• 2015 ELITEAM Recipes

    Tasty AND Healthy!

    2015 ELITEAM Recipes-
    Energy Bites
    Zucchini Muffins
    Chocolate Pudding



  • 100,000 Burpees!

    Daily Dose of Doug-
    There is no better teaching tool to find your limits than SUFFERFEST. It is hard, yet when you are surrounded by fellow sufferers, the motivation to Jump out of your Comfort Zone is easy to find. Today we added six Hill Sprints to the list (see list below). The coaches all jumped into the fray to push the campers, but to also push their limits. I, myself, was humbled today as I jumped in with the twelve year-olds and was beaten soundly a couple times. But as one 12 year-old said to me as I walked back down for more punishment, “It’s all right Coach, you were really pushing it.” That made me feel great and motivated to do more.

    We finished our 100,000th Burpee today together at the start of SUFFERFEST. You can watch our last five Burpees to get us to 100,00 here: https://youtu.be/lsSRa1eF1z8  We then did 100 more each totaling 5700 more!!! Thanks to all of the families and athletes who supported our Challenge. We were successful in every way. We will make our $5,000 goal easily! We did 100,000 Burpees. And we educated the Campers the importance of Giving Back. You can still donate here: https://www.crowdrise.com/ELITEAMBurpeeChallenge

    See you all tomorrow. Looks like we may have our first indoor ELITEAM Olympics! Always Jumping out of our Comfort Zone!

    MEMORABLE MOMENTS from the Staff-

    Coach Devon:
    - Overheard at sufferfest: "WE'RE NOODLING" 'My arms are noodling!!'
    - Justin - "I'm so getting seconds."

    Coach Morgan:
    "I'm so ready to get my plank on" -Taylor Stockwell

    Coach Conor:
    -It was great to see Colter and Eric's push-ups actually get better as they did more during sufferfest today. It was also fun to watch Jimmy leave Doug in the dust during hill sprints a few minutes later.


    What was the best part of Sufferfest… and what was the toughest?
    Emma- The best part was hill sprints and river walk. The hardest was push-ups.
    Abi- Best- river walk. Toughest- burpees.
    Caroline- River walk and duck race were best. Pushups were hard.
    Zoe- Hill sprints were the best. Pushups were the worst.
    Lily- The best part was the tuck jumps. The toughest was pushups.
    Alex P- River walk because we got wet and cooled off. Finishing off Sufferfest with tuck jump. They took a while.
    Justin- River walk because it cooled me off. Hill sprints because it knocks the wind out of you.

    What did you think of Sandpits today? What is the key to having a good run?
    Emma- The sandpits were really fun. The key is keeping up momentum.
    Abi- It was super fun. You have to sprint on the flats.
    Caroline- Awesome. Balance.
    Zoe- I thought Sandpits were great. The key to having a good run is to sprint hard.
    Lily- I loved the Sandpits today! The key to having a good run is having quick feet and fast turns around the gates. You don’t want to take a lot of time around each gate, and you can make up a lot of time sprinting to the gate on the other side of the hill.
    Alex P- As always there were a lot of deer flies and sand. The course has different quirks. The key is to sprint.
    Justin- They were very fun. Just go full blast all the way.
    Kyle H- They were awesome. Use the berms.

    ELITEAM is…
    Emma- Something I look forward to all year round.
    Abi- Super cool!
    Caroline- Awesome.
    Lily- ELITEAM is super fun, encouraging, and very helpful. It made me stronger and smarter in what to eat and what to do in certain situations in ski racing and other sports.
    Justin- Very fun because it challenges me.
    Kyle H- Pushing your limits.


  • Last Hike, Last Pits, Last FUN!


    Hiking Mt. Ellen with Coach Morgan...

    Today we ventured up to Sugarbush for a hike up Mt. Ellen. The hike was steep and rocky but all the campers made it to mid station, many made it even higher. We had some tired campers in the back that hitched a ride on Coach Zack’s back but only for a couple steps before they tired him out too.
    Talking with Christian about the hike:
    What did you think of the hike today? "It was tough…but so fun!”
    What was your favorite part of the hike? "When we got to the top and I could see GMVS"
    Win commented during the hike “my muscles are yelling at me, be quiet muscles- i want to hike!”
    "Campers were super motivated and made it up the mountain fast!"- Counselor Natasha
    It was a great day and a perfect last ELITEAM hike for summer 2014!


    What did you think of the Sandpits today? What is the key to having a good run?

    "I liked it." Eliza
    "They were fun, but I didn't know what to expect until the 1st training run." Pippa
    "They were so much fun. Going fast." Sydni
    "I thought the sandpits were a lot of fun. The key was to just focus on the gate ahead of you." Kat
    "I thought the sandpits were AWESOME!!! To kind of jump on each turn and have quick feet." Zoe
    "I enjoyed sandpits. Jumping helped by giving you room." Julia Lloyd
    "It was fun but challenging! Jumping, keeping up the fast speed helped though." Katie

    How is the food here at camp? What was your favorite meal?
    "It's pretty good. The PASTA!!" Zoe
    "The food was amazing. My favorite meal was chicken patties and sweet potato fries!" Kat
    "So good! Lunch." Sydni
    "The food is delicious, and my favorite would have to be the chicken." Pippa
    "Great tacos." Eliza
    "It was good! I liked the french toast & pancakes, also the pasta!" Katie
    "The food is great. I am gluten free and they were really accommodating. My favorite meal was the pasta." Julia

    What has been the best part of ELITEAM and why?
    "River walk because it was refreshing." Eliza
    "I really can't decide, it was all fantastic (except maybe Sufferfest)." Pippa
    "The slalom course was fun and hiking--because it really pushed my limits!" Katie
    "The slalom." Sydni
    "The best part of ELITEAM was the river walk because it was a lot of fun." Kat
    "Sandpits were I think ONE of the best just because its ALWAYS SOOO REALLY FUN!!" Zoe
    "I enjoyed meeting new people and pushing myself to be great." Julia

    What does it mean to Dig Deep?
    "Digging deep is trying your hardest, no matter what." Julia Lloyd
    "Like, if you're really tired and about to give up you dig deep and keep going." Zoe
    "It means to push your limits." Kat
    "Push passed your limits." Sydni
    "It means to go past your limits and go even further to accomplish a goal!!" Katie
    "It means to go within yourself and find your spirit." Pippa
    "Go out of your limits." Eliza

    ELITEAM is...
    "Tiring." Eliza
    "Challenging yourself to push until the very end." Pippa
    "Really fun, tiring, strength building, fantabulous!" Katie
    "Outstanding." Sydni
    "AMAZING!!!!!" Kat Dade
    "AMAZING!!!!" Zoe
    "AMAZING!!!" Julia
    AWESOME!- Sam N
    My favorite camp.- Shayla
    My favorite camp.- Haley
    Amazing, fun, challenging.- Elsa
    Fun, hard, amazing, inspiring, Awesome.- Christian
    More than a camp. A training ground. A place to work hard and have fun.- Ian
    Awesome.- Brendan
    Awesome- Jackson
    Awesome- Kyle
    An amazing place and I love everything about it!- Connor

  • Teamwork and Suffering


    Coach Demi at the Ropes Courses-

    Today we woke up early, skipped a morning run and headed straight to Essex for the Northern Lights Ropes Course. After dividing into groups where a coach and counselor were harnessed up along with the kids, each group was sent to a different element. Throughout the morning we cycled through the lower, upper and middle ropes courses and the leap of faith. The biggest challenge of the morning was avoiding the temptation to use our belaying ropes (lobster claws) for support. However, the height of some of the elements really pushed kids beyond their limits. 

    After my group completed the "Incomplete bridge" on the middle course I could not have been happier. Although it took 25 minutes to cross the element, we were intertwined, working together as one unit the entire time--rather than simply sending pairs across. It was great to see that the kids were just as psyched as I was when we finally got to the end. They appreciated the teamwork and enjoyed completing a challenge that was self-imposed and more difficult than most. 

    At the end of the morning, campers had been partnered with unfamiliar campers, pushed out of their comfort zone from the mere height of the elements and forced to communicate and rely on each other in a way that made them think differently. These kinds of challenges are what we're all about at ELITEAM, so it's great to see them have an impact on the campers. 

    Sufferfest!!! …with Coach Makenzie-

    As we drove back to GMVS from the Northern Lights ropes courses, it was pouring rain. We weren't sure if the weather would complicate things for Sufferfest. In true Eliteam fashion, the clouds cleared just in time for the beginning burpees. 100 of everything was the goal including 100 push-ups, Russian twists, sit-ups and this week's additional lunges with rocks. On the count of "1, 2, 3, SUFFER!" we were off with a bang. The final Sufferfest of the 2014 Eliteam summer! In addition to the 100 reps of every exercise, campers had 10 minutes to move the Eliteam dirt pile to the back of Doug's truck. Of course there was the traditional river walk at the end of it all. We scurried down the muddy bank to the Mad River and walked up the river for 10 minutes, then turned around and headed back to campus. The cold water acted as an ice bath and will likely benefit our sore muscles tomorrow. "So suffery" was a description heard about the last 2014 Sufferfest. "Hashtag noodles!" And "Hashtag suffer!" were some of the goofy things being screamed in the circle. It was a sunny, wet and dirty ending to a summer of Eliteam "suffering."

  • 2013 WC2- Fri- We're Sore, but Strong.

    You can see the top of the Double Chair at Mad River Glen from the GMVS campus and that was our goal for our morning activity. We loaded the bus at 8:30 after completing 100 burpees for the 5 mile journey to the base of the mountain. The group spread out a bit on the way up with the fastest crew arriving in just 45 minutes and the last group arriving in exactly one hour. We were greeted with beautiful views and a cool breeze. It was well worth the sore legs and sweat.

    After a huge lunch we were ready for some competition. It was time to play some Dodgeball. Five teams played a round robin to qualify for the finals. It was intense. Coaches played alongside the campers and it was Team Katie (Counselor) who won. We then filed onto the bus for the 5 mile trek to the Sandpit Slalom. Everyone had three training runs to dial in the 30 second course and learn the technique of line and footwork critical to fast times. We then had our timed run down the challenging course. There were some big steeps, tight gates, technical sections and lots of close calls. The top four women and men qualified for the finals. Times were very close.

    Next it was time to cool off in the pond. It is a clear and cold pond and all the campers jumped in to refresh and to also wash all the sand off. The highlight was seeing the Counselors throw in coach Chad who has done his fair share of tossing people in over the years.

    After pizza it was time to practice the dance one more time and then hit the field for crazy relays. First it was Coaches Anna and Sara leading us in an agility track workout, and then it was Coaches Chad and Dan leading Crazy Quickfeet. Everyone was working hard and laughing harder. Finally it was the Jello Drop. The coaches were impressed at the eye-mouth coordination and the high number of catches in the first round.

    The campers then received their 2013 ELITEAM T-shirts to wear tomorrow at the Olympics, which start at 10AM. Hopefully it will not rain on us so we will see you on the field for the compeition.


    What did you think of Sandpits today?

    Ella- They were very challenging but also fun to cheer everyone on!
    Kat- They were awesome and intense!
    Teddy- Fun and technical.
    Chauncey- It was super technical.
    Emery- Sandpits rocked, I had a ton of fun.
    Riley- Extremely awesome.
    Brian- They were awesome and I finally made it to the top 4.

    The key to having a good run in the sandpits is…

    Emily- Having quick feet and good stability.
    Kat- To look ahead and not at the ground.
    Sydni- Keeping a good line.
    Teddy- Quickfeet, speed and a smile.
    Chauncey- B-line the first 2 gates and stay low so you could get your feet out from under you.
    Colter- Keep your balance.
    Emery- Keep your feet moving. Coming to a stop is not fast.
    Riley- To jump from side to side and have fun.
    Brian- Keep moving your feet and keep a good line.

    It’s Friday and after a week at ELITEAM, my body feels…

    Ella- Tired but REALLY fit!
    Emily- Much looser and more ready for a workout.
    Kat- My body feels stronger and rejuvenated.
    Eliza- Fantastic.
    Sydni- Sore but strong.
    Teddy- Sore and tired.
    Chauncey- Like I got set on fire and all I have to put it out is a fork and a porcupine.
    Colter- Not how I would like it to.
    Emery- Really sore.
    Riley- RIPPED.
    Brian- My body feels sore but stronger.

    ELITEAM is…

    Ella- The most fun camp I have ever attended!!!
    Emily- A fun, challenging camp for athletes.
    Kat- An amazing experience, everyone should try it.
    Eliza- My favorite part of the year.
    Sydni- Fun, great, awesome.
    Teddy- Awesome!
    Colter- It’s awesome because it’s fun and challenging at the same time.
    Emery- Challenging.
    Riley- Unexplainably awesome.
    Brian- Da Best!!
  • 2013 WC2- Thurs... 1, 2, 3 SUFFER!

    Sufferfest just keeps getting better and better.

    The day started with sun, but the forecast called for rain to start at 1:00 pm - just in time for sufferfest, and just what we wanted. But first we had some work to do. Dance practice and some circuits were on tap to get the day started. The circuits were a lot of fun. We had the music rocking and the athletes had g energy to burn from a good night's sleep. As always, the coaches worked right alongside the kids, so we all had a good sweat going.

    After that it was our last rotation of cooking, climbing and obstacle course. The biggest news was that the campers' team beat the coaches' team in the obstacle. We will see just how fast they are on Saturday at the Olympics.

    After a huge lunch of mac & cheese and veggies, it was time to talk Sports Physiology with the campers. We covered everything from heart rate to muscles to injuries. Then it was time to SUFFER!

    Sufferfest consisted of:

    100 push ups
    100 Burpees
    800 meter run
    100 sit-ups
    4x100 sprints
    100 Russian twists
    Mulch move
    And lastly, the much anticipated River Walk.

    It started to rain about halfway through. Perfect! There was a lot of suffering, but a whole lot of fun as well. The river walk might have been the highlight of the week so far.

    After showers it was time to dress up for Olympic night! The kids all looked great. After that it was time for Limbo and then movie night.

    They will all sleep well tonight, including me.


    1. What did you think of Sufferest?

    Kaitlin- The Sufferfest was really fun but hard at the same time. I loved the river walk.
    Shayla- Sufferfest was FUN!
    Kat- It was awesome. I would do the river walk a million times. I loved it.
    Grace Bradley- I thought it was AWESOME.
    Haley- Sufferfest was hard and intense but a great workout.
    Olivia- Tiring and hard.
    Sydni- I did not think it was too bad.
    Elsa- I thought Sufferfest was great.
    Jackie- Coolest thing ever.
    Sam- I thought it was hard.
    Grace Braun- Sufferfest was challenging but fun and I’m glad I did it.
    Joey- Painful describes it quite well.
    Matt M- It was really tiring but the river walk was awesome and we climbed up waterfalls.

    2. How much did you suffer?
    Kaitlin- On a scale of 1-10,I suffered about a 7 ½.
    Carly- Not as much as I thought I would.
    Caroline- Too much for my birthday, but the river walk was REALLY fun.
    Liddy- A LOT!!
    Shayla- I suffered a lot! The most suffering was the tuck jumps and the burpees.
    Kat- I mostly suffered in the beginning then I pushed through and it got better.
    Grace Bradley- Not as much as I thought I would.
    Haley- I suffered a lot but it was fun.
    Olivia- Enough so I couldn’t do it anymore.
    Jackie- Not really at all.
    Sam- A LOT.
    Grace Braun- I suffered a lot.
    Ella- I only kind of suffered.
    Hannah- So much, but it was fun.
    Joey- I suffered to death. It was insane.
    Colin- It hurt a lot but it was still fun.
    Ian- Lots.
    Alexander- I suffered a lot especially after the 100 burpees.
    Matt M-A LOT.
    Kyle- I felt the burn.
    Teddy- A good amount of suffering went on here.

    3. When you want to quit, how do you keep yourself going?
    Kaitlin- I pushed through my suffering by telling myself not to give up.
    Shayla- I reminded myself I am becoming stronger.
    Carly- The pushups were brutal but I knew that it wasn’t that bad.
    Caroline- By knowing we only had a few left.
    Kat- I push and focus on the moment.
    Grace Bradley- I wanted to quit at the tuck jumps but I kept saying a little more.
    Haley- I reminded myself I was doing this for me not anyone else and I knew I was becoming a better athlete.
    Olivia- Knowing what I wanted to accomplish in the future, and what I needed to do to get there.
    Sydni- I tell myself that I can do it.
    Elsa- I kept myself going by confidence.
    Jackie- I breathe and smile.
    Sam- Never, I pushed really hard.
    Ella- I remind myself I’m becoming a better skier.
    Hannah- I thought about showering and ice cream.
    Colin- By thinking of something relaxing in the future.
    Ian- Just kept going.
    Alexander- I kept myself going by thinking positive and saying to myself that I can do it!
    Matthew S.- I looked at my friends and smiled.
    Matt M- I told myself that if I quit or cheated I would only be cheating myself.
    Trevor- I didn’t want to quit.
    Kyle- I used determination.
    Teddy- I thought life isn’t supposed to be easy!

    4. Funniest or favorite moment at camp so far this week…
    Shayla- When we got kicked out of the dorm.
    Olivia- Too many.
    Jackie- Kikuts when they dance in sync.
    Sam- Rock climbing blind folded.
    Colin- Anytime I was with Chad and Chauncey was a very funny time.
    Alexander- When Chauncey got tickled by Worm at Sufferefest.
    Matthew S.- My favorite moment was when Colin and I made it to the top of the Dangle Duo.
    Matt M- Me coming around a turn and telling everyone I didn’t fall and as I said that I ate it.
    Trevor- Climbing the left wall.
    Ned- Doug wearing his sweater for Olympic theme night.
    Finn- Zack’s crash.

    We asked the kids to describe each coach:

    Chad- crazy, funny, outgoing, best friend, loud, hilarious, competitive, different, playful, great leader, dangerous, outgoing, strong, goofball, awesome, spontaneous, weird, enthusiastic, comic relief, super cool, not normal, words can’t describe Chad.

    JT- nice, cool, funny, loud, fun, awesome, interesting, exciting, serious, laid back, happy, Justin Timberlake.

    Zack- strong, fast, nice, huge, funny, big, large, powerful, competitive, awesome, fun, does cool wavy flops, he looks like my best friend’s Dad.

    Dan- nice, funny, ELITEAM 6, loud, goofball, competitive, amazing, awesome, powerful, silly, creative, talkative, pushes you, in control, Danish, enthused, Chad’s long lost twin.

    Doug- hilarious, outgoing, awesome, intense, pushes you, creator of the best camp EVER, loud, eat more food, strong, nice, funny, bald, intense, amazing, inspiring, pushing, powerful, great, supportive, crazy, tough, excited, energetic, hard working, epic.

    Molly- funny, nice, positive, red head, kind, sweet, tiny, positive, encouraging, cheerful, happy, the climber, I love her.

    Sara- cool, strong, loud voice, too fast, nice, athletic, sweet, beautiful, outgoing, diamonds, who is who?

    Anna- nice, funny, strong, creative, friendly, confident, fast, beautiful, talented, pearls, who is who?

    Megan- very nice, friendly, helpful, best dorm parent ever, sweet, funny, caring, amazing, awesome, welcoming, strong, creative, positive, adventurous, fun, happy, knows the best stretches, cool, radical, strict but in an awesome way.

    Makenzie- friendly, crazy, nice, funny, awesome, strong, committed, full of spirit, daring, sporty, cool, fantastic, outgoing, adventurous, quirky, enjoyable, determined, uses mason jar as water bottle, very happy with herself.

    Jorie- nice, friendly, always there for you, helpful, smart, caring, a good nurse, supportive, cool, happy, fun, pro-repairer, exciting, the only normal one!

  • WC2- Friday: Awesome

    Well, it seems Sufferfest caught up to us today. The hike up Sugarbush in beautiful weather was a struggle for some with sore muscles head to toe. However, we all made our goal of Allyn's Lodge with some campers making it all the way to the peak before enjoying a fun and relaxing ride down the chairlift.

    The energy started to build at lunch for the annual Sandpit Slalom challenge. The course was a Dual this year, which added to the intensity and excitement. After two training runs, which proved difficult because of the under-gates at the bottom, the campers finally dialed it in when the racing started. Because of the dry weather, the sand was slippery and the dust was flying. Close races all afternoon provided great spectating! After the Pits, it was time to enjoy an ice cold popsicle and a dip in the pond.

    After packing, cleaning and pizza dinner, we practiced the dance one more time with an added ending that is appropriate for this month. Then it got crazy with agility relays that quickly turned into chaos and fun. Our cores were sore from laughing at the incredible creativity, coordination (or lack thereof) and energy the kids put into each exercise. Our last activity was the Jello Drop and it took four rounds to finally find a winner. Finally, it was into the gym to present the campers with the official 2012 ELITEAM T-shirt. It is a ceremony and honor that only ELITEAMers experience.

    This was a great week, which may explain why it flew by so quickly. See you all tomorrow at the ELITEAM Olympics which start at 10am.

    What did you think of Sandpits today?
    Sweet. The sandpits were awesome!- Josh
    Very fun. I don’t think I’ve had more fun this week.- Sven
    They were really fun and I like going against an opponent.- Alex
    I ate it on the 4th gate.- Ben
    It’s what I look forward to. That and the popsicle.- Amelia
    It was really fun and you get better every run.- Tory
    Really super duper fun!- Julia
    It was a pretty gnarly course but it was fun. – Carly
    They were so much fun!- Eliza

    The key to having a good run in the Sandpits is…
    Having quick feet and getting early on the gates.- Josh
    Good balance and agility.- Sven
    Staying focused on yourself and not the opponent.- Jack
    To have good agility, leg strength and focus.- Patrick
    Picture the course in your head beforehand and have quick feet.- Tory
    Sharp turns, focus, no yard sales. – Julia
    Having confidence and quick feet. Caroline R
    To have a good line.- Carly
    You have to have good timing and a high line. Then you have to go out and shred.- Izzy

    It’s Friday and after a week of ELITEAM, my body feels…
    Strong, sore, tired, but good at the same time.- Sven
    Sore but getting used to the work.- Alex
    Dead. It is so tiring, but will feel amazing after from all the strength that I gained.- Matt M
    Stiff. All muscles are sore. –Jack
    I feel much stronger than I did on Monday. – Patrick
    Aching with exhaustion but stronger.- Amelia
    Extremely sore. -Julia
    Stronger than when I got here. –Caroline R
    Great and Amazing, I wish it was longer. – Carly
    Fit and great. I feel strong.- Siggy
    Fantastic and strong.- Eliza
    Tired, strong and achy.- Ali
    I feel great. -Izzy

    ELITEAM is…
    Awesome.- Sven
    Good because it is fun to do the exercises. – Alex
    The best thing I can do if you are a ski racer.- Matt M
    Challenging and really fun!- Jack
    A place for people to push themselves to their limits.- Patrick
    The cream in my coffee and I LOVE coffee.- Amelia
    Eliteam is awesome and inspires me to work hard.- Tory
    Awesome! –Julia
    Amazing!- Caroliine R.
    Fun, athletic and difficult.- Ali
    AMAZING.- Carly
    Fun and awesome.- Siggy
    My favorite part of Summer!!- Eliza
    THE BEST!- Ben

  • WC2- Thurs: Sufferfest

    Today everything was overshadowed by Sufferfest. We started with a fun, but hard circuit workout and also did our final rotation of cooking, climbing and Capture the Flag. However, all thoughts were on the impending afternoon event. To fuel up for Sufferfest we chowed down on Mac & Cheese for lunch. Coach Joe ate 3 full plates of it anticipating extra high fuel needs for the afternoon.

    At 1:30, after an hour discussion about Sports Psychology, we headed out to the field with our rocks and water bottles. Our Sufferfest mission was: 100 Push-ups, 100 yard Rock Throw, 100 yard Sprint with our rocks, 880 yard run, 100 Burpees, 100 sit-ups, 100 Tuck Jumps, 100 Kikut Twists, 100 Rock presses, followed by a Mulch Bucket carry and 15 minute Rock Walk to the pond. It was HOT, it was INTENSE, but as a group, we CRUSHED it. The pond afterwards was the perfect ending… so refreshing!

    For dinner, we dressed up in “All One Color”… we had oranges, reds, blues, pinks, purples, greens and yellow. Together, we looked like a rainbow. After dinner we treated ourselves to black bean brownies and frozen yogurt, followed by a Limbo contest and a movie. It's 9:01pm and my dorm of boys is sound asleep. At 9:11, I’ll be on the same program.

    Random Quotes from Sufferfest:
    I don't want to regret not suffering enough in the Suffertest.- Tom
    If I can bend down past my knees tomorrow I'll be excited.- Zander
    Only 90 more!- Ben
    I think I'm going to need 100 Tums at the end of Sufferfest.- Coach Joe

    What did you think of Sufferfest?
    It was pretty fun! I thought it was challenging.- Alex
    It was very intense and fun.- Seth
    I thought it was really fun and definitely pushed me to my limits in the burpees.- Jack
    I thought the name fit the challenge. The only difference was that it was fun.- Matt M.
    I thought it was challenging but fun at the same time. Better than testing!- Scott
    I thought it was a great workout and fun.- Charlie L.
    Fun! – Chauncey

    How much did you suffer?
    I did not suffer. I am a burpee machine. – Ben
    Not the worst, but I still sweated a lot.- Alex
    A lot! The most I’ve ever suffered.- Seth
    From 1-10, I suffered a good 6.- Scott
    I had no idea that I was!- Chauncey

    When you want to quit, how do you keep yourself going?
    Everybody else was going, so I did too.- Ben
    I motivate myself by keeping the same rhythm as my friends.- Alex
    I was stayed positive to keep myself going.- Seth
    I looked at all my friends and saw that they were tired but kept going and I followed them. –Jack
    I knew it was helping me and that pushed.- Matt M
    I knew it would make me stronger. –Scott
    I just wanted to test myself and do the best I could.- Griffin

    Doug Lewis is…
    Awesome! –Alex
    Very enthusiastic. – Matt M
    Very energetic, always pumped and cool. –Charlie
    A strong person.- Chauncey
    Hardworking, crazy and fun.- Griffin
    The coolest coach you could ever have!- Seth

  • WC2- Wed: I only ate it once!

    With breakfast in our bellies, our bodies stretched, and 100 push-ups already under our belt, we headed to Catamount Family center for a day of Mtn Biking. The expert group led by Makenzie, Joe, Will and Zack hit the single track early and often. They made it to lookout point and then enjoyed gravity all the way back down through some gnarly sections. The intermediate group dabbled in and out of the woods searching out the best banked corners and negotiating the rocks and roots with skill. I led the beginner group and immediately headed for a trail named Pure Bliss, which is smooth single track that wanders through the maple forest and puts a smile on your face.

    After 90 minutes of riding it was time for lunch under the sunny skies. Then it was back out on the trails for another 60 minute ride. Except for a crew singing in the back of the bus, all the campers were asleep by the time we reached campus, including me.

    45 minutes later it was back to the gym for the ELITEAM Dance. There is something special about this group as they had no problem picking up the new moves and quickly mastered the dance. They were definitely getting into it! Get ready to see some rhythm on Saturday as we perform our version of "Call Me Maybe".

    Following dance it was another rotation of Cooking, Rock Wall and Swedish Dodgeball. By dinner, we were all starving! I challenged the group to load up their plates and eat all the broccoli that was prepared. They responded quickly and the entire pan was gone within minutes. Reloaded with fuel and a half hour off before our next scheduled activity, the kids were already back on the field. It’s one of my favorite times at ELITEAM - 40+ kids playing kickwall, stilting, walking on tires, biking and interacting. No TV, no phones, no electronics - just playing.

    As soon as we gathered for soccer it started to Thunder so that meant we were heading inside the gym for some intense Dodgeball. First it was the boys versus the girls. Then it was 11-12 year olds versus the 13-14 year olds. Huge fun and lots of action. We then calmed them all down with some yoga and relaxation. That is a full day.

    Tomorrow… Sufferfest.

    Random quotes overheard today on the mtn. bike trails:
    I’ve got a lot of that acid in my legs. – Eliza

    Now THIS is what I call mountain biking!- Matt M.
    I have a million bruises because I hit a million trees.- Maureen
    I only ate it once!- Chauncey

    Quotes from some of the girls in New Dorm:

    What did you think of the mountain biking today?
    It was difficult but fun and you feel great when you are finished.- Mia
    It was really scary at first but it ended up being a lot more fun than I thought. – Caroline. R.
    I don’t like mtn biking but with the help of my friends and coaches I gained confidence. –Emma
    It was awesome.- Isabelle
    I thought it was really fun! Everything was organized.- Caroline D.
    It was fun but it was hard too. - Siggy
    Hills are fun but only when you’re going down them.- Allegra

    What is the key to being a good mtn biker?
    Knowing what you’re doing, knowing your equipment and knowing the terrain.- Sadie
    Be in an athletic position. - Isabelle
    Standing up over obstacles.- Elizabeth
    Balance and being focused.- Caroline D.
    You need to absorb the bumps.- Siggy
    Positive thinking, confidence and strength.- Julia
    Staying out of your seat on a root filled trail. -Allegra

    How many times did you crash?
    I crashed once over roots.- Sadie
    For the first time I didn’t crash, which I was proud of.- Emma
    ZERO (must be some sort of record)- Elizabeth
    I crashed 4 times.- Caroline D.

    2 times.- Siggy
    I only had one wipe out.- Julia

    So far, what has been the hardest part of ELITEAM?
    The leg routines because they burned but you had to keep going.- Sadie
    The last hill of mountain biking when I was worn out and tired.- Mia
    The pushups because you have to do a lot of them so often.- Caroline R.
    For me mentally I have to be in a zone, which is why rock wall was easier because I could focus. Emma
    Trying not to get hurt.- Isabelle
    All of the push-ups because they are physically and mentally demanding.- Elizabeth
    The leg routines.- Julia
    I don’t think there’s been a toughest part, just lots of challenging ones.- Allegra

    What do you think of the food here at camp?
    It’s really good and the cooks are so nice and it reminds me of home!- Mia
    The food here tastes really good and is healthy for you too.- Caroline R.
    The food has been AWESOME!- Caroline D.
    It’s really good, they always have lots of fresh fruit.- Allegra

    If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?
    I would tell her I’m coming back next year and I love her!- Mia
    I’m having a good time.- Caroline R.
    I want to be a counselor some day, so I should work on my mountain biking.- Emma
    I’m having a great time.- Isabelle
    I’m having the time of my life.- Elizabeth
    I’m having a great time. Camp is great.- Caroline D.
    I love you, camp is really fun.- Siggy
    I love you
    :) - Allegra
    I love Eliteam. - Julia

  • Olympics Full of Intense Action

    The tradition at ELITEAM on Saturday mornings includes a sleep-in, but on one condition… the campers must go to bed quietly and on time Friday night. If they’re good, then we get to skip morning run & stretch, and the kids (and coaches) get to sleep in. Despite last week's incident where the entire camp had to run at 6:15am, the campers this week went straight to bed on Friday evening and enjoyed some extra sleep time in the morning.

    After breakfast it is a cleaning frenzy in the dorms as the campers clean their rooms (wipe down desks & shelves, remove trash, vacuum), then clean the common areas including the bathrooms. Younger campers fear the cleaning of the toilets, but veteran campers know this to be one of the easier jobs that are handed out. From cleaning showers to vacuuming hallways to hauling trash to the dumpster, it all gets done by the campers, and this week we did it in record time, finishing at 9:10am!

    The excitement grows as the campers meet in the gym for a final practice of the dance and then ready for the Olympics. The parents start arriving at around 9:45 and the entire campus is buzzing with energy. At 9:55 we announce the teams and it is go-time. For the 18th year in a row, the skies were clear and the Olympics could be held outside!

    We added the hill climb to the Obstacle and that provided good action and mud-flying as the athletes tore up the steep embankment. The Eagle's Nest proved tough as some campers seemed to lose appendages while in it. And, as always, the marine wall was a slippery and tricky challenge. We ended in the woods with a demonstration of the World Cup Tightrope by Maggie. She handled the pressure and challenge perfectly and showed the parents what we focus when we’re up in the trees.

    In the Slalom course it was 'thrash or crash" as each team high-stepped through the tight course. Everyone made it clean, despite some mis-steps here and there. For the spectators, we needed slow-motion replay as the action was so fast it blurred. Then it was on to the agility course and Berg Und Tal. We finished with the ELITEAM dance, which rocked the house.

    Thanks to all of the 136 campers that completed ELITEAM 09. Thanks to my staff of energetic, enthusiastic and caring “teachers” who work tirelessly to make the camp special for every camper. Please enjoy the many pictures posted by Kelley over the three weeks. We hope to see you all again next Summer! Sign up is Feb 1, 2010.
  • Fridays Are My Favorite

    Fridays at Eliteam are awesome. After working so hard all week, we reward the campers with a great hike up Mad River Glen ski area, followed by the sandpit SL, a swim, pizza, and lastly, Andrew’s Crazy Relays and the Jello Drop.

    The hike was gorgeous and the group flew up to the top of the Double in 50 minutes. We hung out up there, talking and munching on apples and energy bars, enjoying the view.

    Active ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive Image
    This Friday was made even better by the appearance of Olympian Jimmy Cochran. He arrived at lunch and immediately headed out with the campers to practice the dryland slalom. He watched the campers, gave out pointers, and ran it himself. Some of the kids were pushing a little too hard to impress Jimmy, which resulted in some exciting crashes. Then he sat down with them in the Student Center and answered questions from the group for 30 minutes.

    A sampling of Q&A’s:

    Camper: What are you thinking at the start of a race?
    JC: I think of only one thing. It may be technical, like “keep my hands up,” or I may focus on a particular section of the course that is tricky or difficult. If I focus on one thing, all that other stuff that can be distracting stays out of my mind.

    Camper: Do you like it when your parents watch you race?
    JM: Yes, I do. I know that sometimes they can be a distraction, but I like it when someone special is watching. I want to do well, to show off.

    Camper: When did you start racing, and when did you get good?
    JM: I started racing around age 7 or 8 at Cochran’s Ski Area, which my grandparents started. I can’t tell you when I got good, but I would make some progress, then plateau. Then make another jump up, and then plateau again.

    After the talk, it was Sandpit time, and Jimmy was coming out to run it with us! The Sandpits have 13 gates set like a race course and drops 50 vertical feet. After an inspection run, we took two training runs followed by a timed race run. Jimmy set the early time of 16.44 seconds. The closest the campers got was 18.13 sec. There were lots of fantastic runs, with great technique. There were also lots of falls and crashes, but everyone finished.

    The fastest boys and girls made it to the final round, and the entire group cheered wildly for every competitor. The loudest screams though, were for Jimmy. The whole crew chanted, “Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy!” His final run was timed at a blistering 15.75!

    Jimmy had a sharpy with him, and throughout the afternoon, was signing shirts, hats, shorts, shoes and even socks. He is a true champion that stayed until every camper got an autograph. I don’t think they will ever forget the experience of meeting and running Sandpits with an Olympic skier.

    After a pizza dinner, Andrew’s Crazy Relays and the Jello Drop finished off the day. Andrew added in a few new moves to keep things fun and fresh for the kids. The “Baywatch Run in Slow-Mo” was a big hit. Before bed, all the campers received their Eliteam 2008 t-shirts. There will be an army of blue ready to greet you tomorrow! See you all at 10am for the Eliteam Olympics.

2018 Camp Dates

ELITEAM Clinic: June 25-26
Lake Tahoe @ Sugar Bowl Academy
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $200

World Cup 1: July 9-14

World Cup 2: July 16-21
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $1275

Europa Cup: July 25-28
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 8-11
Rate: $800

Girls Power Camp: August 1-4
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $850