebuilds. He explained the keys to recovery are sleep, regeneration exercises (a light spin on the bike or a walk), and good nutrition, including chocolate milk, which the kids were psyched to hear! (Chocolate milk has both protein and carbs to help rebuild and refuel.)

    After our meeting, the camp split into two groups once again and half went down to the COE gym to practice their agility, learn to box, and regenerate their muscles in the hot and cold pools. The boxing started with a quick “how-to” and then it was three, three-minute rounds of punching (pads, not each other). The other half took to the Park City Ice Arena where they played an exciting game of sled hockey that came down to the wire. After hockey it was off to the stadium for Coach Andrew’s leg routine and a little Swedish Dodgeball.

    The last night of camp is always a little wild and wacky at ELITEAM, as all of the campers dressed up for the Olympic themed evening. Several campers showed off their GS suits and I believe there was even a Michael Phelps, Heidi Voelker and three Doug Lewis sightings.

    After dinner it was down to the fields to take part in “Andrews Crazy Relays”. Everyone had a blast pushing soccer balls with their heads, playing leap frog, and walking like chickens. It was then off to the Jello Drop where counselor Andy and Lucas B. were victorious.The campers then received their awesome new ELITEAM t-shirts and are resting up for a big morning at the sandpits, followed by the ELITEAM Olympics at 2:30pm at the COE - all are invited.

  • 2013 PC Wed- Bikes, Ropes, Hockey & Baths

    Blog by Coach Dan Bell… yet again!

    Mtn Bikes, Ropes Courses, Sled Hockey and Cold Baths

    After a morning run, 50 push-ups and bellies full of eggs and fruit, the campers were geared up and ready to go at 8am. Those who went mountain biking yesterday had the opportunity to use the high ropes course today. And those who were dangling from the ropes course yesterday had the chance to ride some beautiful trails over to the Trail Side Bike Park. Everyone in the high ropes course accomplished three team elements and two individual elements that pushed everybody’s limits. And when asked about the mountain biking Emma said, “After four years of ELITEAM biking, I can finally stay on my bike the whole time”.

    After a filling lunch of Chef Eric’s bagel sandwiches, it was down to the Center of Excellence to hear a talk about the importance of nutrition from Troy Flanagan, head of Sports Science for the US ski team. Troy explained to the campers the importance of hydration. He told us that if an athlete is “just 2% dehydrated, it will negatively affect performance.” We learned that no matter how hard we train during the summer, it could all be wasted by forgetting to drink a glass of water.

    After that, once again the camp split in half with one group heading to the Park City Ice Arena to play sled hockey. This was not only a great workout and a blast to play, but it gave the campers a perspective on how disabled athletes not only play, but excel at sports. After the hockey game, Sydney declared, “Sled hockey rocks! And it was really hard to get up when you fall”. After sled hockey it was off to Coach Andrew’s grueling leg routine workout.One of the boys noted, “Every time you run a little harder, you feel better about yourself and the effort you put in.”

    The other half of the camp stayed in the Center of Excellence where the campers got in some extensive agility training. Following the agility, it was all about intensity as the USST coaches taught the group how boxing is a great workout. To end the training session, those campers got a well-deserved opportunity to regenerate their muscles in a series of hot and cold pools. At 45 degrees, the cold bath produced some high-pitched yells and some shout-outs including, “Help me! This is Freezing!”

    After a little down time and some dinner to refuel, the campers were back to the archery and cooking rotations. The cookers made homemade granola bars while the archers competed in a Biathlon by combining an agility course with the archery. Finally, it was a relaxing Yoga session with some visualization thrown in.

    Tomorrow we hike to the top of Deer Valley in the morning and more hockey, agility and cold baths in the afternoon.

  • 2013 Park City -Taco Tuesday

    Tuesday's Blog by Coach Dan Bell-

    The day starts early at ELITEAM as the campers got in either a morning run or bike and 50 pushups all before breakfast. And after several plates of fluffy pancakes and Vermont maple syrup the true adventure began. Half the group split off into Mountain biking, while the other half took to the high ropes course.

    The bike group lead by Coaches Andrew, Dan, Makenzie, and Kelley took off on the beautiful Round Valley trails located right in the NAC’s backyard. The group started with Matt’s Flat’s and Rambler where our skills were tested on some challenging climbs and some very fast downhills. We eventually made it over the mountain to the Trailhead Bike Park where the campers got to shred the pump track and cruise down the steep bank turns and high table tops of the flow trails. Everyone was so caught up in the action that we barely made it back in time for lunch.

    Lunch was also an adventure in itself as the teriyaki chicken and vegetable eggrolls quickly disappeared. The egg rolls were such a hit that that as the last one was taken, “the last egg roll is the best egg roll” could be heard being shouted across the cafeteria. After Lunch it was down to the Center of Excellence where the campers got to learn the importance of sport psychology from Doug and US ski team member and Olympian Steven Nyman. We learned that it is often the skier who is the mentally toughest that separates him or herself from the rest of the field on race day.

    After a dynamic warm up to wake up and loosen up the muscles, it was off to the much anticipated SUFFERFEST!!! The campers, coaches, and Steven Nyman helped push each other through 90 minutes of non-stop suffering!Every camper completed 100 pushups, 100 burpees, 100 rock presses, a 100 yard rock sprint, a 100 yard rock throw, 100 rock Core twists, 100 tuck jumps, 100 sit ups, and an extreme tennis ball hunt in the COE’s foam pit. After the very first set of pushups a camper shouted “are we almost done yet?” and the coaching staff just giggled. Hayden pushed herself so hard during sufferfest that she claimed “my core and quads are so sore it takes me like five minutes just to sit down!” With everyone’s legs still shaking it was off to the first ELITEAM dance practice followed by a round robin soccer tournament.

    The campers were thrilled to see that the Vermont tradition of ‘Taco Tuesday” was brought with us to Park City as the tacos were quickly devoured. After dinner half of the camp split off to partake in a biathalon competition that included running and archery. The other half was with Coach Kelley in the kitchen learning about nutrition and baking some healthy yogurt banana bread that was enjoyed by the entire camp. Needless to say the campers are exhausted and looking forward to tomorrow.

    Ropes Course Report from Coach Doug:

    I was at the high Ropes Course today watching the athletes push themselves while up in the air. We started with team challenges that had the campers working together in two person teams at up to 40 feet. Some were literally tied together climbing up cargo nets and poles and ropes. Some were even blindfolded. It was so much fun to see each team learning from every other team and then taking it to the next level. The campers took on the challenges thrown out by the coaches and their teammates with enthusiasm. The focus was on pushing personal limits, teamwork, positive thinking and remembering to breathe.

  • First Ever Park City ELITEAM! Day 1

    After much anticipation, the first day of ELITEAM Park City finally arrived! In typical ELITEAM fashion, the campers hit the ground running and immediately started to pursue our goal of 1,000 pushups by Friday. We started with 50 pushups at registration and ended the day with a tally of 250!

    From registration it was on to orientation where the campers worked on their hand-eye coordination with our brand new Fit Light System, practiced balance and teamwork on the “whale watch”, got know everyone with Andrew’s name games, and completed Doug’s “numbers” challenge. From there we took to the hill next to the NAC to work out with our ROCKS! We did pushups, squats, presses, rows and throws with nothing but our rocks as equipment - who knew rocks could be so much fun? Several names for the rocks that emerged through out the morning were Chow, Freddy, Kevin, and my favorite, Puke!

    After filling our bellies with sandwiches and salad it was off to the Center of Excellence for a quick lesson on Physiology by Doug. Then it was into the gym to meet and listen to Alex Moore,Strength and Conditioning Coach for the US ski team. Alex explained to the campers the importance of training and being a well-rounded athlete. He talked about how they test the athletes to find their strengths and weaknesses so they can tailor their training programs to best fit each athlete’s needs and work on improving each athlete’s overall fitness. They have found that the fastest racers are generally the most fit.

    The campers then got the chance to test their power on the same Force Plate that Ted Ligety and Lindsey Vonn test on and the same Broad Jump machine that Alex Schlopy set the record on! That was followed by the COOLEST obstacle course I have ever seen, “Alex’s Olympic Obstacle”, that included a tramp, rope swing, and running through the Skate Park.

    Then, it was off to mountain biking, or as Coach Andrew Whiteford likes to refer to it, “shredding the brown pow”. We got to shred some awesome trails that pushed everybody’s limits, as one of the girls recalled “Matt’s Flat’s wasn’t very flat”. One group was even lucky enough to see a moose!

    After an awesome dinner of spaghetti and meatballs it was down to the field to play some bamboo pole games and to practice our agility. Coach Andrew then led the group in a hysterical series of“high-knee butt-kick skips” and some creative relay races. After a quick journal session, the campers are fast asleep recovering from an awesome first day.

    Written By Coach Dan Bell

2018 Camp Dates

ELITEAM Clinic: June 25-26
Lake Tahoe @ Sugar Bowl Academy
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $200

World Cup 1: July 9-14

World Cup 2: July 16-21
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $1275

Europa Cup: July 25-28
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 8-11
Rate: $800

Girls Power Camp: August 1-4
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $850