• Determined Super Heros

    Although I love suffering through SUFFERFEST, today's Circuits were a ton of fun to do with the campers. Energy and intensity was high as the groups cycled through the 15 exercises. Music was loud. Athletes were louder. Sweat was pouring off everyone. All with smiles!!! After circuits we split up for a rotation that included new, cool ski specific exercises done at slow motion. After three days on high speed, it was great to slow it down and focus on perfection and new movements.
    As the campers watch the sport's movie classic "Rudy", I am planning on how to make SUFFERFEST the toughest yet!!!

    MEMORABLE MOMENTS from the Staff-

    Coach Ben:
    After a long hike yesterday the kids still managed to be fully recharged and ready to go for today. They started the day with their normal run and stretch and after breakfast everyone reported to the RPC for circuit training. Three rounds and many different stations saw the campers doing everything from pushups to wall sits to banana roles (you’ll have to have them explain). After finishing there was a quick break and the kids broke into three groups: rock wall, obstacle course, and ski specific rotations. Ski specific rotations included fit light, physio balls, TRX, and a work out downstairs on the turf where I was stationed. The campers got to do a band workout, box jumps, bunny hops, and sideboards, a personal favorite for just about everyone. Lydia, Elsa, Emma, Molly, Cha, Jimmy, and Lilly all stood out on box jumps with powerful explosiveness and nice light landings while Ben and Annie excelled on the sideboards. We all broke for grilled cheese and tomato soup and then went right back to our rotations finishing up the final two stations that they hadn’t done before lunch. At dinner all came dressed in their unique superhero costumes. I had a lot of favorites but Cole’s and Peyton’s costumes, as well as whatever classical Austrian maiden attire that Ollie was wearing topped my list. The night concluded with limbo and ice cream, and the kids are all currently having a well deserved rest while they watch the movie "Rudy" in the gym. Tomorrow is sandpits and I fully expect the enthusiasm and energy to be just as high as it was today. We truly have an awesome group of kids this week!

    Coach Foreste:
    - Alli Mac was super determined doing the TRX today. While we were doing forward plank extensions, she tried fully extending the first time and completely broke her hollow position and fell to her knees. She immediately got up and said, "I just want to be able to do it all the way!" Eager to improve, she grit her teeth and gave her best effort. By the end she was almost fully extended!
    - Elsa and Zoe had great energy during the TRX session. While leading everyone through different leg, core, and upper body exercises, these two in particular had a super positive attitude the entire time. Each one raved about how cool, fun, and challenging each exercise was. It made my job much more rewarding and enjoyable!

    Coach Dan:

    Today my most memorable moment was working with the campers during the ski specific workout. At first the task of jumping up on, standing on, and tucking on a swiss ball seemed daunting, if not impossible. But after practice and progression work on the bosu balls, many of the campers found that they were able to eventually stand and squat on the swiss balls! Their looks of surprise and exhilaration leaves me with a great feeling as a coach.

    Coach Devon:
    - The rock wall can be challenging for many campers, but it's also a ton of fun! Today, Molly was tackling the hardest wall when she slipped and had a hard time getting back on. Her teammates were awesome and wasted no time to offer encouragement and helpful directions. She was flying up the wall in no time!
    Justin: "This is my year, I'm going to make it to the top and write my name in HUGE letters!"

    Coach Tasha:
    - Cha fast as a ninja over the marine wall. The rope slows him down so he just leaps over!
    - Colter (Wall-e) managed to save a face plant off the hay bails and turn it into a graceful tuck and roll! Didn't even lose a second in the obstacle course.
    - Lily, Libby, Justin and Isak killed it during the circuits. Getting into every work out as if it were the last. I’M A BANANA! I’M A BANANA! I’M A BANANA! SO LOOK AT ME NOW! - Circuit Group! 

    Coach AJ-
    Zoe making a 'start ramp' at the beginning of the obstacle course exhibiting grit and determination to succeed.

    Coach Conor:
    - Cole, Eric, and Reed W. worked really well together on the obstacle course today. They were a second behind the record time and really got hungry to do their best. It was awesome seeing them shave seven seconds off their own time and beating the record by six seconds!

    Coach Molly:
    - "The muffins last night were so good!"- Alli Mes.
    - "My calves hurt too much from hiking! I can't raise them." -Abby F. during calf raises.
    - "Molly, can you give Chauncey burpees? He said he would read me a bedtime story last night and he didn't." - Peyton

    Coach Morgan:
    I'm not jumping- I'm falling out of my comfort zone. -Olivia Werling (on the physio ball).



    What does it mean to “Jump out of your Comfort Zone?”
    Alli Mac- To do what you think you would never think you could do.
    Haley- To challenge yourself and push yourself to a point that you usually don’t go to. Push yourself harder and farther than ever before.
    Lauren M- Do something you are not comfortable with.
    Annie- It means to try something you usually wouldn't do to push yourself to where you might not be comfortable.
    Carly- It means to try new things, to take risks, and learn from your mistakes.
    Elsa- To do something that makes you uncomfortable.
    Abby F- It means to do things that you would not normally do. To try something different.

    List three words that describe your day.
    Alli Mac- fun, hard, crazy!
    Haley- Fun, hard, sweaty.
    Maya- Fun, exciting, tiring.
    Lauren M- Fun, athletic, exciting.
    Lea- Athletic, tiring, exercise.
    Annie- helpful, fun, hard
    Carly- tiredness, super awesome, SORE
    Elsa- crazy, amazing, scary
    Abby F- fun, challenging, sore.
    Morgan- fun, tiring.
    Cody- Rainy, muddy, fun.
    Charlie K- Rainy, eventful, hot.
    Alex P- fingers gripping, rainy & muddy, radical man.
    Seth- Fun, intense, challenging.
    Cole R- fun, tiring, daring.
    Ben- awesome, tough, enjoyable.
    Alex- Fun, more fun.

    What training activity did you like best today? How did it help you become a better athlete?
    Alli Mac- Fit light because it was fun and made my agility beter and I had to be quick.
    Haley- I like the TRX training. It helps with body control and strength all over.
    Maya- Fit light and standing on the yoga balls.
    Lauren M- I liked the Bergundthal.
    Lea- Slalom! Coordination, balance, speed.
    Annie- I liked the Fit Light and the swiss balls. They helped me with my hand eye coordination and my balance.
    Carly- I liked the TRX ropes. It made me become stronger in my arms!
    Elsa- Dips. They made me stronger.
    Abby F- I like the balance best because skiing is a ton of balancing.
    Morgan- The TRX bands, it was a full body workout.
    Cody- I really enjoyed doing rock climbing because it was very challenging and there were many other ways to push myself to make the climbs harder. I had to use my arms a lot so my arms are stronger.
    Charlie K- I liked the rock wall the best today because it helped strengthen my forearms for baseball, and my legs for skiing.
    Alex P- Rock climbing was a challenge on the "difficult" wall blindfolded. I was unable to make it to the top, but I pushed myself and was satisfied.
    Seth- I liked the rock climbing because I got to write my name on the wall. It gave me a goal.
    Cole- Rock climbing, as it made me push my limits.
    Ben- Rock climbing. It works out your arms which makes them stronger.
    Alex A- Rock climbing made me jump out of my comfort zone.

    What was the name of your non-traditional Super Hero tonight?
    Haley- Super USA Lacrosse Player
    Lauren M- Glow Girl
    Maya- Super Joey (inexperienced/bad skier)
    Annie- Super Annie
    Carly- Super Taco
    Elsa- BANANA MAN!
    Abby F- Blue Sky Guy
    Morgan- Super Sport Fan
    Cody- Fuzz-man
    Charlie K- Shinguard Charlie
    Alex P- Hippie Dude 
    Seth- Panda Man  
    Cole- Hydration Man
    Ben- Captain Fuzzy Man
    Alex A- Mexican Man

  • Turn up the heat

    It was HOT today. So what did we do? We hiked up Sugarbush and across the Long trail and down! We did it in teams of 8 carrying slosh pipes, rocks, gallons of water, and food. I am not going to lie, there was some complaining. But that complaining quickly turned to motivation and every team hammered up 2400 vertical feet in 2 hours. Along the way they did tough and fun challenges, like building a cairn, or getting tied together. The reward? A chairlift ride down! And it was worth it. Plus we went and sat in the river for a while. I am very proud of the group for Jumping out of their Comfort Zones today with addition of the heat.
    After a short nap break, the energy returned (I don’t know how, as I was still tired…) and so we did more Burpees and had a Dodgeball Tourney followed by dancing. As I write this, the dorm is quiet and we turned out the lights BEFORE 9pm with no complaints. Let’s hope the heat breaks tomorrow!

    TOTAL Burpee Count to Date: 92,995

    MEMORABLE MOMENTS from the Staff-

    Coach Molly:
    - Livi being splashed by all the campers in the river.
    - Our slosh tube named “Cosmo”
    - "Hey! There's the river! What if it's high tide?" -Reed Cole
    - "Carry, Carry, Carry Cosmo gently up the hill. Carry, carry, carry Cosmo and throw him off the chair!" -The Cosmo Crew
    - "Hey, my hat is all wet now!" -Mad Max at the Summit

    Coach Foreste:
    - While the kids were tied together on the last climb to the top, Charlie breaks the silence by saying, "I've never been more excited for a ham sandwich!" With that, everyone picked up the pace a bit and worked together to get to those sandwiches.
    - Before heading down to the lift, Ben and I asked who was willing to take the slosh pipe. No one said anything. Suddenly Cole came out of nowhere and enthusiastically asked, "Can I take the slosh pipe? I want to hold it!" I then asked him on our way down how he was doing and if he wanted a break from it. With a sweaty, grinning smile, his response was, "I got it! After all, this is a hard camp! It's supposed to be tough!"

    Coach AJ:
    - Towards the end of our hike all of the campers were starting to fade and it was evident that fatigue had taken over. Our last 'challenge' for the campers was stringing them all along a rope, forcing them to work as a group. When we started our last ascent up the steepest and slickest part of the hike all the campers, strung together by the rope, started feeding off of each other's energy and began charging up the final part of our hike. Fatigue was soon replaced by excitement and motivation to get to the top.
    - At the beginning of the hike, it felt like Lydia was attached to the slosh pipe. She carried it for 10 minutes straight. Concerned that she'd get too tired too early I told her that she could switch off carrying the slosh pipe with one of her fellow campers. Amused, with a smile across her face, she responded "I'm just trying to embrace the burn."

    Coach Conor:
    - It was awesome seeing the “Contash” (Conor and Tasha) Team making their way up Castlerock and then over to Lincoln. Everyone was pulling their weight. Cody asked me if he could carry the slosh pipe on his own across the Long Trail and convinced the team that he could do it. We all cheered him on as he did it with ease. I loved to see him challenge himself, push his limits, and break through his comfort zone.

    Coach Devon:
    - We could see the top of the chairlift at one part of the hike and Cha told us, "If we can see it, we can make it there!"
    - Even while carrying the sloshpipes and a couple gallons of water, when Uptown Funk started playing on the hike, my group jumped right into practicing their Olympic dance. Very dedicated campers!

    Coach Zack:
    - When asked about the hike, Ben said it “hurt in a good way.” Reed called it “legendary.” 

    Coach Tasha:
    - “
    Wanna shave my head like Doug. Too hot for hair.”- Abby C.
    - “We're being tied together like a dog to a tree?” Ten steps later… “Wow being tied together actually made us walk faster... I Love it!” - Group “ConTash”
    - Alli Mes - "My Legs Burn" - yet she still walked up the hill with a purpose (: 

    Coach Dan:
    - The last 20 minutes of the hike were very intense as it was steep, hot, and the entire group was tied together.  Part way up the last climb one of the campers dropped a gallon of water and it rolled down the hill. My group lead by Reed, Carly, and Abi rallied, walked all the way back down the last pitch, dug deep and hiked back up it again! I was very proud of them.
    - Part way up the hike I told my group of campers that I would poor water out of their slosh pipe for 3 seconds to lighten their load.  I accidentally tripped and poured out the entire pipe! Needless to say my group was psyched.  Alex A. Quickly volunteered to carry the lighter version of the slosh pipe. 


    What did you think of the adventure hike today?
    Grace- I thought it was really fun and pushed my limits a lot.
    Alex B- It was a great way to push our limits.
    Alice- I liked it a lot.
    Lydia- It was fun. The slosh pipes were “interesting”. It was really satisfying when we got to the top. It was also very tiring.
    Caroline- Tiring but fun.

    What was your favorite part of the hike?
    Grace- My favorite part was the ridge because you got to see everything and it was really pretty!
    Alex B- When we got to the top and looked out over the amazing view I had worked so hard for.
    Alice- Hiking the Long Trail. The challenges were fun as well, minus the slosh pipe.
    Lydia- Hiking across the long trail. Downloading was fun too.
    Caroline- When we were traversing because I like the rocks

    What does it mean to Jump out of your Comfort Zone?
    Cole - To do things you are not comfortable with and make you scared.
    Cody - To Push yourself further than normal or to take part in something that makes you uncomfortable.
    Reed - It means you should try something new and Dig Deep when you think you cannot go further.

    List three words that described your day.
    Cole - Tired, Hard, Fun
    Cody - Hot, Challenging, Sweaty
    Reed - Chafing, Sweat, Sweet!!!
    Kyle H - Awesome, Pushing, Digging Deep
    Kyle R - Long, Fun, Noodling
    Colter - Hard, Tiring, Satisfying

    Describe the Hike.
    Cole - Really long and fun. I had to dig deep to be able to finish.
    Cody - Very Challenging to carry the pipes and water. Our shoulders hurt a lot but we kept going and it was rewarding at the end.
    Reed - Sweaty. You had to jump out of your comfort zone to make it through.
    Kyle H - Carrying the slosh pipe made me stronger.
    Kyle R - The hike was long and rough, but the view was sweet!

  • Pushing limits and doing Slurpees

    There is something about this group. They seem to push each other to new heights. Today, after 23 years of doing this, I saw something I have never seen. Reed got it in his head to push his limits in the Ropes Course, so along with his group they came up with the idea that he carry a tire up the Tightrope traverse, and he agreed. It was not easy and he almost quit three times along the way. He ended up pretty dirty and spent, but successful... so of course the other campers in his group had to try as well. There is nothing a motivated young athlete can't do, and we have 57 of them this week!


    It was a hot one today so we decided to hike down to the river and cool off. Of course we said it was Thermo therapy to work out the sore muscles, but the campers could not wait to play in the cool water. And of course these campers had to add an ELITEAM twist and do water Burpees, or as someone said “Slurpees”. The video is posted on Facebook and Instagram. Hilarious, creative, and helps our Burpee total!!! We are now at 86,400.

    MEMORABLE MOMENTS from the Staff-

    Coach Tasha:
    - Once everyone got a hang of the Berg: rhythm; stance; form; technique; we slowed it down to work on rhythm as a team! We got up to 6 at once on the Berg all jumping in unison! Team work and communication at it's finest! 
    - Taylor and Molly worked hard on and off the Berg! While waiting they took the initiative to do extra box jumps to work on those Berg motions.
    - A new burpee was created today as the girls of ELITEAM did “Underwater Burpees”. Unheard of until today, 07/28/15! 

    Coach Morgan:
    - Alex B. sprinting up and down the slalom hill because her wrist restricted her from running the course. Great work and attitude Alex!

    Coach Ben:
    - Watching Lydia carry coach Devon to the top of the dangle duo.

    Coach Zack:
    - Lydia and Alice pushed themselves on the Tango element by doing push-ups to finish it off.
    - Elsa and Grace literally jumped out of their comfort zones by doing tuck jumps and splits while up on the Tango.

    Coach Molly-
    - Alli Mes. made it through the Tango even when it brought her to tears. She went out and back, and as soon as her feet hit the ground, she had a huge smile!

    Coach Conor:
    - It was awesome seeing Cha and Annie using perfect Tango dance form 25 ft in the air on the Tango part of the ropes course not only once, but twice! They even went blindfolded all the way up, across, and down the second time.
    - On a surprise return visit to ELITEAM, past camper Will Colomb went up the Tango with Isak and had the smile of a kid who was remembering all the great times he had as a camper, which was awesome to see.

    Coach Dan:
    - Today's most memorable moment was the impromptu swim in the river that the campers took after a long, hot, awesome day of working out. As if their legs weren't tired enough from the leg routine, Elsa, Haley, and Grace led the girls in some very coordinated under water burpees.
    - It was awesome seeing the campers push themselves in the leg routine. It is truly one of the most testing workouts at Eliteam as it is constant quad burning up a steep hill. All the campers accomplished it with smiles and a positive energy that was contagious. 


    What did you learn about yourself today?
    Ben - The relaxation session at the end of the day. I can relax!
    Seth - That I can push myself harder than I thought.
    Win - That when I push my limits I learn a lot about myself.
    Justin - That I am not afraid of heights.
    Cha - That I can do the complete Ropes Course blindfolded.

    What was the best part of your day? Why?
    Morgan - The slalom course and the Ropes Course. Speed and height.
    Ben D - The Slalom Course because I got a 5.35 on it and I know that is pretty good.
    Seth - The Ropes Course by far. It was great to #jump out of your comfort zone and try something cool on the World Cup tightrope.
    Win - Climbing the Vertical Playpen blindfolded.
    Justin - The river sit because it instantly cooled me off.
    Cha - Le Berg and Le Ropes because I crushed in both.

    If you could tell your Mom one thing right now, what would it be?
    Morgan - I am having fun. PS: I forgot my book.
    Ben - I would tell her not to take me from this place.
    Seth - I miss you and can’t wait to see you.
    Justin - Hi Mom. I gotta do this again next year!!
    Cha - I am missing you and the fan.


  • Super High Energy

    The energy was super high today on the first day of camp. It seems like every camper, returnee and rookie, has come to push their limits in every way and not hold back. Speeds were higher than ever through the pole agility. Creativity was higher in the relays. Jumps were higher. intensity was through the roof. But along with that came crashes and mistakes that both humbled and motivated the campers. They got up and tried even harder the next time. The campers were feeding off each other and raising the bar each round. I don’t know how it can sustain itself, but I am sure that is the way they session will run. It is 9:07 and the boys dorm is quiet as the campers collapsed into their beds.

    ELITEAM 100K Burpee Challenge
    Total Today= 5,700
    Total To Date= 80,700

    MEMORABLE MOMENTS from the Staff-

    Coach Devon-
    Randomly overheard from the campers…
    Justin - "Are we going to spar today? 'Nope' "Dang, because I am a third year boxing champion at my school!"
    Win - "We came, we boxed, we conquered."

    Coach Tasha-
    Name game fun:
      - Losing it Libby
      - Lost it Lily
      - Long live Livey

    -During the burpee station everyone counted in different ways. From fruit to shapes we tested our knowledge! We also all jumped out of our comfort zone by saying a fear per burpee. Ex. Dougphobia, being pants-ed, quick-sand, clowns, bees, broccoli, heights, snakes, port-o-potties.
    - Counting in different languages was also very popular among the burpee station. Justin was even ready to count in Hebrew!

    Coach Dan-
    - I had an absolute blast opening the week by singing "Sweet Caroline" at dinner with all of the coaches and jumping out of our comfort zones.  It was great to feel not only the coaches energy, but the campers energy as well when they all joined in. 


    What Activity did you like the best today and why?
    Ellie & Maya- Boxing because it was fun to hit each other.
    Lea- Obstacle course because it was a new course.
    Lauren M- Obstacle course.
    Corriann- Obstacle course because you got dirty.
    Willa- Burpees.
    Emma- I liked the boxes because it was challenging and I like to jump.
    Peyton- I liked Heart Attack Hill the most because it was fun seeing people lose their shoes.
    Isak- I like boxing because my partner punched so hard.
    Colter- My favorite activity was the relays because we got to do a ton of fun things such as high-knee butt kicks.
    Brendan- I liked the obstacle course because I got dirty and had fun doing it.
    Charlie K- Obstacle course because pushing the punching bag up a hill was very fun.

    What was your most challenging moment and how did you push through it?
    Ellie & Maya- We think running up the hill was challenging. We pushed through it by continuing to run.
    Lauren- The burpees and I pushed through it by counting and thinking I will get stronger and better.
    Libby- Box jumps.
    Alli Mac- The burpees. When I was at 38 I thought that if they can, I can.
    Corriann- The burpees, by digging deep and finding my inner strength.
    Willa- The hill running thing on the obstacle course.
    Emma- The burpees and I reminded myself of how it would feel when I was done.
    Peyton- The most challenging moment was doing burpees. I pushed through by counting in foods and stuff. It made it fun.
    Isak- Doing 80 burpees were hard because we did so many and my legs burned.
    Colter- Burpees. I completed it because I knew it was for a good cause.
    Alex R- Box Jumps. I got through it by my teammates cheering me on.
    Brendan- Running up the obstacle course because it was steep and slippery, but I got through it by grabbing the roots and pulling myself up.
    Charlie K- Sprinting up the first hill of the obstacle course. It was steep, slippery and had a lot of roots and rocks to dodge.

    If you could tell your Dad one thing right now, what would it be?
    Ellie & Maya- Both of us would say we love you and we hope you have an amazing day.
    Lea- I love camp!
    Lauren M- I miss you.
    Libby- I’m having fun!
    Alli Mac- I love you.
    Corriann- I miss you and have fun at work.
    Willa- We did 110 burpees today!
    Emma- Camp is fun and Happy B-day.
    Peyton- They make better spaghetti than you.
    Isak- First day went really well and I hurt myself only a little bit.
    Colter- Hi.
    Alex R- I am having a great time.
    Brendan- I’m having a lot of fun and I am not dead yet.
    Charlie K- I’m having a lot of fun and the food is good!

  • 1-2-3 SUFFER!

    Daily Dose of Doug-
    Sufferfest was something special this year.  First of all, it was raining which makes the suffering so much better. Although it is all about physical punishment, Sufferfest is about pushing through mental limits. My favorite moments came on the 10 hill sprints we did. There was intensity, rivalry and teamwork at the same time. You could read it in their faces that they wanted to push past boundaries. Yet each group cheered on the other and encouraged them. Every camper wanted to beat the coaches and counselors and win a free pass on the next sprint. It never happened, but motivation is motivation. We ended Sufferfest with the annual Riverwalk. This year each camper had a rubber ducky. To end the event they dropped them in the river and we had ourselves an old fashion Duck Race!

    The week flew by. It seems like yesterday we were getting to know all the names and faces. Now we have all suffered and learned and sung together like family. See you tomorrow for the Olympics @ 10am. (9:30am for the optional RPC tour.)

    MEMORABLE MOMENTS from the Staff-

    Coach Devon:
    - Everyone seemed really excited for Sufferfest today. The gym was filled with campers yelling 'Suffer!' before diving into 100 push-ups and burpees. Charlie N even brought some entertainment with a 360 in between each tuck jump!
    - The river was cold and the weather was wet but that didn't stop campers from supporting each other, by leaning on teammates on slippery rocks and cheering everyone on. But there were still plenty of drenched campers making the hike back to campus

    Coach Sarah:
    - Adam powered through the suffering to complete Sufferfest in styles.
    - My group had a blast on the river walk, splashing and laughing the whole way. Great job guys!

    Coach Natasha:
    - Monkey on the gorilla… Coach Zach and camper Adam making their way down river.
    - Sufferfest: “I can finish this... My legs aren't sore anymore! They are numb.”- boy campers 14 year olds
    - Singing “Who let the dog out” - the quest teams 

    CAMPER QUOTES-(Not many takersfor the blog questions tonight!)

    What was the best part of Sufferfest… and what was the toughest?
    Phoebe – Best part: 100 tuck jumps. Toughest part: 100 pushups.
    Sophie- Best was Box Jumps. Toughest part- Burpees.

    What did you think of Sandpits today? What is the key to having a good run?
    Phoebe- I LOVED the Sandpits! The key is having a tight line and a lot of speed.
    Sophie- So fun. Being tight and focused.

    ELITEAM is…
    Phoebe – Awesome!
    Sophie- The Best. So fun. Super awesome.
    Addie- Awesome! It's the best camp ever.


  • Adventure Hike

    Daily Dose of Doug-

    ELITEAM jumped out of its comfort zone by trying something new today. To replace a day of biking, we organized an adventure hike. Five miles, 2400 vertical gain and groups of eight campers who had many additional challenges thrown at them during the five hour event. Each team had to carry two gallons of water, their lunch, and an eight foot slosh pipe filled with 30 pounds of water the entire five miles. One challenge involved tying the team together with a 30 foot rope and then hiking the final quarter mile to the top of Castlerock at Sugarbush. Throw in some singing, Burpees and planks and you have one of the greatest ELITEAM experiences ever. We rewarded ourselves by riding the chairlift down! I personally am exhausted, as I am sure the campers are. Right now the group is watching the movie Rudy. Tomorrow is everyone's favorite; SUFFERFEST and Sandpit slalom!

    MEMORABLE MOMENTS from the Staff-

    Coach Sarah:
    - My team did a great job rallying around a camper who was struggling today during the hike. By cheering for him and helping him along everyone made it to the top in good spirits!
    -Will M. found a really cool mushroom!
    - Hunter found a frog which Will Mc. caught for us all to look at!

    Coach Colby:
    - Dylan carried a gallon of water during the whole hike, never letting one complaint out.
    - As we left the summit of castle rock, I ended up with a bag of trash that was about 30 pounds. After struggling to carry it across the long trail to the other peak, Harry offered to carry it down the rest of the way.  Walking uphill with weight is one thing, but going down is a whole other challenge that Harry took with pride.

    Coach Tasha:
    Will Mc: "I think I need longer legs for this hike"
    - All the team work it took to carry a slosh pipe and two jugs of water to the top. Taking turns when people got tired. Cheering on when times got tough. Overall a great hike!
    - Singing "Don't Stop Believing" as a team 1/2 way up castle rock!

    Coach Zack:
    - Connor challenged himself to carry the groups two jugs of water to top of castle rock and achieved his goal!
    - Kyle was determined to carry the groups slosh pipe for the vast majority of the hike and did so with only a little help.

    Coach Devon:
    - On the hike today, Dylan charged ahead carrying one gallon water jug all the way to the top! Very impressive!
    - Towards the top of the hike, while everyone was tied together, I heard a lot of encouragement from team members to make sure everyone got to the top! It was much needed, as the last 10 minutes up were very steep.

    Coach Dan:
    - In my hiking group Sylvie was in charge of carrying a 20lb rock up the mountain, and Lindsay had the responsibility of carrying a gallon of water. Shortly into the hike Lindsay accidentally dropped the water and it began to shoot out the crack in the container. Sylvie stopped, looked at me, and said "I wish my rock had a leak".
    - The most memorable moment for me was reaching the top of Lincoln Peak. The views were breathtaking and the chairlift ride down was well deserved. The boys in my group were particularly psyched as Matt, Bennett, and Jose kept remarking how the wished they lived here so they could do this hike all the time.



    What did you think of the adventure hike today?
    Connor - I thought it was great. Tough, grueling experience because it pushed me to my limits.
    Hunter - it was very fun but tiring. I was very sore afterwards.
    Charlie N. - Really fun and hard and you had to dig deep.
    Thomas - Fun, but tiring because all of the uphill terrain.
    Jose - It was really fun and tiring because I got to dig deep to carry the 40 pound pipe with Matt.
    Winter- It was challenging and muddy but super fun and felt really good hiking.
    Casey- It was a good workout and fun on the way down.
    Lindsay- Awesome, pretty, challenging.
    Sylvie- It was awesome! At first I thought it would be boring and hard with all the stuff we had to carry, but my group was awesome and so was the hike.
    Sophie- The adventure hike was so awesome and challenging. I would totally do it again.

    What was your favorite part?
    Matt - Carrying the slosh pipe through the woods with Jose.
    Connor - Hiking up 2400 vertical feet. I really jumped out of my comfort zone.
    Kyle - The slosh pipe because it was so challenging.
    Hunter - The part where we hiked through the woods for 1.5 miles.
    Charlie N. - The chairlift ride down because my legs were sore and it was relaxing and a good way to end the hike.
    Will McSorley - The hike through the woods because it was muddy.
    Jackson - Seeing the views from the top of the mtn because they were insanely good.
    Bennett - The steep part at the end because it was hard and made me feel good about myself.
    Winter- My favorite part was the long trail. I love hiking in that kind of terrain.
    Casey- Going down from lunch.
    Lindsay- Long Trail and the
    Sylvie- The part when we were tied together and getting to the top and the chairlift ride down.
    Sophie- My favorite part was pushing each other up the hike and having fun.

    What is the name of your Super-Hero tonight?
    Jose - Iron Man with a clothes iron!
    Matt - Magical Matt
    Kyle - Sno-Bros
    Hunter - Captain Doofus
    Charlie - Captain Canada
    Thomas - Burpee Boys with Tommy
    Jackson - Scuba Sniper
    TJ - Cowman
    Casey- Captain Gate Smasher
    Winter- Rockin’ Lobsta
    Lindsay- Pinnie Princess
    Sylve- Super Sock Girl
    Sophie- Super Snorkler

  • So many ways to describe our day...

    MEMORABLE MOMENTS from the Staff-

    Daily Dose of Doug-
    The Campers are getting it what it means to Jump out of their Comfort Zone. I was belaying the most difficult Rock Wall today. Camper Casey came up to climb it and explained that she chose the hardest wall even though she might not make it, because she wanted to push herself. She knew she could do the easier wall and be successful, but she wanted to try something that was beyond her level just to see if she could. She didn’t end up making it to the top, but she made it farther than she thought. That’s what we have been seeing and hearing all week!

    Today we also added a 90 minute program on Ski Specific exercises that really challenged the campers. That is all they talked about this afternoon. The coaches had a great time slowing everything down, breaking down the movements and teaching proper technique. I was impressed at the learning curve.

    Coach Zack:
    -Today’s circuit group of Emily, Gianna, Connor, and Brock killed it at the wall-sit station, passing a 10 pound medicine ball back and forth for the duration of the circuit.
    -Kyle, Jose, and Will R. combined for the fasted group time this afternoon on the woods obstacle course.

    Coach Sarah:
    -Despite being nervous, the top floor girls powered through and put on a stellar performance singing “Fight Song” this morning.

    Coach Morgan:
    Charlie S. proclaiming… "This is the most sore I've been in my entire life"

    Coach Ben:
    -Casey's and Matt's box jumps were explosive and quiet and everyone got a lot out of ski specific workouts
    -Sophie, Sylvie, Gerritt, and Jillian dug deep and maintained great form all the way through all 3 rounds of circuits.
    -Top floor boys did one of the best Yellow Submarine renditions I've ever heard today.

    Coach Kelley:
    - Our seminar on proper walking and door closing in the girls dorm. Walking like a ballerina is good. Walking like an elephant is bad. Proper door closing involves many highly technical and important steps.

    Coach Dan:
    - It is not often that one of the day’s most memorable moments comes from dish crew, but today was a messy one as there was a mountain of tomato soup bowls to clean. With water splashing everywhere camper Will decided to take matters into his own hands by going and grabbing his rain jacket before returning to the splash zone. Quite the amusing sight.
    - In today's ski specific workout we were tasked with attempting to jump up on and balance on a Swiss ball, quite the daunting task. After intense mental preparation and focus Jeffery jumped and executed his landing perfectly. The jubilant look on his face glowed with the expression of "I DID IT!!"  


    What does it mean to “Jump out of your Comfort Zone?”
    Will M - To push to the finish and do more.
    Case - To experience a new challenge.
    Will R. - To do something your previously thought impossible.
    Dylan - To break your comfort barrier and to things that you are not comfortable with.
    Jeffrey - to go beyond what you would do on a day to day basis.
    Sarah- To do things that are out of your comfort zone so that you can achieve more each time and become better.
    Ella- To do something that scares you and something that you aren't necessarily comfortable with.
    Sylvie- To do something you wouldn't feel comfortable with usually.
    Sophie- Taking a risk that you are not necessarily comfortable with.
    Quinn- It means to do something you don't usually do.
    Winter- To do something that you're not comfortable with. Pushing yourself past where you are relaxed and comfortable.
    Amelia- Doing pushups for 30 seconds straight, three times, and trying to act like it's no big deal.
    Madeline & Phoebe- To push your limits and to try something that you wouldn't do normally.

    List three words that describe your day.
    Will M. - Non-stop, Perserverence, Unrelenting
    Case - Adventures, Exciting, Challenging
    Will R. - Exquisite, Flamboyant, Extravagant
    Dylan - Fun, Adventurous, Hard
    Owen - Work, Fun, Excitement
    Jeffrey - Fun, Athletic, Tiring
    Brock - Fun, Tiring, Challenging
    Sarah- Challenging, Fun, Full-packed
    Ella- Challenging, Fun, Sweaty, Baby girl
    Sylvie- Muddy, Awesome, Fun
    Sophie- Dirty, Adventures, Challenging- in a good way
    Quinn- Fun, Exciting, Challenging
    Winter- Adventurous, Challenging, Hard work
    Amelia- Endless, Fabulous, Fun
    Madeline & Phoebe- Awesome. Challenging, Exciting

    What training activity did you like best today? How did it help you become a better athlete?
    Will M. - It would have to be the Bozu Ball because of the balance.
    Will R. - The Gym with Ben. It was an incredible leg workout and I definitely benefitted.
    Dylan - The Fit Light that practiced my reflexes.
    Jeffrey - The Rock wall - it built my strength up to make sharper turns.
    Sarah- I like all the things the same because they were all challenging, helpful and fun in their own ways because they all worked on something different.
    Ella- The obstacle course because it was kinda out of my comfort zone, but I learned to like it.
    Sylvie- The ski specific exercises.
    Sophie- Circuit- makes you stronger.
    Quinn- Ski specific exercises. It helped me practice balance.
    Winter- Rock climbing, when I didn't make it to the top, I learned you learn more from losing than winning.
    Amelia- Circuits: they're hard, fast, furious and fabulous.
    Madeline & Phoebe- Ski specific exercises. It helped train muscles and balance.


  • High Ropes & Quick Feet

    Teamwork was a foreign concept to me as a ski racer growing up. It was all me, me, me. Times have changed and I am so delighted to see such teamwork at ELITEAM. In the High Ropes today the returning ELITEAMers were coaching and sharing their secrets with the new ELITEAMers on how to climb and conquer each element. We had two partner elements so pairs of athletes had to work together to literally “tango” across the high wire. Their were some “dancing with the Stars” out-takes for sure. And stories heard in the dining hall at lunch were 50% about other campers and how they performed, rather than stories about themselves. It raises everyone’s game if everyone is working together. We’ll see if that continues tonight during Swedish Dodgeball which is all about protecting yourself ; )

    MEMORABLE MOMENTS from the Staff-

    Coach Sarah:
    - Brock jumped out of his comfort zone trying the berg for the first time. After falling a bunch of times he dug deep and successfully completed it! Way to go Brock!
    - Despite having no voice, Taylor never stopped cheering on her friends.
    - Everyone loved feeling the burn during leg routine.

    Coach Morgan:
    On “The Tango” high ropes element- Hunter and Quinn both overcame their fears. The first time they went up they couldn't get on the bridge, but then they tried it again and were able to make it not just on the bridge, but all the way across. We are so proud of them!

    Coach Kelley:
    -After being in the high ropes course elements this morning, Quinn happily reported to me, “I breathed and I got across every since obstacle!”
    - Taping
    up black 40 gallon garbage bags on the shower doors today so the girls have more privacy when showering. (There was a lot of interesting and creative “blocking” going on last night. One notable was using flips flops as a clothes pin by wrapping the ends together with a hair band. Then using the “clothes pin” to hold an extra towel up to block the shower door.)

    Coach Dan:
    - One of my most memorable moments from today was our impromptu dodgeball game. Though it was raining outside, I was impressed with the campers flexibility and energy they brought to the change of plans, and ultra competitive dodgeball competition.
    -  I was psyched about how much fun the athletes had in the agility course today. What stood out to me was that every camper seemed to have a different favorite element. Some loved the slalom section, some loved climbing the gym mat mountain, and others loved running along a course of bosu balls. The awesomeness was confirmed when Eliteamer of 7 years Matt McKenna said that this was the best agility course he has ever seen at Eliteam.

    Coach Devon:
    - Winter climbed the Dangle Duo even after one shoe fell off!
    - Lindsay crushed all of the boys on the Berg.
    - Ella jumped out of her comfort zone and tried the Berg for the first time!

    Coach Tasha:
    - "If you can dream it you can do it"- Matt McKenna at the slalom
    - "Good better best never let it rest until your best is better and your better is best" - Matt McKenna at the Slalom
    - "I'm going to go through the slalom the opposite way. Maybe then I'll beat the record"- TJ

    Coach Ben:
    -Quinn wanted to touch the triangle on the vertical playpen. She then proceeded to climb 20 ft higher and get to the top!

    Coach Colby:
    - Hunter taking out all three of the other teams coaches in dodgeball .
    - Adam spinning the wheel of fortune 15 times because he wanted to land on the space labeled "duet with Ben."


    What did you learn about yourself today?
    Sylvie- That when I put my mind to something, I can do it.
    Sophie- I can eat more than I thought I would.
    Kyle - That I am pretty good at climbing the fish netting.
    Will M. - I learned that if you push yourself really hard you can accomplish anything. For example, going blindfolded on World Cup Tightrope.
    Thomas - I learned that I don’t like heights at all.
    Hunter - I learned that I can always push harder.
    Harry - I learned that I can push past my limits.
    Winter- Believe in yourself and jump out of your comfort zone. I did this by going blind folded on the World Cup.
    Maddie G- That I'm not afraid of heights.
    Jillian- I am good at agility.

    What was the best part of your day? Why?
    Sylvie- Climbing the Dangle Duo all by myself.
    Sophie- Ropes course, food, dodgeball & yoga- more to come.
    Kyle - The slalom course cause you get to watch people wipe out.
    Will M. - The berg und Tal because you get your time and then you try to beat it.
    Thomas - The dangle duo because I never went that high before.
    Hunter - The tightrope because I went further than I thought I would.
    Connor - The slalom course because I fell by tripping over the gates.
    Winter- Ropes course in the woods.
    Maddie G- The ropes course.
    Jillian- The long obstacle course inside and beating my time.

    If you could tell your Mom one thing right now, what would it be?
    Sylvie- I climbed a ton of stuff in the ropes course today and made it up the dangle duo with no partner while it was swinging back and forth like a dangling ladder.
    Sophie- I miss you so much and I wish you were here.
    Will M. - I would tell her that I have learned a lot this week so far and that if you push harder you can accomplish more.
    Maddie G- That I got to the top of the ropes course.
    Jillian- My legs are sore and our obstacle courses at home are paying off.  :)


  • The World Cuppers have arrived!


    Big Day, Bigger Athletes

    Always a shock going from the Europa Cup athletes to the older World Cuppers. We can push them farther, challenge them more and see gains and improvements instantly. As always I am on the Burpee station on day one and we hammered out 70 in 10 minutes. That averages a Burpee every 9 seconds for ten minutes. It hardly phased them. They were motivated personally to get stronger, but also by the fact that every Burpee we do this week helps others. For more info on that go to : https://www.crowdrise.com/ELITEAMBurpeeChallenge. After today we are at 56,250 on our way to 100K.

    After dinner we focused on Agility by using poles and relays. We talked about how something completely made-up like High-knee Butt-kicks could help them in the Slalom course as well as on the lacrosse field. There were some interesting and funny moves out on the field tonight that we may just see in the gates in January! If you made a mistake you had to drop and give the coaches two push-ups for every pole hit. Let’s just say there were a lot of push-ups going on.

    MEMORABLE MOMENTS from the Staff

    Coaches Morgan & Devon:
    - Charlie S doing push-ups with boxing gloves on.

    Coaches Zack & Sarah:
    - Coach Zack reminding the campers to "love the burn" because that means you are getting the most out of what you are doing.
    - Coach Sarah and Dylan made up an awesome secret handshake.
    - Sophia absolutely killed it on the box jumps and shattered the record time for a single lap of the box circle.

    Coach Tasha:
    - Campers asking…
    "Is my grrrr face good enough for the camera?"
    “What happens if my hands get dirty while climbing the Heart-attack Hill?"

    Coach Dan-
    - The kids were so excited to use the new RPC they remarked "It looks so clean!" And "It smells fresh out of the box!"
    - It was very memorable to see the campers trying to charge two punching bags, the same sizes as they are, up the hill at the obstacle course. They took on the challenge with an Energy that displayed how excited they were to be at Eliteam. 

    Counselor Rachel-
    Campers Charlie to Will M. after they made it to the final round of the pole game (running back and forth and catching each others pole without it touching the ground)... “Okay NOW we can high five.”


    What Activity did you like the best today and why?
    Gerrit: I really liked the box jump because I went really fast and I felt very agile and had a ton of fun
    Ray: The Obstacle Course because is was so exciting and the course is so challenging.
    Will: The Obstacle Course as it has so much - a variety of exercises
    Will M: The Obstacle course because you get so dirty and it is wicked fun
    Owen: The Obstace course because it pushed you hard to the limit in every way
    Gianna- Poles. It was fun.
    Madeline- The relays and encouraging everyone.
    Isabella- The relays.
    Quinn- The pole things & obstacle course, except for the start.
    Sophie- Obstacle, boxing, pole agility.
    Blake- I liked box jumps. I love skiing slalom so I thought this was similar.
    Addie- The agility sticks. It's always so fun how we can go at our own pace. The relay races were also awesome. We all love competition!

    What was your most challenging moment and how did you push through it?
    Gerrit: The Burpees because I got really tired and had to “Dig Deep”.
    Ray: The most challenging was pushing through the weight up the hill.
    Will R: Heart Attack Hill was very challenging. It was very slippery and it took determination and digging deep to push through to the finish.
    Frans: Walking out of the Dining Hall as it will be breakfast time before I get more food.
    Owen: The Obstacle Course. It made me feel sore in the core and legs.
    Gianna- Climbing up the hill in the obstacle course.
    Madeline- The obstacle course and just telling myself how good I will feel when I am done.
    Isabella- Running up the obstacle hill.
    Casey- I couldn't carry the boxing bags up the hill. My arms aren't long enough.
    Sophie- The tucks. I pushed through it by telling myself I could do it.
    Blake- The 70th burpee. My legs were burning and I wanted to stop so badly but I kept a positive mind set and did it.

    If you could tell your Dad one thing right now, what would it be?
    Gerrit: I am having a ton of Fun!
    Ray: I would tell him today was so much fun and exciting and most importantly challenging.
    Will R: Have fun at Work!
    TJ: I have done 90 Burpees already!
    Owen: Come here - you will love it.
    Madeline- How much of an impact he has had on me.
    Casey- Don't pick me up!
    Quinn- I love you.
    Sophie- I miss you so much! And I wish you were here.
    Addie- I miss you and I love you. Have fun on your business trip!
    Blake- 100 burpees are a lot of burpees.


  • Friday Fun Day!

    Daily Dose of Doug…
    The Dance at ELITEAM has been with us since we began in 1991. When we announce it to the group the first day inevitably the boys cringe. But every year the campers get into it and turn into Solid Gold dancers by day three. Rhythm is so important in sports and that’s the thing that finally turns the most hardcore non-dancer. This year’s dance has a lot of moving parts and we are still struggling to get it right. However, by tomorrow, when the parents are watching, I am sure we will come together as a group and “dance out of our Comfort Zone.” We hope you will cheer loud.

    The sandpit Slalom was today and it did not disappoint. There were plenty of distractions to challenge all the campers - heat, dust, horseflies, rocks and competition. Newbies fell in love immediately with the excitement and challenge. Returners loved the new location and course set. We had more falling than usual, but I think that is what happens when you push your limits. Ask your campers about how much fun it was!


    Coach Ben-
    Fridays are always a day filled with mixed emotion for me here at Eliteam. The enthusiasm levels remain at an all-time high and it’s sandpit day, but it’s also my last full day with a group of awesome campers. From start to finish I have been privileged enough to witness campers reach and surpass goals that they’ve set for themselves, make new friends, and find another level that many of them didn’t know they possessed. Whether it was Julia on the incline log letting go of her belay rope 25 feet up and doing a leg hold, Grace winning sandpits, or Ben crushing the quick feet slalom there have been countless examples of campers jumping out of their comfort zones and flourishing. I’ve always told my friends who are unfamiliar with Eliteam that it is unlike any other camp, and so much of that has to do with the campers and their positive attitudes, support for each other, and enthusiasm. Just as I was walking over to the GMVS library porch to write this update Blake came running by on her way out of dish crew and explained to me just how fun mopping was. If that’s not a good example of enthusiasm on all levels then I’m not sure what is. Well I am off to play some Swedish dodgeball with the campers. Maybe tonight they won’t gang up on me and I’ll last for longer than 15 seconds, however I’m not too optimistic.

    Coach Sarah-
    Today we headed back out to the woods to tackle the ropes course again. Campers set goals and were able to both achieve and surpass them. One camper described the experience of successfully climbing the Vertical Playpen as "electrifying." Another camper was thrilled that she finally did the Incline Log blindfolded- her goal from camp last year! All in all, it was a very fun morning with lots of campers pushing their limits, digging deep, and jumping out of their comfort zones.

    Total for EC2 so far... 18,750
    Grand Total= 43,750


    What did you do to jump out of your Comfort Zone today? How did it feel?
    Topher- I felt it big time!!
    Cate- In the race course… I fell 4 times.
    Kendall- I walked to the end of the log and back in the high ropes. It made me feel good.

    What has been the best part of ELITEAM and why?
    The ropes course was the best. It was a workout!
    Cate- The best part is that I get over my fears.
    Ellie B- Squeezing the chicken on top of the Playpen.
    Ben H- The ropes course because it feels like you’re flying.
    Alex- Doing the slalom because I like to hit gates.
    Cody- The zip line because I did it in a tuck.

    What has been the most challenging part of ELITEAM so far and why?
    Ben R.- The rock wall is the hardest part because you can only use your hands.
    Evan- The leg workout because it was tiring and your legs burned.
    Alex- Doing the dance because it’s hard to remember the parts.

    What did you think of Sandpits today? What is the key to having a good run?
    Topher- It was really fun and you should lean a lot.
    Ava- Just push it because you can rest later.
    Ellie B- The key is believing in yourself.
    Grace P- The best strategy was wind-milling your arms to keep your balance so you can go fast.
    Ben H- They were hard and outstanding. The key was sprinting the flats.
    Cailin- It was important to go fast by having a good line.

    ELITEAM is…
    Ava- Amazing, awesome, special.
    Cate- Adventurous, fun and awesome.
    Ben H- A camp that pushes your limits.
    Cailin- Fun.
    Alex- So Fun.
    Cody- A skill and strength based camp for new people that is challenging and fun.


  • Sore legs, Scary heights and Epic cooking

    Daily Dose of Doug…
    You think you know everything and then along comes a ten year-old and you discover something different. In the woods today, the campers found new ways to conquer the elements. In particular, in trying to break the all-time record of crossing the Burma Bridge, Ford invented an innovative way to cross and set a new standard by 5 seconds!!! That was done all day long at this camp by athletes working together to solve problems. Fun to watch in my 24th year of ELITEAM.

    As part of our Jump out of your Comfort Zone theme this year, each room of campers has to sing in front of the entire camp at the meals. The campers are signing on 100% and tonight was listened to the Star Spangled Banner, We Will Rock You and the Macarena. What will be hear tomorrow!!!???


    Coach Dan-
    This afternoon I had the opportunity to work with the kids on reaction time training and distraction training. For reaction training we utilized the highly technical eliteam fit light. The campers working frantically to reach as many lights as possible in competition with the coaches to see who would have to do burpees. The coaches are quite sore.   Then we went out to slalom hill where the campers had to focus and learn how to ignore distractions such as foggy goggles and extra large, extra soft "hail balls".  Both the coaches and the campers had a blast and the campers will leave camp with a new ability to focus on race day.   

    Coach Jessica-
    Eliteam was epic today! We did a lot of cooking with a focus on nutrition. We made zucchini bread muffins and energy bites! Super yummy! The muffins had fresh squeezed oj, coconut oil, and honey as a natural sweetener. The energy bites were made with chia seeds, flax seeds, and peanut butter to name a few. The campers even learned that Americans eat enough peanut butter each year to coat the floor of the Grand Canyon! Woah!



    What did you do to jump out of your Comfort Zone today? How did it feel?
    Christian- I pushed myself on the Bergundthal. I felt very good when I shaved 3 seconds off my time.
    Will- I did the Vertical Playpen. I conquered my fear of heights.
    Julian- Climbing the Vertical Playpen.
    Gabe- I jumped out of my comfort zone in dryland slalom. I got 8.61.
    Ben H- Slalom. Amazing cause it felt so good.
    Dylan- Climbing to the top of the Vertical climb thing.
    Theo- I climbed the Vertical to the top.
    Ford- I climbed the Vertical blind folded. It felt a little scary in the middle not being able to see but really well at the top.

    If you did Ropes today, what is the key to staying calm and positive in the Ropes Course?
    Will- To not look down if you are scared of heights. Do not think that everything is easy because it ends up being hard.
    Julian- Focusing and having a friend with you or encouraging you.
    Dylan- Just keep going.
    Theo- Tell yourself “you’re harnessed in.”
    Ford- Breathe.

    If you did the leg routine today, how much did your legs hurt? How did you push through the pain?
    Christian- My legs hurt so much I could have fried eggs on them. I pushed myself because I knew it would make me fit.
    Gabe- My legs cried in pain.
    Ben H- From 1-10, probably 9 but I always wanted to get to the top and then run down.

    What did you learn today?
    Will- To try your best to push your comfort zone.
    Julian- It’s better to push as hard as you can than to push as hard as you think you can.
    Gabe- I learned the Bergundthal.
    Ben H.- That carbs are good for athletes.
    Dylan- I learned that burpees are fun.
    Theo- I learned the key to the bergundthal is to keep on moving.
    Ford- Pace yourself.

    If you could tell your Dad one thing right now, what would it be?
    Christian- The bergundthal.
    Will- I’m having the best time ever!
    Julian- My legs hurt because of all we did today and it feels good.
    Gabe- I did really good in the dryland slalom. I got 8.61 seconds.
    Ben H- I have the record for Bergundthal.
    Theo- I did 210 burpees.
    Ford- I climbed the ropes course and it was fun.

    Other Random Quotes-
    Today in nutrition when discussing the benefits of oatmeal… Coach asks, “What does oatmeal do?” … Camper answers, “It makes oatmeal.”
    Sitting in the common room with one of the boys, Coach asks, “What are you singing tonight?” Camper answers… “Star Spangled Banner. We’re trying to get the ladies.”

  • EC2 Day 1- Fun, Challenging and Awesome!

    What a great group of young athletes! It was impressive tonight as we ran the kids through a ton of agility drills on the field. Whether it was trying to two-step through the poles or perform a high-knee butt-kick, they campers focused on the new maneuver and actually thought about how to do it. They were genuinely excited when they accomplished it and if they hit the poles or tripped, they willingly did the 5 push-ups required!

    We talked a lot about our theme of Jumping out of your Comfort Zone which will include singing in front of the camp, climbing to 45 feet on the Vertical Playpen and finding the pain cave as you tuck jump backwards up a hill. So far the campers have not backed down as they completed their 125 Burpees by 6:30pm and most have done even more on their own!


    Coach Zack:
    ELITEAM kicked off with a bang today starting with the Pledge, quickly followed by 20 burpees apiece. Many campers were stoked to get their parents involved for a set of 10 burpees as well. Way to go Moms and Dads! After the campers got settled in their dorms, we broke them up into 5 groups for different stations: boxing, burpees, nitro, obstacle course, and box jumps. Coach Sarah and I were stationed at the box jump stations where campers were timed in intervals of 10, 20 and 30 seconds and competed to get as many jumps as possible in the time allotted. We ran a box jump relay around the Burg in teams of three, a girls team got the record of 45 seconds; girl power!

    Coach Lauren:
    Campers arrived today with awesome energy and loved our nitro station in the woods. Eliteamers had to swing on a rope from a high box over to a platform, squeezing the whole team on the platform. Communication and teamwork was key! Ellie B noted the importance of upper body strength and Molly Y said quick feet and fast rope passes to teammates created fast times. We increased the challenge as campers swung water cups across some "lava" trying to fill a bucket. Grace Anne found getting low lined her up close to the cup for an easy water drop. Lots of laughs and a few wet campers added to the fun! Day 1 set the tone to jump out of comfort zones!

    ELITEAM 100,000 Burpee Challenge for Positive Tracks-
    Today's Total= 6,250
    Grand Total= 31,250
    Every athlete cranked out 125 burpees today!


    What was your favorite activity today and why?
    Ellie B- The Nitro
    Amelia- The Nitro because it was challenging and fun at the same time.
    Tessie- Obstacle course. It was Awesome and I pushed my limit.
    Grace Anne- Obstacle course because it was fun and challenging.
    Riley- Obstacle course because it was fun to do fun obstacles.
    Ellie C.- Nitro because it was challenging.
    Ava- The obstacle course because there was more than 1 thing that you do.
    Grace D- Nitro because it was difficult and really fun.

    What was your most challenging moment, and how did you push through it?
    Ellie B- Pushing the punching bag. I got through it by believing in myself.
    Amelia- Doing all 60 burpees at one station and I just kept going.
    Tessie- I found rope swing hard to stay on.
    Grace Anne- Doing the 60 burpees by taking a deep breath and remember we are doing it for a cause.
    Riley- Nitro.
    Ellie C.- The boxes. I just kept going.
    Ava- Doing 15 burpees at a time.
    Grace D- The boxes, I pushed through it by concentrating very hard.

    What made you laugh today?
    Ellie B- Boxing
    Tessie- Boxing!
    Grace Anne- Doing the boxing and the beans.
    Riley- Everything.
    Ellie C.- BEN!
    Grace D.- Ben

    What do you think of Burpees?
    Ellie B- Hard and fun.
    Amelia- They are hard but they get easier after lots of them.
    Tessie- Fun and challenging.
    Grace Anne- They are fun, challenging and make you feel good.
    Riley- I like them.
    Ellie C.- Fun.
    Ava- Fun, Hard, Fun.
    Grace D- They were hard at first, then got easier.

    If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?
    Ellie B- Camp is fun!
    Tessie- How fun camp is!
    Grace Anne- I miss you but I’m having so much fun. I love you!
    Riley- I miss you.
    Ellie C.- I miss you but don’t pick me up on Saturday. ;)
    Ava- I love Eliteam.
    Grace D.- That I am having so much fun!

  • HUGE day!

    Daily Dose of Doug

    We had a huge day! It started early with our morning run and Burpees, and ended with the campers receiving their 2015 ELITEAM shirt which will be worn tomorrow during the ELITEAM Olympics. In between we literally and figuratively “Jumped out of our Comfort Zone". The photos tell the story. I was most impressed today by the camaraderie and teamwork shown at the sandpit slalom. Campers were sharing techniques, lines and hints on how to go faster with each other. They cheered for fast runs and encouraged those who were struggling in the sand. The times didn’t seem to matter, but getting up and finishing did. What I saw there is why I run this camp.

    Coaches Corner

    Coach Lauren:
    I was impressed by all the nutrition knowledge campers learned this week. After a hot day in the sandpits it was clear by the 20 gallons of water and 2 cases of vitamin water consumed that Eliteamers understand the importance of hydration! The cooking station was a huge success as campers made pudding with avocado, protein powder and almond butter; zucchini muffins and the crowd favorite, energy balls with peanut butter, chia seeds, oatmeal and flax seed. Eliteamers can't wait to make their own energy bites and even try a few variations like rolling in roasted almonds or adding craisins and pumpkin seeds. At every meal plates were loaded with fruits and veggies and the apples were devoured at snack!  Eliteamers have the knowledge and power to maximize the fuel for their bodies!!!

    ELITEAM 100,000 Burpee Challenge for Positive Tracks:
    So far... 16,875

    Camper Quotes:

    What did you do to Jump out of your Comfort Zone today? How did it feel?

    Livi- When I tried slalom for the first time. I’m happy that I tried it… it was so fun!
    Francesca- I went on the rock wall the all the way.
    Carli- I went down a really tight slalom course today.
    Layla- Today I danced even though I don’t like dancing. It was fun!
    Flynn- Doing pushups on the incline log on the ropes course and doing spins on it too. It felt so good to do something I never thought I could do.
    Ben B.- I went up the Vertical Playpen and touched the chicken. I was out of my comfort zone because I am afraid of heights.
    Wilbur- By going up really high on the ropes course.
    Jabes- The sandpits. I was taking my run in the finals. I stopped caring if I crashed and just went for it!

    What has been the best part of ELITEAM and why?

    Hadley- Ropes course!
    Jillian- My favorite part was the slalom, it was quick and cooking because it helps me eat healthier but the food still tastes great.
    Chloe- The woods. I love being up so high.
    Francesca- Meeting new friends.
    Carli- Doing stuff all day and the tight slalom course.
    Layla- Everything was fun!
    Ben B.- The best part of eliteam is the slalom.
    Dean- The ropes course because it’s cool.
    Wilbur- The obstacle course and the slalom.
    Jabes- Doing something new, fun and challenging.

    What has been the most challenging part of ELITEAM so far and why?

    Livi- The burpees because I’ve never done them before.
    Hadley- Burpees because it is a workout and it is super hard with a sprained ankle! *
    (*Note from Kelley- it’s a mild sprain, she’ll be ok!)
    Jillian- The ropes course because you have to stay focused.
    Chloe- Burpees. They are very challenging and your legs start to burn.
    Francesca- All the burpees.
    Layla- The burpees.
    Reilly- Leg routine. Walking backwards in a tuck is painful.
    Wilbur- I have just wanted to stop and quit, because parts of this are so hard, but pushing through is part of the experience.

    What did you think of sandpits today? What is the key to having a good run?

    Livi- The sandpits were fun and required good foot work!
    Hadley- I loved sandpits. When you’re in the gates you want to dig in your toes so you do not slip!
    Jillian- I had an awesome time. To get a good run you have to stay close to the gates.
    Chloe- Do not be afraid and keep jumping out of your comfort zone.
    Emma- Sharp turns and running fast. Keeping balanced.
    Carli- I had fun. I went fast and liked the sand.
    Flynn- Really fun. Keep your balance and don’t be scared.
    Reilly- Focus on finishing and be quick on your feet.

    ELITEAM is…

    Livi- Fun!!! (Best part of my summer!)
    Hadley- Amazingly awesome.
    Jillian- The best summer camp I have ever done!
    Chloe- The funist part of summer. Challenging, hard and crazy.
    Francesca- Fun.
    Emma- Ammmazing.
    Carli- Awesome!


    Layla- Very fun.


    Dean- Awesome!


    Wilbur- Amazing, and will help you to be a stronger, better person.


    Jabes- Strength. Will to win. Passion for your sport. Fun!!



  • Ropes, Singing & Distraction Training


    Coach Doug-
    Ropes courses bring out the best in athletes. Extreme pressure and a focus tends to raise the game for the campers. So many not only reached their goals on each element, but because they bought into our motto of Jumping out of their Comfort Zones, they surprised themselves by how far they were actually able to go. It’s a great feeling for the coaches to walk out of the woods to stories of how great that experience just was!

    A new activity at ELITEAM this year is Distraction Training. We talk about the different distractions that athletes experience at a race or game, whether it is parents yelling or snow falling or bad calls. We then try to bring that into their training here at camp, so you may see some crazy photos of coaches throwing balls at the kids while they were running the Slalom... for the sake of learning and FUN! Another distraction we simulated was running the course with a pair of goggles that were hard to see out of (specifically, 5 layers of saran wrap)... all in the name of faster times and better focus!


    Coach Dan-
    This morning I got the chance to watch the eliteamers push their limits on the agility course and during the leg routine. We felt the burn as campers, tucked, jumped, and burpee-d up the hill. During the agility course everyone put their coordination to the test as the athletes conquered slalom courses, running on swiss balls, and jumping over hurdles with legs full of lactic acid. My favorite quote of the day was when I heard Jabes say "my version of jumping out of my comfort zone is to keep going after I make a mistake”

    Coach Jessica-
    Today was an awesome day of campers jumping out of their comfort zones! Eliteamer Shen told me "I normally don't like dirt, but I army crawled through the tunnel of doom." It was so inspiring to see all of the campers run through the obstacle course and identify what they were doing well and what they could improve on. We ended the night with groups singing in front of the whole camp, and Parker told me that she jumped out of her comfort zone because she "likes singing alone, but it scares her to sing in front of people.”

    ELITEAM/Positive Tracks 100,000 Burpee Challenge-
    Day 2 Tally: 11,250

    What did you do to Jump out of your Comfort Zone today? How did it feel?

    Jackson- I went high in the ropes course and had to sing in front of camp.
    Wilbur- I climbed a rock wall higher than I wanted to.
    Mac- When I did the Vertical Playpen.
    Rex- I climbed higher than I normally would and it felt good but very scary.
    Shamus- I went up high. I felt scared.
    Russell- I pushed myself on the Bergundtal and as a result, I went faster.
    Jabes- Rock climbing. I am not too scared of heights, but coming down after a climb and just trusting your belayer is a good bit outside of my comfort zone.

    If you did Ropes today, what is the key to staying calm and positive in the Ropes Courses?

    Jackson- I started to think of things that don’t move like a wall.
    Mac- I don’t look down and take deep breaths.

    If you did the leg routine, how much did your legs hurt? How did you push through the pain?

    Wilbur- The hardest part was halfway through when your legs were burning and you just want it to end.
    Rex- It was very painful and I thought that if I pushed through then I would get more fit.
    Russell- My legs really hurt during the routine but to embrace the pain, you have to step outside your comfort zone.
    Jabes- On a scale of 1-10, my legs hurt a good 7. My method for pushing through the pain is just taking deep breaths and powering through.

    Name one thing that you learned today.

    Jackson- I learned the harder you work the faster you get better.
    Wilbur- You have to leave your comfort zone in order to succeed.
    Mac- I learned I’m actually good at Dodgeball.
    Rex- That I have bigger limits than I thought.
    Shamus- I learned about fat, carbs, protein.
    Russell- Today I learned that zucchini’s are good for you.
    Jabes- This is going to sound cheesy, but I learned that I am capable of so much more than I think!

    If you could tell your Dad one thing right now, what would it be?

    Jackson- I squeezed the chicken on the vertical playpen.
    Wilbur- I am having fun, but this is also really, really challenging, which I both love and hate. I know that I am able to do more than I expected.
    Mac- That I went on a ropes course.
    Rex- This is the best camp ever.
    Shamus- I am having a great day.
    Russell- I am having a blast and I wish I could stay longer!
    Jabes- I would tell my parents that I got a great time on the slalom, which shocked me because I thought I was not going to do good!

  • ELITEAM 2015- Day 1- It's ON!


    It’s ON! 

    It’s good to be back at ELITEAM surrounded by energy, honesty and young people ready to push their limits. I happened to be at the Burpee Station during the afternoon rotation of activities. After talking about how our Burpees were doing double duty, both for our own bodies and for others benefitting from our Positive Tracks Challenge, we hammered out 60 in 12 minutes. To make the Burpees go faster instead of counting them we would pick a theme and take turns yelling out an object that fit the theme. The themes consisted of Fruits, Colors, Shapes, Foods, countries, and places we’d like to visit. This was the first time I have heard athletes scream the words Magenta, Papaya, Indonesia, Dodecahedron, and Blurple while pushing their limits! Best quote I heard as we wrote in our Journals tonight, “Wow we did a lot and today was only a half day!!!"


    Coach Conor:
    We’re off to a hot start here at ELITEAM! The kids were split up into five orientation groups after registration. I had the pleasure of helping the kids learn the obstacle course in the woods with Coach Dan. They were eager to learn and run the course. Almost all said, “Can we do it again?!” Highlight of the course was the kids pushing a punching bag up a hill. Most did it in teams of two, while Russell the Muscle was able to do it all along. We’re off to dinner now and an evening of fun and pushing limits.

    Coach Morgan:
    The first day of camp was filled with smiling faces, name games, and stations. Along with Coach Christian, I lead the boxing station. At our station each camper was challenged to learn the proper stance and position to box. In addition to boxing we had the campers do a teamwork activity with a partner. We asked them to fill small boxes with beans and stack them while wearing their boxing gloves- not as easy at it sounds! The campers impressed us by managing to accomplish this challenge better than Christian and myself! I was impressed with the attitudes of all the campers today and am looking forward to seeing them dig deep over the next few days!

    Nitro, Obstacle, Boxing, Beans, Box Jumps, Balloons, Burpees, Dowels, Poles, Agility, Jumps & Relays… it will make more sense if you look at the photos!

    Today's count- 3600… we have some catching up to do!


    What activity did you like best today and why?
    Shen- I liked the rope swing because it was a challenge for everyone and we laughed a lot!
    Ellie- Obstacle course
    Hadley- Obstacle
    Tela- Nitro
    Helen- Boxing
    Molly- Obstacle course.

    What was your most challenging moment, and how did you push through it?
    Ellie- Burpees and I just thought “it is almost over”
    Shen- The burpees: I kept going and telling myself that I can make it!
    Tela- & Hadley- Box jumps.
    Helen- Burpees
    Molly- Burpees

    What do you think of Burpees?
    Shen- I thought they were hard but fun.
    Helen- Very hard
    Ellie- Not fun.
    Molly- OK
    Tela & Hadley- Yes

    If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?
    Ellie- I am having fun.
    Shen- It was hard but really fun.
    Tela & Hadley- I am having a really awesome time at camp!! J
    Helen- Today started out bad but in the end Goood.
    Molly- Camp rocks.

    Randomly Overheard:
    Rex- Those apples were absolutely amazing today. They were crunchy with the perfect about of flavor.

  • Noodles and Escalators

    Morning run was a bit more subdued today as everyone's muscles are starting feel pretty sore. However, we cranked out 75 Push-ups anyway. We then fueled our bodies with a big breakfast of French toast and eggs before loading the bus to go to Green Mountain Trails - our mountain bike destination in Pittsfield, VT. Everyone was on the trail by 10am and the last group to make it to lunch came in at 12:30. Everyone got in at least a 90 minute ride that took them a minimum of 4 miles and a 500 vertical foot gain. Lots of smiles, stories, crashes and fun.

    After the bus ride home, it was time to dance. We all learned this year’s ELITEAM dance that we'll perform on Saturday. Dance was followed by an epic soccer tourney. A five team round robin followed by the Championship game. Lastly it was dinner and our final rotation of Archery and Swedish Dodgeball. Oh yeah, there was also some dirt moving and push-ups thrown in too.

    Tomorrow is the Ropes Course and SUFFERFEST. We are psyched!

    Mountain Biking with Coach Will-

    Today was Bike Day! I say that with excitement as I'm an avid biker and look forward to it every camp. We arrived in Pittsfield and broke into our groups; experts, intermediate, and beginner. Our goal was to reach the top. We all entered Noodles Revenge and began to noodle our way up. Unlike years past, Pittsfield only offered buff single track and the kids ate it up. It was 1200 vertical feet to the top, with a beautiful view. 

    As we crested the top, campers got pumped for a snack break and a long downhill ride to the bottom. The majority ski, so they enjoy the downhill plunge. As we began to ride down I saw the sign "experts only".  Sounded like the right way to go for the expert group! The sign read labyrinth: a complicated irregular network of passages or paths. The trail was true to its name as we found our way down. We ended our ride down Escalator with brims, jumps and speed. 

    Along the way we practiced our downhill technique, keeping our pedals level, but weight back over our seat on the steeps. The hardest technique is learning to use more front brakes than rear brakes. This sometimes ends in the ever so funny endo, but as they figured it out, they began to ride with more confidence and control. Escalator consisted of brims on every turn allowing them to practice their cornering technique… enter high and pedal hard out. Overall, a great ride and more importantly, a safe ride.  

    "This is weird, but I actually like going up more than going down." - Lydia 
    "I went off this jump, and I like got air!" – Samantha

    Soccer with Coach Demi-

    After a full morning of biking, the campers came back to do some work on the dance and then had a long soccer tournament (appropriate seeing as it is a World Cup year). Starting with a round-robin rotation, the 5 teams challenged each other and incorporated some of the "flopping" and victory dances that they've learned from the professional World Cup players. Rex lay down on the field in disbelief after he scored, ran a victory lap and then heard the ref call a hand ball before the goal was scored--therefore retracting his goal.

    Counselors Allegra and Avery led their teams to the final where Allegra's team won 4-0. Harry had two goals while Eliza scored on a full field breakaway and Win snuck the last one in. 

    It was great to see the excitement on campers' faces as they scored and collaborated in celebration. Haley described the games as "fun and very competitive." When I asked for the scores at the end of the games the few that did score ran up to me ecstatic that they were the one that scored for their team--I promised to write their names down next to the score which made them even more psyched. 

    If nothing else we had a field full of exhausted campers by the time dinner rolled around!



    What did you think of the mtn biking today?

    Colin - Like it a lot because there weren’t a lot of technical parts, which I am not very good at, however, there was a lot of brute force involved.
    Connor - It was great and I really dug deep to get up the hills.
    Ian - It was rather tough going up, as expected, but also going down was scary. I forgot to use the front brake and fish-tailed a couple times.
    Sam - I signed up for expert, not suicide.
    Frans - I thought it was pretty hard at some points and scary, but at the same time it was awesome.
    Kyle - It was awesome on the uphill and even better on the downhill.

    "It was a lot of fun." Sydni
    "It was okay." Abi
    "I thought it was tiring, but fun. Going downhill was scary at times but it was still a blast!" Zoe
    "It was a lot of fun!" Kat
    "It was challenging, but fun." Emma
    "I thought mountain biking was fun." Phoebe
    "It was challenging and fun." Grace C
    "It was really hard but also fun." Carly

    What is the key to being a good mtn biker?

    Colin - Being able to push as hard as you can up hills and then being able to work all the flats they give you.
    Connor - Having extra fuel after you tire yourself out and using it to get where you are going.
    Ian - Balls of the feet on the pedal. Low gears are your friends. Use both brakes when going down hill.
    Sam - Don’t brake. Ever.
    Frans - Overcome your fear.
    Kyle - Being able to switch gears before you need to.

    "Using your gears well. Kind of." Carly
    "Not giving up and keep going." Grace C
    "Using your gears well." Phoebe
    "Using your gears well and keep pedaling." Emma
    "Look at where you want to go not where you don't want to go!" Kat
    "Looking where you want to go and not falling." Zoe
    "Look were you want to go." Abi
    "Not falling and looking where you want to go." Sydni

    How many times did you crash?

    Colin - Only two or three times, but once I rode a berm too hard and my handlebars twisted and stopped dead, and the rest is self explanatory.
    Connor - 2 times. One over the handlebars and the other was just into the side of the trail.
    Ian - 3 times. Once into a tree because I clipped the trunk and flew into the handlebars.
    Sam - Twice.
    Kyle - I didn’t crash.

    "A few." Sydni
    "Idk like...4." Abi
    "Four-five not sure." Zoe
    "A few." Kat
    "One to two." Emma
    "About 3" Phoebe
    "Twice" Grace C
    "Lots." Carly

    How are your rhythm, timing and coordination in the dance? What is your favorite dance move?

    Colin - I’m about average in rhythm, timing and coordination. My favorite move is the sprinkler or meat grinder. I can’t tell.
    Connor - My rhythm is good. My favorite move is the Fish as it makes me laugh.
    Ian - Decent for rhythm and timing. Good for coordination. I need to do more Zumba.
    Sam - Pretty good and my favorite move is the Fishing.
    Frans - Not that great and my favorite move is the Disco.

    "Ok. I like the disco" Carly
    "I'm doing well...I like disco." Grace C
    "Good and the disco." Phoebe
    "Rhythm= Good. Timing=eh. Coordination=eh. Karaoke feet" Emma
    "They are good. My favorite dance move is disco." Kat
    "Good. Just I'm not good at remembering what order the moves come in. SPRINKLER!!!" Zoe
    "My rhythm is okay. Meat grinder." Abi
    "Not very good. The fish." Sydni

    Right now I am…

    Colin - Tired, but not even close to my limit yet.
    Connor - Very sore, but feel very accomplished.
    Ian - Extremely sore. Excited for ropes. Less excited for Sufferfest.
    Sam - Very, very, very sore.
    Kyle - Tired and hurting.

    "Doing a survey." Sydni
    "Doing a survey." Abi
    "Doing a survey." Zoe
    "Doing a survey waiting to go to dirt pile!" Kat
    "Feeling sore." Emma
    "Tired and sore." Phoebe
    "Really tired and sore :-)" Grace C
    "Sore and tired." Carly


  • Tuesday was a knock out!

    Today started with a morning run and stretch to wake up the muscles, but also work them out with 75 push-ups and some core. After breakfast it started to get crazy. The campers were split into five groups and rotated between boxing, gym agility, berg und tal, fit light quickness, slalom course, hill sprints and a field circuit. By lunch everyone was tired and hungry. After lunch we slowed it down for a while with a big talk on Sports Psychology.

    Then we upped the energy again with some rock wall climbing, cooking and the woods Obstacle course. Lots of laughing, some spilled ingredients and a ton of dirty sneakers and legs from the mud in the woods. From there we rode our bikes to warm up for tomorrow’s big ride.

    After dinner it was half archery and half swedish dodgeball. Oh, and of course some digging dirt!!! By the time yoga and relaxation was over, they practically fell asleep writing in their journals. First full day was a big one.


    Boxing with Coach Molly-
    The boxing station was a knock out! ELITEAMers packed a punch as they upper cutted, reached for the sky, and punched their partner’s mitts. On top of that arm workout, they would then crush 60 push ups! If that doesn’t make your arms feel like Jell-O, I don’t know what will! We were digging deep though so that we can work our way towards our goal of 1,000 push ups for the week.
    Many of the campers enjoyed learning to “fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. It was really great for their core and coordination. Switching hands and feet were a challenge as we went “LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT” with our boxing gloves. Of course, they all ended up being champions of the ring, and the only way we could celebrate would be with...you guessed it! PUSH-UPS!
    Here are some quotes that sum it up:
    “Upper cuts were awesome! I got to show off the muscle.” --Christian
    “There’s no smiling in boxing!” -- Doug to Kat
    “I’ve never not smiled in my life!”-- Kat


    Which training activity was the most challenging today?

    Charlie - Tuck walking up the hill backwards burns the thighs and you HAVE to stay in your tuck.
    Matt - Walking in your tuck slowly up hill. It went very slowly and even after a while it looked like I still made no progress.
    Connor - Tump jump walk backwards up hill because it made your calfs burn.
    Colin - The leg routine was the worst because of how long it can take.
    Alex - Boxing was tiring on the arms because you went from punching to push-ups.
    Ian - Hill Routine. I was already pretty sore, but it escalated with the hill routine.
    Kyle - The Obstacle course was draining.
    Jose - The bike training as I had to go up three big hills.
    Ellie- The hill workouts because they were one of my groups last things so they really hurt.
    Emma- The morning circuit with the tuck jumps.

    What did you learn about yourself today?

    Connor - I learned that if I dig deep with push-ups I can do as many as I want to.
    Alex - I’m not good at archery but it was only my first time.
    Kyle - I learned that I am really good at slalom.
    Ellie- I really like boxing!
    Emma- That I am a bad archer and that I like boxing.

    What was the best part of your day?

    Charlie - Everything cause it was tuff and you had to dig deep.
    Matt - Yoga. After a very tiring day it felt nice to finally fully relax.
    Connor - Doing push-ups because I feel good doing push-ups.
    Colin - The best part was archery because I have always wanted to try archery.
    Alex - I enjoyed doing the rock wall. I challenged myself by going up the hard wall blindfolded.
    Ian - The Berg Und Tal. Me and my friend Jose got our record time for our group!
    Jose - Slalom as I beat my record today with 4.2 seconds.
    Ellie- Boxing or the climbing wall because they were fun.
    Emma- I liked the slalom and leg routine station because I felt like I was improving on the slalom course.

    How does your body feel right now?

    Charlie - Sore and tired.
    Matt - Really sore when I move but still relaxed from yoga. I’m tired because we did 200 push-ups.
    Connor - It feels very sore.
    Colin - My body is sore but not quite to the limit yet.
    Alex - Tired. Is there any other feeling?
    Ian - Rather tired.
    Ellie- Tired. My alarm clock woke me up at 3am.
    Emma- Pretty okay but my legs are a little sore.

    If you could tell your Mom something right now, what would it be?

    Charlie - I am having lots of fun.
    Connor - Meet Doug. He’s awesome.
    Jose - I wanna come next year.
    Ellie- I love you and I’m having fun.
    Emma- The boxing is quite fun and I am having fun.

  • Digging Deep with Fast Feet

    Our final week of ELITEAM starting off a bit wet at registration, but by the time we were ready to start working there was no rain in sight. So after some grouping games we split into five groups to challenge the campers to see how they worked as teams. First off was Digging Deep - literally. They had to move three yards of dirt over ten feet as fast as they could. Dirt was everywhere, but the teams worked together to finish in about 11 minutes. Other challenges included the Numbers Game, The Name Agility game, the Scooter Move, and the fit light quickness machine. Records are made to be broken and many were today. As soon as one team put out a time, it seemed the next team lowered it. For me, it is always gratifying to see 11-14 year-olds actually put self satisfaction aside for the success of the team!

    After a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs and broccoli and salad, it was time to work on agility with poles and relays. The had started raining again so we opted for a quick Dodgeball Championship before heading outside. It was Counselor Christian’s team that took the Gold over Coach Zack’s team. At that point it was time to dig deep, get wet and push our limits in the rain. Although slippery, the campers were killing it on the agility moves. As a whole, this group of athletes has definitely made the commitment to push it this week!


    Coaches Doug, Will & JT… Thinking about Numbers-

    Along with Coach Will and JT, we were in charge of a “thinker’s” challenge called the Numbers Game. It involves coming up with creative strategies to touch 30 numbers as fast as you can as a team. They only had three tries. Today I saw solutions that were both creative and fast. What stood out most for me was that each team got faster each try. They studied, talked and focused in on how they could shave time from every part of the challenge. There is a definitely one “way” to be fast, but today, one team broke the record by doing it a completely different way. I was impressed and also tired as I bet them 30 push-ups they couldn’t break the record...

    Digging Deep & Getting Dirty with Coach Zack-

    This years theme at Eliteam is "Dig Deep", and there is no better way to start camp than with a dirt pile move. Campers had to move a large pile of dirt from point A to point B (approx. 3-5 yards). Each group was timed so they all felt a sense of urgency to move the pile. It took most groups only a few minutes to work out a strategy utilizing everyone’s strengths; some shoveled while others carried the dirt filled buckets. In the end, some groups had a nice tall pile of dirt while one or two others had a short muddy mess to show for their efforts.
    "Getting dirty was the best part" - Bennett
    "I'm liking Mount Colin" - Colin

    Fit Light and Fast Feet with Coach Dan-

    Today during orientation I had the chance to work with all the campers at the Fit Light station. The fit-light is a series of lights that direct athletes in different directions to help develop coordination and reaction time. We attacked the fit light as a team, with each camper in charge of different lights. Needless to say we had a blast! When asked about the fit-light, one of the campers said the hardest part was when they had to do it without talking, because all they wanted to do was cheer on their teammates to go faster!


    What activity did you like the best today and why?

    Grace- I liked the scooter race because it was fun to watch, exciting and challenging.
    Sam- The scooter because it was challenging and fun.
    Zoe- I liked the light activity the best because its fun to turn them off and run and have quick feet. And because it makes you focus hard.
    Caroline- The Fit Light.
    Abi- Fit Light
    Emma- Fit Light and name game.
    Sydni- I liked the fit light because it tested your communication skills.
    Kat- I liked the fit light activity the best, because it tests your focus and teamwork.
    Colin - I really love dodgeball because of the agility involved and how you always have to be on the lookout.
    Connor - The relays and pole agility in the rain because it really tests my abilities for agility and speed.
    Cam - Dodgeball.
    Kyle - The dodgeball because of the excitement and momentum.

    What was your most challenging moment, and how did you push through it?

    Grace- My most challenging moment was the name game because I didn’t know anyone’s name. I pushed through it by setting a goal to know everyone’s.
    Sam- The dirt because it was heavy and dirty. I pushed myself by doing it.
    Zoe- When I was on the scooters I lost a ball and I was blind folded so it was very difficult to find the ball. The person pushing me helped me by guiding me to the ball.
    Caroline- Digging, and to push through it we sang!
    Abi- Digging. We sang!
    Emma- Shoveling dirt. Thinking I was almost done.
    Sydni- My most challenging moment was on the scooters when the other person dropped it and I needed to find it blind folded.
    Kat- When I was on scooters, because I was blindfolded and I had to trust him to get me around the cones.
    Colin - My most challenging moment came during the relays when it was really slippery and we were trying to cut and turn and make moves. I kept falling but kept getting back up.
    Connor - Near the end of my 75 push-ups and I pushed through it.

    Overall, how did your Team perform today? What were your groups’ strengths/weaknesses?

    Grace- We performed well. Finding the best solution was our weakness. Our strength was working together.
    Sam- It was great. Our weaknesses were talking/communications and our strengths were catching and working together.
    Zoe- Our team performed pretty well. The name game we crushed! We got the lowest time. The shoveling wasn't the greatest but we did okay."
    Caroline- Fabulous. Strength--working together. Weakness--talking about Frozen.
    Abi- We performed well. Weakness--digging. Strength--name game.
    Emma- I think we were good. We pushed ourselves to beat the records.
    Sydni- We performed well. We got the fastest time in the name game.
    Kat- Overall we did great. We got the lowest time on the DIG DEEP, but we didn't do great on fit lights.
    Colin - My team performed pretty well, but we didn’t always communicate the best.
    Cam - My team did well today. My group had many strengths and not too many weaknesses.
    Ian - We performed well because we valued each other’s opinions and discussed and tried each.
    Kyle - My group was very chatty and had trouble focusing.

    Right now I am…

    Grace- Writing the blog & getting ready for dinner.
    Sam- Writing the blog.
    Zoe- Waiting for dinner!
    Caroline- Fabulous.
    Abi- Feeling awesome!
    Emma- Feeling good!
    Sydni- Writing.
    Kat- Waiting for dinner!
    Colin - Tired but excited.
    Connor - Tired but felling good after a great day of exercise.
    Cam - Happy because it is really fun.
    Ian - Wet and in some pain.

    If you could tell your Dad one thing right now, what would it be?

    Grace- I miss you! Did we get any lobsters?
    Sam- I am having a great time. Punch buggie blue convertible double no punch backs.
    Zoe- I saw Haley Castner here and Grace and everybody!
    Caroline- He has about 125 pushups to do!
    Abi- Dig Deep!
    Emma- We had to shovel dirt!
    Sydni- I am hungry.
    Kat- I am proud of what he did today!
    Colin - You would have so much fun here.
    Connor - you should come to. It’s so much fun!
    Cam - I am having a great time. Love you.
    Ian - I love you.

  • Friday Madness

    There were some sore bodies today at morning run and stretch, but after a light jog and some flexibility work, the campers were moving just fine. After another awesome breakfast, it was time to hike Mount Ellen at Sugarbush. All 50 campers and 20 staff made it to Ellen’s lodge, 1500 vertical feet up the slopes. After a quick snack, most made it another 500 vertical before turning back and hiking down. Beautiful views and great company.

    Lunch could not come quick enough for the hungry campers and we chowed some chicken breasts, salad and fruit! After that it was time to get in a fast practice of the dance before heading to everyone’s favorite activity at camp - The Sandpit Slalom. One inspection, two training runs and two race runs challenged each camper. There were plenty of crashes, but just as many recoveries. Some sweet moves were made by all. Sand was flying everywhere, with much of it ending up inside everyone's shoes. Four men and four women made the finals, who provided an exciting show!

    To cool off and wash off, we hit Folger’s Pond on the way back to campus. The water was cold and felt great. After some cleaning and packing in the dorms it was time for CRAZINESS. Agility Relays were hilarious as teams competed against teams for agility excellence, but also line-up perfection. Creativity reigned. Very impressive! Next it was Quickfeet time and two mysterious Blue Men appeared to lead the campers through their paces. Finally it was time for the Jello Drop. It took eight rounds to crown the victors. Then night ended with the handing out of the 2014 ELITEAM T-shirts. It was a huge day full of tough workouts and fun camaraderie.

    See you all tomorrow at the ELITEAM Olympics starting promptly at 10am.


    What did you think of Sandpits today? What is the key to having a good run?

    Sperbs- They were so much fun! I got in the top 4 so I was really excited! The key to having a good run is to stay high not low!
    Elena- The sandpits were challenging and very technical. To have a good run you had to know what was ahead and keep your feet moving.
    Lauren- I thought it was fun. We needed to go fast and straight to have a good run.
    Lizzy H- Perfecting the little things that add up to a big thing.
    Olivia- I loved it. Throw yourself down the track and DON’T THINK JUST DO!
    Ellie- Amazing. Quick feet and no fear.
    Sadie- I thought having a quick start was important.
    Amelia- Sandpits was more intense than ever. Having to pee in the start does not improve your time.
    Ned- The sandpits were awesome! I had so much fun. Stay high on the gates.
    Thomas- Sandpits were sick! The key was a high and straight line.
    Teddy- Fun! Focus and quick feet!
    Conor- I found the sandpits very challenging and fun.
    Seth- The key is a good start for a boost, then as you move down don’t hop from gate to gate, run cleanly.
    Ryan- It was much harder than last year. The key is to go fast and have good footing.
    Owen- Sandpits are awesome. It’s literally a big sand and rock hill.

    How is the food here at camp? What was your favorite meal?

    Sperbs- The food is AMAZING!!!! My favorite meal was the chicken pasta.
    Elena- The food at camp was delicious. My favorite meal was the chicken and noodles for dinner.
    Lauren- The food was good. My favorite meal was Taco Tuesday.
    Lizzy H- The food is awesome and delicious. My favorite meal was tacos on Tuesday.
    Olivia- I love all the food here it is so yummy and good. French toast and pancakes.
    Sadie- I LOVE the food. My favorite is the chocolate milk and the watermelon.
    Amelia- The get-a-huge-serving and finish-it-in-5-seconds kind of food.
    Thomas- The food is awesome! The best meals are tacos and chicken patties.
    Jonathan C- I love the food! The best by far was the chicken patties.
    Conor- The meals were very nutritional and tasty. My favorite was the french toast.
    Ryan- It has gotten better every year. Keep improving!!!
    Owen- The best ever. I think the best meal are the pancakes. They are so good.

    What has been the best part of ELITEAM and Why?

    Sperbs- The food, jello drop tonight, the humor, or the off campus activities. Biking, hiking, sandpits.
    Elena- The best part of ELITEAM was definitely the River run because it was an amazing way to cool off after Sufferfest.
    Lauren- The best part of ELITEAM was the ropes courses because it was fun and good for balance.
    Lizzy- I really liked the obstacle course in the gym. It was really challenging and fun.
    Olivia- The ropes, woods course, bergundthal, because they were challenging.
    Amelia- Knowing that you’re suffering, and your friends are suffering too.
    Tyler- Sufferfest of course!
    Jonathan- Neon night because we got to eat ice cream and watch a movie.
    Teddy- Everything!
    Conor- The best part was after Sufferfest when I had a feeling of accomplishment.
    Seth- The ropes course. I stepped out of my comfort zone and did above and beyond my abilities.
    Ryan- The biking because it was very challenging and exciting at the same time.

    What does it mean to Dig Deep?

    Sperbs- Dig Deep means to push your limit. Achieve your goal then go farther!
    Elena- Dig Deep means to push your limits. It mean to reach inside yourself to find the last bit of energy. It mean to encourage yourself and staying positive while encouraging others.
    Lauren- Dig Deep means when you’re really tired and want to stop you keep pushing harder and not giving up until you’re done.
    Lizzy H- To try everything, even when you don’t want to and to keep going even when you want to quit.
    Olivia- To me it means to find things inside you that you never thought could exist.
    Sadie- To persevere even it you don’t want to.
    Amelia- Push your limits, then dig deep inside of you to pull out every last effort.
    Ned- To reach inside and tap into that last reserve of energy and use it to drive you towards your goal.
    Teddy- Push through and find your inner strength when you think you can’t go any further.
    Conor- Pushing your limits and not quitting when times get tough.
    Ryan- It means to push your limits and when you are done, you push on.

    ELITEAM is…

    Sperbs-THE. BEST. CAMP. EVER. !
    Elena- ELITEAM is a great way to remind yourself in the middle of summer, how to stay in shape and eat healthy. It’s a great way to prepare for the upcoming season.
    Lauren- The best camp ever!
    Lizzy H- awesome!
    Olivia- Where I’m going and what I love.
    Sophie- Inspiring, fun, awesome.
    Corriann- Getting in shape and digging deep.
    Ellie- Fun but hard.
    Sadie- Awesome!!!
    Amelia- What I look forward to every year.
    Thomas- Brutally Awesome!
    Jonathan- The Best!
    Max- A great fun place to push yourself!
    Teddy- Fun!
    Conor- A lifestyle.
    Seth- The greatest camp of ALL Time!
    Ryan- Exciting!
    Owen- The best camp in the world.

  • Challenges: High Ropes and Sufferfest

    Today was all about pushing limits. Whether it was on the high ropes courses or in Sufferfest, the ELITEAMers really did a great job getting out of their comfort zones and discovering what they are truly capable of. The morning was spent at Northern Lights Rock & Ice in Essex, VT. Their crew put our 8 groups of 8 through all of the elements they had. The campers LOVED the challenges and the excitement and learned a lot about themselves.

    In the afternoon, it was all Sufferfest. Plain old toughness, hard work and suffering. We talked about how a hard workout does more than build muscle, it builds character. The two hour grunt was met with smiles and determination and campers wanting more!!! Rocks, sprints, burpees, and a ton of jumps were involved, ending with a very refreshing river walk. I know I will be sore tomorrow!

     Lastly, it was time for NEON, frozen yogurt and a movie - Cool Runnings.

     A great day! It’s now 9:07pm, and as I write this, there is not a sound in my dorm. 


    Northern Lights with Coach Morgan-
    Today was an early day for the ELITEAM campers. We spent the morning at Northern Lights- a ropes course in Essex. The course was filled with elements that each camper faced in teams. The elements focused on team and individual achievement. My team as well as all the other teams, completed each element with smiles and high effort. Even the campers that have a fear of heights faced their fear and dug deep to finish each element. The element that was the common favorite among most of the campers was the zip line. The zip line was at the end of the high ropes course element, which made for a rewarding finish and ride at the end of the course.

    Thoughts from campers:
    Eliza- “scary! but so fun and rewarding” her favorite element was the zip line.
    Alice- “so much fun, super fun, all different kinds of elements that tested your strengths” her favorite element was “leap of faith".

    Suffering with Coach Dan-

    Suffer on 3! 1, 2, 3 Suffer!!! This afternoon the campers completed 100 burpees, a 100 yard rock sprint, a 100 yard rock throw, 200 sufferfest russian twists, 100 overhead rock presses, 100 rock sit-ups, 100 rock squats, 100 pushups, and a regenerating river walk. The campers total commitment and effort was inspiring as they motivated themselves by realizing that it is this type of workout that is going to set them apart from their competition. Overheard in the Sufferfest circle were quotes of "My legs are full of Suffer!" and "Are we done yet? (after the first set of burpees)".


    We gave out 10 blogs, and only two came back. Thanks Colleen and Jillian!!!

     What did you think of the “Northern Lights” ropes courses this morning?
    Colleen- I thought it was fun.
    Jillian- I thought it was really fun and challenging.

    What was your favorite element? Why?
    Colleen- Earthquake Bridge because it was just fun to run across.
    Jillian- The Difficult Y because it made you push your limits.

    What did you think of Sufferest? How much did you suffer?
    Colleen- It was better than last year. I suffered a lot.
    Jillian- I thought it was a good way to dig deep.

    How did you push through the suffering?
    Colleen- Kept suffering and dug deep.
    Jillian- Focus and talk with your friend.

    What made you laugh today?
    Colleen- Sami.
    Jillian- My friends and coaches.

    Other Randomly Reported Camper Quotes-
    "My feet smell worse than usual."
    "I’ve been falling asleep at every break”
    After Mtn biking and 100+ pushups- "I feel like a T-Rex; with tiny weak arms."
    "I wish ELITEAM were 6 weeks long."

  • Mtn Bike Mania

    Coach Ben sums it up...
    Thinking back over the seven years I’ve been at Eliteam I can’t think of a camp in which we have focused so much on our theme. This year’s theme, as many of you are probably aware, is to “Dig Deep.” The campers have done a fantastic job embracing this motto as they continuously push their limits and, as the pledge states, find the strength hidden within their bodies and minds.
    This was evident to all the coaches as we took to the trails in Pittsfield today. Having mapped the ride last Saturday i can say with great pleasure that the expert and intermediate groups both climbed over 1,250 feet of vertical! Many talked of their legs feeling like rubber as they pushed up the steep technical trails, but they all dug deep and made it! The reward was a beautiful stone cabin that overlooked the rolling green mountains and an awesome descent down more winding single track with some wicked berms. A special shoutout has to go to Ashley who summited on an 11” frame and 24” wheels a feat worthy of any blog post.
    Upon returning, the campers engaged in a dodgeball tournament while some of the coaches prepared food for tomorrow’s ropes course adventure. We then split up into our afternoon groups where half the camp played a very saturated game of dodgeball in the field and the other half participated in a biathlon in which they each did 20 burpees and subsequently fired 3 arrows at targets 9 meters down range. Team Lawnmowers came out the victors, an accomplishment that Oliver, Joey, and company celebrated by singing what might just have been the worst rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody I’ve ever heard.
    Well that’s all from me tonight. I need to catch up on some rest so I can adequately match the level intensity I know the campers will bring to sufferfest and the ropes courses tomorrow!


    Expert biking with Coach Makenzie...
    The Pittsfield mountain bike trails were nothing short of a challenge. We “noodled” our way up the trail, “Noodle’s Revenge,” with a goal of reaching the top. The campers who were up for the challenge designated themselves to the expert and intermediate level groups. By the middle of the trail, the groups had combined into one massive group of coaches, counselors and campers. In the 85 degree heat, it took us two hours, but we made it to the top! Snacks were crucial during our ascent because everyone chose to dig deep and make the final push to the end, even though we were late for lunch. Everyone concluded that the Pittsfield trails are difficult but felt a sense of accomplishment at the finish. Not to mention the ride downhill was super fun. No one had a negative thing to say even though we were all exhausted and hungry. Most campers were proud of themselves and could only express excitement about having accomplished such a hard goal. “That was so awesome!” and “This is sick!” were heard amongst the group. In the end, it was a good morning, an awesome workout and a fun adventure on some new trails.

    Doug loves Dodgeball...
    The thunder storms passed through and left the field nice and wet for some epic Swedish Dodgeball. This is a game that rarely ends, so the aerobic workout is awesome, as is the psychological workout of the inevitable ups and downs to both hitting and getting hit by balls. However, only 5 minutes in, things got even more slippery as it started to pour. Surprisingly, the rain only served to motivate the competitors even more and the level of the game raised considerably. Soaked to the bone players ducked, dived, dove, and dodged for 45 minutes. For me, this was the highlight of an already epic day!


    Best part about Mtn Biking today?
    Seth - The best part was going to a new place. It had more uphill, but there was an awesome downhill.
    Ned - The best part was working so hard to get all the way to the top and experiencing the fun of going DOWN!
    Joey - The best part is the downhill. I liked it because we went really fast.
    Ollie - The best part was making it to the top cabin because the view was awesome. The hill climb was hard, but I was glad to summit it.
    Will - The best part was the feeling of accomplishment while standing at the top of the mtn and seeing how far I had gone and how great the view was.
    Owen - The biking was very hard. The trails were very steep and sometimes flat and a little up. There were a lot of switchbacks on the trail so you would go up and straight and take a sharp turn. I suffered all the way up.
    Ian - The hard work going up was worth it because the way down was smooth.

    What is the key to Dodgeball?
    Seth - The key to dodgeball is to be patient and catch the other team’s balls.
    Ned - The key is to always be moving and keep your eyes peeled.
    Joey - The key is to catch the ball thrown at you to get a team member back in.
    Ollie - The key is to throw low and at the fast people.
    Will - Be quick. Be accurate. And keep throwing.

    Are you looking forward to Sufferfest?
    Seth - I am looking forward to the River Walk because after suffering it feels great to do something fun.
    Ned - I am really looking forward to Sufferfest! It is really hard (ex: 100 push-ups), but the river walk is sooooooooo fun.
    Joey- I am not looking forward to the 100s of everything, but I will enjoy the river walk.
    Ollie - I am looking forward to it because it is going to be a rough workout and then a river walk to cool off on.
    Will - Yes I am excited for sufferfest!
    Owen - I am looking forward to sufferfest because I want to test my limits.
    Ian - I am looking forward to it because of the river walk.

  • HUGE Day

    Today we may have broken the record for most activities done in one day. It all started easy enough with the morning run and stretch, which always includes 50 push-ups. Then it got crazy. In just the 8:30-11:30am session we did boxing, gym agility, berg und thal, fitlight, slalom, leg routine and circuits. There was lots of learning, records made and broken, crashes, more push-ups and banana rolls (an inventive core exercise from Coach Zack).

    Then it was time to refuel at lunch which was awesome grilled cheese! Then it was time to talk Sports Psych. We talked about mental skills, goals, and distractions. We also made race day plans to get focused and handle stress at competitions.

    In the afternoon session, we had a rotation of Rock Wall climbing, cooking, and the Obstacle course. In the kitchen they made Black Bean Brownies and also No-Bake Peanut butter Protein Bars which we will devour tomorrow during the bike. We then loaded the bikes for tomorrow’s adventure before chowing dinner which was Taco Tuesday.

    Finally it was time for the evening workouts which was either Archery Biathlon or Swedish Dodgeball. Then after some yoga and relaxation it was time for bed. The campers should have no problem falling asleep tonight!


    Boxing with JT...
    This morning the campers did a number of different activities, from the slalom course, the agility course, circuits, and the activity I was in charge of, which was boxing.  This is something new that we have added to spice things up at Eliteam, and the kids loved it! It is a challenging and fun workout that teaches the campers to push their limits when they are feeling tired and to dig deep.  During the boxing activity they worked in teams. One person had the boxing gloves, while the other person had the boxing targets on their hands.  The work outs ranged from uppercuts for a minute straight, to 1/2s and ducking and dodging.  Needless to say these campers are now trained in self defense. After we finished the workout with the boxing gloves, we did a hard core push-up workout which included 100 push ups in under 2 minutes.  The campers did 6 sets of 15 push ups and 1 set of 10 push ups with a 10 second rest time in between each set.  After the hard core boxing and push-ups the campers I heard campers saying how they couldn't lift their arms.
    All of the campers took the challenge head on and crushed their own limits and my expectations.
    Overheard during the boxing workout... Tyler said "Come at me!! Let me pound the meat out of those gloves!"

    Obstacle Course with Doug...
    I spent the afternoon session at the Obstacle course. It was a long course that involved hill sprints, gates, tires and an almost impossible Cargo Net. We challenged the campers to break one minute for the entire course run as a team. The creativity in dividing up the relay for the sole purpose of speed was amazing. They studied the course and found the most unique way to run it. There was trial and error and finally while the entire group cheered, a group of campers beat the coach’s time and broke the minute barrier to finish in 56:84. It was amazing.


    Which training activity was the most challenging today?
    Gianna- The most challenging activity today for me was circuits because it takes up a lot of energy and you really have to to use your muscles.
    Mackenzie- The one footed hop up the hill because it burned your legs and took balance
    Sophie- The circuit- made you DIG DEEP! The gym obstacle course –made you do push-ups!
    Owen - The boxing because at first you are excited and then you went all out and worked your arms. Then they made us do more push-ups!
    Teddy - Leg routine was the hardest because you have to dig deep to make it to the top.
    Thomas - The circuits because it worked every part of your body non-stop.
    TJ - The hill sprints because my legs felt like they were on fire.
    Colter - Boxing was really hard because they just kept you going.

    What did you learn about yourself today?
    Gianna- That if I set my mind to something I could really do it.
    Mackenzie- My left leg is stronger than my right leg.
    Sophie- That I can push my limits-my right leg goes down when I do push-ups.
    Owen - I learned that I love and am good at Archery. You have so much fun just letting the arrow fly.
    Teddy - I learned that I can do anything if I try hard enough.
    Thomas - I learned that I am good at the slalom course and I need to build up more arm muscles.
    TJ - I learned that I am very good at summer slalom.
    Colter - That I can push my limits more than I thought.

    What was the best part of your day?
    Gianna- I really don’t have a favorite because everything here is fun.
    Mackenzie- I liked the obstacle course because it was fun yet challenging.
    Sophie- Obstacle course! Cooking! Eating!
    Owen - The Archery. You got to practice shooting the arrows at the target. Then we had a biathlon where you run for a short time and get to shoot the arrows at the target.
    Teddy - The best was the meditation.
    Thomas - The obstacle course because we broke a minute!
    TJ - When I ran the Obstacle course.
    Colter - Swedish Dodgeball because it is having fun while being competitive.

    How does your body feel right now?
    Gianna- I feel like I just did so much work and tired but ready to do more.
    Mackenzie- My arms, legs and abs feel like jelly.
    Sophie- Stronger-more fit. A bit tired.
    Owen - I feel very sore from push-ups, but also very happy!
    Teddy - Wicked tired.
    Thomas - My body is done.
    TJ - Burnt out.
    Colter - Sore and tired.

    If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?
    Gianna- I miss you and I’m having so much fun thank you for bringing me here and say Hi to everyone.
    Mackenzie- Eliteam is so much fun! The staff is wonderful and I am learning new things.
    Sophie- I’m having a Awesome time! It’s so much fun
    Owen - Come down here it is awesome.
    Teddy - I’m eating all my fruits and vegetables and drinking milk.
    Thomas - HI, and let’s box.
    TJ - You should try these daily workouts. You would like it.


  • Sweating Gold

    Although it was only a half day, we packed a lot in. Upon arrival all campers completed 75 push-ups and then took the Dig Deep Pledge, pledging to push their limits. After that we split into five groups and rotated between five activities. First was the Dirt Pile move. The team shoveled 4 yards of dirt, moving it 10 feet over, all within the 15 minute time limit. Literally, digging deep. Then it was on to the Tennis Ball Name Game where coordination and teamwork paid off big time. We also threw in another 50 push-ups. Next up was the Rock Walk where the teams hiked down the 400 vertical feet to the Mad River and picked out a rock to carry back up. Then it was off to the Blind Basketball where communication was paramount. Finally it was the Numbers challenge. The teams here had the lowest times we have ever seen at ELITEAM!

    After a huge dinner it was time to learn the Obstacle course in the ELITEAM woods. This will be highlighted on Saturday during the ELITEAM Olympics. Next it was back to the field for Bamboo pole agility and coordination. Hard to explain so check out the photos! Finally, it was time for some relays. There were moves that I find hard to describe going on out there. High-knee butt-kicks. Ligety jumps? The chicken walk. And some weird skipping. All meant for huge fun, but also to teach agility.

    My Dorm is just now readying for bedtime. I am hoping they are so tired they will fall asleep quickly!


    Rock Walk with Coach Zack:

    On day one of camp we have a five station rotation, one station being the Rock Walk. The Rock Walk is an activity where the campers walk through the woods down to the Mad River. The campers find a rock weighing approximately their age (ex. 14 yr. old = 14lb rock) and then walk back up the trail to the GMVS campus, where they do several different "rockercises". The toughest part of the activity is the walk back up with the rock where some campers realize taking the bigger rock wasn't such a great idea. In the end, all the campers made it back to GMVS with their rock and there are now plenty of rocks available for activities later in the week. What did the campers think of it?
    "It made me dig deep" - Thomas
    "It makes me feel like my muscles are getting stronger" - Jonathan
    "Sweat is like gold to me" - Tyler
    "Its awesome and makes you dig deep" – Sophie

    Digging Deep with Coach Demi:

    After taking the Dig Deep Pledge at orientation, the campers were put to the test as they collectively moved a large pile of dirt. Some campers moved two buckets full of dirt at a time, while others exploited each other's strengths and allocated the jobs of filling and carrying the buckets. At the end, we took a moment to admire the sometimes mountainous, sometimes perfectly pointed mound of dirt. It was the first of many attempts to come of literally and figuratively explaining to the campers what it means to "dig deep." Although some said, "This feels a little like prison" Tyler claimed he was "sweating gold" and making friends by digging deep.

    CAMPER QUOTES- (boys dorm tonight)

    What did you think of the Dirt Pile Move?
    TJ - It was a good workout. Definitely worked your abs.
    Tanner - I dug so deep I hit water.
    Ollie - I believe that suffering builds character and I built a lot today.
    Will - You felt accomplishment when you looked and saw that the pile was gone. It had moved - you had moved it!

    What did you think of the Rock Walk?
    Colter - Intense.
    Ollie - Awesome. You needed to have a steady momentum to get up the hill.
    Tanner - It was like holding a baby - that you hated.
    Brian - It was hard if you chose the wrong rock.

    What activity did you like the best today and why?
    Owen - I loved the relays because when you are going all your can hear is people cheering you on.
    Seth - The Pole agility because it always makes me laugh with my friends.
    Colter - The relays because they were fun, challenging and wacky.
    Jonathan C - The pole agility because it was challenging and it was fun to catch the poles.
    Cha - I liked the poles the best because it was really fun and challenging.
    Will - I liked the rock walk because it ROCKED.
    Eric - I liked the pole agility because it involved Teamwork.

    What was your most challenging moment and how did you push through it?
    Owen - The rock walk to the river. When I chose my rock it was OK, but halfway up you had to dig deep and push yourself.
    Seth - The rock walk. I dug deep and focused on what I was doing.
    Colter - The rock walk because I had to push my limits.
    Jonathan C - The push-ups, so I thought “Dig Deep” and pushed through.
    Will - During the rock walk I just took a deep breath and told myself to keep going.
    Eric - The rock walk because my rock was really heavy.

    On your team, what were your group’s strengths and weaknesses?
    Owen - My team was really great at communication, but not good at planning.
    Jonathan C - My Team performed well. We were good at the rock walk.
    Will - We did awesome because we are the best team ever, and we are bad at nothing.
    Ryan - Pretty good. We were slow, but coordinated.

    Right now I am…
    Owen - Tired, but hungry for more.
    Seth - Tired, but ready for tomorrow.
    Colter - Tired.
    Jonathan - …in need of a shower.
    Cha - …in need of another challenge.
    Will - Feeling awesome.
    Ryan - Hungry
    Eric - Happy and tired.

    If you could tell your Dad one thing right now, what would it be?
    Owen - You got rocks?
    Seth - Hey Dad, wish you could be here.
    Jonathan - I love this place!!!
    Cha - I love you : )
    Will - I wuv you Daddy.

    Dirt Pile Move - Digging Deep
    TJ - It was a good workout. Definitely worked your abs.
    Tanner - I dug so deep I hit water.
    Ollie - I believe that suffering builds character and I built a lot today.
    Will - You felt accomplishment when you looked and saw that the pile was gone. It had moved - you had moved it!

    Rock Walk:
    Colter - Intense.
    Ollie - Awesome. You needed to have a steady momentum to get up the hill.
    Tanner - It was like holding a baby - that you hated.
    Brian - It was hard if you chose the wrong rock.


  • Friday Funday

    Campers were up early again today for the morning run and stretch which also includes 50 push-ups. This morning we had the High Ropes going for half the group and the other half got to experience Sufferfest. At the Ropes it was individual goals coupled with Teamwork. Lots of cheering and challenges as well as the periodic sound of the Rubber Chicken, which resides at the very top of the Vertical Playpen (approx 45 feet in the air). Campers were pushing their limits, especially those who have a slight fear of heights.

    Sufferfest includes 50 rock squats, rock presses, rock twists, a 50 yard rock run, 100 push-ups and 50 burpees thrown in for good measure. They were suffering, but with smiles! They then move onto agility heaven with the Slalom, Berg Und Thal and obstacle courses. Personal records were made and then broken repeatedly. 

    After refueling at lunch we had a quick talk about Nutrition in the gym before loading the bus for everyone’s favorite - the Sandpits! Inspecting the course the campers were silent and nervous, but they showed in the first training run that they were ready to Dig Deep! Two training runs followed by two race runs were enough to fill everyone’s shoes with sand and put smiles on their faces. Then it was off to the pond to swim, cool off, and clean up!

    After dinner we'll have more rock climbing and dirt digging before Andrew’s Crazy Relays begin and chaos ensues. Between all the laughing and giggling, we'll get in a great workout too! We'll finish up with the infamous Jello Drop. The jello was prepared by veteran Coach, but rookie Jello-maker, JT. Hoping for a good batch! We'll end the night by giving the 2014 Europa Cuppers their special ELITEAM t-shirts before bed, which will officially make all the newbie campers "ELITEAMers". So great to add so many new ELITEAMers to our family this year!

    See you all tomorrow for the ELITEAM Olympics, which starts at 10am!


    Musings from Coach Ben... Doing 150 pushups per day has a tendency for lacking originality. To compensate for this shortcoming the the campers have started counting out pushups in French, Spanish, and what has to be a made up language. 10 of the 150 pushups the boys did today were from being too early for morning run and done as a sort of reparation for walking by the coaches dorm and waking us all up. It may not seem like much but I can always use 10 more minutes of sleep to help me match the level of intensity and enthusiasm the campers bring with them every day.
    This enthusiasm and drive was represented no better elsewhere than it was today at the sandpits. I watched from my dugout perch as campers progressed massively over their two training runs and two race runs. What started as a walk for Abigail on the first run turned into a top 4 finish and a place in the finals against her sister Chloe and two other campers. For the second week running a girl camper took home the overall title as Eliza D. finished with a whopping sub 17 second time.
    I also watched campers excel on the high ropes course today as I stood below watching campers like Lauren and Julian climb farther than they thought possible. In addition it is worth noting that Winter managed to go up and across the world cup in a minute and 56 seconds, a feat that will hold more merit when you are introduced to the element on Saturday.
    Well that’s all for me tonight. I have successfully avoided counting out pushups in Swahili or something like that so it is now time for some Swedish dodgeball. Who knew I’d be exposed to so many cultures this week.

    Coach Lauren recaps the SANDPIT SLALOM: Sunny skies, sandy shoes, steep terrain and slushy popsicles! The sandpit slalom started with a quick uphill push and then a intense drop into tight turns. Campers had one inspection run, two practice runs and then two race runs.  4 girls and 4 boys moved on to the finals and for the second EC in a row a female won the overall title!!  Some campers tried quick rabbit feet while others tried the hop turn technique!  No matter your technique and speed, everyone learned high early turns were your best bet. The adventure ended with a quick dip in the local swimming hole which washed away all the sandy feet and then campers sampled their own yogurt banana bread they baked yesterday! Eliteamers had no problem pushing DEEP in the sand today!

    Coach Sarah shares her take on SUFFERFEST:
    "My arms feel like spaghetti!"-Julia
    "I love my rock. It's my baby" Casey
    "Every time I do a push-up I make sure to kiss my rock!" No name
    Today campers switched activities and a new set of campers faced Sufferfest. Between choruses of  "1, 2, 3,  SUFFER!!", hard work and burning legs;  this group tackled Sufferfest with a great attitude and lots of laughs. From Monty breaking his rock from throwing it so hard, to Julia powering through, everyone killed it today!!!


    So far what has been the best part of ELITEAM?

    Alex - The sandpits are awesome because you need to be super stable around turns.
    Case - Sandpits because I liked going through the the gates down the steep hill.
    Sam D - The ropes Course - by far!
    Zach - Definitely the Sandpits are the best because wheeling through the gates feels like you are flying.
    Ford - The best part of ELITEAM is the sandpit slalom because it is fun and challenging.
    Tom - I liked the sandpit slalom because i got some competition.
    Luke - My favorite part was the sandpits because of the awesome steep course and I won.
    Ben - Ropes because it’s so fun to be in the air.
    Peyton - The ropes courses were the best because it added a challenge in a different venue.
    Lea: Ropes Course-It's so fun!
    Eliza D: Ropes Course because they forced you to set and then extend goals, challenged you, and were super FUN.
    Libby: The FOOD! I am always up for home cooked food.
    Lauren: The woods-I love being out and challenging myself.

    How much did you suffer at Sufferfest? How did you push through it?

    Ford - I didn’t suffer in Sufferfest, but the soreness after was the suffering.
    Sam D - I suffered a lot. I pushed pretty hard through the suffering though. I dug deep.
    Case - I thought some things were easy but others were kinda hard.
    Alex - I didn’t suffer really at all, but it was a lithe hard but I kept trying. I didn’t give up.
    Zach - I suffered really hard and having a smile on your face while suffering is awesome.
    Luke - I suffered so much at SUFFERFEST because the rock squats made your legs burn so you had to dig deep to keep going.
    Ben - I pushed through the suffering by drinking a lot of water.

    How was the food at ELITEAM?

    Sam D - Great! Taco Thursday was my favorite.
    Case - I liked it a lot. Breakfast was best.
    Zach - The food is pretty good - I mean it’s really good for camp food. My favorite was Taco Thursday.
    Tom - The food was great! My favorite meal was tacos!
    Luke - The chicken sandwich because it was good chicken and it just tasted really good.
    Ben - Yum!! Spaghetti and meatballs.
    Peyton - The food is delicious. I love the breakfast.
    Meredith: I loved the tacos!
    Eliza D: The food is DELICIOUS! I love the spaghetti and in the morning the yogurt and granola.

    What did you think of Sandpits? What was the key to having a good run?

    Sam D - You have to fast and stable.
    Case - I thought it was fun. You need to start your turn early.
    Alex - The sandpits were awesome.
    Zach - It was awesome. The key is definitely jump turns.
    Ben - The key is to jump on the turns so you don’t slide.
    Peyton - The sandpits were so much fun. the key is to jump and get a high line.
    Quinn and Kate: Awesome and run fast!
    Lauren: The key is to have confidence in yourself and have courage.
    Lindsay: Jump turns.

    ELITEAM is…

    Zach - AWESOME!!
    Case - Exciting
    Sam D - AWESOME.
    Alex - Super Duper AWESOME
    Ford - The BEST!
    Tom - AWESOME!
    Peyton - AWESOME.
    Meredith: AWESOME!
    Lauren: You building your muscles and showing you can do anything.

  • Taco Tuesday, on Thursday


    Coach Lauren shared her take on cookin' in the kitchen:
    Groups circulated through baking their own batches of black bean brownies topped with oatmeal and a touch of maple syrup and banana bread made with yogurt, applesauce, oat bran, plenty of bananas and even a few chocolate chips to sweeten it up! Protein was definitely the theme of the day!! Groups learned to measure, scoop, pour and mash and LOVED Doug’s nutrition pep talk! Many campers are excited to experiment with some more healthy recipes at home and the girls shared some of their new knowledge:

    Julia: Even dessert can be healthy!!
    Isabella: Greek yogurt can be substituted for unhealthy ingredients.
    Molly: Put yogurt in banana bread-you get more PROTEIN!
    Grace: Plain Pureed black beans don't have much taste but they do have protein.
    Eliza: Black beans taste good in brownies!
    Georgia: I can now determine how much fat is in my food!
    Casey: Eating healthy isn't that hard on the road. Less burgers and more subway!
    Kate: Yogurt makes bread taste better and be better for you!

    Lucy couldn’t get enough suffering at her favorite activity SUFFERFEST, below are her thoughts on the challenge:

    While half of the campers made their way out to the ELITEAM woods for a session with the high ropes courses, the other half spent their morning in the sun completing the 2014 edition of SUFFERFEST!  The campers were matched up with a rock that weighed as much as their age and completed 100 push-ups, 50 squats, 50 burpees, rock throws, sprints, and much more! As brutal as this may sound, Grace-Ann was asking for more after it was over!

    After Sufferfest it was in to the gym for a go-around with the agility course, the bergundtal, and the slalom. Quick feet, an attentive mind, and power were needed for all of these exercises. After a few practice runs on each of the events the campers then had a couple race runs and were very excited about improving every time! A jam packed morning left us all eager to head to lunch for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup!

    The Clark House Ladies shared their thoughts on a heart throbbing Thursday:

    What is the key to staying calm and positive in the Ropes Course?
    Abigail: Taking deep breaths and not looking down.
    Lea: Breathing!
    Ellie: Big breaths and take your time.

    How much did you suffer during SUFFERFEST?
    Izzy: Carrying the rocks while running!
    Eliza: It was hard!
    Amelia: Just a little bit, but I kept pushing myself.

    What has been the most challenging part of ELITEAM so far?
    Lea: World Cup totally freaked me out and I had to push through it. I rang the Bell!!!!
    Gwynn: Falling asleep at 9!
    Spencer: THE PUSHUPS!!!

    What made you laugh today?
    Lea: My roommates!
    Gwynn: DOUG!!!
    Grace: The funny coaches and counselors!

    What did you learn today?
    Lea: Breathe deep and dig Deeper!
    Abigail: I learned I am afraid of heights.
    Gwynn: Staying calm on the ropes course.
    Spencer: BURGUNDTAL!
    Amelia: Push yourself!
    Ellie: Taking a breath can help balance you.
    Grace: Trust the rope!
    Izzy: Pushing harder is what makes you a better athlete.

    If you could tell your Dad one thing right now, what would it be?
    Gwynn: The ropes course was REALLY fun!
    Eliza: That I am having so much fun at ELITEAM!
    Amelia: The SUFFERFEST was hard and would be extra hard if you did it!

    From the BOYS dorm…

    Christian - It was wicked hard actually it was medium.
    William - At first it was easier, but after we started with the rocks it got harder.
    Alex - It’s not really easy but it’s not really hard.

    Monty- The burma bridge was definitely the best. The heights were amazing.
    Sam D - World Cup was really scary but really fun. The tightrope was really wobbly.
    Sam B - The Vertical was the most fun but also the hardest because it burned my arms.

    Tom - The slalom is the key - you need to be fast there.
    Ben - You need to know your partners ability so you can split it up perfectly.
    Zach - The key is rhythm and to study and know the course.

    William - I liked mixing all the ingredients and normally I do not get to crack an egg and I did today. I also put too many chocolate chips in it - by accident.
    Dylan - Loved mashing the bananas.
    Ben - We made a mistake by pouring in the topping into the mix. We don’t know how it will come out.

  • Wicked Fun Wednesday

    It seemed like every camper arrived at the same time today, having packed an abundance of excited energy to kick off our EC2 camp! After pledging to Dig Deep all week, and firing off 50 good push-ups, we soon met in the gym with our sneakers and water bottles to start the Orientation challenges. Split into five groups, the campers spread out across campus. At one station they had to literally Dig Deep and move 3 yards of dirt 10 feet, in just 15 minutes. At another station they had to hike down to the Mad River, pick out a rock and haul it back up to campus. There was also a station of blind basketball, a Number puzzle station and a juggling station. It was fun to see the campers start to gel as a group.

    After some serious carbo loading with a dinner of spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread, salad, and fruit, it was off to the ELITEAM Woods to learn the Obstacle course, which will be featured on Saturday at the Olympics. Following that, we hit the field for some Agility work with poles. We finished up with some Team relays where we embraced a more “stylish” agility workout, along with a few wipe outs, plenty of fun, and a liberal amount of “penalty pushups” for less than perfect line-ups, cheating or sucking up to Coach Ben. We all definitely reached our goal of 125 push-ups for the day.


    Today was a wacky Wednesday filled with huge grins and enthusiastic campers! Find some highlights from a few mid-afternoon stations below!

    Coach Molly added some insight from DIGGIN’ DEEP: Dig deep means digging in! Literally, grabbing our shovels, filling the orange buckets with dirt and working as a team to drag, swing, or pick-up the buckets so that they could dump them into a new pile over and over! Our top time in piling a new mound of dirt was 14 minutes! All the ELITEAMers were digging for gold, with competitive spirit and teamwork. Here are some of the quotes: "What? No treasure? This is a rip off!" "I usually shovel mulch at home!" "I wish we were building sand castles."

    Carter shared some insight from the Rock Walk:One of the five orientation stations this afternoon was the rock walk. The rock walk was very challenging, but every camper managed to bring a rock back up the path with them from the MAD river by the GMVS campus. The rock walk started with a trek down a steep trail in the woods to a stream. Once at the stream, coaches handed campers rocks, which were about the same weight in pounds as the campers age. Some campers wanted to take on a larger rock, but later realized their eyes were bigger than their arms. After the campers had their rocks they then carried the rocks back up the trail. Going back up the trail proved to be the hardest part. Overall the rock walk went very well, and now we have lots of rocks for other challenging activities throughout the week.  Quotes: "Why is going back up so much harder?" "My favorite part is feeling my legs burn when I get to the top"

    Blind Basketball recap from Coach Lauren: “Go left, NO YOUR OTHER LEFT!!!” –Meredith
    Blind basketball was a teamwork activity where one partner had to coach their teammate into finding basketballs while blindfolded and then direct them to the bucket to score! Lots of positive energy and camaraderie! A few recommendations from the campers: Megan: “concentrate on your partners voice” & Ellie: “Bring it! Because the clock is on.”  

    CAMPER QUOTES- From the boys tonight.

     What activity did you like the best and why?
    Trent - The dirt shoveling because you had to work together.
    Ford - The pole running because it was so much fun.”
    Zach - “I probably like the dirt pile because it was fun using teamwork to dig.
    Alex - The numbers Game because of the teamwork.
    Sam - The pole games because it was so challenging.
    Peyton - Rock Walk because it was so different.
    Ben – Rock Walk because it was really challenging.

    What was your most challenging moment and how did you push through it?
    Ford - The rock walk - I kept telling myself “you are almost there and dig deep.”
    Zach - My most challenging moment was definitely when we were carrying rocks up the really steep hill. I pushed through it by digging deep.
    Alex - The rock walk. Don’t give up. Try more.

    Right now I am…
    Ford - Happy.
    Zach - Tired.
    Sam - Sore, but happy.

    If you could tell your Mom on thing, what would it be?
    Alex - I love ELITEAM and you so much.
    Sam - I am having a lot of fun.
    Peyton - This is so much fun.
    Ben - Get me back here next summer.


  • Supreme Saturday

    Another glorious day for the ELITEAM Olympics dawned on Saturday and after cleaning the dorm, the campers headed to the gym for one last dance practice. Then it was time to learn their teams and to decide who on the team would compete in which event. The parents arrived right on time and the Olympics started promptly at 10am with the Team Rock Squat and Run. Then it was on to the Field Agility, Fitlight, Slalom, Berg Und Tal and finally the Woods Obstacle.

    Highlights for me were:
    -seeing the campers stop and bang out two push-ups when they made a mistake in the obstacle;
    -when a camper fell, how quickly and positively they got up and continued;
    -seeing how good all the Berg Und Tal competitors were at that event;
    -and hearing the cheers of all the campers during each race.

    Thanks to the campers for pushing their limits at camp. All had sore muscles from working so hard. All raised their hands when asked if they set a goal and achieved it. All completed 500 push-ups over the four days. And every one of them DUG DEEP!

  • Amazingly Fun!

    This morning was a repeat of yesterday, with half the group focused intently up in the high ropes course, and the other half “suffering” out on the field, followed by agility work in the gym. Many complained of sore muscles this morning, but all rose to the challenge today. Every athlete I saw was pushing hard.

    After lunch, we loaded the big yellow bus and headed off on the highly anticipated Sandpit adventure. It is always a camp favorite! We had a new course this year. The athletes started with a quick uphill, ran along the ridgeline, then blasted down the pits on a steep and turny course. Hair, shoes and shirts filled with sand in no time. Afterwards we all enjoyed some fruity popsicles and a dip in Folger’s Pond to cool off. Most opted for the “run and jump” technique, while other waded in slowly and looked for frogs along the bank.

    Tonight Doug and Dan led the Crazy Relays. It’s always a great way to spend our last night together. Hands down it is filled with the most smiles, laughs, energy and fun.

    The grand finale was the Jello Drop competition, which featured orange jello, wide mouths and plenty of close calls.

    Before heading off to bed, the athletes were presented with their Dig Deep ELITEAM t-shirts. I would say every athlete earned their shirt this week. They’ll all be wearing them tomorrow at the “ELITEAM Olympics” which starts at 10am. See you there!


    Thoughts from Coach Ben...
    It’s amazing how Europa boys can be so ecstatic for the day to start that they are consistently 15 minutes early for morning run, but maybe the opportunity to hand out pushups to untimely girl campers helps motivate them to get their feet on the ground in the morning. Keeping with the theme of high energy levels the enthusiasm to do pushups during the morning run and stretch was at an all time high in my group today.
    Upon finishing morning run and breakfast I had the pleasure of belaying some very determined campers on the vertical playpen towering 40 feet in the air! Support and encouragement came from the forest floor as the kids’ fellow campers made their way up between the two trees. However, some encouragement also came from within. Blythe repeatedly told herself that she could do it as she neared the top. After switching out belaying duties with coach Devon I was able to self-belay up some of the elements and take some great pictures of campers like Madison and Eve really pushing themselves and climbing above and past the goals they set for themselves.
    Sandpits later in the day were a great success in accordance with the norm and the support from campers not on course remained at record heights. It’s been awesome watching campers sense of camaraderie develop throughout the week. You can see that they want their fellow campers to succeed just as much as they want themselves to.
    I’m writing this section of the blog from the shade of a tree below the slalom course as Jane and Grace get in some last minute practice before the olympics in just another example of kids wanting to improve themselves. Well it is now 6:32 and the campers are telling me that if I don’t hurry over to field games I’ll be doing 30 pushups. They really do enjoy handing those out.

    Thoughts from Coach Demi...
    Just a quote: "Celery...my new favorite vegetable from ELITEAM."-Saylor
    Today was my first day of Sufferfest along with most of the older campers. Hearing little Blake M. lead the group in "One, two, three...SUFFERRRR!" was encouraging for anyone that thought they couldn't dig any deeper.
    This evening we are doing our second rotation of activities. As I write this, a large congregation of 4 ft tall campers bend at the waist as coach Dan yells, "Keep digging!!" followed by "Dig Deeeeep" and "You're almost there--I can see the grass!" Meanwhile campers are communicating with each other saying, "you can do this" and "here, I'll help you with this."
    I can't help but appreciate the beautiful backdrop of mountains that overlook the ELITEAMers from our morning runs to our nightly yoga sessions. It's great to see them growing as athletes and continuing to dig deep.

     Coach Carter, at the pits...
    The sandpits slalom course was a blast this afternoon. The sand was not the only thing flying as the kids ripped down the course. The course was packed with tight turns and pitch drops to fully challenge the kids agility and body awareness.
    After an inspection run, and a couple of training runs, each camper had two timed runs on the course. Lindsay had the fastest run of the day, with a time of 17.54 seconds. Evan C. came in first for the boys with a 18.07 run, but everyone improved their time on the second run. It is great to see the campers continue to DIG DEEP in every challenge that they are presented.

    Some early camper quotes from the boys...


    So far, what has been the best part of ELITEAM and Why?
    Weller - Digging Deep cause you push your limits.
    Jabes - I like the morning stretch because you need to hit the ground running.
    Ricky - The Sandpit slalom cause you can go FAST!
    Charlie S - The agility course especially the tramp jump. Also the Slalom course cause I hold the record. First time I ran it I got 6.50, now it is 4.90.
    Birken - Push-ups because they make you work hard.
    Silas - The Slalom because it is fun to improve.
    Justin - The Sufferfest because it is fun to SUFFER!
    Will - The best part was the Sufferfest because it pushed me.

    What do you think of the food here at camp? What was your favorite meal?
    Will - French Toast
    Charlie S. - I love the food here. I wish I could live here.
    Jabes - The food is amazing. The chicken sandwiches.
    Weller - I like the salads.
    Cam - Amazing pancakes.

    What did you think of Sandpits today? What is the key to having a good run?
    Justin - Awesome. You have to lean into the turns.
    Eli- The best Slalom I have ever run.
    Charlie S. - They are tricky but you’ll get the hang of it. Second run I tripped on a gate, but kept going.
    Jabes - The Sandpits were steep, but epic. The key is to have the inside line.
    Weller - It was fun because it had sharp turns.

    ELITEAM is…
    Weller - FUN!
    Jabes - the best summer training program ever.
    Ricky - Awesome. The Best.
    Charlie S. - The best camp ever.
    Will - Amazingly fun!

  • Rockin' Ropes and Super Sufferfest

    We all congregated for morning run and stretch at 7am to loosen up our sore muscles, but also bang out 50 push-ups. After a hearty breakfast, it was time for High Ropes and a Mini Sufferfest.

    Half the group harnessed up to practice some Sports Psych on the high ropes challenge course. Doug belayed the Tightrope Traverse and said that every single camper pushed their limits, and most achieved even more than they thought possible. During Kristen’s blindfolded attempt, it was hard to hear as the entire group of 22 was cheering her on to ring the final bell.

    Out on the field, the other group was Sufferfesting together with the rocks they fished out of the river yesterday. If you were anywhere on campus, you could hear their mantra being yelled over and over… “Suffer on three. 1-2-3 SUFFERRRRR!!!!” Hard workouts are the ones you remember when you are standing in the starting gate next winter, and this is one they won’t forget! After Sufferfest, they rotated through an Agility Obstacle course in the gym, the bergundthal, Fit Light Challenge and Quickfeet SL.

    In the afternoon, the kids got their first taste of the ELITEAM dance, busting out some sweet moves like the Sprinkler and Meat Grinder. Next we split into groups and rotated through three activities for an hour each- Cooking, Woods Obstacle, and Psych Talk (with a Dodgeball bonus).

    In the cooking activity, we made Black Bean Brownies and No Bake Protein Energy Bars. Some comments after testing the Protein Bars...Rayna- They're like cookies, but healthier.
    Logan- Best thing with peanut butter I've ever tasted.
    Silas- Really easy to make and just really good.
    Binny- Really good. Love the Krispees.
    Lindsay- Delicious!

    Dinner was “Taco Tuesday on Thursday”. As always, a bit hit, and much needed fuel for our bodies that are feeling pretty jacked up after so much intense activity. We are stronger today than we were yesterday.


    From Coach Dan, who likes to Suffer…

    This morning half of the camp completed the SUFFERFEST!!! We completed 50 rock squats, 50 yard rock sprints, 50 yard rock throws, 50 rock presses, 50 burpees, 50 rock twists, 50 pushups, and some tuck jumps up the leg routine hill! Everyone SUFFERED and pushed their limits while having fun and learning how to mentally push through our toughest workouts. 

    From Coach JT, belaying at the Ropes…

    Alex was on the Vertical Playpen today. He was having trouble getting to the top, but his teammates cheered him on, helping him find the strength and courage to push his boundaries and made it to the top! It is always exciting to see a breakthrough moment like that. We had many of those today.

    My favorite quote at the Vertical Playpen today… "My shoes are too heavy to get to the top, can I come down?" -Justin

    From Coach Dan, who is always “Psyched”...

    This afternoon the entire camp got to rotate through a talk about the importance of sport psychology (my favorite!). We talked about how many athletes train their muscles, but very few realize they need to train their minds as well. We learned that important mental skills we need to practice are focus, confidence, and having a positive attitude! We also learned how to cope with potential distractions such as bad weather and loud cheering from the crowd. When asked about their dream goals many campers responded with answers such as making the US ski team, making it to the NBA or playing in the World Cup for USA, but we learned to get there we need plenty of short term goals such as eating healthy and working out. 

    From Coach Lauren, cooking in the kitchen…

    The cooking station was filled with flour flying, sticky fingers, and measuring  spoons and pure protein power!  The black bean brownies topped with hearty oats were a fun take on a sweet classic.  Charlotte and Kristen recommend you double check your measuring!  The no bake peanut butter protein bars were a popular mid day energy boost with VT maple syrup, rice krispies, mini-chocolate chips, pea protein and flax seed! Weller asked, "Can I make this recipe at home?" Doug led a passionate discussion as campers looked at protein, fat, and calories in food groups. Kailey learned, "Having a treat once in a while is okay but eating healthy is important so your muscles have nutrition"  Joey agreed, " You need to eat healthy to become strong!" We now have the FUEL to DIG DEEP!!!


    What is the key to staying calm and positive in the Ropes Courses?

    Molly- Believing you can do it, breathe, and DIG DEEP!
    Grace- I know you can do it and you will always make it to the other side if you believe.
    Addie & Blake- Breathing, remember that you are attached to a line and listen to people that believe in you.
    Binny- Look ahead, not down, think of chocolate cupcakes, caramel, and cheese nachos.
    Kristen- I went blindfolded for one so not seeing anything helped with my fear of heights.
    Jane- Breathe.
    Rayna- Tell yourself there’s no way you can fall, your attached to ropes. Also don’t look straight down, it really helps!

    What has been the most challenging part of ELITEAM so far and Why?

    Molly- Pushing your limits and going a bit more! It is hard because you are tired.
    Addie & Blake- Letting go of the tree on the incline ropes-log-thing.
    Binny- No dessert and small showers.
    Kristen- The cargo net. I tripped a lot.
    Francesca- Running in the morning because I never run in the morning.
    Rayna- Getting to the top of the Vertical Playpen, I couldn’t do it last year and I STILL couldn’t! But I’ll get it…

    Name one thing that you learned today?

    Molly- When you believe in yourself you can do anything!
    Grace- That even though your scared you push your limits farther.
    Addie & Blake- How to do the Burghenthall (?spelling)
    Kristen- To double check measuring. Don’t double the vanilla!
    Jane- You have to make small steps to get to your dream goals!
    Rayna- Healthy energy bars taste like cookies! And I need I need work on upper body strength.

    What made you laugh today?

    Molly- When Carter said, “Sass on this side. No sass on this side!”
    Grace- When ___ farted and she didn’t know I heard.
    Addie & Blake- When Saylor did the World Cup w/ a blind-fold it was SO brave.
    Binny- Watching Doug teach cooking.
    Francesca- 50 pushups
    Jane- A coach said “Butt Kicks” and another coach said “I wanna hear those butts!”
    Rayna- Too many things.

    If you could tell your Dad one thing right now, what would it be?

    Molly- DIG DEEP!
    Binny- Eat tacos on Thursday.
    Kristen- The Coach’s dog Tenny was cute.
    Francesca- That I had a lot of fun.
    Jane- DIG DEEP!
    Rayna- I miss him a lot but I’m having so much fun. I’m learning tons and I think you’d be proud.

  • I Pledge to Dig Deep

    Registration was a blur of push-ups, unpacking and Dig Deep pledges. Then we all met in the gym to start our adventure. We split into five groups and spread out across the campus. The rotation was:

    Digging Deep (literally) - moving 4 yards of dirt 4 feet.
    Name Game - Tennis Ball Agility
    Rock Walk - 300 vertical feet of climbing with a freshly picked rock out of the Mad River
    Numbers Game - strategy at its best
    Blind Basketball - teamwork extraordinaire

    In the middle of the rotation is started to pour and the groups dug deep and hammered through it. What’s a little rain when you are working hard?

    Dinner of pasta, meatballs, salad and fruit was devoured. Then after a break to digest it was out to the ELITEAM woods for a meeting and to watch the coaches and counselors run the Obstacle course.

    Fully regenerated, it was time to focus on agility with pole games, pole agility drills and relays! I think we fit three days in one!


    Dig Deep station:
    Coach Lauren- “See this pile of dirt? We need to move it 20 feet to the left. Go!” That's all it took and they were off...grunting and grinning ear to ear with their 5 gallon orange buckets and a dozen shovels.  Some partnered up, others learned the hard way not to fill the bucket to the brim, and all finished with sandy shoes! The emotions ranged as they continued to DIG DEEPER!
    "Actually Fun" –Donatella
    "Getting Stronger" -Charlie Schibli
    "Painful" –Eli
    "Is this manual labor legal?" –Blythe
    "I do this for a living" - Justin

    The Name Game:
    Coach Doug- We did penalty pushups anytime we dropped the ball. We counted those penalty pushups in 5 different languages!

    Numbers Game:
    Coach JT- Today during the numbers game kids strategized on how to touch all 30 numbers in numerical order to achieve the best time possible.  It was a great teamwork exerciser. Each group reworked their strategy to improve their time each round. The best time among the groups was 19 seconds!!! Very impressive.

    Rock Walk:
    Coaches Morgan & Carter- One of the orientation stations was the rock walk. All of the campers walked down a steep hill to the river where they had to select a rock, which was equivalent in size to their age. Once they found a rock, they had to climb back up the hill carrying it. Although the hill was steep, campers wanted to try to carry the biggest rock they could back up the hill. Flynn selected a large rock. As he began the climb, he lost his grip and it slipped back down the hill. In place of the rock he grabbed a log and persevered up the rest of the hill.

    Blind Basketball:
    Coach Dan-Today I got to work with all of the campers at our blindfolded basketball orientation station. The campers split up into teams of two with one partner being blindfolded and the other partner giving them instructions on how to navigate through the course, picking up dodge balls, and depositing them into buckets. Great teamwork and communication occurred throughout the afternoon. My favorite part was at the end when we blindfolded all of the campers, and secretly removed all of the buckets and balls from the course! 

    Randomly overheard quotes:
    Camper- As the rain started…"I kind of just want to go roll in a puddle"
    Camper- On the rock walk… “I was built for going downhill not uphill”
    Coach- Entering the ELITEAM Ropes Course area- "Lots of things have happened to me in these woods."


    What activity did you like the best today and why?
    Logan- Relay races. I liked running.
    Russell- The poles because it was challenging.
    Joey- Rock walk. It was fun.
    What was your most challenging moment, and how did you push through it?
    Jack- Rock walk. I said Dig Deep in my mind.
    Russell- Rock walk. I pushed through by trying to reach my goals.

    Right now I am…
    Ricky- Happy, 3% tired.
    Russell- Pumped up!
    Joey- HAPPY!

    If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?
    Ricky- I love this place!
    Russell- I’m having so much fun!
    Joey- Awesome.


  • ELITEAM PC a HUGE Success

    Wow! What a great couple of camps in Park City. As the staff debriefed on Tuesday afternoon, we were all impressed at how willing the ELITEAMers were to Dig Deep at camp. Whether it was actually digging dirt, finding the last bit of strength during Sufferfest, or focusing on making a clean slalom run, all the campers pushed themselves into new territory and that is how you progress.

    Some of my favorite memories at camp were when new ELITEAMers learned the movements in activities they had never seen before. Especially on the quick feet slalom and Berg Und Thal activities, the first times through were slow and mistake-filled. However, by watching, asking questions and practicing, the campers quickly became proficient and comfortable pushing themselves faster and faster. Amazing things happen when you open yourself up to failure. By making those mistakes, you learn and grow. By the end of camp, feet and arms were a blur, but the smiles were crystal clear.

    Keep working hard and we hope to see you on the slopes next winter and at camp next June!

  • Monster Monday

    We were all pretty sore this morning, but we still got in a good warm-up run and stretch along with our 50 push-ups. Then it was time load the buses for the epic Sandpit Slalom. Turning into the pits the campers always get loud as they see the pits for the first time. We heard shouts of "Everest!". They could barely wait for the vehicles to stop before running out to see the vertical.

    After an inspection we took four training runs to figure out the line and technique. It was a dual so the pressure was on. There were falls and spills, but always followed by hiking and finishing. We kept hydrated by drinking after each run and then visualizing the course before jumping out of the start. Then it was time to raise the stakes. The stopwatches came out and they had two race runs. Game on! After a quick snack, we ended with a 50 gate monster course from the top of the pit to the very bottom.

    Exhausted, we headed back to the NAC to refuel with a big lunch before splitting up for more Ropes action and COE agility. The Ropes course proved challenging for all as they had to focus in and breath away the nerves and fear of heights. At the COE, the campers worked on agility in the Obstacle course while Olympic Champ Ted Ligety watched from the weight room and worked out as well.

    At 4pm we had our last rotation of cooking and archery. The chefs made Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Oatmeal bars. After dinner, we headed for the fields. It was time for Crazy Relays! Olympian and World Cup winner Steven Nyman showed up to talk to the athletes. They had lots of questions for the big man. Steven stressed the importance of working hard, but having fun. He also shared that when you're nervous, it's best to focus on the task at hand and only think about the things you can control. He then joined us for some of the Crazy Relays, which were were A+ tonight! It was some of the most fun I've had while working out. Last up on the schedule was the Jello Drop championships. It was a fierce competition that went six rounds before Coach Dan and Camper Jett took top honors.

    We ended with our nightly journal meeting, along with a taste of the Oatmeal bars. Everyone was asleep by 9:05!

    Hope to see everyone at the ELITEAM Olympics in the morning at 10am. The COE tour begins at 9:30 in the lobby if you would like to see the facility.

    Camper Quotes of the Day:
    When you want to quit, how do you Dig Deep?
    “I say to myself, do I really want to quit, and then I keep going.” - Emerson
    “By finding my inner strength and working hard.” -Ian
    “I do my best and Dig Deep.” - Tiger
    “I push myself a little harder.” - Ava

    What is one thing you learned about yourself this week?
    “That to be a friend you have to be a team player.” - Emerson
    “That you can do more than you think.” - Ian
    “I learned that I have strength and to Dig Deep.” - Tiger
    “I can do more push-ups and sit-ups than I thought.” -Ava

    The sandpits are…
    “Awesome because they are slippery and FUN!” - Alex
    “Hard, but if you stay on your left foot on the left turn and the right foot on the right turn it is easier.” - Tanner
    “Very similar to skiing because you can’t lean in at the gate.” - Ben
    "Challenging because you have to hold a tight line and stay high.” - Gabe

    What do you need to be successful on the Ropes Course?
    “You have to be confident to try and reach your goals.” - Stefan
    “You have to have lots of mental toughness.” -Alex
    You need a lot of balance as well.” - Tanner

  • 2013 WC2- Wed- Bumps, Bruises, Dance & Donuts

    It’s amazing how young athletes will seek out the mud on the bike trails and it doesn’t take long to get it transferred onto their bodies. Overall though, the trails were mostly dry and in prime condition for the 47 ELITEAMers who arrived at Catamount at 9:30AM this morning.

    After splitting into groups, we all spread out and searched for our own challenges. I was with the “cruiser” group and we started out slow, but built up to some single track quickly. Coach Megan distributed some advice that was soaked up by our group. We were instantly intermediates and ripping.

    We biked for three hours with a lunch break in there somewhere. As always, there were a few good crashes along with plenty of scrapes, bumps and bruises. By Saturday, the bruises will mostly be gone, but the stories will have grown.

    After the bus ride home, we had a quick rest before learning this year’s dance. It has a few surprises in it for Saturday. After dance, it was the second rotation of the cooking, climbing and games. The recipe for today was Pumpkin & Squash donuts, which were devoured after yoga. Oh, I almost forgot an epic Soccer Tourney after dinner.

    The lasting image of the day for me besides all the great biking, was Elsa on the field hammering out 50 burpees alone. She is intent on making the 750 total by Saturday.

    SUFFERFEST awaits the campers tomorrow afternoon. It will be a life-changing event.



    What did you think of the mountain biking today?

    Finn- It was fun to take some crazy trails that my parents would never take me on.

    Colter- I thought the downhill was fun but the uphill was a little annoying.

    Tom- I had fun on Cliffs of Insanity.

    Oliver- The mountain biking was sweet because of the long downhills. Also Cliffs of Insanity was fun.

    Teddy- Awesome.

    Emery- Mountain biking was great because Zack ate it and there was a sweet DH.

    What is the key to being a good mtn biker?

    Finn- Not giving up. Going and pushing up all the hills.

    Colter- Make sure you are good at climbing.

    Emery- Strength and endurance, along with will.

    Tom- Pedaling. Turning is good also.

    Oliver- Being on a good gear really helps prepare for tactical parts and you can cruise.

    Trevor- Standing up.

    Teddy- Get in a low gear & spin. Don’t sit in your seat!

    How many times did you crash?

    Colter- 1 time but I almost crashed a few times.

    Oliver- 3 times.

    Teddy- Zip.

    What do you think of the food here at camp?

    Colter- It’s the best I’ve ever had.

    Emery- Great food. I love the corn flakes. I dislike the wheat pancakes.

    Tom- The food is awesome. I love it.

    Trevor- It’s good.

    Teddy- Million times better than school.

    If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?

    Finn- Hi mom, I am so bruised and beaten that working out actually feels good!

    Colter- I’m having a load of fun.

    Emery- I love her and miss her.

    Tom- My socks are cool.

    Oliver- Colter came a day late.

    Trevor- I’m hungry.

    Teddy- Miss you but not that much.

  • 2013 WC2- Tues- Zip Lines, High Ropes & Sore Legs

    Tuesdays are big days at ELITEAM as we hit all the high ropes and hammer the quads in the leg routine. It is always fun to watch the campers eye the ropes and create an expectation of what the experience will be like. Then after they have completed the element, they describe how different it actually was. Everyone met their goals in the ropes and over half surpassed their goals. It is satisfying for both the campers and the coaches.

    Out on the field it was all about the legs. Hill sprints, tuck jumps, skiers jumps, agility courses, the quickfeet slalom and the Berg und Tal. Three hours of punishing workouts that somehow seem fun to the athletes. They will be sore tomorrow, as will the coaches!

    After dinner it was our first rotation of Cooking, Climbing and Games. The climbers challenged themselves with blindfolds and tying their legs together. The cooking crew made granola bars that we will enjoy tomorrow on the bike. And the activity crew cranked out more burpees before playing Swedish dodgeball.

    Finally it was time to chill with some yoga and relaxation in the gym. Tonight’s session was great with all 47 campers quiet and still for 10 straight minutes during visualization.

    Overheard Today:

    Coach Sara- You guys sound like you’re having too much fun, so let’s do 10 burpees.

    Jackie- It just burns, it doesn’t hurt. (At leg routine, while in a tuck.)

    Coach Sara’s reply to Jackie- It will hurt tomorrow.

    Ian - I am sore in places I have never been sore in.

    Henry - I remembered everything about ELITEAM, except for being this sore.


    The best part of today was…Why?

    Charlie- Ropes course because we could set a goal and achieve it and I achieved mine.

    Alex P- Doing the ropes course because I set new goals for myself from last year.

    Ned- The ropes course. I liked it because I felt like I pushed my limits.

    Ian- The World Cup because I liked the height.

    Sydni- The Dangle Duo because it was a challenge and it helped me see how much I was capable of plus it was fun.

    Ella- The Dangle Duo because it challenged me and my goals and it was fun to stand on the top while everyone cheered me on.

    Kat- The Zipline because it made me feel so very confident in myself.

    Haley- Completing the World Cup ropes course because I set a goal and achieved it while grunting.

    How did your legs feel during the Leg Routine on the hill?

    Charlie- Sore but strong.

    Alex P.- They hurt so much but it was still fun!

    Kyle- My legs were in pain. It burned in the thighs.

    Ian- They were burning from the tuck.

    Sydni- They felt super sore.

    Kat- When you do the leg routine on the hill you feel strong and weak all at the same time.

    Haley- They felt strong and powerful and a little sore.

    What is the trick to having a fast, clean run on the Berg und Tal?

    Charlie- Focus and keep your balance.

    Alex P- Keeping your upper body still and your hands up.

    Ned- You need to keep your weight forward.

    Kyle- Look ahead to the next block.

    Olivia- Look ahead and know where your feet should go next.

    What was your most challenging moment in the Ropes Course? How did you push through it?

    Charlie- Having to go up the Vertical Playpen with our ankles tied together. We figured out a strategy and worked as a team and made it to the banner.

    Alex P- Doing the Vertical Playpen with one of my legs tied to one of Frans’ but we rested and strategized.

    Ned- Dangle Duo. Everytime I thought I couldn’t but I tried and made it.

    Kyle- It was the Vertical Playpen. I pushed through it by working together with Joey.

    Sydni- The last log on the Dangle Duo. I achieved it by taking a deep breath and trying again.

    Haley- Trusting my belayer, but I knew he would save me if I fell.

    What did you learn about yourself today?

    Charlie- I can do anything if I set a goal and work and push until I achieve that goal and never give up.

    Alex P- I learned that breathing steadies your body movement allowing you to move forward on some challenges.

    Ned- That I am more afraid of heights than I thought.

    Kyle- I learned I am strong. I am also confident.

    Ian- I learned I can push my limits.

    Sydni- That I can do a lot more than I thought.

    Ella- That I am capable of setting goals, achieving them and pushing past my extreme tiredness and exceeding my goals!

    Kat- I learned that I can do anything.

    Liddy- That I could push myself further than I thought.

    Caroline- That my limits were further than I thought they were.

    Olivia- I learned that I could do more than I thought I could.

    Haley- That I can do anything I set my mind to.

  • 2013 WC2- Mon- Happy to be here

    After some stretching and burpees, the camp headed out to the ELITEAM woods for some challenges. From sandbag lifts to nitro swings to reaction lights, the groups had to think, plan and execute together. Some groups worked well together while others had to fail a few times to get it right. Always though, each group came up with a slightly different way to solve each challenge, which amazed the coaches.

    Then it was time for the 14 year-olds to challenge the staff to the Obstacle Course. Although they kept it close, the coaches ruled the day by just under 8 seconds on the minute long course. Throughout the camp this week each camper will get to know the obstacle course well and use visualization and breathing to focus in on their run.

    After dinner it was agility time with pole exercises and relays. There were some incredible runs of perfection and some spectacular tumbles and crashes. We ended the night with some jello drop training off the roof of the gym.

    Tomorrow is high ropes and leg routines.


    What activity did you like best this afternoon and why?

    Finn- I liked the obstacle course. It was exciting and fun! Chauncey’s dive and roll was impressive.

    Joey- My favorite activity was the Nitro. It was fun cuz I like swinging.

    Colin- Nitro because it was both hard but still doable.

    Kyle- I liked Fit Light the most because it required concentration and agility.

    Brian- Sandbags. I like how it improves your strength.


    What was the most challenging moment and how did you push through it?

    Jackie- Putting the sand behind our heads and we pushed through it by finding our inner strength.

    Hannah- Running in Fit Light. I didn’t want to let my team down.

    Sam- Lifting up and down the sand bag. I pushed through it by trying really hard and focusing.

    Finn- When I slipped on my climb on the wall and pulled up with just my hands.

    Joey- When the counselors made me carry sand bags.

    Seth- The burpees were the hardest. I tried my best.

    Matthew- The 50 burpees. I was doing it with a friend. I just put my head down.

    Frans. The burpees were the most challenging. I just concentrated on something else.

    Kyle- It was challenging to run with sand bags. I used my determination to push through it.

    Brian- I thought the sand bag run was the hardest. I pushed through it because it was really fun.


    What’s the best part of your day so far?

    Hannah- Meeting new people. Dinner.

    Sam- The Nitro. You get to swing and I love doing that.

    Finn- Just being here at Eliteam and seeing all the familiar faces.

    Joes- Dinner. It was good!

    Seth- Getting to camp and seeing old friends.

    Frans- Dinner was the best part of my day. It was the only time I could relax.


    Right now I am…

    Jackie- Slurping up ze noodles.

    Hannah- Tired and excited.

    Finn- A bit sore and exhilarated.

    Joey- In my dorm. My dorm mates are awesome.

    Eric- Feeling happy about the day. It was fun.

    Matthew- In the common room, having fun.

    Frans- Happy to be here. It is really fun.

    Kyle- Happy to be here. It is so much fun!

    Seth- Happy to be here and can’t wait for what is to come.

  • 2013 WC1- Fridays are Fun

    Fridays are fun. Up early for a great morning run and stretch. The groups continued their pursuit of 700 burpees with another 25 before breakfast. After fueling up on eggs and pancakes, we hopped on the bus and drove 5 miles to Mad River Glen for a hike up the Double Chair. The first group practically sprinted up in 40 minutes with the last crew arriving in exactly one hour. We hung out and enjoyed the views for a while and then headed down. At the bottom, in between stretches, we hammered out another 50 burpees.

    Lunch was everyone’s favorite: “healthy chicken patties”!!! Then it was a quick dodgeball tournament followed by another 5 mile bus ride to the sandpits for the Sandpit Slalom. Three runs of training followed by an all out race run. Overall, there were minimal crashes, although a couple of coaches went down hard. The fastest time was put down by a young female camper (announcement tomorrow). Then it was off to the pond for a swim and clean off.

    After dinner it always gets crazy with relays and quickfeet agility drills, followed by the famous Jello Drop. And finally, it was time to hand out this year’s ELITEAM t-shirt to the campers. As always, a great moment!

    See you all tomorrow at the Olympics at 10AM sharp.


    What did you think of Sandpits today?

    Kyle- It was really run and hard work.

    Hunter- It was EPIC! Just a little dirty though.

    Brendan- It was much harder than a real slalom course.

    Alex F- It was a lot of fun running in the dirt.

    Jillian- They were SO MUCH FUN!!! I loved it!

    Julia- Fun but VERY slippery and sandy.

    Gracie H- They were so fun. I want to get really good at it.

    Allie- They were really fun, and it was a sprint to the finish!

    The key to having a good run in the sandpits is…

    Ryan- Having great footing and a nice, round line.

    Kyle- Stay low and run as fast as you can.

    Hunter- Memorizing the course and trying your hardest.

    Morgan L- Knowing the course and having the right footwork.

    Alex F- Sprinting on the compression or flats.

    Jillian- Look ahead and turn early.

    Grace C- Jumping on the turns instead of having to make all the steps.

    Julia- Jumping to the next gate. High line. Having fun!

    Grace H- Staying tight to the gate.

    Lila- Jump more so you can skip steps.

    Cat- Sprint as fast as you can and sort of jump.

    It’s Friday and after a week at ELITEAM, my body feels…

    Ryan- Sore but stronger and healthier.

    Kyle- Amazing and stronger than when I started.

    Hunter- Very sore and stronger.

    Ben A- Ripped

    Brendan- Sore but great.

    Morgan L- Ughhh.

    Alex F- Extremely tired and ready to rest.

    Jillian- Sore… ugh.

    Grace C- Sore but I feel stronger.

    Julia- Sore.

    Gracie H- Sore, tired, lighter, stronger, faster.

    Lila- At first it was sore but I’m glad we do a lot of stretching.

    Elena- Sore and exhausted, but feeling stronger already.

    ELITEAM is…

    Ryan- AWESOME!!!!!

    Hunter- Awesome, woohoo!!

    Morgan L- AWESOME and soooo much fun.

    Alex F- A great place for fitness and self fulfillment.

    Tyler- The best.

    Jillian- AWESOME… It is really really really fun!!!

    Grace C- AWESOME & the best camp ever!!

    Julia- MY JAM!

    Gracie H- So fun and I can’t wait to do it next year!

    Lila- THE BEST CAMP EVER! I have so much fun!!

    Cat- Amazing and thrilling and motivating and it makes me cook cookies in my muscles! Feel the burn! I love Eliteam.

  • 2013 WC1- Thurs- High Ropes & Legs that Burn

    The day dawned clear, bright and very brisk. Morning run helped to warm everyone up, and so did 25 burpees. Everyone was excited for the day ahead, which included the high ropes and the leg routine. By the way, the burpee count stands at 450!

    The ropes courses bring out the determination, energy and ingenuity of the campers. Two of the three elements were partner climbs and the campers worked together well. Some even tied themselves together to up the challenge factor. At the end of the day, when I asked if any of the campers had set a goal and surpassed it, every single hand went up.

    In the leg routine, the athletes get to feel what it’s like to push their legs to the max. The only good part of backwards tuck jumps uphill, is finishing! After the leg routine, it is agility central with the Slalom Course, the Berg Und Tal and the gym obstacle course. These exercises are a blend of speed, balance, agility and risk. Every camper lowered their times in the course through visualization and practice.

    Finally it was time to let loose a little and relax. It was Olympic Theme night for dress-up, followed by fudgesicles and a limbo contest. Tomorrow is a hike up Mad River Glen and then the infamous Sandpit Slalom and Jello Drop. Both are camper favorites! Stay tuned.


    Best part of ropes course?

    Frenchman- Zipline! I loved going fast.

    Ian G- Challenging yourself.

    Ben A- Finally getting the chicken and hearing it screech as I reached my goal.

    Will- Squeezing the chicken because it was so hard to get there.

    Harry- Conquering my fears and going super high.

    Hardest part of leg routine?

    Tyler- Backwards tuck walk because it hurt. We were in a tuck for a long time.

    Brendan- The backwards tucks because they were leg killers.

    Wyatt- Backwards tuck because it burned.

    Ben A- Walking uphill in a tuck as slow as possible. My legs nearly fell off.

    Key to fast SL runs?

    Thomas- Get the gates out of the way and don’t eat it!!!

    Harry- Going fast and moving quick.

    Will- On the last few gates, aim 3ft inside the gate , grab it and jump over it.

    What did you learn about yourself today?

    Jillian & Colleen- We can push ourselves further than we expected.

    Cat, Allie, Elena, Taylor- It’s ok to push yourself and test your limits.

  • 2013 WC1- Wed- Cool Temps & Muddy Bikes

    Cool temps all day kept everyone energized and moving. We loaded the bus and left for the Catamount Family Center in Williston, VT with 45 campers and 45 bikes. We split up into groups and explored the trails that range from double track gravel, to single track mud, roots and rocks. After yesterday’s rain, the theme of the day was to hit every mud puddle hard and there was not a clean camper by 10AM. Three hours of biking with snacks and lunch in between was enough and we headed back to campus.

    We practiced the dance and finished the rotation of cooking, climbing and obstacle course. The cookers made pumpkin & squash donuts which everyone gobbled up later on. And although the athletes were pretty sore and tired from Sufferfest, we fit in an EPIC game of Dodgeball just before dinner. Amazing how competition reloads the energy stores.

    Finally after dinner it was the annual Soccer Tourney. The campers rallied to show off their skills. The coaches were impressed and there were even a few campers that nutmegged and schooled some of the coaches! Like yesterday, we ended with some yoga and relaxation, and I was helped by McKenna who showed us some new yoga moves.

    It is 9:07 and my dorm is quiet! On tap tomorrow is the Ropes Courses and the Leg routines. It never stops here at ELITEAM. And the weather looks dry!


    What did you think of the mountain biking today?

    Amelia- I’ve had the most mud on me ever.

    McKenna- Very fabulous.

    Brendan- It was sweet we got to dodge rocks and trees. I was dirty and sweaty, that’s what biking is all about.

    Ryan G- I think it was really hard but fun. I loved the Cliffs of Insanity trail best.

    What is the key to being a good mtn biker?

    Lila, Riley, Eva & Grace- Be positive and confident.

    Sophie & Ariana- Knowing how to handle different terrain and situations.

    Morgan L- Knowing how to use your gears.

    Julia- Going with the easy group.

    Ryan G.- Always have great balance and strong legs.

    Hunter- Giving all your effort and trying hard.

    What do you think of the food here at camp?

    Lila, Riley, Eva & Grace- The food is a lot better than the schools we go to.

    Sophie & Ariana- It’s yummy and nutritious.

    Elizabeth- Glorious.

    McKenna- Nutritious and delicious.

    Brendan- Great it is some of the best food I’ve had.

    Ryan G- I think it improved here since 2011.

    Hunter- The food is delish and plentiful.

    If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?

    Lila, Riley, Eva & Grace- I want to stay longer!

    Sophie & Ariana- That I miss her but I’m having a lot of fun & Thank you! :)

    Carly R- I miss you & can’t wait to see you. Let’s do burpees later.

    Morgan L- Can’t wait to see you. And I like dodgeball!

    Ryan G- I’m having a great time and the Sufferfest was the hardest thing yet!

    Hunter- Hi! I am having fun!

    Wyatt- I got an Olympian out in Dodgeball.

  • 2013 WC1- Tues- Sufferfest was Funfest

    We awoke to a slow steady, rain so morning run was moved inside. After a good warm-up and stretch we made sure to get in 25 burpees. After a huge breakfast it was time for some circuits. 10 groups rotated through 15 stations going hard. The team leaders were the coaches and they got into it as well pushing the kids and themselves. Then it was time to learn the ELITEAM dance. I think we will need some more practice before performing it on Saturday.

    Then it was time for our first rotation of rock wall climbing, cooking and obstacle course. The cookers made yogurt banana bread. The climbers dominated the walls and the obstacle course in the rain was slippery, muddy and of course, wicked fun.

    After lunch it was time for the dreaded SUFFERFEST. The entire group was amped up for the challenge. It took 3.5 hours, but we completed it all:


    100 sit-ups

    800 yard run

    100 core twists

    4 x 70 yard sprints

    100 BURPEES

    100 tuck jumps

    Moved 3 yards of mulch 100 yards

    And finally, we walked up a river for a mile.

    According to all the campers, the SUFFERFEST turned into the FUNFEST.

    After some showers and some rest, we were back at it after dinner for our second rotation of the wall, cooking and activity. We ended the day with some yoga and relaxation and a treat of eating the yogurt banana bread the campers cooked.

    It was not a problem to put the athletes to bed tonight. We all are completely exhausted.


    Amelia challenged herself on the rock wall by attempting it blindfolded. She was about halfway up and said, "It is so hard to see with this blindfold on."

    Thomas- Obstacle Course: We got dirty!!!

    Chad- Sufferfest: Burpees were the hardest. My thighs burn. Laughing at Conor got me through Sufferfest.

    Alex M- Sufferfest: Tough, long and hard workout to test my limits and push my boundaries. The key for getting through Sufferfest is keeping the same mentality as doing something that you enjoy!

    Ben Gordon: Sufferfest is about trying so hard but also suffering. The hardest part for me was the 100 burpees. My legs burned. The river walk was the most fun I ever had. The water was so nice. We cooked banana bread with apple sauce and chocolate chips. I learned a lot about nutrition.

    Ian M- Sufferfest: Doing 10 sets of 10 burpees was impossible. By 10 I was half-dead. And we were only 1/10 there.

    Thomas- Sufferfest: Gets you in the core and makes you push your limits and keep going.

    Tyler- The burpees are brutal and very challenging. Stay calm and breathe.

    Zane- Sufferfest is a hard, painful workout where you work through pain and agony to reach success. I thought I was going to die during burpees.

    Sam S- Sufferfest was insane because you barely got time to recover. The river walk was awesome because it was very refreshing after Sufferfest.

    Sam B- Sufferfest is a day of pain and agony mixed with a little bit of fun. The river walk was awesome.

  • 2013 WC1- Mon- Challenges

    Rocks and push-ups are so 2012. This Summer we’ve decided to focus on Burpees and Sandbags…750 Burpees to be exact. That is our goal for the week, and today we polished off 125. During orientation, we got up close and personal with the sandbags. We lifted, threw, hoisted, twisted, squatted and sprinted our 20 pound sandbags all over the field.

    Teamwork was essential for the groups to conquer the challenges presented at orientation. Strategy is a concept that takes thought and communication. Some groups embraced that. Some just did not have the time for it. In the end, what impressed the coaches was just how many different ways the athletes came up with solving the problems. Hidden behind the challenges were exercises geared to train quickness, balance, strength, and agility. Skills that pay dividends down the road.

    Right before dinner it was time to learn the Obstacle Course. The athletes did not run it, but inspected and visualized it for tomorrow’s training runs.

    After dinner we focused in on agility with pole games and relays. Then we added in some pressure to work on the mental side of sport. This group of athletes upped their game when the clock came out. The athletes kept pushing the limit farther and farther until many ended up crashing while laughing hysterically. Our last “training session” was two practice rounds of the jello drop. Eye-mouth coordination is way under-rated.

    In the dorms it was time to wind down so we read the ELITEAM Notebook and wrote in our journals. In the boys down, there were extra burpees going on before bed. Finally though at 9:00 sharp, it was lights out and it is quiet.


    What activity did you like the best this afternoon and why?

    Conor- Sandbags because I met sweet baby Jesus.

    Ian M- Fit Lite because I felt like I had the force when I activated it.

    Thomas- Team Relays because of Chad and Dan.

    Morgan A- Pole drop it was fun.

    Reed- Pole drop relays because they were active and kept you moving.


    What was your most challenging moment, and how did you push through it?

    Morgan A- Lifting the sand and I tried.

    Reed- I didn’t have one but if I chose one the sandbag workouts. I knew it would help me the next time I do them.

    Julia- 100 burpees. I just did it even though it was painful.


    What’s the best part of your day so far?

    Conor- Seeing the smile on Thomas’s face.

    Thomas- Conor

    Julia- Snack was pretty darn good!


    How do you feel about burpees? Can you do 100 every day?

    Conor- They are painful. Yes.

    Reed- Burpees are fine. Yes, I can do 100-125.

    Julia- They are tough! My legs feel like human jello!

  • 2013 EC2- Friday Mash-up with Pits & Pizza

    There were some tired and sore athletes today at camp. We switched the morning run to a morning walk and stretch, but of course we still managed 40 burpees before breakfast.

    We had a cool mixture of activities in the morning switching from Cooking to Obstacle courses, to an intense discussion on Sports Psychology. In the kitchen, they made Energy Bars and one of our all time favorite recipes, Yogurt Banana Bread. They also learned the 6 nutrients and which ones provide energy. In the Psych talk, we made a list of race-day distractions and a plan to handle them. In the woods, it was all about quick feet with lots of running, jumping, climbing and hopping through the Obstacle Course.

    After lunch we practiced the dance again to dial it in for tomorrow. Then it was SANDPIT Slalom time. The racing action was as hot as the weather. Hydrating between runs, the athletes had three training runs to learn the intricacies of the 30 second sprint down the pit. Then it was race time and the campers upped their game. We finished with a well-deserved dip in the pond to cool off and wash away all the sand.

    Pizza awaited the campers for dinner. They needed the calories as we got right back at it with the Climbing Wall and Capture the flag. To end Friday night, as always, it was Andrew’s Crazy Relays lead by Coaches Dan & Anna. Halfway through the mayhem it started to pour so we quickly ran inside the gym to finish. Right before bed we handed out the special ELITEAM T-shirt for 2013. The secret t-shirt color and design were presented. The campers responded with cheers!

    It is 9:10 and there is not a peep to be heard in the Boys dorm! Thank goodness as I am exhausted. We are hoping for a break in the storms tomorrow for our ELITEAM Olympics at 10AM. See you there.


    So far, what has been the best part of ELITEAM and Why?

    Mason- Ropes course because the Vertical Playpen seems so high from the bottom but when you touch the banner it’s not so bad.

    Max- I think the sandpits are my favorite because it is just like a real ski race and also it was fun to be timed.

    Jonathan- I loved all of it because I got to be crazy and push myself.

    Emma- The leg routine (Love ya Dan!)


    What has a coach said to you that got you really motivated, focused or excited?

    Max- They all say stuff like “You can do it” which helps because Eliteam is hard.

    Jonathan- My coach told me to push my limits.

    Russell- Run run push it!

    Asa- When a coach said, “Come on Asa. Climb the wall like your life depends on it.”

    Pepper- Molly said, “When you get to the flats, go fast and be strong.” That got me focused.


    How did your legs feel during the Leg Routine?

    Jonathan- My legs killed and I could barely walk.

    Logan- Tired and strong.

    Russell- My legs were so sore that I had to ice them twice!

    Asa- My legs felt very powerful. They also hurt crazy bad!

    Annie- Like Jello!!


    What did you think of Sandpits today?

    Mason- Way different than I thought and the sand made you fall.

    Max- They were challenging but fun as well as an experience I’ll never forget!

    Zach- So much fun and challenging because could you imagine having 2 lbs of sand in your shoes it’s awful.

    Molly- IT WAS AWESOME.

    Lizzy- They were fun and exciting and people cheered you on.

    Pepper- At first I was nervous then they were AWESOME.


    ELITEAM is…


    Max- Intensely fun and is the best camp.

    Jonathan- The best camp in the world.

    Logan- AWESOME! Because you sweat until you sweat the last drop.

    Russell- Awesome!

    Zack- Extremely FUN.

    Asa- A place where kids go to push your limits and unleash your inner beast.

    Molly- Motivative.

    Annie- A camp that inspires athletes to try their best.

    Lizzy- Totally awesome.

    Amy- Fun, helpful, motivational.


  • 2013 EC2- Thurs- High Ropes and Sore Legs

    Breakthroughs. That is what we experienced today in the high ropes. Goals pursued, achieved and surpassed. Fears addressed and overcome. I heard the rubber chicken (which hangs at 45 feet in the air) crow a few times today as the athletes used all sorts of techniques to climb to the top of the Vertical Playpen. The cowbell rang more than ever as the athletes dominated the tightrope traverse. And lastly, I saw burpees, push-ups and even the ELITEAM dance executed on the incline log - 20 feet in the air.

    On the fields it was a leg tiring, lung burning, all-out, go-for-it kind of workout. The campers learned what it means to push themselves to the limit. Although hot, they worked hard and with intensity. The hardest were the backwards tuck walks up the hill. The most fun was the quick-feet slalom course. Emma, loving the course, was not at all concerned about the heat. She declared, “I won’t get hot until I beat these two boys.”

    Dinner tonight was “Taco Tuesday” on Thursday, and it was as messy as it was good. Pepper and Nick filled their plates 4 times!


    What has been the most challenging part of Eliteam and why?

    Brooks- Leg Routine. Backward tuck walk because my legs were hurting and felt like they were going to fall off.

    Lindley- Ropes course because you had to push your limits.

    Emily- You have to do something that really scares you, but afterwards the accomplishment feels great.


    What is the key to staying calm and positive in the Ropes Course?

    Annie - I like to do the harder ones first so I have confidence for the ones later.

    Wyatt- Don’t look down, also focus on one thing.

    Lindley- Breathing.

    Rayna- The key is to breathe and trust the rope.

    Emily- Don’t look down. Look forward and never give up.

    Amy- You have to remember that nothing can happen to you.

    Saylor- Believe you can!!

    Declaration from Phoebe in the Ropes course… I’m going to cross the log. YOLO!

    (You Only Live Once)


    What is the trick to having a fast, clean run on the Berg und tal?

    Brooks- The first few steps get a nice steady rhythm and keep it until you’re done.

    Luke- You kind of have to dance. If you do you will get a good rhythm and you won’t mess up.

    Lindley- You have to push off really hard.

    Saylor- Stay balanced and stay dedicated to your goal. Never give up, push yourself.


    What do you think of the food here at camp?

    Brooks- It’s great! Tasty and delicious!

    Luke- It’s awesome!!! It tastes better and it’s more healthy.

    Emily- The food is really good, but you have to be prepared to be yelled at by Doug. (He always yells, “Eat more food!”)

    Amy- The food is great. I like how the camp mixes it up.

    Saylor- The food is just as good as a restaurant.


    If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?

    No name- Mom, I love Eliteam, but let’s bring a mattress next time.

    Brooks- I’m having so much fun!!!!PS- but it’s kind of challenging too.

    Luke- I’m having a great time. The best part has been the agility course.

    Lindley- That camp is awesome.

    Rayna- I would say this camp is really awesome, but now I’m really tired.

    Saylor- Even though I have a hurt thumb, I found out I can do more than I thought I could.

    Saylor- Send me back again.

  • 2013 EC2- Wed- Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

    ELITEAM is lucky to have the ELITEAM woods - a place that remains cool despite the hot weather. Right after a good stretch in the gym we all headed out to the woods for five orientation games that required teamwork and communication, as well as agility, balance and brains. Some teams seemed to gel immediately, while others took a bit to come together. It often takes a while, but once they all commit to the goal, and listen to each other, amazing things happen.

    After the challenges, it was time to learn and practice the Obstacle course. It is a minute long course, full of twists and turns and ups and downs. By the end, all 46 campers had memorized the course and speeds were increasing. Throughout it all were some really good crashes! The kids were proud of the mud and dirt they wore on their legs and arms. The Obstacle will be highlighted on Saturday for the parents.

    Dinner was a hit with lots of spaghetti and meatballs, salad, fruit, and CHOCOLATE MILK!!! Following the chow-fest it was time for more agility with some fun relays. New teams, with new leaders, and lots of laughs. Coach Molly’s team, anchored by Meredith and Ingrid, had to do the most push-ups, as they could not master a straight, tight, quiet line.

    After a brief downpour we hit the soccer field for agility craziness with poles. This relatively simple concept is not only fun, but also quite challenging as it requires focus and precision. Two push-ups were the punishment for each mistake, and there were a ton of mistakes. The level of difficulty increased with each exercise and it was really fun to watch.

    We got back to the dorms early enough for a good journal meeting and rules discussion. Then it was showers, hang time in the rooms, and lights out at 9:00pm. The boys dorm was quiet (finally) at about 9:15. Not bad for 25 excited, but tired campers.

    Tomorrow is high ropes, leg routines and cooking!

    Random Quotes:

    Russell - “The kids were right. This camp is AWESOME.”

    Anonymous ;) - “This is better than my mom’s.” (spaghetti dinner)

    Wyatt- I prayed for rain, and we had rain. I prayed for meatballs, and we had meatballs.”

  • 2013 EC1- Fri- Sun & Sandpits

    Today dawned sunny and cool and DRY! So the campers finally enjoyed (along with the coaches) a morning run on the dirt roads and trails. We hammered out another 25 Burpees as well. After breakfast it was off to the woods with the younger campers and onto the field & gym for the older campers.

    I was belaying the Vertical Playpen and watched some amazing feats of climbing. Jett, who weighs all of 45 pounds pulled the entire group together in awe as he climbed 45 feet up a tree to completely dominate the Vertical Playpen. The others were so motivated that Jett became the catalyst for personal bests all morning long. Molly had a great day as well and pushed it to the limit in every element. She said she could not wait to tell her brother Finn all about it on the way home.

    On the field, it was time for the older campers to work the quads and hamstrings to the max. At one point Cody yelled, “It’s pain like I have never known before!” Although tired, the entire group also realized that they all would be stronger the next day because of it.

    After lunch it was in the bus and off to the sandpits for the Slalom challenge - 15 gates of vertical intensity and SAND. The course was longer and harder than year’s past with the winning time of 26 seconds. Standing at the top, some of the campers could not believe they were basically throwing themselves down the mountain. I asked one camper if they had sand in their shoes. The reply, “I am a half an inch taller because of it.”

    The final night is pure chaos as Coaches Chad and Sara get crazy with the agility relays. The competition is pure and focused on teamwork. Tight and quiet teams were rewarded. Loud and unorganized teams ended up doing a lot of extra Burpees. The Jello drop was intense as always with the competition going four rounds. The last thing we did was give out the ELITEAM 2013 T-shirts to the campers for tomorrow’s Olympics. They start at 10am sharp and we hope to see friends and family there.


    Best part of ELITEAM?

    Lea - “Making it across the Burma Bridge because it took me three years to finally make it!”
    Emma S - “Everything!”
    Ellie - “Everything because ELITEAM Rocks!”

    What has a coach said to get you motivated?

    Lea - “5 minutes to dinner.”
    Sabrina - “Doug telling me that I can do it on the World Cup.”

    ELITEAM is…

    Molly - “Challenging and Fun at the same time.”
    Ellie - “Totally AWESOME!”

  • 2013 EC1- Thurs- High Ropes, Tuck Jumps & Cooking 101

    Some morning drizzle kept us inside the gym for Morning Run & Stretch, but it did not deter us from getting in our Burpees before breakfast. After feasting on pancakes, eggs, bagels, cereal and fruit, it was time to split the group in half for the morning. The older kids went up high in the trees, while the younger ones worked hard on the leg routine and agility courses.

    The campers in the Ropes Courses really pushed their limits. When we were leaving I asked how many reached their goal. All of the hands went up. Then I asked how many had surpassed their goal. Most of them stayed raised. It really is amazing how far, fast and high these athletes can go if they push themselves.

    While half the group was swinging in the trees, the other half was jumping, sprinting, tucking, and hopping all over campus. There are a lot of sore legs tonight!

    In the afternoon it was non-stop action as the campers cooked, raced the obstacle, talked about sports psychology and played epic games of Dodgeball. I spent a lot of time in the dodgeball jail. Brie took me out three times in about five minutes. Never underestimate an 11 year-old with a strong arm.

    After dinner it was time to climb the rock wall with half the kids while the other half played a campus-wide game of Capture the Flag. Sprinting didn’t seem to be an issue when you have a flag in your hand and 30 kids chasing you down.

    We ended with some relaxation in the gym. I think a couple of the campers fell asleep which is pretty much the point.

    Quotes from the campers:

    What’s been the most challenging?

    Lea - “Trying to push myself to go faster because even when I try as hard as I think I can, I know I can do it better.”

    Emma F. - The Berg Und Tal - you do not want to fall.”

    Kaitlin - “The World Cup Ropes element was hard because you had to multi-task.”

    Maddie KS - Everything that we do is tough because I am not used to this.”


    What is the Key to the Ropes Course?

    Leyton - “Keep going and do not look down!”

    Anonymous - “Put one foot in front of the other.”

    Alice - “BREATHE and don’t look down.”

    Abby - “Knowing that if I fall I won’t die.”


    If you could tell your Mom on thing right now, what would it be?

    Leyton - I would tell her that I wish she was here so she could see all the fun things I did.”

    Alice - That I wish I made the choice to go to the World Cup session.”

    Skylar - “I love this camp.”

    Emma F. - That I am so tired.”

    Maddie KS - That this place is awesome.”

  • 2013 EC1- Wed- Half Day, but Full Program

    Europa Cup 1 started and ended the same way today - with Burpees. The campers did 50 upon arrival and finished with 50 before the nightly meeting. In between was control, chaos, movement, learning and challenges!

    Our first little challenge was the downpour of rain at exactly 3pm, so we stayed in the gym and rotated through five race challenges. It always amazes me how athletes respond to challenges and push each other to go faster. Teamwork and communication with 8-11 year-olds is fun to watch. It starts off slow, but once they start talking, they invent ways to solve problems. Inside the gym we did Ava’s Cone Relays, The Plank challenge, Berg und Tal , and Fit Light.

    After the rain, we headed out to the ELITEAM woods to practice the Obstacle Course, which will be one of the events on Saturday. The recent rains made the course slippery and tough to have a perfect run. I saw Win fall three times on one gate! Memorizing the course was priority one so they could visualize it before going to bed.

    After a huge dinner of spaghetti, meatballs, salad and fruit, it was back to the fields for some fun agility. First off it was Boys vs Girls in the Dowel Race. The boys took second place to the overall winning girls. Then it was a solid hour of Slalom Pole games and races. The photos speak for themselves.

    We finished off the night with some journal work and the campers filled out some Blog cards. The following are quotes from the kids:

    Toughest part of the day:

    Race - “Burpees. To get through them I just focused hard.”

    Thomas - “Burpees. But I just found a different way to do them and they were easier.”

    Lindsay - “Burpees, but I just relaxed and got through them.”

    Raymond - “Berg Und Tal. But it helps my lower body strength and quickness.”

    Molly - “The very slippery climbing wall. I pushed through it by holding on tight.”

    Ellie - “The Obstacle course because there were a lot of fun challenges.”

    Lastly, I asked Raymond what he was feeling like after we finished the last of our workouts. He said, “Happy and ready for more burpees…”

    I think they all were ready for bed. And so am I.

  • WC2- Tuesday- If I push my limits, I am unstoppable.

    Today was half physical and half mental, plus we threw in some yammalicious muffins and a skype with USST athlete and World Cup winner Steve Nyman. Steve’s message to the kids… “Dig deep. That’s when you see the rewards.” Perfect timing on that one from Steve, as today there was physical pain in Dan’s Killer Leg Routine and mental pain in the High Ropes Courses, as we saw many of the kids fight through some tough moments.

    Up in the high ropes today there was both risk and reward with lots of goals being met and surpassed. With the knowledge that they were belayed and safe, the campers upped the ante and pulled off some amazing feats… our first ever 360 grabs on the Trapeze, a longer more intricate Tightrope traverse, and blindfolded Duos at 45 feet in the air. Everywhere you could see the campers fight through nerves and fight through barriers. It’s rewarding for our staff to see an athlete begin the climb apprehensively and end it with confidence.

    Up the hill, on the field, and in the gym it was leg strength, leg endurance and leg agility. The highlights were backwards tuck jumps uphill, a slow squat utilizing rubber bands for resistance, and the gym obstacle course. One camper told me that he wished gym class back at school could be like the gym agility course here at ELITEAM everyday. Not only did the kids have a ton of fun and teach their brains and muscles how to work together, but I think they’re inspired to keep it up when they return home.

    After finishing yet another set of 50 push-ups, Ben said to me. "If anyone asks how to get a 6-pack really quick, just tell them to go to ELITEAM". By the way, all the campers are at 450 push-ups after a day and a half!

    It was a huge day of activities here. Tomorrow, mountain biking!

    Random quotes overheard today.
    My legs are already numb. – Coach Zack
    I was throwing bullets.- Coach Joe
    I don’t know what went wrong. – Coach Dan
    What we did this morning feels like it was a week ago.- Olivia
    If I was from Calgary, I could probably do it on the first try. Tom
    Oh no mayday! We’re going down.- Tom

    Quotes from the 1st floor in the Boys’ Dorm:

    The best part of today was…
    The ropes courses because they are really fun and challenging and it also makes me feel awesome about myself.- Oliver
    Going swimming. It was so refreshing!- Cole
    The pond. Jumping for the balls was awesome and I caught a frog. – Finn
    I liked the Dangle Duo because Alex and I flew through it.- Kyle
    The ropes course because I pushed my limits.- Brian

    How did your legs feel during the Leg Routine on the hill?
    It depended on the exercise but they always hurt.- Colin
    They felt burning.- Matt
    They felt sore!- Patrick
    The legs of mine hurt so much like they already fell off and then they got stuck back on.- Finn.
    They hurt, but I pushed it and I was glad I did.- Kyle
    Terrible (but good).- Brian

    What is the trick to having a fast, clean run on the Berg und Tal?
    Getting into a rhythm and keeping it. – Oliver
    If you imagine you’re shaking someone’s hand and slap your downhill foot on the board. – Cole
    To keep a slow steady pace and not rush.- Patrick
    Having a stable upper body and a fast lower body.- Colin
    Staying balanced and concentrating.- Matt
    Being focused and ignoring your hurting legs.- Finn
    Just go and rip. No holding back.- Kyle

    What was your most challenging moment in the Ropes Course? How did you push through it?
    I had so much trouble on the trapeze. It took me two tries to finally get it.- Cole
    I was having trouble on the Vertical Playpen but I just lifted myself with my arms.- Colin
    The tight wire was the hardest part. I took a deep breath and continued.- Patrick

    What did you learn about yourself today?
    I can keep pushing myself no matter how hard it is!- Cole
    That I am good at the Dangle Duo and need to work on my flexibility.- Matt
    I learned to not waste all your energy at the beginning of a race.- Patrick
    That I am not as afraid of heights as I thought.- Finn
    I can push limits.- Brian
    No matter how hard it hurts, you can do it. – Colin
    I learned that if I push my limits, I am unstoppable. – Kyle

  • WC2- Monday- My arms feel like noodles.

    Just 30 minutes into ELITEAM we had the group split into four to face four different challenges. First there was the Rock Workout, which quickly answered the question, "What are we doing with the rocks?" They lifted, twisted, threw, carried, tossed, squatted and hugged their rocks while sweating up a storm. There was also the Stilt & Push-up combo station. After they hammered out 50 push-ups, they sprinted with stilts. Some caught on quickly while others spent some time stumbling, quite literally, around the field as they tried out various techniques. We had the Duck Carry challenge, which had them hanging in the cargo net. It’s harder than it looks! And finally there was the Nitro Water Transport where I saw some pretty amazing feats of balance, strength and ingenuity - all with smiles on their faces.

    After dinner it was all about agility. With just bamboo poles and your imagination you can think up some pretty hard footwork combinations. And as soon as you make it a team challenge, the athletes respond with inspired performances. Not all the performances ended with everyone still standing though. Next were relays and finally a relaxation/yoga cool down that had 46 campers lying quiet on the field as the sun set.

    The boys dorm was quiet at 9:00 with just one room of five making giggling noises past lights out. The threat of cleaning toilets quieted them quickly though. Tomorrow is all Ropes and Leg Routines.

    Push-up water… aka “sweat”.- Tom
    I’m going to burn my rock when I get home.- Charlie L.
    We need to get into Zen-mode here, people.- Ollie


    Best part of my day so far…
    The Nitro. We had to use a lot of teamwork to figure out what to do.- Brianna
    Ducky cargo net. It was challenging but fun.-Olivia
    The stilts. I kept falling, but eventually I got it!- Kelsey
    The stilts. I like being high in the air. - Nicole
    The trick to succeeding on the stilts:
    Listening to the counselor and trying your hardest.- Gabbie

    Having a narrow stance. – Brianna
    Contain your balance.- OliviaLean forward. – SophieGet your balance before you try to walk. – Maureen

    My rock is…
    heavy.- Gabbie
    14.5 lbs and is named “Rock”- Brianna
    Annoying.- Kelsey
    My soulmate.
    J - Nicole

    How many push-ups have you done so far?And how do your arms feel?
    220. I can’t feel them. – Kelsey
    250. Tired! -Maureen
    200. Great!- Sophie
    220! Like noodles!- Gabbie

  • WC1- Friday: What a week!

    Friday greeted us with some light rain and sore muscles from the “Sufferfest”, but the troops rallied for the morning run and another 50 push-ups. We’re at 950 and will pass 1000 push-ups tomorrow before breakfast!

    After breakfast today we loaded up the big yellow bus and headed to Sugarbush's Lincoln Peak for a hike. Although our legs were a bit heavy from a huge week, we pumped it up to Allyn's Lodge in approximately 45 minutes. About half the group then left with a goal of reaching the top. 25 minutes later they stood atop the peak in complete fog. Finally, we all enjoyed the reward… a ride down the Super Bravo Quad to the base.

    After lunch it was back in the bus for the infamous Sandpit Slalom competition. This year it’s a dual course and after an inspection plus three training runs, it was “game-on” head to head racing down the steep face of the Fayston Sand Pits. The training runs were flawless, but as soon as the runs counted, the intensity rose a few notches and the crashes began. Two by two they pushed it right to the limit and sometimes beyond. We saw some exciting races!

    We’ve had an excellent week, but for some of the 14 year olds, this camp has been bittersweet. Andrew, who wins MVP in the kitchen for his Hobart work, was bummed that these will be his final days as a camper. Tomorrow marks his 6th ELITEAM Olympics! And when we asked Rachel what she’ll be doing after camp, she replied simply, “Crying that it’s over.” We’ve had a great time with the many 14 year-olds this camp. So many have shown great maturity, enthusiasm and leadership. We’ll miss you!

    Tomorrow calls for some wet weather, but nothing will stop us from getting out there and holding the Olympics at 10am. London's got nothing on ELITEAM. Bring a raincoat and get ready to cheer on all of these young athletes!

  • WC1- Thurs: We're all jacked up!

    It rained almost all day, but that did not dampen the spirits of the group. In the high Ropes, which is covered by a canopy of trees, we hardly knew it was coming down. Campers were pushing their limits and the limits of each element. We had our first ever 180 trapeze catch, our first Dangle Duo climb with a ROCK, and almost half the campers tried one of the elements blindfolded.

    While we were in the trees, the other group was hopping, jumping, and slaloming until they could barely walk. The stopwatches were out and personal bests were the order of the day.

    Lunch was mac & cheese and the campers fueled up in preparation for a busy afternoon. We started it by skyping with US Ski Team member Tommy Biesemeyer who joined us from Lake Placid. He shared some great stories and passed on some words of advice for the young athletes. “Try to focus on getting better and having fun, rather than results.” When asked about the really tough workouts he said, “It’s about mental toughness. Those are the ones that really make a difference. You have to push through the pain.” That was a perfect note to end on, as our first ever “Sufferfest” was next on our schedule!

    As a group, and IN THE RAIN, we all did the following: 100 push-ups, 100 Rock throws, 100 yard sprint with Rock, 100 sit-ups, 100 Burpees, 100 Russian Twists, and 100 overhead Rock presses. Then we paraded our rocks out into the woods to ceremoniously pile them together. We have definitely spent enough time with them and needed some space. We all held hands and went around the circle answering the question, “My rock is…” The answers ranged from “a nightmare” to “my best friend.”

    After a quick shower it was time to dress up in “All One Color” for dinner. We saw a variety of colors… pink, green, blue, black, red, orange and white. After dinner we took the night off and enjoyed a special treat of frozen yogurt and a movie, “Soul Surfer”.

    Right now the kids are getting ready for bed. I just overheard one of the boys yell, “I’ve done 1050 push-ups!” They should all sleep well tonight.

    Sufferfest Quotes:
    I’m having a blast guys. Let’s do more! – Kristina
    Sufferfest is a little too festive. – Henry R
    Let’s do 101.- Coach Dan
    I may die on this field.- Rachel

    Ropes Course Quotes:
    Your hands get so dirty whenyou hug a tree. – Maddie
    My legs feel like a phone on vibrate. – Liddy
    I’m going to be jacked by the end of this! - Rachel

  • WC1- Wed: Biking, Beans & Call Me Maybe

    This morning we loaded up a big yellow bus and headed off to Catamount Mtn Biking Center in Williston. The bikes were piled high on Coach Chad’s trailer and miles of fun single track were awaiting us. Arrival was smooth and groups headed out on the trails to explore and push their limits. The trails were challenging and were made even more fun by the huge rain puddles left from yesterday. I was with the Novice group who turned into legitimate Mountain Bikers before my very eyes. We ate up trails named "Cliffs of Insanity" and "Pure Bliss". The experts came rolling into lunch with huge smiles, muddy legs and great stories.

    Back at camp it was time to practice our rhythm, timing and coordination by learning the Dance. We’re still using old school moves like the Pencil Sharpener and Sprinkler, but broke tradition by using a pop song as our featured tune…"Call Me Maybe". Should be interesting for you all to watch on Saturday!

    After Dance we moved on to a World Cup soccer tournament. It was “Ghana” and “Spain” in the finals, with Ghana winning 3-1. We were all so hot after the tourney we headed to Folger’s Pond to cool off. Through the woods we hiked to our glorious pond and we all exited refreshed.

    After dinner it was our final rotation of Cooking, Rock Wall and Capture the Flag. I was at the climbing wall and enjoyed watching the teamwork and friendly challenges. Campers in the kitchen whipped up a batch of our infamous Black Bean Brownies, which were devoured just one hour later after our yoga session. They were still warm and within 5 minutes, not a crumb was left.

    Putting the boys to bed was easy tonight as they were all completely exhausted. Tomorrow we return to the high ropes and leg routine rotation in the morning. In the afternoon, we have something brand new for the ELITEAMers - The Sufferfest. There will be some suffering, but it will be something they never forget!

    Random Quotes overheard today:
    Oh my pecs are getting strong now. I can make them dance.
    Carrots are my best friend. They never let you down.
    We’re doing this for a good cause… my tummy.

    Mtn Biking:
    All I know is, just relax!
    I only fell three times and hit one tree.
    When in doubt, bail out. You can always buy another bike, but you can’t buy another you.
    I thought I wouldn’t like mtn biking, but I did.
    Biking was a lot easier than I thought, but I fell a lot.
    I loved Cliffs of Insanity. I was a mud monster!

  • WC1- Tuesday: Ropes, Sore legs, Dogeball & Slacklines!

    Days start early at ELITEAM with the campers up for a run and stretch at 7:00AM. They get a nice warm-up jog for 15 minutes and then some flexibility work, core, and of course push-ups. Then it’s time to fuel up with a massive breakfast of eggs, pancakes, bagels, cereal, yogurt and fruit.

    By 8:30 we’re back at it. Today half the group was pushing mental limits in the high ropes, and the other half pushing through pain in the leg routine. I was belaying the trapeze jump and although not every camper caught the trapeze, everyone took the leap of faith which takes focus, visualization and trust. It was a lot of fun to watch.

    After lunch the Pros from Gibbon Slacklines joined us. They gave an exciting expo of what’s possible with this excellent piece of training equipment. They showed us walking, hopping, 180s, butt-bounces, and a perfectly landed back-flip which amazed the campers and coaches alike.

    During the afternoon all of our campers got a one-on-one with the pros on the seven practice slacklines set up in the woods. It was very cool! If there is one piece of training equipment that you should buy for your young ski racer, this is it! Balance, core strength and focus are essentials to a ski racer. A slackline is the perfect tool for this!!! The pros at Gibbon recommended the “Fun Line” or “Classic Red” line.

    After that, it was a rotation of cooking, dodgeball and biking. Somehow the chaos in the kitchen produced some very yummy Yam-a-licious muffins. The bikers had all the elements mastered in minutes. And finally, it was Game-On at Swedish Dodgeball. Don't ask me the rules. All I know is that it’s as much fun to watch as it is to play.

    After dinner, which was Taco Tuesday, it was back to the rock wall and cooking for a second round. Finally it was Yoga time with all 46 campers performing Sun Salutations, Warrior poses and more. I always end with some visualization and relaxation, and it always amazes me when I’m standing amongst forty-six 11-14 year-olds and they are all lying silently, motionless, with eyes closed for 10 minutes straight visualizing our day.

    Tomorrow we’re heading to Catamount Family center for a day of mountain biking. The bikes are already loaded!

    Random Quotes overheard today…

    Coach Megan: How are you guys feeling?
    All: So Sore! (Sorest body parts reported= pecs and abs.)
    Abi: I thought it was Wednesday! It doesn't feel like the second night.
    Henry: "I'll be the mom-- I'll clean."
    After getting all the way to the top of the Vertical Playpen, Max declared, "This is precarious!"
    Austin encouraging Henry R… "Come on Dude, pain is the game!"
    Rachel: "Let's take a leap of faith" …just before jumping onto the slackline.
    This is the best camp for kids I’ve ever seen. They have the freedom to be themselves.- Josh- Education Director from Gibbon Slacklines

  • WC1- Monday: My rock is Awesomeness

    The thunderstorms held off until after 6:30pm which allowed us to have some fun AND get a workout in before dinner. The group went through four stations on the field and in the woods. They got a full body workout with their rocks and a lesson on stilts. They took on the Nitro Swing with the added challenge of transporting water, and also worked the cargo net with ducks. It was a ton of fun, but all good strength, balance, coordination and teamwork training.

    After a spaghetti and meatball feast with broccoli, salad and fruit, the rain began to fall so we moved the action inside for some agility work. Although it was all about perfection, it’s pretty funny how fast things turn into races with athletes this age. The competitive juices were flowing with everyone pushing each other. The rain soon stopped so we headed back outside to finish up with some pole agility games.

    Tomorrow we go hard early with Ropes Courses and Leg Routines. In the afternoon Professional Gibbon Slackline Athletes will be here to give us a demo and spend some time working with the kids on their slackline skills. www.gibbonslacklines.com

    The rain helped cool things off. The dorms are quiet and we’re all psyched for another great day tomorrow!

    Quotes from the BOYS DORM:

    Best part of my day so far…
    Dinner!- Teddy
    Walking on stilts.- Sam B.
    Duck Challenge,- Chad
    The cargo net & mountain biking. – Austin.
    Everything (but push-ups)- Jimmy
    Breaking my rock when I threw it. Now it is Dead.- Ries

    The trick to succeeding on the stilts…
    Use your armpits. – Ben
    Straighten your legs.- Henry
    Keep your momentum moving forward.- Sam B.
    Pull up on the stilts.- Jake
    I have no idea.- Bryce

    Most challenging moment:
    Throwing our rocks when doing sit-ups.- Austin
    Rock throwing sit-ups.- Sam B.
    Sit-up rock throw- Sam S.
    Rock sit-ups.- Henry
    The last push-up.- Jimmy

    My rock is…
    My best friend at camp.- Ben
    12 lbs and his name is Bob Jones.- Austin
    19 lbs and annoying.- Andrew
    About 200lbs right now.- Jimmy
    Awesomeness.- Henry
    Friendly.- Chad
    Heavy and fat.- Brendan
    Dead.- Ries
    Named Wilma.- Teddy
    Getting heavier by the minute. – Sam B.

    Right now I am…
    Sore, tired and full.- Andrew
    In misery because of my arms.- Brendan
    Excited for tomorrow and sweaty.- Austin

    How many push-ups have you done so far? And how do your arms feel?
    200 and they feel great!- Jake
    150. Good and ready for more.- Ries
    150, give or take. Arms feel like jello stepped on by an elephant.- Jimmy

  • EC2- Friday- Hard work, but exciting!

    Fridays are packed with action and the day once again started with the morning run and stretch, followed by a big breakfast of french toast, eggs, bagels, cereal and fruit. Then it was out to the high ropes for half the group while the others got up close and personal with the grassy hill to crank out a killer leg routine. Backwards tuck jumps uphill always bring out the burn.

    After lunch it was back to the gym for a review of the dance, followed by a notebook meeting where we discussed Sports Physiology. We talked about strength, aerobic vs anaerobic, agility, heart rates and injuries.

    The highlight of the day for me was the dual slalom at the Sandpits. The sand was slippery and the course fast, so the action was intense. The campers started with an inspection of the 12 gate course and followed that with two training runs. Then it was Game-On head to head action. What was most impressive to me was that the campers never backed off or gave up until the finish. There were lots of lead changes and close finishes. Kelley was on the camera and captured some great action.

    We followed the dusty sandpits with a refreshing dip in the pond. Then it was back to the dorms to pack and clean before a soccer match extraordinaire. We fueled up with pizza to continue the action after dinner… Rock wall, Capture the Flag and Swedish Dodgeball entertained the athletes before the crazy Friday Night Relays commenced. Especially challenging was Coach Gunnar's Chicken Walk drills!!!

    Finally it was time for the Jello Drop Competition, which is always an ELITEAM favorite for both campers and staff. The very last thing we did was hand out the ELITEAM 2012 T-shirts. By 9:04pm my dorm was quiet. They’re all exhausted! And so am I. Hope to see you all tomorrow at the Olympics which start at 10 AM.

    Random Quotes heard throughout the day…
    I’ve officially had chocolate milk at every meal. I love it. – Cooper
    My legs are so much stronger than they were before I got here. – Mikayla
    I don’t like it, but I was determined to ring the bell. – Grace
    You get cuts in weird places here. – Teagan
    Tomorrow my mom is taking me to Ben & Jerry’s Factory after the Olympics, but I’d rather stay at Eliteam. Eliteam is better than ice cream. – Sarah
    This harness is giving me a wedgie, but that’s ok because my sister gives them to me all the time. – Anonymous ;)

    Quotes from the gals in Witch’s Hat:

    Favorite part of Eliteam so far?
    Ropes courses because I like balancing and sometimes it’s scary but then it’s fun.- Sara

    What will you use in the start gate?
    Confidence. Only words that involve “I can”.- Gabby

    How's the food? Dinner is the best meal. It’s fun because you get to wear flip-flops.
    Start gate? Deep breaths and concentrate. Relax.
    New Friends? “Yes, a ton!” Any boys? “No way.”

    What is the key to staying calm and positive in the Ropes Courses?
    I was scared in the beginning, but then I kept looking up and I was able to keep going. – Ella

    How was the leg routine?
    It hurt, but it makes you strong and you need strong legs for skiing!- Elese

    I would describe ELITEAM as…
    Hard work, but exciting! - Zoe

  • EC2- Thurs... My legs feel weird

    After a morning run and stretch, we fueled up for the day with fluffy pancakes and lots of eggs. For the morning activities, we split into two groups. One half headed out into the woods to attempt the High Ropes. The other half started with a quad-burning leg routine on the hill, followed by agility training in the gym.

    The High Ropes at ELITEAM serve two purposes; first they are tons of fun, but more importantly, they demand focus, breathing, determination and goal setting. Today they delivered on all fronts… big smiles and big challenges!

    After a grilled cheese lunch with soup and salad, it was time to dance. In just 30 minutes we turned chaos into a chorus line - well sort of. There is some rhythm there… we just have to find it. You’ll see our sweet dance moves on Saturday when we debut our routine at the Olympics.

    In the afternoon we had a rotation of Cooking, Obstacle Course and Sports Psychology. The campers learned about Carbs, Fats and Proteins as they mixed together the ingredients of healthy PB & Banana Muffins and Black Bean Brownies. We practiced inspection, visualization and execution in the Obstacle Course. And also talked about goals, distractions and mental skills as we shared stories from the World Cup circuit to J5 Duals.

    Today’s Random Quotes from the Campers:

    When I came down from the tree my stomach abandoned me.- Mikayla

    I am extremely scared, but I’m going to try. – Sarah

    My legs feel weird. I don’t feel like I’m walking. I feel like I’m floating. I worked really hard in the leg routine today. – Ethan

    Hey Doug. Can I hang out in the Commoners Room?- Cha

    Eating lots of food is my middle name.- Riley

    Where are the beans in these? – Molly

    Yum. - Hannah

    Quotes from Clark House (the boys dorm):


    Breathe and be calm so that the wire doesn’t shake a lot. It's hard but worth it cause coming down is so fun. - Cam

    World Cup is my favorite because it’s a big challenge. Then Doug gave me more challenges like skipping a rope and then clapping my hands. - Topher

    Kinda scary at first if you don't like heights like me. I only wanted to go a quarter of the way, but Counselor Will did it with me and pushed me to go the WHOLE way. - Zach


    Be quick and get your knees high – that’s the key to go faster. - Lucas


    Keep your upper body calm so your lower body can do all the work. You use less energy and you go faster. - William

    It's exactly like skiing - upper body stays calm and lower body rips. It is kinda like skiing moguls in a circle. - Cooper


    It is AWESOME. I am almost drowning in sweat. – Ethan

    This is the best camp ever. I like how we are outside a lot.- Cha

    It is so fun. It is a lot more intense than I thought. - Tyler

  • EC2- Day 1- ELITEAM Rocks!

    It started with a Rock Weigh-In and ended with some relaxation exercises on the field as the sun set. In between was agility, teamwork, chaos and FUN! Always amazing how a challenge pulls a team of individuals together and the entire group was challenged a ton this afternoon with rock throws, the nitro swing, a duck crossing, big blue stilts and basket heads.

    After refueling with a huge spaghetti dinner it was more agility and relays. We threw every combination of footwork at them, and they responded. If it was something they had never tried, you could see them work through the confusion and then start to rip. The little neurons in their brains were connecting the dots. They wanted to go all night, but we shut it down and did some breathing exercises on the field.

    A quick journal meeting and then it was lights out at 9:00. There were a few giggles and some whispering, but all is quiet in the dorms now and their little bodies are finally resting and recharging for a big day tomorrow!

    Random quotes overheard this afternoon:

    Duck Crossing: We are smoking this thing!- Ben
    Push-ups: After doing all these push-ups, my rock feels so much lighter! – Sarah
    Nitro rope swing (while falling) -I need roadside assistance!
    Rocks: Ben was eye-balling Doug’s rock and asked, How old are you?
    Madison: I think I broke my shin… it’s fine though.
    Sarah: Eliteam Rocks!

    Quotes from the girls in New Dorm:

    Best part of my day so far…
    Rope swinging and running around!- Haley
    Watching the counselors do the obstacle course. – Molly
    Meeting my dorm people. - Hannah

    The trick to succeeding on stilts…
    Is to try and try again, and to catch yourself on the first step.- Grace
    Lean forward. - Poppy

    My rock is…
    Awesome and heavy.- Grace
    Getting heavier every time I pick it up.- Kitt
    Shaped like a football and I like football. – Molly
    Heavy now, but I think it will hardly be heavy at the end of camp.- Hannah

    How many push-ups have you done so far and how do your arms feel?
    110. Bad. - Sophie
    75! Tired! – Haley

    Right now I am…
    Excited for activities tomorrow!- Haley
    Very excited.- Molly
    Having fun. – Poppy
    Happy. – Sophie

  • EC1- Super Saturday

    Europa Cup session 1 ended with some hot temps and even hotter competition in the Olympics. There were some exceptional performances by all the campers in front of a big crowd of family and friends.

    Even more impressive than the physical performances were a few examples of the athletes’ grit and determination. In the Field Agility course we saw two athletes crash in the hurdles and INSTANTLY hit the deck and do two push-ups as a penalty. Great sportsmanship. We also saw a bunch of crashes in the super slippery Quick Feet Slalom and all of them bounced right back up and finished strong. The coaches and crowd appreciated all of it.

    As for the 500 Push-Up Challenge, all campers reached it and some even tallied more than 700 during the four days. The campers went home with some pumped up arms for sure!

    Thanks to the 46 campers who can now call themselves ELITEAMers. Have a great Summer and we hope to see you all back next year!

  • Fridays are my favorite

    Another gorgeous morning at camp and the campers finally admitted to being sore from push-ups. But we did our 25 during the morning run and stretch anyway. And, as always, most of the campers did 10-25 on top of that! 500 Push-ups in four days may have been too easy as a goal.

    Kelley and Jillian blended up some healthy, yummy protein shakes at breakfast for a lucky few. Strawberries, blueberries, soy milk and some other secret ingredients made for a great breakfast addition. We also had a special treat of Canadian bacon, which disappeared way too fast.

    Fueled and ready, half the camp hit the Ropes Course while the other worked their muscles in the Agility and Leg routines. Although we have been doing ELITEAM for 20 years, the campers always seem to find a way to do something new and inventive. Today I saw Colter conquer the High Ropes Incline log element while holding his 11+ pound rock. I also witnessed my first sit-ups on the same element.

    After lunch we had our Notebook meeting on Physiology and then got in the bus for the infamous Sandpit Slalom which was a Dual this year. On some of the toughest conditions ever (dry, slippery, slick sand), the campers hopped, jumped, ran and crashed their way down the 60 foot vertical courses. The photos of the campers capture all the action.

    To cool off and to clean off the dust, we hit the pond for some swimming. Very refreshing.

    After some rock climbing, Capture the flag and "Swedish Meatballs", it was time for Andrew's Crazy Relays which is a combination Agility workout and Cirque de Soleil routine. High-knee Butt-kicks were especially impressive. Then the Jello was flying in the nights final exercise!

    Finally it was time to receive this year's ELITEAM Camper T-shirt... an honor that only ELITEAMers receive. They will be proudly worn tomorrow at the ELITEAM Olympics which start promptly at 10AM. Hope to see lots of family there to cheer.

    Quotes of the Day

    Are you sore from the leg routine?
    Lainey: “My legs are about to burn off in anger.”

    Sandpit Action:
    Carly: “My finger nails have never been this dirty.”
    Riley and Pepper: “The whole sandpit was in my sneakers.”

    Lydia: “I’ve done 1000 so far!"
    Abby: “I’ve done 999 and I’m saving my last one for tomorrow.”

    What I learned at ELITEAM:
    Carly: “You can always push yourself farther.”

    Photos of the days events can be found on the Photo Gallery Tab on the website.

  • DAY 2… These are BIG days.

    At 11:30am, as we ended the Ropes Courses session in the woods, a couple of the campers could not believe it was only lunch time. "It feels like we already had two days in one today!”

    We pack a lot in everyday, and today started with a 7:00am Run & Stretch followed by the Ropes Course for half the group and Agility/Coordination training & Leg Routines for the other half. Next was dance, Obstacle Course, Sports Psych and Cooking. Tonight we have Rock Wall, Swedish Dodge Ball and yoga. Throw in 150 push-ups and you have a day at ELITEAM.

    The focus at the Ropes Course is to discover their comfort with heights, and then push through their perceived barriers. Amazing how many of the campers reached their goals and then went further. We talked about how that means they underestimate their strengths and to set their sights higher and higher.

    Random Quotes from the Day:

    After the rock exercises at morning warm-up…
    Imagine picking up your toothbrush after that! – Raymond

    When we lined up for breakfast and told the kids that the Dish Crew gets to eat first…
    “Boy I wish I were on Dish Crew!” – Jonathan

    After lunch, Bridgit declared, "I've had 9 glasses of milk today."

    While we were making Black Bean Brownies this afternoon, one of the campers commented…
    “If we’re putting brownie ingredients into these, how do they turn into beans?”

    Quotes from the Boys Dorm:

    Ropes Course:
    Pierce: I hate it, but love it because it helped me conquer my fears.
    Dylan - Fun because I got to push my limits and to see how far I could push myself.
    Hunter - I went up and over my goals.

    Push-Up Challenge:
    Ian - I didn't know I could do that many push-ups.

    Tanner - It makes me feel stronger already.
    Wylie - I am stronger than I thought.

    Leg Routine:
    Wylie - Hardest part of the leg routine is when IT BURNS!
    Win - My left leg is weaker but I made myself stay on my left leg to strengthen it.

    ELITEAM Camp so far:
    Colter - I have learned that I can push myself further.
    Raymond summed it up for the group by saying "AMAZING… and put multiple exclamation points."

    For today's pics, click on the Camp Photo Gallery tab.

  • 2012 Day 1 - Excellent!

    Great weather, strong athletes, big smiles, blue stilts, cool rocks & rubber duckies… excellent day!

    We packed a lot in this afternoon, starting with a warm-up stretch in the gym, some name games and a “treasure” hunt. Ex. Find someone who has… been to China, has a brother or sister at camp, is a first-time Eliteamer, can land a 360 on skis, changed a dirty diaper, etc.

    Next we moved outside and rotated through 4 stations. Basket Head. Stilts. Duckies and Nitro Rope Swing.

    Doug’s comment on the Stilts:
    Great intro to stilts today. Amazing how fast these athletes can learn at this age. From "How do I do this?" to "I can do this" in 15 minutes. Still some work to do by Saturday, but it certainly looked like circus camp today.

    Coach Chad’s comment on the Duckies:
    The record was 32 ducks in the bucket. It took them a couple of tries to figure out the “teamwork” concept!

    After a spaghetti dinner, there were agility drills, relays and a short relaxation session on the field.

    Update on the Push-up Challenge:
    All the kids did 100 push-ups today! And amazingly, we keep hearing the question, "Can I do more push-ups?" Our goal is 500 for the camp, but some push-up fanatics have already done over 200!!! Wow.

    The kids are tucked into beds now (with sore arms). The dorms are quiet and we have a big day planned for tomorrow.

    Tonight we’ll leave you with a few quotes from the girls in New Dorm:

    Best part of my day so far…

    “Going to camp.” Sydney
    “Stilts. I aced it!”- Bridgit
    “Rope Swing- with water.”- Grace

    The trick to succeeding on the stilts:
    “FOCUS.”- Alice
    “Take little steps and take your time.”- Alyssa
    “Balance before you walk.”- Colleen
    “Standing up tall.” - Lila

    Most challenging moment:
    “Climbing across the web the 3rd time.”- Eva
    “Carrying my rock.”- Alyssa
    “Getting the ducks in the bucket.”- Alice

    My rock is…
    “8 pounds.”
    “Flat & chunky.”
    “Feeling heavier.”- Eva
    “Covered in AWESOME Duck-Tape and is named Penelope!”

    Right now I am…
    “Tired, but happy.” Lea
    “Having fun.”- Emma
    “Ready for more.” Eva
    “Happy!”- Grace
    “Super Happy because I’m here.”- Alice

    For photos of today, look under the Photo Gallery Tab

  • ELITEAM 2012

    ELITEAM 2012 starts tomorrow with our Europa Cup 1 athletes. WE ARE PSYCHED!
    Check the blog and photo gallery daily to see all the action!

  • WC2- Sat- Last Day of 2011 camps- Thank you!

    Although completely exhausted, the staff had huge smiles and compliments for the campers this week. I believe that one element that sets ELITEAM apart is that the staff not only coaches, but actually participates in all of the activities. They are jumping, biking, climbing, cooking, stretching and pushing their limits as well. This inspires the campers, but it works both ways… the Coaches are inspired by the campers too, and work to reach their own personal bests. (Not that anyone is keeping score, but the Coaching staff barely beat the campers in Dodgeball this year.)

    The Olympics brought out some awesome performances. There were many clean runs through the Berg Und Tal and Slalom. I saw a lot of breathing and focusing happening in the starting gate, and it paid off. There were also a few crashes, but that comes with pushing it to the edge.

    The log squats that start the obstacle course are my favorite part and I like how many of the Teams chose the heavy log. Great job by Katie and Scotty who demonstrated the Trapeze Jump for the big crowd – not easy, especially with everyone watching.

    Saturday marked the end of another great ELITEAM season where we saw 180 young athletes have a great time, while learning how to become more “complete” athletes. On behalf of the Coaching staff, Kelley and I thank you for being a part of ELITEAM and we hope to see everyone back next year!


  • WC2- Fri- Big Vertical & Chicken Walks

    Friday started off with a short bus ride to Sugarbush Resort for the 2600 vertical foot hike to the top of Lincoln Peak. Although cloudy, it was nice and cool for the hike. The group did not spread out very much as all the campers were energized and psyched to be on the mountain. Most of the campers made it to the foggy top at over 4100 feet. As a reward for the energy expenditure, we all rode the chairlift down.

    After lunch it was back on the bus for the Sandpit Slalom Challenge. This year’s course is longer, steeper and has more elements than any other year. After an intense inspection run, the campers got two training runs to learn the course at speed. Then it was race time when they put it all on the line!

    With 100% intensity comes incredible performances, as well as incredible crashes. Winners Josh and Anna had picture perfect runs with high lines and quick feet. There were also some standout crashes by Brianna, Jimmy, Sophie and two by Scotty. I think they still have sand in their teeth.

    We were able to get in a quick swim before the rains came which was refreshing and a great way to clean off all of the sand, which seems to accumulate everywhere. Then we spent some time cleaning and packing for departure day tomorrow. However, after dinner, we got crazy with a huge Dodgeball tourney and some CRAZY agility relays. Highlights were the many push-ups by Abby’s line, The Chicken Walk by Gunnar, and Chad’s quickfeet Macarena. It all ended with the Jello drop that went four rounds.

    Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow at 10 sharp for the start of the ELITEAM Olympics.


  • WC2- Thurs- Hot, Hard Core & Hilarious

    Mornings start early at ELITEAM, but today started even earlier. A few of the campers had not turned in their cell phones even after a Tuesday warning, so for breaking the rules, eight of them were up at 5:45 for a run at 6:00am with me. A lot of uphill greeted them along with three hill sprints. Rules are rules.

    At the regular morning run a crew of boys went swimming with Coach Chad for a water workout. Others ran, skipped rope, stretched and worked their core at 7:00am. After that it was a rehearsal of the Dance and it’s looking good for Saturday’s performance for the parents.

    After dance it was circuit city as we hammered out three sets of strength, core, quickness and agility. The music was loud and the exertion was intense. I was out tuck-jumped by more than one enthusiastic group who was ampted to work their legs. The core stations were also popular. The inverted plank is my new favorite for that.

    Then it was our last rotation. The rock wall was swarming with campers working on personal bests. It’s always great to see the campers studying and visualizing the walls before putting on blindfolds and attempting to reach the top. The cooks were in the kitchen baking spinach granola bars and I heard some of the cooks were confusing cups with tablespoons. According to Kelley, they were “seconds from disaster”.

    After a great homemade Mac & Cheese lunch it was Notebook meeting time. We talked about Sports Physiology and how understanding the why’s and how’s of working out can make you a better athlete, no matter what your sport. We’ve had some great workouts this week and the kids have actually enjoyed working hard. Tonight, one of the campers told Kelley that she plans to get up at 5am each morning to fit in a workout before school.

    The afternoon’s highlight was a Vitamin Water Paintball Biathlon. Teams of 7 ran and then shot targets at full speed. We talked about how to focus and calm your breathing after sprinting full speed before you shoot for accuracy. Everyone learned and improved from round to round, but a shout out to Ryan and Alex for shooting a perfect score. This is Eliteam’s first year trying the Paintball Biathlon. One returning camper declared, “This is Eliteam’s best activity ever!”

    Then it was complete craziness with dress-up, Limbo, Pig-races, and Movie night. Great job by all campers for going big on the costumes. “Remember the Titans” inspired us all before lights out.

    Can’t believe tomorrow is our last full day before Saturday and the Olympics. Hike and Sandpits are on tap.


  • WC2- Wed- Singletrack Trails and World Cup soccer

    It was off to Pine Hill Park today for our big day of rocking singletrack trails and pushing our limits. Pine Hill is located in Rutland so it started with a 1 hr + bus ride. The kids were coming up with riddle after riddle during the trip so my brain ached by the time we arrived.

    We split into three big groups – expert, intermediate and beginner. Coaches Colin & Joe along with Counselor Zack took off with the experts to warm up on some smooth singletrack before heading to the expert trails named Stegosaurus and Broken Handlebars. The intermediates b-lined it to the Rock Pond and Overlook where they found cool bridges to ride. Along the way, some of the comments heard in the woods were…

    “That was insane!”
    “Take the hard way, challenge yourself.”
    “I don’t think I let go of my brakes once!”
    “That was so much fun!”
    “I really admire Lance Armstrong. How does he do this?!”
    "Ahhhhhh... I got it, I got it!"
    "That was really hard! Whoa! I'm so proud of myself."

    I was with the beginners and we started our ascent gradually. I was very impressed with my group of Audrey, Carly, Meaghan, and Caroline. Our beginner group definitely transformed into intermediates in about an hour, and we enjoyed the long downhill singletrack called Svelte Tiger all the way to lunch.

    Unfortunately, the trails did “bite” one of our athletes after lunch when Jake took a small gap jump and crashed, breaking his collarbone. Jake is an experienced mountain biker with excellent skills who helped a lot of the new riders learn and improve their mountain biking technique on campus on Monday and Tuesday in preparation for today’s ride. We will miss you Jake, but look forward to seeing you next year at ELITEAM. Heal fast!

    We left for campus at 1:45pm and almost 50% of the crew was asleep for a portion of the ride home, exhausted from the hills and pushing it to the limit. Upon arrival, we got in our second rotation of games, climbing and cooking.

    To finish off the day, we learned the Dance and held our World Cup Soccer Tournament. It was a strong field of Team Japan, Team Canada, Team Jibouti, and Team Ivory Coast. I think Ivory Coast won, but I do know that Team Japan won Bronze in an exciting penalty kick shootout that went to the 11th shooter from Team Japan to decide.

    Tomorrow is Circuits, Testing and our new ELITEAM Biathlon competition, complete with paintball guns and targets.

    FYI- Cell phones are not permitted here at camp. The kids were asked to hand in their phones today. They'll be returned to campers on Saturday morning.

  • WC2- Taco Tuesday with High Ropes, Leg Routines and Donuts

    If you said that 6 hours of belaying would fly by, I’d say you were crazy. But when you’re belaying athletes who are pushing their limits at 30 & 40 & 50 feet, and loving it, the time goes by quickly. A lot of goals were reached and surpassed today in the high ropes. It was great to watch a nervous 12 year-old go from dreading the leap of faith trapeze jump, to begging me for one more jump. Jimmy and Josh did the Dangle Duo blindfolded. No mean feat, as it requires teamwork to succeed. Part way up, Josh was trying to figure out exactly where they were and asked Jimmy about it. Jimmy’s response, “I can’t see Josh, remember?”

    On the other side of campus the kids were learning both physical and mental skills. Mentally, they were practicing Start Routines to work on getting calm and focused in the starting gate. Physically, they were working hard on strength, power and agility. Just ask them to teach you a slow, backwards tuck walk uphill when they get home.

    Since everyone was hot we decided to try and beat out the impending storm and walk to the pond for a quick dip. Quick it was because after 4 minutes of refreshing water fun, the thunder started and we were outta there. Dinner followed and it was everyone’s favorite – Taco Tuesday!!!

    After dinner it was our first rotation of Rock Wall climbing, cooking, and Swedish Dodgeball. The field was wet after the rains so the dodgeball games were better than ever. Sophie and Nicole lead the charge up the Rock Walls encouraging everyone. And in the kitchen, the group focused on the right measurements of the right ingredients while cooking the Pumpkin & Squash Donuts. As soon as Jamieson walked in to the kitchen, he said, “I smell disaster.” Only one batch turned out to be a disaster, which we threw out. (Apparently there was a measuring complication with the baking powder.) The rest of the healthy donuts were quite tasty and devoured in seconds after our dorm meeting this evening. The successful donuts must have been due to the guidance and expertise of our special kitchen showgirl, “Miss Donut”. During Miss Donut’s special appearance, she was interviewed by Judge Shaw who asked her how she would bring about World Peace. Her reply? “More donuts!”

    Tomorrow is mtn bike day in Rutland at the Pine Hill Park trails.


  • WC2- Mon- Obstacle, Sleds & Relays

    Well, the rain held off for a while and we got in our rotation of challenges that included the Obstacle Course, “Pain & Agony” sleds, a Visualization game, and the Nitro. All four challenges focused on a different element of sports.

    The Nitro was all about Teamwork and it was fun to see the team’s transformation from individuals working alone to the team hugging, grabbing and helping each other achieve their goals.

    The Obstacle focuses on physical strength and agility, coupled with memorization and visualization. It starts with the 100 pound Log Squats and ends with a jump into a spider web that stands 12 feet tall. Strength is important, but today they learned how essential knowing the course is to the time on the stopwatch. We saw a few detours.

    The Blocks were also about teamwork as they had to recreate a piece of art from only two minutes of observation. Huge difference in outcome when they plan out a strategy.

    Lastly, it was the weight sled pull and slosh pipe carry. Hard to describe so you better come to the Olympics on Saturday.

    After dinner was more agility fun with Pole games and Relays. I overheard one camper asking another “what does high-knee butt-kicks have to do with skiing fast?” The other camper responded, “Doug said you never know what will be thrown at you, so just kick your butt better this time.”

    During the Dorm meeting we talked about inspiration and heroes. We also read the Eliteam letters from World Cup skiing champions Svindal, Nyman, Ross and Nickerson. The campers were hanging on every word.

    We have a big week ahead with a ton of activities and fun. One camper told Kelley tonight, “I’ve been waiting for Eliteam. I’ve had a countdown on my computer for the last 365 days.” Well, buckle your seatbelts, here we go!!!

  • 2011- WC1- Inspired Performances

    Both the boys’ and girls’ dorms were rewarded with an extra 30 minutes of sleep this morning since they went to bed quietly and on time last night. However, several rooms were still up early because of the excitement of the ELITEAM Olympics!

    In addition to the quick-feet Slalom, Berg Und Tal, and Woods Obstacle, we added new elements to the agility course, along with a Team challenge that included the “Pain & Agony” sleds, and finally some Paintball shooting for accuracy. Congratulations to Tayler K who was able to score perfectly, hitting all five targets using only 6 shots!!! Impressive.

    After seeing the Berg Und Tal competition, I would imagine the times were only separated by hundredths as each competitor was in rhythm, fast, and focused. I was also impressed at the dexterity of the Slalom runners as they used a variety of techniques… arms, hands, and fingers… to clear the gates. Lastly, a shout out to Alice for choosing the BIG log for the Log Squats at the start of the Obstacle.

    Eliteam has evolved over 20 years, but what has always been consistent throughout is the 100% commitment and performance of the ELITEAM athletes. On behalf of the entire staff, GREAT JOB and we hope to see you next year!


  • WC1- Fantastic Friday

    Although the heat did not let up all night, the campers awoke with excitement for the hike up Sugarbush this morning. We were on a tight schedule, so if we wanted to hike the 2600 vertical feet to the summit, we would have to work it. And that’s what we did. Resting every now and then in the shade, and drinking lots of liquids, the majority of the group reached the summit in plenty of time to spare. Our reward? A fun ride down the chairlift!

    After lunch we had a quick discussion about Sports Nutrition and talked carbs versus fats for energy, as well as compared fast food nutrition or lack thereof. Then it was off to the Vitamin Water Sandpit challenge, which is everyone’s favorite at ELITEAM. After an inspection, it was two training runs to learn and perfect the course. I must say that this camp’s athletes were really pushing it, which means fast times, but some crashing too!

    As dusty and dry as the sandpits were, the swim in the pond cooled and cleaned everyone off. There were some great catches made off the dock, as well as a few impressive belly-flops.

    After dinner it was craziness. We had the final dance rehearsal followed by our signature “Crazy Relays” led by Coach Chad. By the end of the relays, Chad had lost his voice, his balance and control, but the entire camp, including athletes and coaches, got a great workout and sore bellies from laughing. We finished the night off with another camper favorite, the infamous Jello Drop.

    All the campers received their coveted ELITEAM t-shirts and filled out their goal sheets which Kelley and I will mail to them in October. We’ll see how many of those goals are actually completed. I have a feeling that this camp will reach a few.

    Tomorrow is the ELITEAM Olympics and it will be hot once again. Be sure to arrive on time as we start at 10 AM sharp.


    Sandpits: Video 1 Andy- Video 2 Liddy

  • WC1- Thurs- A Day of Firsts for ELITEAM

    You think we’d have done it all in 20 years, but today we had two firsts. It started early with the 14 year-olds heading out at 6:30am for a first ever morning swim workout at the Bridges Resort. Coach Chad is the Head Lifeguard there and put the group through a fun water workout. On campus, the rest of the campers were jumping rope, dynamic stretching, spinning or running.

    After a quick run-through of the dance, we entered the “Circuit Zone”. Outside it was well into the 90s but in the gym it remained relatively cool so we could all push it. With the music blaring, all 45 campers and 15 staff worked hard while rocking out to Coach Gunnar’s sweet tunes. Especially hard were the tuck jumps and push-ups.

    The final Rock Wall climbing group finished their climbs before lunch, and because of the heat, they were having trouble holding on with sweaty hands. As Kristina was struggling to make it past the overhang, Sadie hopped in for support. “I’ll walk you through it. Next put your left hand on the orange hold…” A few campers had breakthroughs including Cassidy as she set the goal of halfway up the wall, and just 6 minutes later, achieved her goal. “I am completely freaked out by heights, but I did it” she told me.

    As temperatures peaked, the campers competed in the first ever ELITEAM Biathlon. Each person on the 7-member teams had to sprint through an Obstacle course and then shoot a paintball gun at targets. If you knocked down all five targets, you could tag your next team member. If you missed any targets, you had to pay the price by performing 10 jumping jacks per upright bottle, which eats up energy, as well as time. It was a huge hit and a most campers improved their shooting from the practice round to the race round. Amazing what breathing and focus can do! Congrats to Zane and Tayler K for hitting 4 out of 5 targets.

    Then things got crazy as Thursday is dress-up night. The theme this year was Platinum, Wild Hair, and Wacky Shorts. The kids went all out. (Check out the pictures in the photo gallery.) Following ice cream and a limbo contest, it was over to the gym for Movie Night… “Remember the Titans”.

    Costume Night VIDEO


  • WC1- Wed- "Best Bike Ever"

    That was the quote heard all day today. I just might have to agree. For the first time ever ELITEAM rode the bus to Pine Hill Park in Rutland which is a public park that has some GREAT single track trails.

    With 50 bikes loaded on a trailer along with a huge amount of food and water, we set out at 8:30am for a 6 hour adventure. Upon arrival we split into 7 groups and hit the trails. The experts b-lined it to the top of the hill and explored the trails called Stegosaurus, Broken Handlebar, and 999 while the beginners Serpentined it up to the Overlook trail.

    My favorite moment was listening to the “Whoops” and “Wows” and “Yehaas” emanating form all over the woods as I waited with my camera to capture the action. I was sitting alone in the woods smiling as I heard the fun going on all around me. Then the groups started flying by with huge smiles.

    Of course there are always a few bumps, scrapes and bruises that come along with young athletes pushing their limits. Today was no exception. ELITEAMer-extraordinaire Chauncey Morgan took the best crash on “Halfpipe” trail and unfortunately ended up with a sprained wrist. However, immediately after getting a brace for it, he started planning how he could run the quick-feet Slalom using only his good hand and plotting how to beat Coach Dan (who will do 50 push-ups if any camper beats his course record).

    After the ride back to campus, it was time to dance. I am impressed at this group who learned it in no time. Not all the campers were loving the disco moves however, as I overheard moans of “why do we have to dance?” from the back row. I then told them that we will be performing the dance on Saturday for the parents and they started to focus much more intently.

    Following the dance, we had another rotation of our cooking, rock wall and obstacle course groups. On the menu today, Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes! Excellent work by the “cooks”. (Later in the evening, the cupcakes were devoured in 5 minutes flat.)

    After dinner we had our World Cup soccer tourney hosted by Coach Chad. In the Semis Japan took down Scotland, while “Las Vegas” conquered Brazil. In the finals, Las Vegas took it by winning 1-0 over Japan. The real excitement came in the penalty kick shootout for the Bronze Medal. Scotland won 2-1 in the intense PK final.

    Finally it was Yoga/Relaxation time - Sun Salutations, triangle poses and more. At the end of the 20 minute session there were 45 kids, completely quiet, eyes closed, totally relaxed, lying on the floor visualizing a ski run down their favorite trail. Nice!

    Videos 1 & 2 show some Mtn Bike action from the expert group. Video 3 is a POV down one of the mtn bike trails taken by Doug. VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

  • WC1- Huge Day Tuesday

    Tuesdays at World Cup are huge. The entire camp experiences the thrills and excitement of the high ropes as well as the pain, exertion and intensity of the Leg Routine.

    In the trees we focus onthree things; setting a goal for each element, using breathing and visualization to handle the nervousness of the heights, and finally Teamwork. I was belaying the Trapeze which some call the most intense, as you must jump out into nothing and believe in yourself. I love this element because I get to see the transformation from self-doubt and stress to excitement and confidence. I know the feeling personally as I struggle with a fear of heights.

    On the other side of the campus the group groans as they attack the hill for the Leg Routine. It starts with tucks, jumps, and slow crawls uphill. Just ask your athlete on Saturday which exercise hurt the most. Then it’s on to the Slalom and Berg Und Tal where the focus changes from strength to quickness and agility. Amazing how fast these athletes learn a skill and go from completing the race in 7 seconds down to under 5 seconds.

    To congratulate the crew and to cool off we all went to the Folger’s pond to swim. It was a perfect end to a tough day. But, it was not over. After Taco Tuesday in the dining hall it was time to get moving again. A third of the group hit the rock wall. Another third played Swedish Dodgeball, and the final third cooked pumpkin donuts. I was with the cookers and the separating of the egg whites was quite a sight.

    Finally it was time for yoga and relaxation and the kids dove right in. By the end of the session there was 45 kids completely quiet and relaxed. Awesome.

    Tomorrow we are off to Rutland to Mtn Bike. Followed by Dancing and a World Cup soccer Tourney.

    Quotes from the Leg Routine:

    “It hurts, but it feels good.” - Isabella

    “It makes my heart pump.” – Sadie

    Quotes from the Ropes Course:

    One of the campers was having a tough time getting psyched to jump for the trapeze and another camper yelled, “Put on your look of confidence!”

    As Claire and Mia were trying to climb the Dangle Duo, we heard this… “I have an idea, but it’s probably going to hurt.”

    “I don’t care if I get dirty. It’s Eliteam, honey!” – Sami


  • WC1- Starts with a Bang!

    World Cup 1 started off with a bang. Five groups of nine athletes balanced, swung, carried, built and pushed their way through some tough mental and physical challenges. I was at the Triangle Traverse and witnessed some balance moves that could have rivaled some circuses. I also saw some great teamwork among the groups, which paid off with very successful and speedy times.

    Right before dinner we had our first Counselor VS Camper race and the Counselors came out on top with a near-perfect run through the Obstacle Course. Campers learned first hand how important inspection is when some of their racers got lost on course and paid dearly. The top move of the day was by Connor on the Log Squats with fantastic form, strength and speed. Top crash was from Counselor Demi with a head over heels dismount off the Marine Wall… but, in true ELITEAM style she popped up and kept going to finish strong.

    After a big dinner of spaghetti with lots of broccoli on the side, it was more action out on the field. Agility is king here at ELITEAM and the campers strutted their stuff. Always a tester is the High-knee Butt-kick move. One camper described it as – “Imagine if the ground was electrified while you were skipping on it. That is a little like what the move looks like.”

    8 Foot Plastic poles were also part of the fun and training. Andy and Connor won the partner challenge while the girls dominated the boys in the Pole challenge. And, there were some impressive contortion moves by some of the campers when trying Megan's technical "Eliteam Pretzel".

    TRIANGLE TRAVERSE - “Each person had a unique way of helping the others get across the wire to the finish. And each person was able to share their own strategies on how to complete it. I had to balance and help for a long time.” – James

    NITRO – “The key was for everyone to hug together and stand on their toes on the edge. Then you all pull everyone in so you can fit. We sent the bigger kids first since they have stronger toes.” – Zane

    SPIDER WEB – “Claire and I were able to squeak through the side of the spider while the lighter people were carried over the top. It was important to take your time, go slow and listen to your team.” – Chad

    SLOSH PIPES- “They’re heavier than they look and I found out I don’t have as much muscle as I thought I did. How much do those things weigh?” - Kristina

    Tomorrow is a huge day of working on the mental side with Ropes Course high elements in the AM, and leg burning agility all afternoon. We’re going to have some sore campers after day 2.


  • EC2- Saturday Olympics

    Another beautiful day dawned on Saturday and the campers were amped to get going. But first, a full hour of scrubbing, wiping and washing lay ahead before the competition. Not the most normal pre-race routine, but necessary. Then on to the ELITEAM Olympics!

    In case you missed it, events included an agility course, obstacle course, quick-feet slalom, the “Pain” & “Agony” sleds and Berg Und Tal. The campers were pushing it tight to the edge… some went over it, and we had some good crashes! But, just as the real Olympics bring out the best performances in the World, the ELITEAM Olympics bring out inspired performances from the campers… and that’s our goal- to inspire the athletes. It’s a beautiful sight!

    On behalf of the staff, a big Thank You to the kids for giving 100% and pushing your limits. We sincerely hope to see every one of you back for another week next year.

    “Let’s Do This!”


  • EC2- Friday- A High Intensity Day

    I look forward to an hour of quiet from 5:30-6:30am where I can enjoy my morning cup of coffee and plan for the day. However, at this camp, there is a particular room that loves to get up at 5:45am as they are sooooooo excited for the day and all the activities to come!

    Today the older campers were in the Ropes Course and they were definitely pushing their limits, and the limits of the elements. The Vertical Playpen is a new 40+ foot high element and the campers were reaching goals on it we didn’t think were possible. What was especially gratifying for the staff was the amount of focus and breathing high up in the trees, and the amount of cheering and support from the teammates below.

    After lunch, the energy level spiked considerably as the excited campers readied for the Vitamin Water Sandpit Slalom. The bus ride was intense as the return ELITEAMers attempted to explain to the new ELITEAMers what exactly the Sandpit SL is all about. Rather than try to explain it to you, just watch these three videos!

    Video 1- Video 2- Video 3

    After the hot pits, it was off to the cool water for a little swimming. The water felt great and nearly all the sand was washed away from our knees, feet, arms and hair.

    After dinner the rock wall was rocking again and the field was a flurry with Capture the Flag. Then we had a quick review of the dance before agility-relay-craziness. Coach Chad worked the kids hard. Legs and lungs were hurting from the workout, and our bellies hurting from all the laughing! It culminated with the big Jello Drop Competition that was fierce to the end.

    Some thoughts from the girls...

    "The leg routine looked silly, but it was really, really hard."- Carly
    "The agility obstacle was really awesome. It was hard to do and easy to mess up."- Jasmine
    "I'm sore all over, but in a good way."- Ariana
    "The key to Quick-Feet slalom is quick feet. I love it because it's fast, and I love FAST."- Sydney
    "Never stop pushing your limits." - Bessie


    See you all tomorrow at 10am for the ELITEAM Olympics. Weather is going to be perfect.



  • EC2- Thurs- A Full Day

    Today seemed like three days in one. After a morning run where we had groups skipping rope, spinning, jogging and dynamic stretching, we split the camp into two. Half put on the harnesses and spent the morning up in the trees. The other half fried their legs with tuck routines, slalom runs, Berg Und Tal races and agility courses. I was belaying the Burma Bridge that soars 40 feet over a ravine. Gratifying to hear the campers say that, “It really works when you breathe up there. It calms you down.”

    Lunch was grilled cheese with tomato soup and salad, and it was devoured. After lunch it was time to boogie as the entire camp learned the ELITEAM dance in 35 minutes! You will want to see this one on Saturday.

    Then it was a busy afternoon of obstacle course racing, cooking, and a Sports Psychology discussion. I always love hearing the campers’ thoughts on how important mental skills are to a champion. Today we all practiced a pre-race routine that started with a cue word to get focused, then a deep breath to relax, followed by a clap and fist pump while shouting, “Let’s do this!!!”

    The kids cooked Avocado Cupcakes and Pumpkin Donuts, which we sampled after dinner. Despite the green, the Avocado Cupcakes received a (mostly) positive response. The donuts were also quite tasty, but since they were so puffy, they were dubbed “duffins”.

    We kept the momentum going after dinner with half the camp climbing on the rock walls while the other half played an epic game of Capture the Flag and a new game called Swedish. It all ended with a yoga relaxation session where I think a couple of them fell asleep.

    The following are a few quotes from the boys. You’ll hear from the girls tomorrow.

    Obstacle Course:

    “Going up on the Wall is key. I memorize the holds that I use.Then throw your legs over and jump onto the pad.” - Stian

    “I try to land as softly as possible on my feet so I can run immediately off the pad into the camo-crawl.” - Colin

    “Jump and climb like a monkey.” – Joe

    Leg Routine:

    The hardest part was the one-leg jump up the hill. It was hard to balance, and it’s really uphill. My legs are definitely sore. - Teddy

    Quickfeet SL:

    “Just knock down the gates in front of you so it’s like running on flat smooth ground. It’s important not to go full out so you can make it clean. You have to be on the edge.” - Oli

    “You need to put all the power you can into the first gate and then maintain the speed throughout.” – Colin

    Agility Ladder:

    “I started out slow and then went faster as the session went on. I finally found my rhythm. Then they made it harder and I was slow again.”- Seth


  • EC2-Wed: Team Victories, Thunderstorms & High-knee-Butt-kicks

    Two weeks in a row the thunderstorms rolled in on Wednesday afternoon, but they didn’t stop us from a full afternoon and evening of activities. I am in my room at 9:10 and the boys Dorm is quiet! I think they are tuckered out.

    It’s always fun to watch the group dynamics during the first day. Inevitably, it starts out all about the individual, but they soon learn that they need each other to achieve success. They start holding hands for balance and talking to each other with ideas. Finally they start working as a team and reach their goals.

    One team was able to put their group of nine through the Spider Web in an unbelievable 30 seconds. A different group tackled the tough Triangle Traverse without losing one team member. And the Sleds, “Pain & Agony” might have to be renamed “Weeny and Wimpy” from the beating they took by the campers.

    When the storm hit, we scrambled into the gym for a huge game of Dodge Ball, which was intense. From there it was off to get settled in the dorms and then to a big spaghetti dinner.

    After dinner there were some “Pole” games that required balance, strength, speed and even some contortion when executing Megan’s highly technical ELITEAM Pretzel move. Amazing how much fun an 8-foot plastic pole can be. And finally, we finished with some agility exercises and relay races. At one point we combined “high knees” with “butt-kicks” and what we got was something out of Cirque de Soleil.

    We ended with some yoga and relaxation while lying on the slightly wet field as the sun set. Awesome.

    Tomorrow is high ropes and leg routines followed by dancing, cooking and the obstacle.


  • EC1: Sat- Another Inspiring Olympics

    Saturdays start a little later at ELITEAM. IF, the campers go to bed on time (9:00pm lights out and quiet), they are allowed to “sleep in” to 7:00am and skip the morning run & stretch. These campers were asleep by 9:03 and enjoyed that extra 30 minutes of rest. What greeted them at breakfast were egg sandwiches and fruit smoothies!!!

    What you do not see on Saturday is the 90 minutes of furious cleaning that goes on after breakfast and before the Olympics start. Campers are responsible for cleaning their own rooms as well as the rest of the Dorm. Wiping, vacuuming, cleaning toilets-sinks-counters, trash removal and more, all at top speeds.

    The skies threatened, but again NO RAIN for the competition. It was fierce with every athlete pushing themselves. A couple crashes in the field Obstacle, but near perfection on the Quickfeet SL. The Sleds, “Pain and Agony” were thrown around like they weighed nothing. And the Obstacle Course in the woods was challenging, tough and exciting.

    On behalf of the Staff, a big thank you to a great group of athletes at Europa Cup Session 1!!! You really pushed your limits, and in turn, INSPIRED us.

    Good luck with your athletics. Push yourself… and BREATHE!

    Hope to see you next Summer!


  • EC1: Fri- Scrapes, Bruises & Cuts

    Scrapes, bruises, cuts, skinned knees and sore muscles. They are worn like badges of honor here at ELITEAM. Maureen got hers rocking the Berg Und Tal when she just missed her landing. Charlie got his slipping on a root rounding a corner of the Obstacle course at full speed. Zoe took a gate in the chin, but after a quick ice session was back at it full speed ahead. That is what happens when you are pushing it to the limit.

    Today the campers were dialing in technique on the courses and the times are dropping dramatically. The Quickfeet Slalom started at 7 seconds and now the record stands at 5.95. The Berg Und Tal’s record dropped from 14 seconds to 12. And the Obstacle course is primed for record speed tomorrow at the Olympics. Funny how practice, coupled with inspiration, with a little visualization thrown in results in improvement.

    Friday means Sandpit day and this year we set a new, tougher course for the campers. It started with a slow inspection run to study and memorize the course. That was followed by two training runs to learn and test out different tactics and techniques. Then it is full on hammer-time race run! Impressive was the word of the day. See video here... VIDEO 1VIDEO 2

    Some quotes from the Girls:


    “It looked scary at first, but when we ran it, it was fun. You give it everything you got cause all you’ll do is fall.” – Anna

    Asked what her focus was, Bo replied, “To beat my brother”.

    “It was hard not to fall. You definitely needed good balance.” – Alice

    “Scary at first, but once you did it, it was not a problem. It was fun to push yourself to get faster times.” Gabbie


    Gabbie likes the quote: “Every Accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”


    “When you get nervous up there, stop & breathe & close your eyes.” – Isabelle

    My favorite is the Vertical Playpen. You have to be brave and trust the belayer and know that everything is going to be OK, so just keep on going.” – Olivia Harris


  • EC1- Thursday: Setting, Pushing & Achieving Goals

    The day started early at 7:00am with the morning run and stretch, and never stopped. The campers were up in the trees, running gates, jumping hurdles, cooking Avocado Chocolate cupcakes, and dancing to the C & C Music Factory!

    Out in the ropes course, it was all about setting goals & pushing limits. Every camper who went up felt the tension and nerves in their body. The challenge required good focus along with frequent reminders to breathe. But with constant cheering and encouragement from the coaches and campers below, it was an exciting and fulfilling day up in the trees with every single camper meeting or exceeding their goals. Love it!

    Some quotes from the boys about today’s activities …


    “The leg routine was painful but fun.” – Liam

    “There was one thing that was really hard. The backwards tuck walk. My legs felt jiggly, wobbly and hurt at the top.”- Tyler Z


    “Hurdles were probably the toughest. My legs were sore, but that’s a good thing.” –Brendan


    “The key is concentrating on hitting your feet on the right area of the box and looking ahead to your next jump.” – Rex


    “The focus begins at the feet with high knees and sticking the landing of each foot. With your arms you have to almost do a swim motion to clear the gates out of the way to tons of speed.” – Jackson


    1:11 for the Obstacle course from the team of Rex, Aidan, Jaden and Henry. “The keys are the Wall, sprinting wherever you can, and the hitting the Spider with speed and getting into the rhythm.” - Rex


    “The hardest was the Vertical Playpen. Getting onto the triangle was nearly impossible.I got to the tire and then I felt I was completely done, but I felt more confident after and know that I could get to the top the next time.” – Win

    “Does this harness make me look fat?” – Jaden

    Sandpits tomorrow! (Along with quotes from the girls.)


  • EC1: Wednesday- Storms, Log Squats & Relay Races

    After enjoying some intense sunshine through registration and one rotation of the Team Challenges in the woods, a big storm hit the Valley so we moved everyone into the gym for some Agility training and Relay races. The campers were hopping, skipping, twirling, jumping and running at full speed, all while focusing intensely on the correct moves. There were more than a few push-ups doled out for wrong steps and messy lines!

    After the storm moved through, it was back out to the woods for more challenges. Most impressive was the performance of the teams moving Pain & Agony weight sleds across the field. Nothing is impossible for these athletes.

    The ELITEAM Olympics on Saturday will feature the Obstacle course, so before dinner the campers had a chance to do an inspection and spend a bit of time visualizing and practicing it. This year's course ends with a jump at full speed into and hanging spider web. Even their first runs through were impressive.

    Dinner was spaghetti with peas, carrots, salad and fruit, and the campers ate it all. The chocolate milk was a huge hit as well. This is also when we announced that they would be helping with “dish duty”. There were quite a few confused and concerned faces, as if to say, “We have to do what? Really?” Yes, really!

    After dinner it was into the gym for more balance and agility, but this time using 8 foot poles as equipment. Amazing how much fun it is to balance a pole on your chin. Congrats to Brendan and Coach Will for becoming the Champions of the Pole Sprint Relay. We ended the day's physical activities with a huge Dodge Ball game.

    After our fun in the gym, it was time for a Dorm mtg where we read letters to the ELITEAM kids written by World Cup ski racers Aksel Svindal, Laurenne Ross and ELITEAM Alum Warner Nickerson. We talked about Inspiration, where it comes from, how it makes us feel, and how to use it to push limits.

    Following the meeting, the kids had a bit of free time to shower and settle in for the night. We do our best to encourage daily showers here, but the campers aren’t always on the same page. As one camper was unpacking this afternoon, he pulled out a towel and said, “Towels? What do we need towels for?” All I can say is, we’ll do our best!

    Tomorrow is a big day of Ropes Courses, Leg Routines and the ELITEAM Dance. Looks like lots of sunshine ahead. Looking forward to a great day!


  • ELITEAM 2011 Starts Tomorrow!

    It’s truly hard to believe that we started ELITEAM in 1991. Fellow US Ski Teamer Kraig Sourbeer and I opened up camp to 30 energized athletes for one week that year. The program has grown and changed over the years, but the focus continues to be the same – teach young athletes the importance becoming a “complete” athlete while having an unforgettably fun time!

    This year, 95% of our staff are ELITEAM alums. They are hand-picked for their energy, helpfulness, maturity, and willingness to give their all to the campers. Speaking of ELITEAM Alums, we can count Olympians, World Cup racers, National Champions, NCAA Champions, and State Champions as athletes that have done the “Sprinkler” at the ELITEAM Olympics.

    I’ve been approached countless times by people that say, “Remember me? I went to ELITEAM!” They talk of the Leg Routine and Ropes Course, or Andrew’s Crazy Relays or Dish Duty. But what gives us the most pride is when they say, “The one thing that I remember most, is that ELITEAM inspired me to push myself.”

    Both Kelley and I, along with our staff, look forward to inspiring your kids this Summer to find the confidence to push through their limits too.

    Be sure to check back here daily for the blog and pictures of ELITEAM 2011.


  • WC2- Day 6- Olympics Bring Out the Best

    Another ELITEAM Olympics, and another beautiful day. 19 years running! With the entire group dressed in yellow, they broke into teams and took to the field, gym and woods to compete. First up was the Tire/Sandbag duathlon and it did not disappoint. Balance, teamwork and strength are the keys to this event. One team had trouble when their 250 lb tire landed on top of their sandbags, and a couple of other teams had a hard time fitting their sandbags perfectly inside the hula hoop, but it was a strong showing overall.

    Next up were the Agility Relay and Berg Und Tal events. Both are an excellent test of coordination, agility, and focus. Great to see that all the practice this week paid off with some fast and clean runs!

    After 4 weeks of camp, the Slalom course was rutted and had an icy turn at the bottom. But one by one the teams high-stepped, bashed, and jumped their way to the finish. Some of the runs were right on the edge of legal and the videotape review cleared them all as OK.

    The last event was the obstacle course in the woods. Even though the campers had only seen the course once, they had visualized and memorized it to perfection. The Eagle’s Nest is a tough climb and crawl, but they all managed to fly through it! Also, thanks to Emily and Ryan for an exciting demonstration on Haleigh’s Hit.

    What a GREAT week of weather, work-outs and fun. I hope to see all the campers back next year – bigger, stronger, faster.

    Today's Pics


  • WC2- Day 5- Hike, Pits & Belly Flops

    There is just too much to write about today. It started with a great hike up Sugarbush. We all made it to Allyn’s Lodge and one group surged onward to finish off the 2700 vertical feet and summit Lincoln Peak. The air was cool, the sun was out and the views fantastic. As a reward, we all took the chairlift down. Fun!

    Then it was time for everyone’s favorite lunch – breaded chicken patties that are the real deal. We all chowed.

    Next it was a quick Nutrition meeting before loading the vans for the Sandpit Slalom. There was a lot of nervous energy as we arrived on site and saw the spectacular course. See the video below of Ryan and Emily running the course top to bottom. Overall, we saw lots of crashes, a variety of techniques, and athletes pushing it to the limit. By the end of the finals, there was sand everywhere, but the smiles were wide. Thanks to Vitamin Water for sponsoring the race. We all enjoyed a refreshing bottle afterward. Coach Kelley also treated everyone to fruit popsicles!

    As is tradition, we headed to the pond immediately after to wash off all the sand. It was relatively chilly out, so some campers and coaches opted not to go in. Coach Chad, however, took it upon himself to ensure their enjoyment of the water. Chaos ensued as people were thrown and tossed into the pond. It was awesome. It all ended with a Belly-Flop contest. AJ and Jimmy took top honors over coach Gunnar.

    Then it was back to campus for packing and some serious dorm clean-up. I am proud to say that this group of boys has been absolutely amazing in the dorms as far as keeping their rooms clean and organized. Except for Matt, Will and Will’s room, all earned A+ scores.

    After dinner it was dance practice and then everyone’s favorite activity, Andrew’s Crazy Relays. Part workout, part theater, part agility and all FUN. There are no words to describe it. Ask your kids tomorrow.

    The Olympics start at 10am sharp and it looks to be a beautiful day with cool temps. See you all then.

    See today's pics

    Drift X170 POV VIDEO LINKS:
    Ryan runs the Sandpit Slalom
    Emily hammers up & down the Sandpits

  • WC2- Day 4- Circuits, Smoothies & Stripes

    There is something about the ELITEAM circuits that bring the group to a whole new level. The entire camp explodes into action as they hear the whistle, and for 30 seconds it is pure power and energy. The whistle blows again, and the groups stop to rest for 30 seconds. As we move through the 15 different exercises, the groups push each other to higher levels. Just ask the coaches how hard it is, they are right in there doing it too.

    Later, up on the Rock Wall, records fell on each climb. Something about positive energy and a belief in pushing limits that brings out the best in the campers. Ryan blasted up the hardest wall in a mere 23 seconds – incredible. On the middle wall, it was Emma who made all the right moves to conquer the overhang.

    Right before lunch it was an epic game of capture the flag with the entire camp. Boys VS. Girls … the boys persevered  2 games to 1. Immediately after, homemade Mac & Cheese greeted the campers for lunch. Just about everyone headed back for 2nd or 3rd helpings.

    After lunch it was physical testing - Push-ups, Sit-ups, Flexibility, 40 yard dash, Slalom, and the infamous Beep Test. You’ll have to ask the campers about how much they enjoyed that one…

    Chaos ensued during the Adventure race which saw the campers rolling on top of the huge tires, carrying sandbags, untying knots while blindfolded, and carrying water in a leaky pipe. My belly still hurts from laughing. I think it was a tie between Coach Chad’s and Coach Gunnar’s teams. However, all were rewarded with smoothies! Some great (and not so great) concoctions were made by the campers with bananas, raspberries, blueberries, yogurt, juice, milk and peanut butter.

    Gloves, Goggles & Stripes was the theme this year for our Thursday night fun, and the campers had some incredible outfits. Enjoy the pictures! Following a "pig" race and Limbo contest, it was movie time in the gym… “Cool Running”, the story of the 1988 Jamaican Bobsled team was very entertaining.

    Today's Pics

    Emma makes it but Eva crashes in the Limbo
    Hannah gets low on the Limbo in Duct Tape shorts
    Lindsey's Winning Limbo
    The Crazy Pig Race on the field


  • WC2- Day 3- Daring Mtn Bikes & Green Muffins

    Tonight’s Blog by Emma, Sarah & Eva…

    Morning run, so long & tiring. Breakfast of eggs, french toast, bagels, fruit & granola. Get on the bus to Barre to ride.Mountain bike around quarries. Adventure. Daring. Lots of fun with views and pictures.Learn the Dance… more fun, funny, interesting.
    All campers shaped ELITEAM 2010 on the field. DINNER! Seasoned chicken, pasta, broccoli, fruit. YUM!

    Highlights of the Day:

    Nicole P – setting the camp record on one of the Rock Walls.
    Mary Clare – Concocting spinach cream cheese muffins.

    Emma – Eating the luscious spinach cupcakes.
    Sarah – Yoga tree pose contest.
    Eva – The intense World Cup soccer tourney we had.

    Coach Doug’s Highlights:

    -Biking with Natasha who only a couple of years ago would not have even tried to mountain bike on single track.-Hearing all the stories of crashes, close calls, and victories out on the bike today. Everyone pushed it out there.-The fact that all the campers begged for more yoga tonight.-Hearing the story about how Will & Nick added 1 ½ cups of Baking Soda instead of 1 ½ teaspoons!!! Look for the result of that in the pictures. Inedible.
    The boys went to bed before 9pm tonight. They are all very tired. I love it!

    Today's Pics

    Drift X170 POV Video Links-
    Katie & Isabel cook the tough recipe

    Too Much Baking Soda!

    Will C headers off the teeter-totter

    Coach Andrew's grp cruising down the trails

  • WC2- Day 2- It Burns So Good

    You know it’s been a big day when all 45 campers and half the staff are lying still on their backs after yoga, totally quiet and completely relaxed. It’s always a great way to end the day, reflecting on everything we just accomplished.

    Our day started early with the 7:00AM run and stretch. It was a gorgeous morning and fun to see the various groups head out into the dewy grass in all directions. After a huge breakfast of eggs, pancakes, bagels, fruit and cereal, half the camp went into the woods to climb trees in the Ropes Course, while the other half went to the hill for the killer leg routine and eagerly anticipated agility course.

    Some standout moments today:

    -Meaghan putting together a flawless and fast run on the agility course where perfection is rewarded over quickness.

    -Emily, a rookie to ELITEAM, staring nervously down the gates on her first ever run down the quick-feet slalom. Within three runs she was going full throttle.

    -Will R calmly shooting a basketball over his back while balancing on a beam and swooshing nothing but net.

    - Hearing a camper yell, “It burns so good!” during the killer leg routine.

    -Conor, Emma, Sarah, Jack S and Coach Kelley all having to kiss the belay rope and thank it for saving their lives, as penance for stepping on the rope by the Dangle Duo.

    -Watching Victoria try mightily to stand atop the Swinging Log. Although she didn’t quite get there, she won over the entire group with her gallant effort.

    -Parker and Scott hanging upside down, trying desperately to get a hold of Nicole to hoist her up and over the Wall.

    After a refreshing swim and feeding frenzy at Taco Tuesday dinner, the first rotation of Rock Wall, Cooking and Capture the Flag began. The “Eliteam chefs” made Greek Yogurt Banana Bread that we’ll all enjoy tomorrow during the bike.

    Today's Pics

    AJ, Will & Josh cook banana bread

    Emma mashes bananas

    Parker & Matt follow directions


  • WC2- Day 1- Skipping Thru a Field of Bunnies

    At one point after dinner I looked across the field and saw a group of girls playing Wall-Ball, three kids walking on top of the tractor tires, a group of boys playing soccer, four kids riding their bikes and one camper on a unicycle. There is always a lot going on at ELITEAM.

    This afternoon was spent in the ELITEAM woods with the groups taking on some crazy challenges that force the kids to work together. It is always amazing to me how athletes can come up with so many different ways to solve a simple problem. On the Nitro Crossing, where the group has to swing across a gap and all balance on a 18"x18" piece of wood, a group actually stacked themselves horizontally instead of standing. Never even thought of trying it. I think the campers on the bottom layer were a bit squeezed, but IT WORKED.

    After dinner, which saw every piece of broccoli eaten, we focused on agility. From balancing bamboo on our chins, to walking across a bridge of dowels, to “skipping through a field of bunnies,” the campers were focused on the task at hand while grinning from ear to ear. And when the exercises became races, they took the intensity to another level. Counselor Ava's team, however, was a bit unfocused and ended up doing the most push-ups due to crooked lines and wandering teammates. As they did their 40th push-up of the night, one camper was overheard saying, “They are going to be ripped by the end of camp!”

    We ended the evening with a bit of yoga and relaxation. The sun was setting. The air was cool and no bugs were out. The group was lying with their eyes closed in the grass, belly breathing and quiet. Let’s hope they fall asleep quickly tonight, as tomorrow is a big day with Sports Psychology training in the Ropes Course, and Sports Physiology in the gym.

    Photo Link:
    See today's pics

  • WC1- Day 5- I Can't Believe it's Friday Already

    That’s what I heard a lot today. No one could believe it was our last full day at camp. Oh, but it was a good one. It started out with a great hike to the top of the Double at Mad River Glen. The group spread out on the hill with the intense speed-hikers leading the way, and the chatty strollers taking their time. It was nearing the cut-off time to head back down and one group had not yet made it to the top. Several in the group voted to turn around early, but it was camper Paul who rallied the troops by saying, "This is not Quitters Camp, this is ELITEAM camp.” That inspired the troops to keep moving and they all made it to the top!

    Following a great lunch of breaded chicken breast patties (the real deal, not  chicken parts), we hopped in the vans and headed to the Sandpits for the Vitamin Water Sandpit Challenge. We added a few gates for this week's course and it proved to be a true test of endurance, agility, and risk. After a couple of training runs, it was "on" and most had near-perfect runs. Mark, a rookie to the pits, took the boy's race, while veteran ELITEAMer Tayler won it for the girls. I was very impressed by all of the competitors as they hammered down the near-vertical slope.

    Then it was off to Folger’s pond to cool off (and wash off), followed by an intense cleaning session in the dorms. The vacuum was out and working hard in a couple of boy's rooms. The messiest room award, by far, was that of Jameson, Paul, Josh and Andy. It took a bit of work to get it under control. The girls’ dorm was in pretty good shape to begin with, but most of the girls were dragging their feet when it came time to start packing their clothes. Packing up means camp is almost over and they said it was too sad a task.

    The folks on dish duty had some excitement tonight. Someone forgot to close the front of the Hobart dishwasher before starting the cleaning cycle. In a matter of seconds water was flying everywhere and I'm sure the shrieks of excitement could be heard in town! After the coaches regained control of the situation, the consensus among the kids was, “Best dish duty ever!”

    After dinner is was a dance practice to warm us up for Andrew's Crazy Relays. After 14 years I thought I had seen Andrew's best, but he took it to another level tonight… a great combination of exercise and humor. From the infamous Chicken Walk to the dowel spin, to quick-feet craziness, it was the highlight of the day for me. The Jello Drop ended the evening and a camper team crushed the competition (and the coaches) to take the win. Congrats to Mark & Connor.

    See you all at the Olympics at 10am tomorrow.

    Today's Photos

    Video Links:
    Sandpits- Coach Chad chases Christian
    Sandpits- Tayler on a training run


  • WC1- Day 4- Rain, Sun, Tuck Jumps & a Movie

    Thursday started out slowly as the campers were tired at morning run & stretch. However, after a good warm-up and some core work, they were ready to go. French toast, bagels, fruit, eggs and cereal were consumed in mass quantities to fuel a huge day. After a quick practice of the dance, we dove into circuit training. The music was loud, the intensity high and the effort was top notch. I love to see the coaches working out side by side with the campers. I don't know who was sweating more, Coach Gunnar or his crew of five.

    Then it was our last rotation of cooking, climbing and games. However, just before lunch all of the activities morphed into one HUGE game of capture the flag in the pouring rain. Lunch was mac & cheese with a side of peas. Congrats to this group of athletes as we ran out of peas, which has never happened before. After lunch it was our daily Notebook meeting where we tackled the Sports Physiology section. We talked about sweat, glycogen, heart rates, injuries, and dynamic stretching.

    Physical testing was after lunch and the campers got a kick out of the "Beep Test" which measures aerobic capacity. You run 10 yards every time the machine beeps. As the test progresses, the time between beeps gets shorter and shorter. We also measured push-ups, sit-ups, the berg-und-tal and flexibility. The beep test may have been the most strenuous, but the painful grunts and intense grimaces during the stretch test were awesome too. During Andy's sit-&-reach, Sam urged him on by yelling, "Fight the Pain!"

    A wild and crazy adventure race followed which included blindfolds, tire rolling and flipping, memorization, knot-untying and transporting water in leaky pipes. It was certainly entertaining for the coaches to watch. Colby's "backwards" tire rolling technique was admired by all. Check out the videos below for some of the action.

    Thursdays always end with our dress-up night. This year the theme was “Goggles, Gloves & Stripes” and the campers went over the top. Just check out the pictures! After a treat of frozen yogurt and "Popeye's Bunny Brownies", we plugged in "The Blind Side" and it was movie night.

    Tomorrow’s highlights include a hike up Mad River Glen, the Vitamin Water Sandpit Challenge and Jello Drop!

    Photo Link:
    Today's Photos

    Video Links:
    Adventure Race- Leaky pipe water carry
    Adventure Race- Flipping the HUGE tire
    Adventure Race- Burke rides the big tire

  • WC1- Day 3- An Epic Day at ELITEAM

    Wednesdays are all about mountain biking. Armed with our bag lunches and bug spray, we loaded up the big yellow bus at 8:30am for our trip to Millstone Bike Trails in Barre, VT. This was ELITEAM's first year on these trails and they did not disappoint! The trail system has 70 miles of fantastic intermediate and single track, and proved to be quite scenic as the trails wind around the many old quarries that have provided beautiful granite to the world. One trail leads to a 360-degree lookout that towers 1000 feet above one of those quarries. Most of our riders made it to this “Grand Lookout” and enjoyed not only the view, but the downhill trip back to home base.

    I have to give a shout-out to my group of beginner bikers - Paul SJ, Griffin, Sarah, Allegra, Rachel, Emma, Noelle and Kyle. After a great morning ride, I took them on a bike from hell in the afternoon on a trail that turned out not to be a trail at all. After a lot of walking through prickers, and finally finding the real trail, we made it back from our adventure in one piece and surprisingly in good spirits. It’s the ELITEAM way to persevere! See Doug's group cross the bridge here.

    Other notables were Andrew's "Rock & Rollers" who braved some of the more technical trails. And Kelley & Molly reported that they were grateful for supreme navigator Iskandar, who repeatedly bailed them out through the maze of trails leading to the Lookout. I wouldn’t say that every group got lost, but there were many stories of “alternate routes” today. And with everyone busy decoding the trails maps and checking out the quarries, we didn’t take too many pictures, but we do have a few videos for you thanks to Coach Andrew!

    After biking we headed back to campus to learn the Dance. Zander paced the group with some sweet moves. Get ready for action on Saturday when we show off our talent. I think you’ll be impressed! After that, the thunder rolled in, so we stayed inside for three EPIC games of dodgeball. The fast-paced action was supremely exciting as the campers and coaches were pitted against each other. I seriously can't remember who won, but everyone got a workout for sure and the gym was alive with screams of glory, defeat and all-around excitement.

    After dinner it was the 2nd round of the Rock Wall, Cooking & Games rotation. I was in the cooking group as they attempted to make healthy cupcakes using pureed spinach and squash. The energy and passion was there, but the complicated directions might have been a bit too much... two separate ingredient bowls proved to be quite confusing. While cleaning up, Chauncey discovered that he had forgotten to add the egg. Many of the muffins did not fair well in the oven and one batch actually exploded. The few that did survive were eaten by hungry campers at the dorm mtg, to rave reviews. Check out the two videos of the cooking action here.
    V1-Zander separates an egg
    V2-The muffins come out of the oven

    Photo Link:
    Today's Pics

    More Video Links:
    Paul on Balance Beam
    Expert Explorers Fly By
    Zander on Roller Coaster
    Mark on Teeter Totter


  • WC1- Day 2- Tuesday's Rock!

    Tuesdays are our biggest days at ELITEAM. Every camper gets to climb to the sky in the Ropes Courses, as well as burn their quads in the Leg & Agility Routines. There were enough calories burned today to light up Manhattan. Luckily, it was Taco Tuesday so everyone refueled for tomorrow’s bike adventure.

    Today I was out in the woods belaying “Haleigh’s Hit”. This is our most stressful Ropes element. The campers climb up a skinny 15 foot pole and slowly, gingerly stand on top of it. They must then make a leap of faith to jump out and grab a big red ball dangling from above. Now the big red ball doesn’t seem too bad from below, but when you get up there, it suddenly looks miles away. There was a lot of breathing, visualization, and nervous giggling going on, as one by one, they mustered up the nerve to jump. Taylor not only fought through nerves, but a severely twitching right leg. With two hands on her leg to stop the shaking, she would jump for the ball and then erupt in laughter, which was contagious!

    Also in the woods is the Obstacle Course, which we’ll highlight during the Olympics on Saturday. Today was practice day and the award for best effort goes to the relay team of Sarah, Alina, and Haleigh. They were incredibly close to breaking the record despite the many crashes, slips, falls, and skidding that marred each of their attempts. Their determination was inspiring to the other teams.

    New to ELITEAM this year is a session on Mobility and Stability taught by guest coach Dani Koch, who is the Head Women’s Coach and Fitness Director at GMVS.  He put the campers through a great Dynamic Stretching routine and then focused on slowing everything down to teach precision with proper alignment. Half drill sargeant and half motivator, he taught the athletes exercises that will help them no matter sport they compete in, and in the process, I’m quite sure we’ll have some seriously sore glutes tomorrow!

    After dinner we split the camp into three groups. One group headed for the kitchen to make Greek Yogurt Banana Bread. Another group hit the rock walls. The third was flipping tires, carrying sandbags and capturing the flag. It all ended with some yoga and a relaxation routine. It is 9:06pm and my dorm of boys is out cold. Tuesday’s rock.

    Click here to see today's photos.

  • WC1- Day 1... Brings Rain & Smiles

    It’s amazing how much farther we can push the World Cup session athletes compared to the younger Europa Cuppers. Right off the bat, the staff was able to up the ante during the Team Challenges in the ELITEAM woods… and did the campers ever respond!

    The teams really worked hard together to solve the problems presented to them. In fact, in both the Tire Cross Challenge and the Numbers Game, they set new records, and did it with completely different tactics. It’s not often I see the campers try something that I haven’t seen before. Well done.

    However, it wasn’t all glory as Devon was unceremoniously dumped to the ground after being carried successfully through the spider’s web. The team was so focused on the “carry through” that they completely forgot about the “gentle dismount”. After a giggle-attack, she brushed herself off and was right back at it.

    The rains came as we finished up in the woods, so we headed to the Dorms for some down time and to finish unpacking. Then, after devouring buckets of spaghetti and garlic bread, it was time for Agility 101. Up first was an eye/hand/foot coordination event called the Dowel challenge. Jake the “Dowel-Walker” made it look easy, pacing the boys to a victory. That was followed by some Bamboo exercises. Then came some agility relays on the field. (Check out the video links below for some of the action.) Focusing on perfection, as well as speed, each camper gave it their all. And as always, push-ups were given out at will by Sir Andrew who appreciates a straight & tight line-up. There were smiles all around.

    Tomorrow is all about burning quads with the leg routines and deep breathing in the ropes courses. Weather looks perfect.

    Click here to see today's photos.

    Video 1- Sprint Relays... and then Coach Chad gets 5 push-ups.
    Video 2- One Legged Relays
    Video 3- Jake Sprinting- wait for the whistle, then rip it!
    Video 4- Devon- 3 Tuck Jumps and then Sprint!

  • EC- Day 4- Another Sunny Saturday

    After a wet Friday, it was another gorgeous Saturday for the ELITEAM Olympics. A huge crowd of parents, family and friends were on hand to cheer on all the kids. Before the Olympics started, however, the campers were on clean-up patrol. They scrubbed, vacuumed, mopped, wiped, emptied trash cans and cleaned toilets! It was a great job by all, and I have to gloat as the boy's dorm finished cleaning 5 minutes before the girl's Dorm!

    The Olympics began with a Team competition that involved Tire-Flipping and Sandbag hauling. The tire weighs about 100 pounds so three campers were on that detail while the others sprinted 30 yards carrying 25 pound sandbags. Then it was on to an agility course event before heading into the gym for the Berg Und Tal. This is a European piece of equipment that involves jumping from box to box. However, each of the 9 boxes is a different size and is cut at different angles. It is always a camp favorite!

    Then it was over to the quick-feet Slalom for some gate bashing. There were some really fast runs, along with a couple of crashes, but the athletes were up quickly and they all finished. Nice job by Jay who did a flying face-planting, but rallied hard to get to the finish line! Then it was on to our last event, which is the Obstacle course in the ELITEAM woods. It’s an anaerobic nightmare of running, climbing, hopping, swinging, jumping and crawling. Of course, the kids love it!

    We finished up the event with the ELITEAM Dance. The moves were crisp, the rhythm spot on, and the crowd went wild. Another great camp comes to an end.

    Click Here for Saturday’s Photos


  • EC- Day 3--- Walk Like a Chicken

    There are many ways to split up 46 campers for the 7am morning run, but today I went with shirt color. No one has been late to morning run this week, so no push-ups have been handed out. And although the groups take off a bit slowly, they always arrive back at the dining hall warmed up, stretched out, and hungry. We encourage the kids to eat a lot since they’re burning a ton of calories here at camp, so it was no surprise when Shane explained to me that he had ALL FIVE breakfast options… french toast, a bagel, eggs, fruit and cereal. He topped off the tank with some chocolate milk!

    For the morning session, the 10-11 year-olds headed out to the woods to conquer the Ropes Courses. I was belaying the Vertical Playpen and every single camper either achieved their goal OR SURPASSED IT! I saw a lot of dancing on top of the swinging log. Back on campus, the younger campers were in the Slalom Course smashing plastic. And after the agility routine in the gym, it was a game of Gladiator. Coach Molly was the victim of at least 5 camper throw-downs.

    Friday means Sandpits and today’s pits were challenging. With a steady rain falling, the campers took their two practice runs, then put it all on the line for their race run. There were more crashes to day than ever. Taking top crashing honors were Ollie, Amelia, Evan and me. While following Lindsey with a camera I fell and took her out! Watch the video! In the end it was Evan and Lindsey who had the fastest times, but all were impressive in the tough conditions.

    After cleaning up their bodies and their rooms, it was World Cup soccer with Spain led by Counselor Griffin, beating out Germany led by Counselor JT in the finals. Dinner was Pizza and then it was the highlight of the week - Andrew's Crazy Relays. The entire camp definitely learned some coordination tactics tonight. I really can't explain the craziness, so ask your children. All I can say is that they all can now literally walk like a chicken. Take a look!

    Can't wait to see all the parents and family members tomorrow at 10AM sharp for the ELITEAM Olympics. They run about 90 minutes and then we will end with a slideshow and refreshments at 11:30. Once again, the boys dorm is quiet at 9:04. Awesome.

    (Note from Kelley- We'll eventually put all camp photos in one album, but for now, I've had to break them into smaller groups. Plus, they'll be lots more photos in the slideshow tomorrow, which will eventually get posted to the camp album as well. See you tomorrow! All is quiet in the girls dorm too. Love it!)


    Friday's Pics


    Ollie in the Sandpits

    Piper in the Pits

    Chicken Walk #2

  • EC-Day 2- Taco Tuesday, on Thursday

    This morning, the younger half of the camp hit the Ropes Course for some sports psychology training as well as some huge and high fun. Each athlete was able to try four elements - Vertical Playpen, Tightrope traverse, Incline Log and the Burma Bridge. We have horns at the end of the climbs and throughout the morning the Hills were alive with the sound of honking. After dancing and throwing some "tricks" while balancing on the top of the 40' Vertical Playpen, Ollie promptly designed ELITEAM's next high element that involves 2 cargo nets, a diagonal ladder and ends with a Tarzan swing at 60 feet up. I don't know if it meets the laws of physics...

    While that was going on, the other half of the camp was performing one-legged tuck jumps, backwards, uphill. It is the infamous Uphill Leg Routine followed by the Berg Und Tal (see video), the quick-feet Slalom, and more agility training. At one station the athletes walk backwards on a balance beam and shoot a basketball over their head backwards trying for two points. Most attempts don't even hit the backboard, but Gavin "the Gavinator" hit nothing but net and the coaches went wild.

    Dance followed a lunch of Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. Within 15 minutes, all 46 campers knew their steps and we were a fine tuned athletic Eliteam Dance Team. You will see what I mean on Saturday when they perform the dance for you all. The favorite move is definitely The Sprinkler!

    All the campers hit the kitchen this afternoon to try their hand at baking some healthy Yogurt Banana Bread. Lots of measuring, mixing and mashing. They got to taste the "fruits" of their labor right before our dorm meeting tonight and scarfed it all down.

    After a quick swim in the pond to cool off before dinner, it was "Taco Tuesday, on Thursday" followed by Rock Wall climbing and Tire flipping. Yoga ended the day. This is always my favorite part of the day. In 20 minutes they go from loud, uncontrollable energy to 46 relaxed, quiet, focused Yogis lying completely still on the mats. All is quiet at 9:11pm in the boys dorm!!!

    Click Here For Thursday's Pics


  • EC- Team Fun on Day 1

    Normal 0 0 1 161 920 7 1 1129 11.1287 0 0 0

    The first day at ELITEAM is all about Team Challenges. Groups of 12 trying to Swing onto a 2’x 2’ box, or make it through the spider web, or balance their way across the tire bridge. I was floating between the groups, and as I made my way around, loud cheers of victory would spontaneously erupt from different parts of the ELITEAM woods. A great sound of triumph.

    At dinner this particular group takes their time eating, which is nice. There was non-stop chatter and gesturing about ways they could have gone faster or farther. The spaghetti was devoured along with the garlic bread, salad and fruit. Of course the chocolate milk is always a hit at camp.

    After dinner we hit the field for some agility exercises using dowels, poles and cones. Of particular fun were the butt-kicks, 180’s and arm-pivots. Coach Andrew somehow makes something as simple as high-knees seem like an Olympic event.

    Back in the dorms before bed, we read about what 3-time Olympic Medalist Julia Mancuso eats for breakfast before a race (oatmeal, muesli or boiled eggs) and what her favorite dryland training exercise is (jumping...to work on explosive power- ex. tuck jumps and side to sides.) We'll be doing plenty of that in the days to come.

    It is 9:09 and my boys dorm is quiet!

    Click here for today's photos.

    "The Nitro" is one of the most popular low elements in the Eliteam woods. See Coach Andrew's video.


  • EC XTC- Day 4- No rain!

    Our record is still intact! We thought for sure that our streak of 19 years with no rain on a Saturday morning would come to an end today, but at 9:20am the skies cleared and the Eliteam Olympics were saved... amazing. Thanks for joining us today! We hope you enjoyed the chance to see your kids in-action, and some of our Eliteam activities up close.

    We're very glad that we added the extra Europa Cup session this year, otherwise we would not have had the opportunity to meet your kids. We thought everything went really well this week. We worked hard and we played hard! It was a strong group of athletes and a fun group of kids. We hope they all had a great time and that you're finally hearing all the details! It was an excellent start to our Eliteam 2010 camps. One down, three to go!

    Click Here for Today's Photos

    Enjoy the rest of the Summer and hope to see you all next year.
    Kelley, Doug and all of the Eliteam Staff

  • EC XTC- Day 3- Pits, Pigs & Jello

    We gathered at 7am for our daily warm-up run and stretch. Maddy Maddog joined us for some morning cuddles with the girls, then took off with Will’s group. While they stopped to stretch, she stretched out too… in a muddy stream. For the morning session, we again had the two groups- ropes & leg routine/agility. The favorite today in the leg routine was  “skipping with flair”. Not everyone was graceful, but all were enthusiastic. Over in the ropes, we again had excellent team support and cheering. Ethan yelled up to Mitchell, who was halfway across the tightrope traverse, “It’s good to breathe. It really works!”

    We reviewed the Sports Physiology section after lunch and then hopped in the vans to the infamous Sandpits. Here, the coaches set a ten gate slalom down a steep and gnarly pitch. Each athlete had an inspection run followed by two training runs. Then the clocks came out for the official "Vitamin Water Sand Pit Challenge" and the campers put it all on the line! See for yourself... below are links to three POV videos I shot. (Thanks to our friends at MyPov360.com for use of their "Drift X170" Point-of-View camera!)

    To cool off, and to clean off, we hit the pond. The water felt great and there were a lot of smiles. Back at the dorm it was clean-up and a preliminary packing job followed by a Room Inspection. I was amazed at how clean the boys dorm was, but had a feeling that a lot of dirty clothing was just stuffed into duffle bags from the floor. In the girls dorm, Kelley reported that the rooms were neat and tidy, as they had been all week... beds made, clothing folded, shoes lined up... awesome!

    Right before dinner we managed to get in a World Cup Soccer tourney with Brazil beating out the Netherlands in a shoot-out to win the Cup. Dinner was pizza, and then it was one final trio of activities - Pig Racing, Crazy Relays, and the Jello Drop. The campers showed exceptional skill and wide mouths in the jello event, which went into extra rounds with two campers beating out the coaches to take top prize.

    The rain is just finally arriving and cooling the air. Let's hope that it takes a break tomorrow at 10am so we can continue our steak of "dry" Eliteam Olympics into our nineteenth year! We'll see all of you parents and friends tomorrow at 10am sharp. We'll meet out on the field by the Eliteam kick-wall. If it's raining, we'll be in the gym.

    Video 1- Becca
    Video 2- Chad
    Video 3- Lydia

    Click here for Today's Photos

  • EC XTC- Day 2- Hard AND Fun!

    Another great day! In the morning, half the group hit the ropes course in the ELITEAM woods, while the others kicked it into high gear with Colin’s Killer Leg Routine on the hill, followed by some agility exercises in the gym. Rumor had it the “Apolo Ohno’s” on the hill were tough, but the tramp in the gym was “wicked fun”! Over in the ropes course, there were some shaky legs and tense faces, but with some deep breathing and lots of encouragement from coaches and fellow campers, everyone pushed through to reach their goals. For some, it was climbing high enough to touch the wire. For others, it was adding a blindfold. Either way, the adrenaline was pumping! After coming down from the World Cup tight rope, Drew declared, “That’s what you call hard, and fun!”

    After lunch, everyone gathered for a notebook session in the gym. Doug reviewed the Sports Psychology section. There was talk of goals, distractions and competition plans. Next, three groups rotated between cooking, funky dance and the obstacle course. The bakers whipped up some Yogurt Banana Bread. (We think the boys who made Banana Bread in pan #8 pan forgot to add the flour. It was not a good-looking loaf .) Before leaving the kitchen, each group was delighted to take the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream vs Frozen Yogurt blind taste test. Yum! And brief visit over to the dance revealed some crazy moves. You’ll have a chance to see the dance on Saturday. The kids will be getting Lo, Lo, Lo, Lo…

    Last order of business before dinner was jumping into the pond! Most went straight to dinner in their bathing suits to load up on tacos, beans and rice. Afterwards, half the campers did the rock wall. There are three walls to climb. As Becca readied herself to attack the middle wall, she literally screamed "Let's Do This!" and then started up the 40' technical climb. It fired up the entire group! Meanwhile, the other group headed outdoors for some tire-flipping and sandbag relays. The mantra out on the field was, “Flip it like you mean it.” Our day ended with a sweet yoga session. The kids were so tired, they were melting into the mats.

    Click here to see today's photos

  • EC XTC- Day 1- Hot, but Happy!

    - Opening day of Eliteam 2010 was smokin’ hot! We made good use of the cool gym and shaded woods, and had a great day. We started off with some stretching in the gym, then the “name game”… “Ambidextrous Abigail”, “Celeste is Best”, “Dangerous Drew”… then off to the woods for some team-building activities; The Nitro, Triangle, Tire Crossing and Spider Web. We finished up with a first look at the obstacle course. Clearly the cargo net is going to give the kids some problems! By dinner-time, the kids were ready to EAT! Plates were overflowing with spaghetti, along with broccoli, salad, garlic bread and fresh fruit. And of course the kids love the endless supply of chocolate milk. With full bellies, we hit the gym again, this time for a “treasure hunt”. Ex. Find someone who… can roll a kayak, has fallen off a horse, has a sister or brother here, has changed a dirty diaper. One camper who was looking for someone who had been in the Olympics asked me, “What’s the main dude’s name?... you know, your husband.” We ended with an epic Girls vs Guys dowel race (girls won), pole games and relays out on field. Penalty push-ups & sit-ups were doled out for messy lines. Let's just say Vinnie's line got a great workout tonight. The kids are now tucked into bed. Another big day tomorrow!
    Click here to see today's photos


  • Twas the night before...

    Day 1 of ELITEAM 2010 finally arrives tomorrow! After months of prep, we are ready to blast out of the starting gate! There are lots of excited and nervous kids tonight, anticipating the action in the days to come. Looks like it's going to start out with a hot one! We have 80 five gallon jugs of Vermont Pure water chilling along with our favorite Vitamin Water stocked in the fridge. We'll start our afternoon in the gym and woods with some orientation games and introduction of the obstacle course. The GMVS gym always stays cool and the ELITEAM woods are shaded, so we should be good to go. And, just a short walk away is a fantastic swimming pond. It's going to feel so good when we jump in!
    Pack the fans! See you tomorrow. Nighty, night.


  • WC2 Fri... It's Raining Baby

    For the first time at Eliteam this summer, we had to change our schedule due to weather. Our planned hike was rained out this morning, so we opted for a mish-mash of activities in the gym instead- dance practice, agility relays, Berguntal competition, Dodge Ball & Kick Ball. And later, when the rain turned to sprinkles, we went out and had a big soccer tournament. It was Gunnar's team who crushed Jabber's team in the finals to take the Cup. We played with no goalies, but there were some terrific saves with legs and feet by Parker, Matt C, and Will. I’d say it was quick twitch muscles at their best.

    After lunch and a notebook meeting (Psychology today) we headed off for the Sandpits in the misty rain. There was no way we were going to skip that one! The pits were a bit muddy, but that did not deter from the fun and excitement. Both Demi and Kyle capped their final year of ELITEAM (they’re 14 yrs old) with wins that had the coaches a little worried they would get beat. As always, the campers left wanting more. We like it that way.

    After dinner, it was time for Andrew’s Crazy Relays, and tonight, Andrew was full of surprises - there were Magical Unicorns, Rocks-Trees-Bridges, cartwheels, water, struts, grooves and singing (Mary Had a Little Lamb). However, he made sure to work in all the camp favorites too… Todd’s Chicken Walk is always the biggest hit. Ask your kids for a demo! No matter what Andrew comes up with, it’s always a blast, but it’s always a tough workout too.

    Sami, a World Cup newbie, watched as the first line of coaches went out to follow Andrew’s lead. When Andrew yelled, “Next line!” she stepped out, looked at Kelley and said with wide eyes and hesitant smile, “I’m scared!” Sami survived, as did most everyone, except Coach Matt G. who had a little hip flexor incident and had to request a sub. He should be fine tomorrow, but if he’s walking a bit funny, you’ll know why.

    After the crazy relays, everyone was amped up for the Jello Drop. In a break from tradition, we actually had two different flavors of jello, and for the first time ever, we had yellow jello. Who knew yellow jello was so tasty?! This week we had a much stronger showing in the Jello Drop competition, with an unusually large number of partners advancing to the second and third rounds. In the first round, Coach Chad was odd man out and when he finally reached the front of the line, had no partner. Kelley, who is usually documenting the event, dropped her camera and came to Chad’s rescue. It has been several years since Kelley entered this competition, but surprised coaches and campers by successfully catching the yellow jello in all three rounds. With her impressive showing this evening, I think she is enjoying a whole new level of respect from the campers! JT, Ian and Tyler took top honors for the campers.

    We finished the night with a talent show. Some years we have them, some we don’t. This year Paul gave us a hilarious one-man WALL-E show, complete with an encore. Annika sang her original hit “It’s Raining Baby”. By the fourth verse, the whole camp was singing along. And lastly, Rena, Allegra and Annika entertained us with a song from the hit "Shrek".

    Tomorrow we’ll be up early to pack and clean the dorms- scrub toilets, showers and sinks, as well as sweep, mop and vacuum. By 10am, we’ll be ready for the Eliteam Olympics. Looks like a beautiful weather day too! It will be a great ending to Eliteam 2009. See you in the morning.
  • WC2 Thurs... peaks and valleys

    Morning run feels like it’s coming sooner and sooner for our campers who are now starting to tire... finally. It’s always amusing to watch them walk over to the main building at 6:55am, still half asleep, hair askew, talking about the dreams they had or who was snoring. Group by group they head out with a coach for the 10-15 minute jog around campus. Then it is some stretching and stomach/core exercises. We just hope a handful of them continue this when they get home. By 7:30 they are warmed up and ravenous.

    Today was all about peaks and valleys. After breakfast is was hardcore circuit training. The entire camp was in the gym and did three sets of 15 different exercises. The music was blaring and the campers were working it. Coaches were working it right alongside them too. By 10:15 we were all ready for a break. We toned it down a notch by dividing into our three groups and doing our last rotation of cooking, climbing and activities. This was less intense and the climbing group settled in and worked the walls. Demi tried the super-tough left wall about three times, determined to reach the top. I think she learned that The Overhang gives nothing away for free, and today it gave her some serious attitude. I know she wants another try. Paul used his extensive climbing experience to hammer up both the right walls with ease. And most everyone in the group signed their names at the top of one of the walls.

    Lunch was Mac & Cheese and there was not a macaroni noodle to be found afterwards. Following lunch we had our Notebook meeting in which we discussed Sports Nutrition. The rest of the afternoon consisted of smoothies, an Adventure Race and physical testing. For the testing portion, Coach Kara was impressed at the overall performance of this camp in the push-up department. Coach Katie was the most popular, as she was timing the Berg Und Tal which this camp has fallen in love with. They keep pushing each other to faster and faster times.

    Coaches Andrew and Matt G. took a few of the mountain bikers for their annual Expert Ride in the valley, and all five of the campers who went had an incredible time. Both Andrew and Matt went over the handlebars (twice) and said that all of the campers had double-digit diggers, but all got back up smiling. Congrats to Matthew P, Kyle, Matt M., Jake T. and Ryan R.

    Just before dinner, coaches Katie & Megan did a surprise room inspection in the girls dorm. One camper later remarked to Kelley, “Those reinforcements you sent in were tough!” Mary Clare found that out the hard way. She had to do pushups because her toothbrush was not “parallel” with her toothpaste. However, Rena, Allegra and Anabelle received extra marks for their room, as they had all their granola bar boxes lined up with the nutrition labels facing out, AND, they even folded their dirty laundry! But the highest marks went to Meghan, Sandra and Ingrid for a perfect room.

    Crazy Hat and Wild Sock night was a huge success with outrageous and fun costumes by both gals and guys. Libby took the Limbo contest and Kyle finished first in the Pig Whacking race. Then it was into the gym for the movie Rad.

    Tomorrow is a hike up Mad River Glen and then everyone's favorite, Sandpits. It may be a bit wet, but that will make it all the more fun.
  • WC2 Wed... Mtn Biking

    What a difference a week makes! Last Wednesday was wet and tough. This Wednesday was a mountain biker's dream. The trails were DRY and the woods were cool.  From the expert riders led by Andrew and Matt to the "Easy-Riders" lead by Megan and Katie, they had a BLAST on their bikes today. Everyone was able to push it to the limit and learn new techniques and try different levels because it was perfect conditions. Not a lot of muddy legs, but a ton of big smiles. At one point I was in the woods taking pictures, waiting for groups to ride by. I stood there and just listened, and all I heard was hooting and hollering as the groups explored Catamount trails.

    The biking took up most of the day, but when we got back we did learn the ELITEAM Dance. Again, these campers were fast learners and they got into it. Lots of good rhythm and movement. It should be a good show on Saturday.

    Finally, after dinner it was our second rotation of cooking, climbing and craziness. The cookers made Healthy Granola Bars. The climbers tackled all three walls with Ryan R.  blazing up every one of them, even blindfolded. And outside in the rain, Andrew had the kids running, sprinting and laughing all at the same time.

    The campers are exhausted so I think they will fall into bed tonight. Another tough day tomorrow with circuits, testing and the new Adventure Race. Then after dinner, it's Crazy Hats and Wild Socks night. Should be some awesome photos.
  • WC2 Tues... A Huge Day

    It’s not often that we do something at ELITEAM that has never been done before on the Ropes Course. But today, with the older group, we combined the Tightrope and Incline Log into one element, and the campers loved it. They must first climb a 30 foot tree, which leads to a wire that spans 50 feet above a brook. They cross that wire using only 4 dangling ropes for balance. Next they climb down 10 feet to an incline log and walk across that with no railing or extra ropes to hold onto. After a few balance challenges on the log (one leg, jumps, tucks, etc) they jump off and swing safely down to the ground. It’s awesome. I was especially impressed by our first year ELITEAMers like Tyler, Ellie and Whitney.

    While one group was in the trees, the other half was jumping up and down for about three hours. Whether it was the Berg Und Tal, Slalom Gates, Jump Tucks Leg Routine, or Agility Course, the athletes were focused on precision and power. The power will help them to ski stronger and to make that “power move” on the field in soccer and lacrosse, while the precision will help with footwork, rhythm, and coordination. Ask your kids to put you through a couple of one-legged tuck jumps one afternoon, when it is 80 degrees out. It’s a tough workout.

    After a grilled cheese lunch and a notebook meeting in which we covered Sports Physiology, we switched groups for the afternoon. By 4:30pm we were all pretty hot, so we grabbed our swimsuits and hit the trail heading straight for Folger’s Pond. We have special permission to use this pond. It’s beautiful, it’s clean and very refreshing. It really hit the spot today. Everyone left with a smile on their face, feeling refreshed.

    After dinner it was time to split into three groups and go separate ways. One group hit the kitchen to cook chocolate chip banana muffins, which we’ll eat tomorrow, so I hope they followed the recipe correctly. Oddly, each batch of muffins looks different, despite everyone following the same recipe. Another group was outside playing a very intense game of Capture the Flag. A lot of calories are burned every night trying to free your captured teammates from jail. The last group was on the rock wall climbing their hearts out. Madzie, one of our fourteen year olds, was learning how to belay under my watchful eye and guidance. She was super safe and the kids loved having her at the controls. Tyler and Ryan both made it up the far left wall, which is close to impossible to make. In glory, they both signed the wall at the top proving that they had made it.

    Lastly, we did some yoga and relaxation. The kids were quiet and focused - probably because they are so tired. I think some of them actually fell asleep. We ended with a dorm meeting where they wrote the day’s activities in their training journals. Over in the Poundcake, Kelley challenged the girls to name each person in the room. Maggie, Sophie and Nicole were all courageous enough to give it a whirl. They did quite well, with only a few slip-ups… Audrey ended up as “Andrea” and Mary Clare as “Mary Catherine”, but all in all, a brave attempt! We’ll keep working at it. Perhaps tomorrow at dinner I’ll make everyone sit with someone they don’t yet know. I’m sure that will go over well.

    Tuesdays are always huge days, and another big day awaits tomorrow with mountain biking, dance and a soccer tourney.
  • WC2- Monday... Into the Woods

    There is something about a challenge that raises the level of performance in kids. The camp was split into groups and each tackled the five low elements in the ELITEAM woods. They worked together to complete each challenge cleanly and quickly, and actually took the time to strategize and listen to each other's comments. They questioned techniques and looked for faster ways, better ways. Some were successful, others were not, but all were focused on the task at hand. For the staff it was a pleasure to watch.

    After the group event, it was time to learn the Obstacle Course which will be highlighted on Saturday. It runs over a minute and has them huffing and puffing at the end. It is a combination of pure speed and high-level agility and technique. They have already memorized it and can visualize it daily until they get to practice it again. Turns out there was a bit of "ice" on the course and we had our first minor injury of the camp. As Parker flew around a gate headed for the Marine Wall, he fell, skinning his knee. Of course he got up and finished, but after closer inspection, it looked like he could use a couple of stitches. We look forward to his return tomorrow for the Ropes course.

    After some fun games and Relays with Andrew (complete with smiles, wipe-outs and odd requests from Andrew), we ended with a short relaxation exercise and the campers were awesome. For a brief period, they focused completely on relaxing their bodies and minds. It was a sight to see, 46 young athletes lying still and quiet in the middle of the soccer field, totally focused.

    Lights out at 9:15 and the kids are quiet. Everyone is tired from the day, but excited for Ropes Courses and Leg Routines tomorrow. I know I am.
  • WC1- Another Strong Finish

    The Eliteam Olympics brings out the best in our campers. They all may not have their best run, but they compete fiercely and give it their all. Some moments that jumped out at me during yesterday's competition:

    - After falling short at the sandpits with two tough crashes, it all came together for Zack in the SL with an outstanding race run. His eyes were focused on the gates ahead while his legs and feet were a blur of motion and precision.

    - Kelsey's focus and determination as she demonstrated how to conquer the Vertical Playpen in front of the entire crowd. I don't think any parents were breathing, but the campers were cheering as she climbed her way onto the swinging log 45 feet above the ground. The Disco moves thrown in at the end were a bonus.

    - Jimmy's precision and coordination on the swinging tires to arrive at the other platform without missing a beat. Then after a quick swing, he was off and around the tree to tag his partner in a flash.

    - Linna's guts and perseverance on the Berg Und Tal with a hurting knee. She focused on the task, put away the pain and had a great run around the Austrian Agility Machine.

    - And finally, a round of applause to the campers that crashed, fell, and tripped up during their run, but got up, brushed it off and finished strong (as the t-Shirt says).

    Another successful camp is in the books, and the entire staff would like to congratulate all the campers for their 100% commitment to working hard, learning a ton, and having fun. Great job this week and good luck on the slopes this winter.
  • Friday Fun

    Friday's morning run and stretch started out in a drizzle, but by the time
    we had breakfast and began our hike up Mad River Glen it was partly sunny.
    The group stayed in a tight formation as we hiked to the top of the
    Double Chair in just under an hour. What a beautiful view from up there
    into the Valley. Just a quick snack and it was back down and to the
    campers favorite lunch - healthy and real chicken patties! Yum.

    After lunch was our final Notebook session where we talked about Sports
    Psychology. We wrote down goals and also talked about distractions at races
    and games and how to handle them. A lot of the kids shared stories of
    start delays and bad referee calls and other times when they lost
    their concentration. It was great to hear their stories.

    Then it was on to sandpits which are everyone's favorite. After an
    inspection, everyone got two training runs at about 80%. Then it was race
    time, and they all went for it down the 50 foot vertical freefall in the
    pit, negotiating 10 gates. There was awesome action with perfect runs and
    not-so-perfect runs. Zack's crash was by far the best. He got low,
    tumbled and slid about 20 feet down, landing straddled around a bamboo
    gate. He stopped just short of catastrophe...

    Since we were covered with sand we hit the pond for a swim. The water was
    very refreshing and everyone enjoyed a dip. After that, the kids spent some
    time packing up their gear for tomorrow. With a little down time, Eva & Natalie
    decided to soothe their sore muscles with some Icy Hot. They overdid it a bit
    and soon discovered that putting Icy Hot in your armpits is not a good idea.

    After dinner it was Andrew's Crazy Relays which did not disappoint. There
    was Todd’s Chicken Walk, Baywatch Run, Tuck Jump race and more. Not only
    did we get a workout, but our stomachs were sore from laughing. Following
    the relays it was the Jello Drop which was won by Pete and Max. They were the
    only duo to both catch the jello chunks in the second round.

    As I write this it is approaching 10:00pm and the dorm is quiet. The kids were
    promised a sleep-in if they went to bed on time. Unfortunately, there were some
    shenanigans after lights out, so the entire camp will be running at 6:30 tomorrow
    as a penalty. I am looking forward to taking them on a hard one too. Rules are rules.

    Hope to see everyone on Saturday morning at 10:00am sharp for the Eliteam
    Olympics. We will be warmed up and ready to go!
  • Thursday was RAD!

    I am writing this while the entire camp is in the GMVS Student center
    watching the movie RAD. An eighties movie about BMX biking and pursuing
    your goals. Although a bit cheesy, the message and the action are good.

    Today started with a review of the dance which is coming along nicely and
    then right into circuit training. Fifteen stations of core, lower body,
    upper body, quickness and ski specific exercises. It was so cool to see
    all 45 campers and 15 staff working hard in the gym. All the tuck jumps
    looked great, but some of the hula-hooping needed work. We cranked the
    tunes throughout the workout to keep us all motivated!

    After lunch it was time for physical testing. One by one they put it all
    on the line, going as hard as possible. They each wrote their results in the
    Notebooks so they’ll have a record of where they stood at 7/23/09. The
    action was very intense at the Bergundtal as they were striving for a flawless run.

    The 40 yard dash was also exciting. When it was Meaghan’s turn, she stepped up to the line
    and surprised the kids around her by crouching down into a “real” start position. She looked
    very professional! The girls around her asked, “Do you run track?” The excitement continued
    when Sarah showed up for her turn. Feeling brave, she challenged Coach Katie to a sprint race.
    Despite a false start and a second “re-do”, Katie won both races handily. Coach Katie is strong,
    fit and in fine form. Sarah quickly realized that she has more work to do.

    After testing, we all headed for the kitchen to make fruit smoothies. They used yogurt,
    frozen blueberries and raspberries (the raspberries came from our garden), bananas, juice,
    wheat germ and grape nuts. The kids added anything they wanted, and the smoothies
    tasted awesome! Some kids where even brave enough to add the wheat germ. They also
    ate the Zucchini Bread which they had made earlier in the day. Although green, they
    chowed it down ravenously. Even the “soupy” batch tasted great.

    Our final activity before Crazy Hat and Wild Socks night was a new element
    of ELITEAM brought in by Coach Jena - an Adventure Race. After splitting
    into six teams, they were given their first challenge which involved a
    baseball size hunk of ice with a secret code hidden in the middle. To get the code,
    they had to melt the ice, which they did by rubbing it on their bodies. It was a sight to see.
    Foreheads, bellies, necks, legs, even armpits were used! More challenges and craziness
    ensued for the next hour. One such challenge included transporting water from
    a kiddie pool to a large bucket with a piece of piping that had holes in it. That took a while.

    Friday is my favorite day at ELITEAM. We will be hiking up Mad River Glen
    in the AM and then Sandpits in the PM. After dinner it’s Andrew's Wild
    Relays and the Jello Drop!

  • Muddy Mountain Biking

    It was mountain biking day so that means it would rain, and rain it did.
    Never have I seen a muddier crew with such big smiles. On the first couple
    of mud puddles (as big as lakes) the riders went around and made every effort not to get wet. But after about ten puddles, they were heading straight in and loving the mud as it splashed up, coating their legs. Sam Houlihan was in my group and definitely took the early lead in the “dirtiest mtn biker" category. However, by quitting time it was Emma, Sarah and Paige who took the honors.

    Back on campus and after showers and recovery time, we hit the soccer
    field for a round robin tourney. I guess it was all about Gunnar's team as
    he advanced through the first game with a win in a shootout - which was
    clinched when Linna scored on an incredible toe-ball shot from way
    back. Gunnar's team used some questionable tactics in the final with Bam
    Bam Brooks taking out Coach Chad in a key move. Sweet goals from Sam H.
    and Tasha were the difference.

    Then came the Dance. In a salute to Michael Jackson, we are dancing to
    Bad. We decided this crew was so coordinated and tight that we unveiled
    some new killer moves that you will see on Saturday. It's going to be

    After dinner it was our second rotation of Cooking, Capture the
    Flag/Kickball, and Climbing Wall. I was belaying the wall and we had some
    incredible climbs from Jimmy, Christian and Josh on the far left wall. In
    the middle wall, we had Hope and Nick sprint up like spiders and conquer
    the overhang. A great moment came when Pete was having trouble with the
    overhang on the middle wall and Hope was at the top of the right wall, so
    she was talking him through it at 40 feet in the air. Awesome ELITEAM

    Tomorrow is circuits, our last rotation, testing, and a new ELITEAM event-
    a Team Adventure Race. Oh yeah, then Crazy Hat and Wild Sock night
    featuring RAD, the movie.
  • A Full Day

    Tuesdays at ELITEAM are full days. Everyone gets to experience the ropes courses as well as a killer Leg Routine and Agility exercises. And although the rain started to fall around 3pm, we hardly felt it in the woods and the campers kept on pushing higher and higher in the trees.

    Zack went rogue on us (with my permission) and climbed the Word Cup element like no one ever has. He started on the Incline Log and ended up ringing the bell on the Tightrope Traverse. Halfway through he wanted to cut it short, but he kept at it and finished strong with a jump off the log!

    Christian, Andy, Paul and Natasha all were able to jump and grab hold of the Big Ball hanging on Haleigh's Hit, which is very hard to do. Although it took a couple of tries, they managed to put a death grip on the ball and hang there triumphantly. We decided to move it higher for the later group and only Zack at 6'1" was able to snatch it.

    The Vertical Playpen is the highest element and most of the campers were able to wrestle their way onto the swinging log at 45 feet up. In celebration, most spontaneously break into dance. It’s a great sight.

    On the field and in the gym the rest of the crew was working hard with leg routines, slalom courses and all kinds of jumping. As Ted Ligety states in the ELITEAM Notebook, his favorite exercises involve jumping for power. Well, Ted would have been proud of the Eliteam campers today. They were giving it their all, doing backwards tuck jumps uphill, covering 50 yards at a stretch. I could hear the groans of exertion from the woods.

    The agility SL, as always, was a big hit. The campers especially love to see Coach Andrew go full bore. I heard one of the kids say, “Andrew, please go 100%. It’s so awesome!”

    After a dinner of chicken, pasta and peas, we split into three groups - one went to the kitchen to bake granola bars; one was in the gym climbing the rock walls; and the other was outside in the rain playing capture the flag.

    I was belaying the rock wall and there was some heavy sweating going on up there. Logan was somehow able get his body over the overhang after a number of tries. When he got back down to the gym floor, he could hardly move his hands they were so worked and tired. Meaghan had her sights set on conquering the middle wall, but was unable to reach the top despite two 15 minute grinds. I bet she will be there again Thursday trying to get through it.

    In the kitchen, Chad along with his assistant, “Toddette” explained the power bar recipe and ingredients to the cooking crew. I am told all went smoothly there. We’ll get to try the bars tomorrow. After cooking, they had an exciting game of Eliteam Pictionary. Girls vs Boys. For a brief moment, it turned into charades in desperation. Apparently the kids were not familiar with the word “Bonk.”

    Lastly, we ended with a Yoga and Relaxation session. It was quite a sight with all 45 campers and 4 counselors holding a warrior pose in complete silence. At the end, we did some relaxation exercises and I was blown away at how well they did. This is one of my favorite parts of Eliteam. 45 campers, completely relaxed and quiet, lying on their backs, eyes closed and "in the zone" for TEN MINUTES! Completely quiet! This is a skill that they can take with them to their competitions and utilize when things get a little stressful.

    Mtn Biking tomorrow at Catamount. It will probably rain which will make it even more fun. Then Dancing and Soccer in the afternoon!
  • World Cup 1- Tires, Spaghetti & Relays... oh no!

    At ELITEAM, we are active right out of the gate. The group was split into five teams and presented with five challenges. Crossing the swinging tires was the toughest event with the campers trying a variety of techniques, including standing in and on top of the tires, or using their legs to capture the tires as they drifted out of reach. A couple of inadvertent splits were performed, scoring high on style but low on execution. Zack used his massive reach to glide through. Max used his rhythm and strength. Lindsey and Hope seemed to become one with the tires and had little trouble.

    Dinner was a chow session as everyone was hungry. The spaghetti and garlic bread was hoovered quickly to satisfied groans. Then came the first dish crew and there were a few campers out of their element in the pot area. With a big nasty pot in hand, Pete, looking a little bewildered, asked "What am I supposed to do?" Sam looked at the huge pile of pots and said, "I don't even know where to start."

    After dinner came the Dowel Crawl, where one camper crawls on top of 3 foot dowels held horizontal by his/her team members. We had the girls challenge the boys in this race, and the GIRLS won with ease. As a result, the boys got stuck with 15 pushups. It was awesome.

    Then came Andrew's Agility relays. There were the regular high-knees, grapevine, and shuffles. But then it got complicated with the "High-knee-butt-kitt" combo which has only been tried a few times ever. The campers responded with some unique and interesting moves. Finally, we ended with some Sun Salutations and relaxation, which the campers really got into. It was great watching 45 young athletes melt into the grass in silence as they visualized the afternoons challenges.

    Tomorrow is High Ropes and Leg routines! Can't wait.
  • Saturday Olympics- A Strong Finish

    Eighteen years in a row and never a rain drop on the ELITEAM Olympics. The streak continued despite the doom and gloom forecast of rain. The streak of great performances in the events also continued as we saw every Eliteamer push their limits in the Obstacle, Slalom, Agility course and Berg Und Tal. We saw flawless runs that set the standard, along with some exciting crashes and falls. But every athlete finished strong as the 2009 ELITEAM t-shirts demand.

    It was also fun to watch Julie conquer the Vertical Playpen in style. She had to work for it, but was relaxed and breathing calmly the entire time - more than I can say for some of the parents who were watching!

    I was especially proud of how the athletes performed the dance. They were high energy, crisp, and knew the moves after only learning it 48 hours before. To the campers... I hope you'll sport these moves at your next school dance and teach them to your parents. The "Sprinkler", "Pencil Sharpener" and "CPR" will definitely impress.
    Thanks to all the parents who watched and cheered. Enjoy the many pictures that Kelley has posted on the site. Hope to see you all again next year!

    Doug & Kelley and all the Staff
  • A Day of Favorites

    With the legendary Sandpits, famed Jello Drop, the unveiling of the ELITEAM t-shirts and more of Andrew’s Crazy relays, Friday is a day of favorites!

    Like Thursday, the morning started with the ropes course and agility workout. Over in the ropes course area, there was some tree-hugging going on. At 40 feet up, the nerves set in. Advice from first-timer Ethan? “Deep breathing is the key.” Chauncey, on the other hand, decided to kick it up a notch and go blindfolded. “Entertainment is more my style,” he said. I’m not sure if he was referring to us, or himself, but I think it worked for both.

    A new culture emerged today at the Vertical Playpen. When (and if) you make it to the top, campers usually do a little dance. Often it’s the Macarena. Today, however, it was all about apples. Before heading up, the kids would put an apple in their pocket. If they made it to the top, they got to eat it. For many, an apple never tasted so good!

    In the afternoon, we hit the sandpits and the kids loved it! After an inspection run, they took two training runs, increasing their intensity from 70% to 90%. After that, it was an ALL OUT race run. For a bunch of 9 and 10 year olds, they’re fast little suckers!

    Highlights from the rest of the day included a very cool dip in Folgers Pond, the Jello Drop (most of which landed on the grass), and “Todd’s Chicken Walk” (I wish I had had a video.) “Tears of laughter” is all I can say about that one. All in all, a great day! And hey… it only rained 3 times.

    We’ll see you all tomorrow at 10am. Believe it or not, it hasn’t rained on a Saturday morning during Eliteam for the past 18 years. Will our luck run out tomorrow?!
  • Hail to Eliteam!

    The most newsworthy part of the day was definitely the hail storm at dinner. Very exciting! Andrew even built a snowman. But to back up a bit…

    In the morning, half the kids did the ropes course, including the Vertical Playpen, Incline Log and World Cup Tightrope Traverse. Some required some very deep breathing way up there!  The other half focused on strength and agility in the gym and field with leg routines, the SL course & Bergundtal.

    In the afternoon, the kids baked “Jo-Ann’s Power Bars”. We don’t know who Jo-Ann is, but we all liked her energy bars, although some were a bit dry. Perhaps some difficulty measuring the flour?! Our baking session was followed by some Eliteam Pictionary. Kids had to draw “visualization”, “heart rate”, “injury” and “Ted Ligety”, to name a few. They also practiced the obstacle and learned the dance. This year, they’re bustin’ out some moves to Michael Jackson’s “Bad”… which they’ll perform for you on Saturday!

    Notes & Quotes from the kids:
    “Matt with the Hat” liked the Vertical Playpen. He made it to the top and did a little disco dance.
    Jake aka “Mini Grabber” says the most challenging part of the day was falling asleep.
    Ellie loved the rock wall. She picked the toughest route and made it to the top… 3 times! The first time she didn’t have a pen to sign her name. The second time, she had the pen, but it didn’t work. Third time’s the charm. Her autograph is now at the top.
    Maddy Lowe’s favorite part of the day was the agility workout in the gym. She did a 360 off the tramp and landed in a tuck!
    Ella was all about the Bergundtal. She grabbed 3 other campers and they all went at the same time. Talk about coordination and timing!
    Although we saw sprinkles, rain, and a couple of downpours, the campers have been at the SL course whenever possible. Times have ranged from 6 to 12 seconds, along with a few DQs and DNFs, but no matter what the outcome, the action is exciting!  

    Blob Tag debuted yesterday evening after the hail storm. New to the coaches, but fine-tuned by the campers, the entire soccer field was a moving blob of kids chasing, running and laughing.

    Yoga last night was a combination of silent, focused poses and uncontrollable giggles. We ended with a short relaxation session that included a variance on the “Ohm” theme. We chanted the coaches’ names. The gym was briefly transformed into an Eliteam monastery.
  • First Day of ELITEAM 2009!

    After all the campers arrived and settled in, the crew gathered in the gym for a quick flexibility session, then headed out to the ELITEAM Woods for some low-element team challenges… the Box, Nitro, Spider Web, Fidget Ladder and Eagle’s Nest.

    The new Eagle’s Nest cargo rope was the hardest challenge, but everyone’s favorite. They will have ample opportunity to practice and improve before Saturday’s Olympic event, and they’re going to need it!

    The Box (oddly named, as it is definitely a triangle) consists of three wires, each about 12 feet long. Each team must make their way around without falling off and with only the help of a bamboo pole, and each other. Coach Molly and I were stationed at this low-element. As soon as we explained the challenge, the groups immediately talked strategy. As a coach, it was great to see them trying different techniques as a variety of  “problems” arose along the way. This challenge was physically tough as it tested their balance, and mentally tough as it required that they work together to succeed. Some groups were graceful and quick, others, not so much! But all conquered.

    After a spaghetti dinner, we played some games and ended with another camp favorite, Andrew’s Crazy relays. These relays are always a huge hit with the kids. Andrew, however, is a stickler for straight lines. This was bad news for Counselor Ava’s line who could not seem to get it together. With extra pushups as the penalty, I think it would be safe to say that the kids in Ava’s line will have sore arms in the morning.

    And speaking of extra “penalty pushups”… over in the girls dorm, Kelley had to confiscate some chocolate truffles. A mom, who shall go unnamed, may need to do some pushups for that one!
  • Don’t Like the Weather? Wait 5 Minutes.

    A loud and wild thunderstorm woke everyone up at 6am, but quickly passed through. Although some slept through it, most watched the lightening show from their beds. Morning run was moved into the gym, but by 9:00am it had stopped raining and the sun was out.

    On tap first was Circuit Training. Sixteen stations, 30 seconds on, then 30 seconds rest. Three times through. What a site to see as 10 groups of four campers plus a coach worked their way in unison through pushups, core, tricep dips, tuck jumps and more. The music was blaring and the sweat was dripping.

    Active ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive Image

    Then we had our last round of cooking, climbing and activities. The kids on the field chose Swedish dodge ball as their activity. The chefs prepared Black Bean Brownies while the climbers assaulted the rock wall. Libby, Demi and Lainey all reached the top of the left wall, which requires a “dyno” move to reach the overhang. Way to go!

    Following our post lunch discussion on Sports Nutrition, it was Physical Testing time. Since the athletes are so tired from the previous 4 days, the results probably do not reflect their actual ability, but it is a fun way to get a sense of their strength. We measured situps, pushups, broad jump, vertical jump, 40 yrd dash and flexibility.

    Next it was choice time. Of course it began to rain, but we had a group head out to the ropes course anyway. And guess what, the sun broke through and the skies cleared. On Haleigh’s Hit element, we had 3 breakthroughs. Christina, Demi and Michael were all able to jump and grab the ball and, incredibly, hold onto it. There they were, smiling at 20 feet up, swinging to and fro.

    Up on the field, it was a plethora of crazy games… big booty, dodge ball, wall ball and soccer.

    The real favorite, however, was the smoothie station. The athletes could make their own smoothies, choosing between a selection of fruits, juices and yogurt, with the option of adding in some more unusual options like peanut butter, tofu, flaxseed, and cocoa powder. Ian, feeling brave and adventurous (and with a little coaxing from the coaches) added in a decent amount of tofu, which most of the other campers refused outright. Ian seemed pleased with his concoction, and most of the other creations were refreshing and delicious as well. A few, however, had to be poured down the drain.

    Tonight was Hawaiian theme night, so the campers came to dinner dressed in leis, grass skirts, and very colorful shirts. The limbo contest was intense with Matt and Rachael taking top honors. Then it was the “pig race”, and it was complete chaos. Lots of pigs (balloons) popped and the slight wind factor caused havoc. The two Bens emerged as victors. Then came movie time, with Hoosiers as the film.

    Tomorrow promises to be a great day. A hike up MRG in the morning and the Sandpit SL in the afternoon. Olympian Jimmy Cochran will be stopping by again this week to speak to the athletes and join us for a few runs at the Sandpit.

    Until tomorrow, Aloha!

  • Single Track, The Sprinkler & Soccer Madness

    Wednesday dawned sunny and cool. Perfect for a morning of mountain biking. After morning run and stretch at 7am, and a french toast breakfast at 7:30, the campers & bikes were loaded for the 15 minute drive to our biking destination.

    After splitting into groups of varying ability, all 40 campers and 15 staff disappeared into the woods. There was everything from dirt roads and double track, to single track that challenged the highest level group.

    Some highlights:
    - Jack getting two flats within 15 minutes, but borrowing the coaches’ bikes to keep pedaling.
    - Coach Matt somehow biking up a 6’ log in perfect balance as the group watched in amazement.
    - Watching coach Andrew attempt to bunny-hop a stump, into a stream, and then climb a near vertical bank, coming up just short of the top.
    - Watching the entire group “Bike Limbo.”
    - Cheering on the all-girls team in the bike race. Two miles- four bikers- intense action.

    After lunch it was time for our Sports Psychology discussion. There was lots of input from the campers. We talked about mental skills and how they are just as important as physical skills. We had a long talk about distractions- from delays at the start, to bad referees, to having parents watch the races- and how to deal with them.

    Then it was time to dance. We learned the ELITEAM dance in 30 minutes. The song this year is “Jungle Fever” and the moves are awesome. The Sprinkler is a favorite, as is the Meat Grinder, Skateboarder and CPR. We will be performing the dance for parents on Saturday after the Olympics.

    Next up was the annual soccer tournament. Four teams, two games, and only one champion. The action was non-stop. Lots of great players showing off their skills, and lots of face paint to get psyched up (and to figure out who was on your team)! I don’t remember who won, but I know it wasn’t coach Chad’s team.

    Active ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive Image
    Because we had all worked hard, we decided to go swimming. We hiked the mile trail to the crystal clear and cold pond. The swim was very refreshing, and to add some entertainment, and of course a challenge, we spent some time jumping off the dock attempting to catch flying balls and frisbees. Check out the pictures.

    After a chicken and pasta dinner, the kitchen crew cleaned up. Matt was on “sweep and mop” duty. He asked if he could do pushups instead.

    At 6:30 we met in the gym to continue with our 3 group rotation from Tuesday… cooking, rock wall and activities. Tonight the “Eliteam Chefs” made Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread, which we sampled before bed. It was still warm from the oven, and oh so delicious! This was surprising, given the fact that some of the groups had a hard time with the directions and measurements. Kyle and Jeffrey were a bit perplexed when measuring out the baking soda. A teaspoon versus a tablespoon can be very confusing. And Jack was not impressed with his partner’s cooking performance. About half way through, Jack informed his partner Ben, “If you worked for me, I’d fire you.”

    It is now 9:11pm and my dorm is already quiet. The campers were tired tonight (yeah!) and most turned out their own lights. I am loving it.

    Tomorrow is another great day with circuits and choice time highlighting our activities. Oh, and it’s Hawaiian night too!!!

  • High Ropes & Low Legs

    Tuesdays at Eliteam are all about pushing through mental boundaries on the high ropes, and pushing through pain on the leg routine. The athletes today did both to perfection.

    On the field the motto was “low and slow” during the leg routine. The favorite was backwards tuck jumps up the hill. Legs were burning, but there was zero complaining. Following that, it was over to the slalom for practice runs at full speed. Some of the campers were running the course in less than 6 seconds! Last on the agenda was a huge agility course in the gym. The goal was not speed, but precision. It started with the athletes jumping off a five-foot platform and doing a 180, with the goal of sticking the landing on the nice soft mats. The rest of the course was packed full of quick feet, balance and coordination exercises which weaved all throughout the gym, even up onto the 2nd floor. Three runs through was the minimum, but most everyone completed six.

    Active ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive Image
    Out in the Eliteam woods each athlete had the opportunity to try four high elements. The Vertical Playpen rises 45 feet and has a bit of everything from climbing trees, ladders and boards, to balancing on a swinging log at the very top. Many campers opted to add a dance move while balancing on the log. The Macarena and “Kyle’s Kitchen Style” were both popular.

    Haleigh’s Hit, named so today because Hayleigh was one of the first campers to take a giant leap out and hit the suspended ball (and also because it rhymes nicely), begins with a 15 foot tree climb. The athlete must then stand on top of an 8” diameter log. Following that, it is a leap of faith out to smack the big red ball. The campers not only hit it, but did it blindfolded and some even threw in a 180. Impressive.

    Over at the Dangle Duo, it was all about teamwork. Teams of two tried every technique possible to lift themselves up the eight logs that reach 40 feet high. The last duo up was coach Matt and camper Pete, pulling and pushing each other to the top. It was fun to see them working together.

    Finally, the World Cup Tightrope tested everyone’s nerve. The high wire hangs above a ravine that drops 40 feet. One by one the kids tapped into their focus and determination, not to mention balance, to work their way across and ring the bell that hangs on the other side. As I was belaying Hayleigh’s Hit, I would hear the bell ring about every 10 minutes. I smiled to myself, knowing another camper had just reached their goal.

    After dinner it was the first rotation between cooking, climbing and games. I decided to join the cooking group and made “Super Healthy Granola Bars” with Jake and Pete. Except for a few creative ¼ cup measurements, we were pleased with our creation. We added extra sunflower seeds, chocolate chips and coconut. After yoga, the entire camp tasted what our group had cooked. It was a big thumbs up!

    Mtn biking, dance and a big soccer tourney all happen tomorrow!

  • Another Awesome Group

    World Cup 2 started today with a bang. After a stretch in the gym, we all headed to the Eliteam Woods for some low element challenges. The rain that threatened at 2pm turned to sunshine by 3pm.

    We split the group into five, and each group had to conquer five challenges. I have been doing this a long time, but today I saw at least two strategies I’ve never seen before.

    Active ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive Image

    1. In the nitro challenge, the group of nine must swing across the “nitroglycerin area” to land on a 2’x2’ platform. Usually there is lots of hugging as everyone is packed together, forced to stand on tippy-toes, desperately trying to stay on the little box. Not so with one group. One by one they swung across and proceeded to lie down. Two by two they were stacked like lincoln logs. And they did it! Incredible.

    2. On the wire box, the team must tightrope across three sides of a triangle. To assist them, they are allowed to use a bamboo pole and a rope hanging from a tree. Never has a team tied the rope to the bamboo and used them together. This group was definitely thinking “outside the triangle.” Genius!

    In addition to originality, the kids upped the ante by adding a blindfold to the Ladder of Doom, and speed to the Fidget Ladder. One camper completed the Fidget in 9 seconds. That's some serious balance. What an impressive group of athletes.

    After the challenges, it was time to learn the obstacle course. The jumps, hops and gates proved easy compared to the 50’ hill climb at the start. With the recent rains, the hill was even more slippery than usual. The kids had to use both their hands and feet to dig their way to the top. Mud was flying everywhere! It was a definite leg burner.

    After loading up on pasta, it was out to the field for Andrew’s Crazy Relays. Loads of fun, but a tough anaerobic workout too. Andrew included the usual drills… high knees, butt kicks, grapevine and shuffle. There was also the unusual, including the now famous “butt kick-high knee” combo.

    After 2 weeks of "vacationing" with her grandparents, Maddy Maddog finally made her Eliteam debut. She arrived as the kids were doing pole games on the field. She was so excited to be there, that despite a torn ACL, she jumped out of the car and did two full high speed laps around the kids. When she finally came to a stop, it seemed like there were 40 sets of hands petting her. She was in heaven.

    Exhausted after Andrew's Crazy Relays, the kids did a quick relaxation session, and then to the dorms for a meeting and to get ready for bed.

    It’s 8:50pm now, so I will say goodbye and go put the kids to bed. Lights out at 9:15pm. They’re going to need lots of sleep this week!

    Tomorrow is high ropes and leg routine day.

  • Olympic Action Excites All

    Saturday dawned beautifully with some low fog in the valley, but you could tell the sunshine was coming. The three days of torrential rains were now a memory. The boys dorm went to bed quietly and on time the night before, so they were able to sleep in until breakfast. The girls’ dorm, however, was another story. Two rooms were noisy past lights out (a little too much giggling and snorting) so they had to get up early for a run instead of sleeping in. But because they were out early doing exercises, they were also first in line for breakfast, so that made up for it.
    The first hour after breakfast on Saturday is all about cleaning the dorms. Lots of spraying, wiping, scrubbing and vacuuming. Toilets are cleaned, showers are washed and floors are mopped. By 9:30am the dorms were spotless and the kids were in the ELITEAM woods getting in some last minute practice on the Obstacle course.

    At 10:00, we announced the Olympic Teams and out to the field they went to come up with a team name and figure out who was doing which event. The parents were on time, so we had a big audience ready for some serious cheering. This year we had the following teams: The Cool Kids, the Fighting Irish, the Awesome People, Team Uber Hotness, Greased Lightening, and Team “I do tuck jumps in my sleep”.

    The first event was a three-person relay with a biker and two agility course runners. The cheering was loud and the kids were fast! Except for some slips (Tasha forgot to sharpen her edges), and a couple of questionable gate & cone encounters, the runners kicked off the Olympics with a bang. After finishing the course they had to pull their biker in a sled across the finish line.

    Next up was a Team event where some of the kids pulled their coach in the sled, while the rest figured out a huge wooden puzzle. The puzzles had words written on them. They spelled “Goals”, “Breathe”, and “Focus.”

    Then it was inside for the Berg-Und-Tal event. Every athlete ripped it up with near-perfect runs. As we left for the Slalom course, there were a few families (Dads) hanging behind to determine if they still had any agility left in those 40+ year old legs.

    The Slalom event was spectacular. Their speed and quickness was impressive, along with the exciting recoveries at the u-turn. Every camper made every gate and it was great to watch. Clearly all the time spent practicing during the week paid off. Congrats to Ryan who handled the pressure and really nailed a perfect run in front of the crowd.

    Then it was off to the ELITEAM Woods for the final event, the Obstacle Course. This year it was a three-person event with the first athlete having to sprint up a 50 foot vertical hill that was wet and muddy and slippery from all the rain. Great action as every team nailed each section.

    As we tallied the results it was time to show the parents the High Ropes Elements. Our demonstrator was Ali and she conquered the World Cup tightrope in front of the large crowd, filled with parents, families and friends. It was dead quiet as she walked across the 40 foot high wire over the ravine. One of the goals of the high ropes is to use breathing to calm down and focus. I had to remind the parents that they also needed to breathe, as I think most of them were holding their breath.

    All that remained was performing the ELITEAM dance for the crowd. This year’s song was “Jungle Fever” and there were many of the usual moves including the Sprinkler, the Pencil Sharpener, CPR, the Shopping Cart, and Pulp Fiction. We did add in the Skateboard, and Fishing to mix it up.

    The Awesome People won the top Olympic prize, but the experience of a challenging and fun week was everyone’s reward. The weather threw us a curve, but we switched it up and took advantage of it when we could. Epic mountain biking in the rain. An incredible Sandpit slalom course run by an Olympian alongside the kids. The Soccer Cup and Capture the Flag in the pouring rain made for slippery footing but lots of fun and action.

    As the Hawthornes later wrote to us:

    Eliteam Camp: $800
    Bike Helmet: $40
    Hiking Shoes: $50

    Dry Socks: Priceless

    Thank you to the athletes as well as the parents for being a part of ELITEAM. Hope to see you all next year.
  • Sunshine, Sandpits & Olympian Jimmy Cochran

    Up and at ‘em at 6:45am for the 4th day in a row, but this time with some sunshine! As we met for our daily warmup and stretch, excitement was in the air. We had the famed Sandpits ahead of us, but first, a hike up Mad River Glen.

    I don’t know about the boys, but the girls had a hard time finding clean socks and dry shoes. And one camper, who shall go unnamed, faced the dilemma of choosing between shorts that were too tight or too stinky. She went for comfort, but had to spray them down with air freshener beforehand. Off to the vans they went.

    Armed with sunscreen, bug spray, sweatshirts, water bottles, pumpkin bread and toilet paper, up the mountain they went. Although I was denied an ascent due to other duties, Doug called from the top to report they had made it up in less than an hour. With such a fit crew, there was not one straggler in the group, but one very muddy shoe.

    They made it back just in time for a chicken sandwich lunch, and a surprise visit from Olympian Jimmy Cochran! After refueling from the hike, Jimmy sat down with the kids to talk about racing, training, and life on the World Cup circuit. Doug started off the questions for Jimmy, but it wasn’t long before the kids were firing off a bunch of their own. How do you deal with a bad race? “You have to have a short memory.” Favorite ski drill? “Skiing on one ski.” Goals for this year? “Have fun.” What’s your pre-race routine? “Lots of free skiing and a pepsi. I’m usually too nervous to eat.” What’s your training schedule in the Summer? “I try to do something everyday. It’s usually 4-5 hard workouts in the gym each week, then lots of games like soccer, basketball & waterskiing.” Are you rich? “No. I pretty much live in my truck.”

    Finally it was time for sandpits, and Jimmy was coming along for the fun. The course was in excellent shape, prepped in advance by Matt, Chad, Gunnar and Jena. After inspecting the course, the kids lined up to take two training runs and one race run. Needless to say, they loved it! There were a couple of wipe outs, one 360, and lots and lots of smiles!

    To cool down and clean off, we went swimming afterwards. It was all about cannon balls, frisbees and frogs. Once back at the dorms, we spent time cleaning, packing and practicing for the talent show. Talent shows are optional at Eliteam, but as it turns out, we had many enthusiastic takers.

    After a pizza dinner, it was time for Andrew’s Crazy relays. Andrew fully delivered on the craziness. Next was the highly anticipated Jello Drop competition. Apparently Gunnar has not fully mastered the art of cutting jello cubes as some were rather large for the camper’s little mouths.

    Last up, the talent show. From dancing to singing to skits, we had it all! And I must say, it was an impressive field of talent. Among many others, Linna stunned us with her incredible voice, and Matt stunned us by going solo with his highly amusing Cheese Song. I only wish I had had my video camera.

    See you all tomorrow at 10am for the Eliteam Olympics!
  • Back on Track

    As I write this, the entire camp is in the GMVS student center watching perhaps the greatest sports movie ever, “Rudy”.

    Yes, it poured again today, but we were able to get everything in that we needed to, including a fantastic bike ride. Coach Andrew took the advanced group of eleven to some hardcore single track here in the Mad River Valley, along with Counselor Jake and Coach Jena. The rest of us hit the trails at a local high school for some great trail riding. The rain held off for about 15 minutes, and then it started up again, but the kids were into it and welcomed every drop. There were lots of muddy legs, backs and bellies. One standout was Tasha, who was quite tentative about the mtn biking going in, but decided to stay out in the rain, hammered out some extra loops, and did not fall, despite the slippery conditions. Awesome.

        Back at school we all had to take showers to clean off the mud and warm up again. Then it was a great lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Yum.
        After our Notebook session covering Sports Nutrition, it was time for circuit training. Sixteen stations of exercises. 30 seconds “on” and 30 seconds “off”. Three sets. By the third set, you could tell that we had finally tired them out. So we dialed it down a notch and set up the ropes courses. Those who wanted to, could try them again. Essentially it was choice time where they could wander between activities on their own. We also set up some smoothie stations in the dining hall so they could whip up their own fruit smoothies. Most were very tasty. A few groups were adventurous and tried some of the more unusual ingredient options… cinnamon, nutmeg, sunflower seeds, wheat bran. Some of them seemed to miss the mark. Ugh.

        Right before dinner we were treated to a softball pitching exhibition by Counselor Liz, who is a top High school player. As a pitcher this year she had a .23 ERA with six shut-outs. She also has been clocked at 61 mph!!! The kids were in awe of her pitching. Coach Matt actually caught a few, but after a few stingers, let the backboard handle the rest.

        Dinner was Hawaiian theme night and the boys came to play. They looked great. Every single camper wore a lei and some of the shirts were out of this world. It is our one dessert night and we treated everyone to frozen yogurt on the field. Following that was our Limbo contest, won by Mary Clare and Christian, and our pig race won by Anders. Then it was movie time.

        Somehow, despite the rain, we are back on schedule and everyone is looking forward to the hike up Mad River Glen and the Sandpit slalom tomorrow. And, I think the forecast is for something other than rain.

        Back to “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy…”

  • Rain Rain Go Away

    Thinking we had a window of opportunity to get our biking in before the rains came, we loaded up and were on the road to Catamount at 8:30am. It started sprinkling on the way, but a little rain never hurt anyone, so we were still hopeful. However, as we prepared to get on our bikes, the thunder hit and shut us down. With that, it was back to the vans, and back to GMVS.

    Active ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive Image
    At school, the gym was nice and dry so we decided to dance. This group has rhythm! We added some moves for this week including, “Flight Attendant,” “Fishing,” “CPR” and “Rodeo”.

    After lunch we had our daily notebook meeting and today’s topic was Sports Psychology. Lots of stories about races where distractions took the campers out of their zone.

    Then it was time for the 2nd rotation of cooking, climbing and Capturing. Coaches Andrew and Jena added a physioball core workout to the Capture game.

    After that we decided it was time to get outside and enjoy the rain. It was soccer tournament time. We had two games going, and needless to say, there was a lot of slipping and sliding going on. Even so, you could tell there was a lot of talent on the field.

    After crowning the champions, coached by Matt, we kept it going outside with a full campus Capture the Flag. Boys against girls, and this time the boys won 2-1. Awesome action. All the coaches played and I can tell you I am personally wiped. I will be sore tomorrow.

    Active ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive Image
    Tonight’s dinner was excellent chicken and pasta, with a salad as always. We had watermelon for dessert. Following dinner was our last rotation of climbing, cooking & games.

    Some highlights from today:
    - Fun van ride with 11 young ladies singing every song on the radio by heart.
    - Seeing 44 campers do the “Pencil Sharpener” dance move in unison.
    - Watching Morgan, Ava, Emily, Alita, Maddie and coach Colin diving and splashing in a huge rain puddle after Capture the Flag.
    - Hearing that Eva Shaw, while cleaning her armoire, somehow got stuck inside the shelves and had to be rescued by Kelley & Kara.
    - Eating the Black Bean Brownies after our nightly dorm meeting, yes… black beans. Yum.

    Hoping it will stop raining at some point.

  • Ropes Course Heaven & Leg Routine Hell

    All 44 campers pushed their limits in the high ropes course today. The focus was on goal-setting, breathing, and teamwork. There was a ton of cheering, encouragement, clapping, and plenty of nervous laughing.

    Some highlights:

    Tasha was the first ever Eliteamer to slap the new Trapeze ball which the campers jump to (superman-style) taking off from a 15 foot high pole. Her accomplishment motivated the rest of her group to do the same.

    Counselor Liz and Devon teamed up to conquer the new Dangle Duo element as the rest of the group cheered. What a sight they made standing 40 feet above the ground on a swinging log.

    Nicholas was able to “Ring the Bell” after almost giving up on his ascent up the tree to reach the tightrope wire. He was encouraged by coach Jena to continue and once on the wire flew across to the bell.

    And what a memorable sight it was to see Ava doing the “Soldier Dance” standing atop the Vertical Playpen, and Ali conquer the World Cup Traverse sporting a blindfold! All the campers reached their goals, with most surpassing them in the ropes.

    While there were smiles in the woods, there was focus, panting, jumping, grimacing, hopping and balancing happening on the field and in the gym for the Leg Routine Agility courses.

    One minute they were doing backwards tuck jumps uphill, their legs aching in pain. Then it was precision physioball balance work in the gym. This took a combination of intense focus and dogged athleticism. One of the highlights was watching Maddie hula-hooping through an agility course in perfect rhythm. Zack, on the other hand, had some problems with the physioballs and sent them all flying across the gym…three times. He eventually figured it out.

    After dinner (Taco Tuesday) it was time to split the group into three and cook, climb, and Capture the Flag. The cookers mixed up some yummy granola bars with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax, coconut, and of course, chocolate chips. The climbers took on the 3 rock walls in the gym. The highlight was Maggie reaching the top of all three, making them look easy. The Capture the Flag game was epic. The girls vs the guys. After losing 2-0, the boys fought back to tie it up. During the game, a shower passed through and with it a full rainbow. Awesome.

    In the girls dorm meeting before bed, Kelley asked if anyone was sore. The consensus was a definite yes, with lots of head nods and groaning. Kelley told them it would be another big day tomorrow with mountain biking, dance & soccer. Alita said, "Bring it on!"

  • World Cup Opening Day!

    Registration was a breeze as all but one camper was in their dorm by 2:10pm. A light rain turned into a heavy rain by the time the group was gathered and stretching in the gym at 2:30pm. One of the orientation games we played was the "Name Game"... all of the campers and coaches have new nicknames. Just to name a few... Looney Logan, Eggplant Eva, Flyin' Ryan, A-lot-of-Awesomeness Ali, Talented Tasha, Zaney Zack, Lovely Lina & Shelberto Tombo. By the time we finished our orientation it had stopped raining so we all headed out to the Eliteam woods for some low element challenges.

     Active ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive Image

    The campers were broken up into five groups of nine, and each one headed off to a different station. Two of the five groups were able to swing across the pod of Nitro-Acid and balance safely on a 2x2 platform. The other groups were almost there, but ended up crashing and laughing. The Spider Web proved too easy as the groups worked together and communicated well enough to pass all team members through in less than 1 minute. 

    The Fidget Ladder of Doom was a group favorite as one by one they balanced, shook, and breathed their way up. Lots of great action and many different techniques.

    After the challenges, the group was ready for the obstacle course. The course is the same as the Europa Cup course, except for the fact that we added the nasty hill climb to the start. Fifty vertical feet of mud, roots and dirt that the campers literally claw up. Good action and lots of dirty shirts.

    After a spaghetti dinner it was time for some agility work. Coach Andrew led the group through 45 minutes of extreme coordination drills. There was the ordinary high knees, grapevine, tuck jumps and hops. There was also the pony ride, skipping, and incredibly hard "high knees & butt kicking combo." The finale of "quickfeet drills" was both tiring and entertaining. Not only were the campers exhausted, but bellies were sore from laughing.

     At dorm meeting we read the personal letter from Lindsey Vonn to the Eliteam campers, then it was bedtime. All is quiet in the dorms.

     Tomorrow is a great day... high ropes and leg routines.

    Check out pictures from today in the "Camp Photos" section of the site.

  • ELITEAM Olympics Full of Action & Excellence

    Saturday dawned with some fog, but no rain and there was a lot of excitement in the air. Even though there was no early morning run and stretch, the kids were up early and talking about the Olympics events and teams. The athletes devoured a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs and cereal and headed back to their dorms to move out and clean up. After 90 minutes of intense cleaning in the dorms where the kids did everything from vacuuming to cleaning desks to scrubbing toilets, they made their way to the gym to practice the dance one last time before we announced the Olympic Teams.
    The Teams were announced and their first task was to figure out a Team name and then decided which athlete would perform each event. We had the “Butt-Kicking Blueberries”, the “Disco Ducks”, the “Fire Eyes”, the “Who’s-its and the What’s-its”, the “Burnt Lasagnas”, and the Lightening Bolts. Dressed in their new ELITEAM 2008 T-shirts, the 45 athletes looked sharp as they took the final moments before competition to focus and prepare. In attendance were a huge number of family and friends there to watch, cheer, clap, and root for their favorite Eliteamer.
  • Thumbs up for Day 2!

    “Come on Margo! You can do it!” Shouted the entire group as Margo pushed through her nervousness and attempted to reach the top of the 45 foot Vertical Playpen. One by one, the younger group climbed, balanced and worked their way up the high ropes course elements.

    There were lots of Eliteam firsts on the Ropes today. Chauncey ripping an air guitar as he stood on the top of the swinging log. Cassie doing a split while blindfolded on the incline log. Jake over-climbing the new cargo net to ring the cow bell.

    While that was happening, the older group was being put to the test with a tough leg routine, the dryland slalom, and a fun technical agility course. Coach Brooke said she was “impressed at the coordination and determination of the athletes" as they did backwards tuck jumps up the hill.

    In the afternoon, it was time to cook, dance and master the obstacle course. Ellie posted the fasted time of the day, crushing most of the coaches too, with a blistering time of 43 seconds. On the dance floor, the entire group tucked, disco-ed, and grapevined their way through “Jungle Fever.” We will be performing the dance on Saturday for the parents. And finally, 21 loaves of chocolate chip Pumpkin Bread were baked by the campers. We sampled some tonight and it was delicious. Only one group was a disaster mistakenly adding 4 cups of flour instead of just 1.5 cups. They were a little doughy.

    After dinner it was rock climbing and Capture the Flag. Paul "dino-ed" his way up the nearly impossible 5.9+ wall and then proceeded to help every climber by sharing his route to success.

    Lastly, some yoga and relaxation to end the day. Tomorrow the highlight will be the Sandpit Slalom. Stay tuned.

    Image Image

    Image Image

  • Epic Eliteam Friday

    Highlights of an epic Eliteam Friday... - Margaret overcoming her fear of heights to attack all three high ropes elements. - Natalie describing the feeling of happiness when she crossed the incline log to reach the far tree. Her face completely lit up. - Matthew pushing through his limits and surpassing his goal on the tightrope, not only reaching the cargo net, but reaching the far tree and ringing the bell. - Watching from the second floor of the gym as 21 young athletes made their way through the tough, technical agility course with precision. - Witnessing Cassie's surprising 3rd place Sandpit Slalom run as she was on the verge of crashing the entire 24.93 seconds. - Watching Tommy get too low on a gate in the Sandpit and crash sliding headfirst down the sand, then getting up and finishing 10 seconds out, but on the results sheet! - Driving home in the van from Sandpits as dime sized hail and sheets of rain fell between thunder claps. - Doing 21 pushups in 25 seconds with my circuit group, side by side on the mat with the two Amelias. - Watching Dan & Pete both catch the Jello for a perfect score of "2" during the jello drop. - Seeing Abby do the Sprinkler to perfection during our dance rehearsal. - Writing this at 9:05pm in complete silence as my entire dorm of boys are in their own beds ASLEEP!

  • First Day of Camp!

    What a great Opening Day! After preparing for so long it was great to finally have the kids arrive.

    After a group stretch in the gym, we split into five groups and headed into the Eliteam Woods. Each group had five challenges. 1) The Triangle- get your team of 9 around the suspended wires, working together to help everyone balance. 2) The Nitro- imagine 9 kids swinging over to a 2x2 platform and trying to all balance on it. 3) The Spider Web- passing 9 team members through the spider's web without touching the web or dropping a teammate! 4) The Ladder of Doom- use the tools you are given to get your team over a 5ft wall. 5) The Boot Race- big boots and lots of piggy-backing!


    Welcome to the ELITEAM Blog!

        2008 marks our 17th year of teaching kids about Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology and Sports Nutrition. But more importantly, it’s about having the kids discover their limits, and then try to push through them.

2018 Camp Dates

ELITEAM Clinic: June 25-26
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World Cup 2: July 16-21
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